Michelle Valdemar

June has pretty much been one of Mr G's students since the beginning

When June started it was a camp just like the one running now. 2 years ago I'm pretty sure.

Before this June had done a few online art classes and work at home with me (we homeschool).

From the very beginning of the camp I could tell it was very different from previous online classes. June was very excited and couldn't wait to show me what she learned. She was fully engaged in what Mr G was teaching her.

She asked if she could stay in the class after camp was over.

Her confidence in her art exploded. She was so into what she was learning she had to try to teach everyone she knows how to breakdown drawings into simple shapes.

June was invited to be in several art shows last summer. One where she was the only artist under 18.

She was on the news for her art.

She won an award at her homeschool board.

She even taught an art class this year! Something she definitely wouldn't have had the confidence to do 2 years ago.

She's generally a very shy girl. Except when it comes to art! Thanks to Kids Cartoon Academy with Daniel Grissom

Even her very resistant 8yo sister is super into the camp this year. Which is huge because she has a lot of anxiety surrounding art.

Huge thanks to Mr G and his entire team for helping June build her confidence! The whole community is amazing


Katy Samuels

We signed up for some Saturday classes from kids cartoon academy because my kid loves drawing. My son has ADHD and often finds it difficult to engage with certain classes/ teachers, or gets bored quite quickly and starts zoning out and just doing his own thing during the class. However he has been totally engaged with these classes! He has produced some amazing drawings with the teachers hints and clear direction. It’s also great to see all the kids drawings in the private Facebook group at the end with each one being their own interpretation of the subject matter! My son loves it and finishes the lesson happy and inspired! What more could you want?!

Pamela Laporte

After just 2 classes I already see an improvement in my 8 year olds artistic abilities! Thank you for everything you do!

Still image out of testimonial from Anjali Sarosh

Anjali Sarosh

Rachel I.

So lucky and fortunate to have found Kids Cartoon Academy where our girls, Samantha and ShantelLe can enhance their artistic capabilities. Great instructor for children who has a passion for the art of drawing.

Marie France Matiauda de Roach

My kids loved the two classes they had so far and are really looking forward to the one this week! They learned so much and had a great time learning to draw some of their favorite cartoon!

Pavithra R

My daughter has only taken one class so far, but she is signed up for another one. The minute she finished the class, she was like “Mommy, I loved it! Sign me up for more! I loved Mr. G, he made the class so fun! “ Daniel, thanks so much for teaching her in a way that just reinforced her love for art.

Sehreen Ali

My Kids have been doing the taster sessions and have really enjoyed them.


My daughter joined the Saturday free classes and the experience has been awesome.


It’s a good workout for the kids that could lead them to a good motivation and exercise their talent. Thank you Mr. Grissom for this opportunity ..

angela shelton

These classes have been great, gave my daughter and her friend the confidence to develop their skills and enjoy without any pressure.


Maylee Chanel Chacon

Mr.Daniel Grissom's classes have helped my daughter Maylee Chanel Chacon 9 years old to be more open about sharing her art and drawings with more people. She has been drawing more then before. Always very excited to be in the classes, and willing to learn something new.

I like the story of Mr. Daniel telling the kids what he went through when he was little, not being able to express his drawings freely without getting into trouble. Also how that helped him to realize that u shouldn't let anyone tell you your not good enough. OR THAT YOUR SHOULD STOP DRAWING BECAUSE YOUR DRAWING ARE NOT GOOD ENOUGH!

The classes have help me as a parent to learn to save her drawings in a fun way. Thank you soo much Mr.Daniel for making this possible for so many talented kids out there that needed this push to be able to grab the pencil again and keep drawing no matter what others say.

Udita Vyas

My son really learned a lot and enjoyed drawing by attending your classes.We really appreciate the way you teach the kids.

Amma Seaforth

This class has vastly increased my daughter's awareness of colour and character design principles. She enjoys the class immensely, and Daniel's teaching style is just incredible! Thank you for bringing this bright spark of joy into our lives!

Jordanhy's Adorno

Jordanhy's has enjoyed his time taking these free classes. They have helped him settle on what he loves and drawing is his passion. He has blossomed and even made new friends in school through his love of art. I'm so happy I decided to sign him up for these classes.

Shajuana Keys

My son is normally shy around new faces while in public. This online class aids in his love for art in the comfort of his home! Not to mention the instructor is very patient and kid friendly!!


Ashley Ramos

Thank you to help my kid learn How to draw. The way you teach it is easy so she can do it and make her more confident to draw.


My son loves his class. After after attending his class, he is so self motivated and keeps asking me for more videos and classes. He has just attended 2 classes and he has learned so much.
Thank you so much for the wonderful classes.


