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Day S. Grant


A. Boss

Joining Author Ever After has been an incredible experience. The community itself and the knowledge shared by so many bright minds are invaluable. The personalized small group support in the weekly masterminds has allowed me to dive deeper into solving issues I wouldn't on my own. I would definitely recommend it to other pre-published and early career romance authors.

Jillian Beane

Finding Danika and the Author Ever After community has been an amazing experience. Writing for me has always been so solitary, and finally, I have people to talk to who don't necessarily think I'm crazy because I have loads of imaginary friends... I'm sure they think I'm crazy for many other reasons! I'd had a completed manuscript on my computer, fully edited since 2021. The draft was completed in 2018. And there it just sat doing nothing because every time I tried to do something with it, I got completely overwhelmed with the sheer amount and contradictory nature of the information on publishing. Fast forward to 2023, I worked on book 2 during NaNo and in the process, attended a meeting where Danika spoke about her community, and I took a leap of faith and signed up intending to publish book 1 within 6 months. Book 1 was released within 3! Book 2's release is set. I couldn't have navigated all of these things without help. Danika and the community are there to support and answer any questions. I've valued it so much that after publishing book 1, I signed up for a full year. I've done the publishing thing once. I can do it again, on my own if needed. But, I've run into questions for publishing book 2 AND I want to be able to help the next set of people coming up behind me.

We have accountability meetings each week where we celebrate what we did the week before... even if it is just 1 new word, or a new idea, it is celebrated. We set intentions for things that will bring us joy for the following week. There is no punishment or shaming, it is positive always and keeps me motivated to keep going, even after a rough week. I know that I can reach out to Danika or any of the community members and they will do their best to answer, or even find out the answer if they don't know it themselves.

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Angel M. Shaw


Kat Saturday

Danika goes far beyond just a writing mentor. As a writer with a full-time job and health challenges and imposter syndrome, Danika goes out of her way to check in with me when I disappear. She's full of ideas and tools and advice and fosters such a lovely community, yes, but it's Danika as a person--her pitch-perfect balance of support and understanding, humor and compassion--that keep me returning to this community, and returning to do the work and put the words on the page. I'm forever grateful for finding Danika and this group.


E.E. Renard

Joining Author Ever After has been an incredible experience. The motivation masterminds are my favorite part, as the vibe is amazing and everyone is super supportive. The personalized support from the live weekly masterminds has truly inspired and motivated me in my indie publishing journey. I would absolutely recommend it to other pre-published and early career romance authors.

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