Still image out of testimonial from Sherrine Washington

Sherrine Washington

CEO - Real Talk Sales Consulting LLC.

Still image out of testimonial from Pratik Thakker

Pratik Thakker

Founder & CEO - INSIDEA


Thesis B.

"Forward thinking testimonial platform!"

What do you like best about SocialJuice?
* Amazing yet simple idea and concept behind
* Intuitive platform with neat and clean UI/UX
* Both video and text testimonials can be collected and embedded anywhere
* All videos are fully hosted by
* Easy and simple to use, it requires so small learning curve. You can understand it easily and get started right away.
* The platform is fast and responsive
* team listens to the users.

Philip Cole

Owner - KLAS Solutions

SocialJuice has been a great experience for me. The software is very user-friendly and easy to navigate. I found it extremely convenient to use, and I would definitely recommend it to others. Overall, my experience with SocialJuice has been excellent.



Awesome tool!
What a great little app to use. Makes asking for video testimonials super easy.
The UI is fantastic, and easy to use. And there are all the features I'd need, atm.
And friendly support from Sander. Would recommend!

Still image out of testimonial from Mark Rodriguez

Mark Rodriguez

Auto Client Care, Inc.


Mike L.

"We're big fans of SocialJuice!"

Pros: Our favourite feature of SocialJuice is the testimonial collection page (and the dashboard to set it up). It's really well designed, and so far, I've had no questions from clients on how to use it, and no failed attempts.

Cons: A little work could be done with the terms and conditions, but Sander (The owner) has assured me that an updated terms and conditions experience is inbound

Still image out of testimonial from Qwantel Latay

Qwantel Latay

CEO - Qwantel Latay LLC.

Still image out of testimonial from Jason Tonioli

Jason Tonioli

Owner - Tonioli Music


Stevijn d.

CEO & co-founder

"One widget for reviews on many platforms"

SocialJuice is a great tool to combine the power of multiple review platforms. There are many popular options like Capterra, G2, Twitter and Producthunt, but both for us as service provider and (potential) customers it's best to have one page to bring all reviews together. And that is what SJ does!


Matt Barrios

Research & writing consultant

SocialJuice is my choice for injecting social proof onto websites.
Easily automate gathering testimonials in video or text, and easily embed on websites.
The video testimonials are surprisingly effective, especially for B2C or small business clients!

Still image out of testimonial from Dante Healy

Dante Healy

Podcast Host - Business Breaks Podcast


Kartik Ahuja

CEO & Founder - GrowthScribe

Great product; dead-simple to use! Kinda like plug-n-play; using it for past 3 months!


Gary M. Gordon

President and Founder - Step Ahead Web

I've been using SocialJuice for quite some time, and it's really a great tool for collecting and sharing reviews!


Daniel San

Coach & Tech Consultant

Definitely one of the most awesome additions to my business.
Seriously simple way to collect testimonials. Been using it both for myself and for clients.
Very high wow factor due to its extreme simplicity and usability