Great teaching method for kids. Even kids that thought they didn't like drawing will enjoy taking the classes.


Saddaf Wasim

My son has been really enjoying the free trial. He finds the way Daniel explains how to draw extremely helpful and it has definitely boosted his confidence. It has also helped me to encourage him more towards being artistic. It has become an activity we can enjoy together as I also love to draw. Thank you for helping my son.

Aryavir Pundeer

The class is so engaging and fun! Love every minute if it!


These are wonderful sessions that is enjoyed by all age groups. Learning can be such fun and interesting with such classes.

Jamie Lynn Masson

My son was so excited to be apart of this amazing class. He is very creative but after Mr. Grissoms class he was able to apply what he leaned about the psychology of shapes and implement them into his work to be even more creative. As a parent, I learned a lot as well and was so intrigued that I stayed and watched the lesson. I especially enjoyed how he encouraged the kids to continue to be creative and sharing his personal experiences as well. Thank you for inspiring and providing more learning opportunities for the kids and parents!

Sajeda Walji

These classes are great fun for kids. They learn so much regardless of their skill level

Miranda Adamovic

My daughter gets so excited to watch Daniel and learn new art techniques. She always wants to take a picture to post and see if Daniel likes it. She’s so interested to scroll the Facebook page and look at all the other kids creations. She is getting more comfortable with her drawings and has really added to her love of art. Daniel is very interactive with the kids and really makes you feel involved. Thank you for all you do!

Amy Champlin

My kiddos have really enjoyed the classes so far. They draw most of the day after each class.

Eleonora Servellon

I like to see the enthusiast that my daughter have to learn how to draw, this classes have help her to find her confidences and how to express herself by drawing. Thank you so much Mr. G. for your valuable advices and time.



My daughter Emily really enjoyed this class! after her first class She was so happy and She started drawing every day !! She loves it.
Emily has gained more confidence.
Mr. Grissom is really good at making it simple for the kids and that's what my daughter loves about the class.
Thanks Mr Grissom !


Tu Truong

My daughter, Vy Le, drew a dragon and then she created a character in the right corner. Daniel’s class helps my daughter a lot better at drawing. It helped my daughter know about the basic shape and how it work. With how his teaching ways, it’s really easy to understand and really excited for my daughter.

Ebony Mudd

The heart of this class is to teach kids to be creative and it puts art on a pedestal which is so important in a world where people act like “art isn’t a real job!” My son looks forward to this class and doesn’t stop drawing even when class is over because he’s so inspired! 10/10 recommend this class!

Still image out of testimonial from Sebastian


Cindy Saurette

My daughter looks forward to your classes. She loves drawing and gets more confident with every class. She is always so proud of her work.


My son attended the cartooning class with Mr.Grissom for the past 3 weeks. That has ignited his interest for drawing cartoons. He did have great ideas before and now he is in a better position to impart them to paper.

Stephanie Hartery

My daughter, Victoria, is an active artist and has been participating in art class for the month of January. She has thoroughly enjoying the work and being able to share it with friends and family, she especially likes that they are virtual and she can do them in her pajamas on Saturday mornings.

As a parent, they have introduced her to new techniques in cartooning - which is not something she normally drew. She became interested in drawing cartoons and comics and this class has definitely helped boost her confidence.

Amy Elsbury

The classes seem pretty cool. My son who’s 13 says that he loves the class. He wants to keep doing it more.


I am enjoying your class every week.

Nelsy Martinez

Amazing. My daughter loves being in class and learning to draw better.

Melissa Barrett

My 10 year old son absolutely loves this class!! Has learned so many things already and looks forward to his Saturday morning classes each week!

Khadijah Saadi

Easy to follow and fun sessions explained well.


My son enjoyed learning to draw cartoons.Thank you

Ysa Jomero

My kids loved attending Daniel's classes. They enjoy every minute of it. They love that they can learn different strategies to draw their favorite character in an enjoyable way.

Kirsteen Binkley

My daughter absolutely loved these classes!


My daughters love art and they really liked the classes specialy the technique of drawing that tou showed. They're realy talented in art my oldest daughter loves drawing anemies and my youngest daughter loves creating mini stuff. They want to learn so much more from you

Syeda Zehra

My daughter loves to draw. She enjoyed the free Sat morning class last weekend very much. After just one class I've noticed her understanding of shapes and her confidence grow tremendously. She really liked how Mr. G explained drawing with basic shapes and has already drawn multiple characters using that understanding. We're really interested in continuing to take these classes.

Arina M.

We only started the class and my little one (she's 6) loved it. Mr G. explained everything super easy and interesting. My daughter enjoyed every minute. It very difficult to find an art teacher in my area as imnot driand not able to take her further and online classes are great option. Thank you

Samyak Jain

Both the classes are awesome. My son loves it and can't wait for the next class.

Anni Elliston

Mr G is an amazing, engaging teacher! So fun!

Michelle Ghetes

My son Matthew really enjoyed your classes and he is looking forward to the next class, your teachings and your techniques really encouraged him to keep drawing .

Sofia Sanchez Hassen

My daughter joined your class for the first time this weekend and she was so happy and impressed by the end of it! She has spent the whole weekend mastering what's she'd learned, and can't wait to join again next Saturday. Thank you!

Samantha Walkington

My son loves to draw but often struggles with where to start. These classes have shown him new ways to get started and the basics for lots of different drawing ideas. He is excited every Saturday to join in the live lessons. Great inspiration and his sister now sits and joins in with him too.

Jacob McConnell

Your classes have helped my child's drawing improve so much! He has went from drawing good to drawing great! He loves your free classes and is already asking me to pay for more!

Christina Hulett

It’s only been our second class and my son absolutely loves it. We both think Mr. Grissom is an amazing teacher and he makes the class very enjoyable and fun for the kids.
Thank you so much.

Elmira Shekari

My son is so excited since the classes started and he is always impressed with other kids’ talents. He has always liked drawing and is great at it. Cartoon drawing something new to him . Thanks again for being awsome

Sue Griffiths

My 9 year old daughter loves the classes, she's been practicing her skills regularly since the classes


At first I was hesitant however, it was the best sign up we made!
After first class my son said he wanna be artist! Just one hour joining your class, I never seen him draw like that. The technique is so unique.
Thanks a lot Daniel!

Agam Singh

My son loved the sessions. He got so motivated after doing the classes that he was doodling for a straight 6 hours. He wouldn’t stop telling us all the tips shared during the session. Thank you for doing it.

Kunal Mukherjee

My Daughter Kaira enjoyed both the classes and she is very excited to attend the next session. The best thing about the session is it shows how simple shapes can be merged to create complex pictures. I get to spent some more time when she draws and she spends less time watching gadgets. Keep the good work.

Still image out of testimonial from Neha Vipin

Neha Vipin

Oluwatoyin Olaiya

My kids really had so much fun and learned a lot from the class. They are more confident and I appreciate the way the lesson is structured.

Jetra Shahivala

I love this class, I learn so much and it is really helpful. Everyone is full of excitement and ready to draw

Erika Ortega

This is Erik's first time ever taking a class. He was so excited when I told him I signed him up. He enjoys the way Mr. Grissom teaches and makes the class easy for kids.

Still image out of testimonial from Rebecca Gray

Rebecca Gray

Sherry S-M

Saw an advertisement on facebook. Thought we would try. My son loves the new found drawing tips that has learnt.

Rachel I.

Kids Cartoon Academy is a great help for our Samantha and Shantelle. They become more engaged in drawing. They learned a lot on tips and techniques shared by Mr. G. Now they are spending most of their free time drawing instead on the screen and we can see the big difference on their works after they joined the class of Mr. G than before.

As a parent, we are sure that they can do even more with Mr. G’s help. So lucky we have found Kids Cartoon Academy.


My daughter has done the trial class. I was so amazed to see the work right from first session. Look forward to continue. My daughter also enjoyed the session and now keen to learn cartooning

Neha Vipin

My daughter Pallavi is learning to draw cartoons with Mr.Grissom and it is one of the best learning experiences she has got. Mr. Grissom is not only skilled in their art class but also has a great ability to connect with kids and understand them. His instructions help the student to achieve their goals. The classes are well-organized and provide a great balance of using various tools. I would highly recommend Kids Cartoon Academy to anyone looking to learn and improve their drawing skills.


My daughter has shown keen interestest in drawing after watching lessons. She keeps on drawing new cartoon figures..

Heather Corson

My daughter loves your class . The steps used to create characters are easy to follow, and I love how she’s being given the building blocks to create her own unique pictures.

Paola Ortiz

My son is really enjoying these classes! He loves drawing and sketching!! He wakes up early in the morning (like going to school) , gets his material ready and starts improvising 😇😇 he’s inspired and the best thing is that all the characters are so trendy.


My child was very happy and creative during the lessons and listened to what you were talking about and how to draw something.

Mansi Maskeri

The classes are very interesting and Daniel is very good with the kids. He gives detailed fun instructions to draw any cartoon which keeps kids intrigued and wanting for more. With just 2 free classes I've seen tremendous interest and flair for drawing in my daughter. She is looking forward for remaining classes and join his academy to learn more.

Joel Crawford

My son has really loved the new skills that he is learning. His best friend is also taking the same class and they love to connect virtually after your class and share what they just learned with each other.

Chelsey Bernhard

Mr. Grissom's cartoon classes are so engaging and at the perfect level for my 8 year old. She is so excited to have some basic drawing skills so she can expand on with her own creativity.

Ayanate Njoku

The class has just brought to light my child spirit ,always looking forward to it and improving her skills.
I am happy she is happy.
Thanks for putting this together will surely get her registered for more classes.

Paula Fawell

My girls had a blast with their class!!

Malgorzata Zolnierczyk

Thanks to these lessons, my son developed his skills. Lessons conducted by Mr. Daniel develop children. He has a great approach and my son loves and looks forward to the next classes

Liam Israel

My 8 year has really enjoyed this drawing classes. Mr Grissom is very kind and does a well job guiding the children.

Tiffany Lewis

My child really enjoys listening and learning with Daniel, he goes above and beyond to keep your child engaged in his lesson, communication is key and Daniel is fantastic at communicating. Highly recommended you check out his classes


My daughters are 8 and 13. They both loved the live sessions. Instructions were simple and clear with the most interesting way. Now every Saturday they look forward to their art class. Thank you for giving the kids an opportunity to boost their creativity.

Lilly Wilson

My grandson loves to draw, paint, and use different types of media. He has truly enjoyed the class and learning new skills and techniques. We homeschool, so this has been a wonderful added class. I highly encourage you to let your little ones think outside the box in this class!

Val S

My 7 years old love to draw. Even more so after she joined Mr. Grissom's classes. As a parent, I am so happy to see her creativity grow. I can see clear improvements in her drawings. Mr. Grissom is awesome! He provides a safe, calm and exciting virtual class environment. His passion in teaching and creating is second to none. I am very thankful and highly recommend Mr. Grissom's classes.

Louise McConnell

My son has really grown in confidence since attending the classes, he never really liked colouring in when he was younger and now he will sit for hours designing and colouring his own characters, after each session he is bursting with enthusiasm and can't wait until the next one.... Thank you so much

Akira Anne Rijo

Mr Grissom is an amazing art teacher. He knows how to deal with these little guys and make them feel great about their work. His classes are very interesting and my kid loves them.


Jennifer Taylor

My daughter is Autistic and because of this making friends and being apart of a group has always been difficult, she often is never asked to join, and rarely I’m able to find a program that she is interested in. So when I came across this program, I knew it was a good fit as drawing is one of her many skills and interests. The tutorials are easy to follow and she’s excited to participate… this is her second class and already I’m seeing such a improvement in her art…. She also been going to school and sharing her work with others and even asked her teacher if she could do a tutorial with her classmates. The joy she’s experienced in such a short time is exciting for me as her parent. If your child loves to draw I suggest signing them up there are so many benefits to this program, it not only improves their artistic skills, it gets them excited to showcase them and for kids likes my daughter it gives them a chance to be apart of something special.

Still image out of testimonial from Elizabeth Carr

Elizabeth Carr

Pam Fewtrell

My daughters have loved these classes and have learnt so many skills that they can apply throughout their art projects. They have been so proud of their results and have loved showing off their achievements to friends and family.

Sriram Krishnan

Vedant has loved these sessions. The tips and tricks have helped him put his imagination on paper. Simple easy to follow instructions 👌

Jordan Kass

The kids drastically improved over a relatively short period of time. He is very engaging and great with them! Highly recommend!

Denise Bradford-Sinclair

My daughter loves drawing and was very excited to do the cartoon art classes. She wasn't disappointed! She's done 2 classes and was so pleased to show me what she learnt. Thank you so much for providing this!

Daniell Kinder

My kid has really, really enjoyed being in these comics classes. They said they've learned some new drawing techniques, had fun watching different characters being made by others, and enjoyed getting to have some time dedicated to art every week without the possibility of being asked to do something else or put the drawing down since class time is their time. The instruction is engaging and very entertaining as well as helpful with ways of breaking through artists' block, at least for my kid who laments about "But I don't know what to drawwwwwwww" regularly.


Darla Delgado

Your classes have motivated my daughter to express herself more and to not worry about her unique style she now sees thst art comes in many different ways.


My daughter is loving the sessions and learning something new.


The best class my daughter has taken


Fun class and fun teacher!

Kristine ann Perro

Absolutely love how much my boys enjoy the classes! They learn so much and are so eager to share what they have learned!


Great conference boost, we loved it. It's great to see an adult who also shares our passion for drawing!

Vishal Jain

Awesome class.Kids love it.


Great time where me and my son got to learn and improve drawing skills side by side! It so much more motivating and helpful to learn in a live lesson! Would have liked a bit slower pace however as we were falling behind a bit.

Dana Crawford

Our son loves and looks forward to his classes with Kids Cartoon Academy. In the past, his art classes at school have been stressful, but this one has been enjoyable. The classes are also clearly improving his drawing skills, and we can see a difference! I also wanted to mention that we appreciate the way Daniel relates to kids in the 8-12 age range. He talks to them as 'older' kids who've left the little kid stage behind, and this has been really important to our son.


The free classes are very engaging especially when kids are enjoying the drawing and wanted to share it with other kids in the chat.
Now my son is always looking forward to the session every Saturday

Robyn lacombe

My daughter loves learning art techniques and drawing. These classes are paced well for kids. My daughter is able to follow along well and learn new techniques I had no idea she was capable of. The teacher has obviously worked with children. The kids were even given opportunities to share their countries and their work. My child loved it.

Rashawna Stephens

Hi! My daughter loves the class and lives to draw..he has been teaching her little sister things she's learning...this class is such a help in nurturing my kids talents and dreams. Thanks for this🥰

Mrs. S

Working together has been valuable because my child is building confidence with sharing/talking about the art work. The class is very engaging and easy to follow. We are very happy with these classes and I’d recommend it to others.

Deisy Buitrago

Through the pandemic my son discovered that drawing is fun and relaxing and he was looking all the time for tutorials to past time easily. when school started in regular basis...he kind of stopped. The last 2 Saturdays he regained confidence in his skills and is looking forward to the next session. Daniel has made that possible and am grateful for that.

Mason Pierce

Mason loved the classes so much. He is so inspired!

Jade Stuart

Fantastic, friendly, engaging and easy to follow art class and my son really enjoyed it and it was clear to see so did all the other children too. Highly recommend if your child loves drawing

Eunice Garcia

Hi, we are the Rodriguez family and my son Isaac is really into drawing. He has learning some very cool techniques with just 2 amazing 1-hour clases. He specially liked the "bean" shape used for the dragon drawing. I see lots of potential on this activity that he enjoys and Mr. Grissom has so much talent not only cartooning but making it fun and easy and having a material end result in just one-hour! I just loved his class structure and the way he engages with literally hundreds of kids. It sets me as a parent an example of patience, perseverance, and fun!!


Shelly Trivedi

2 weeks back I got to hear about this gem of a person and the free classes he is offering in January. I went through his profile and instantly fell in love with his art work. My son loved attending his classes on zoom . Thanks again from all of us. I referred my other friends group , my sons classmates from school and so were class, they all r loving it already.

Kayleigh Winbow

We have only just started the Saturday drawing class but our son is already hooked!! Not only is the drawing lessom really well explained and fun, the things they draw are awesome!!!
My whole family want to do it now!!

Tawny Bryski-Wilson

My daughter is an artistic soul. She is that kid who’s margins are doodled on. Occasionally gets in trouble for expressing herself on the walls or her desk at school.

Everly is that child that on occasion there have been people who have tried to extinguish some of that creative fire.

I love the way these classes are presented so honestly & openly. Letting the kids know that they aren’t alone in the struggles that can present themselves in art. Teaching them to accept their exceptionalities & the challenges of creating.

Thank you for being real.

Tara Steahr

What a great thing for everyone !


Had awesome fun during the sessions

Sharon MacCuish-Wilkinson

My son loves these tutorials so much. He says they are really helping him learn how to draw cartoon characters. He has become much more confident and enthusiastic about drawing and sketching and can't wait for each tutorial to come around.


My 6 year old has always loved to draw and I've been at a loss as how to develop her love and talent. She's really enjoying her classes with Daniel. Thank you!

Joewel I.

Excellent school on media platform to learn how to draw. Kids are very engaged and inspired. Mr. G. is a great instructor and inspiration to young artists like our daughters, Samantha and Shantelle. Keep it up Mr. G.! Our children learn a lot from you. Thank you to Kids Cartoon Academy.

Jenny Thich

Love this. My daughter loves cartoon characters so getting to learn how to draw them is fun. She does so well in these classes. Learning shapes and shading really helps her skills in drawing. Also another thing I like is that it’s on the weekend in the morning so that she would have an excuse to wake up in the morning and not fall off sleep schedule again on the weekend.

Elizabeth Carr

My daughter has been taking these classes for a while. Since the course first began a whole community has developed. I love the interaction that the kids can now have with each other in a safe environment. With new content continually being developed she is never bored. Replays are available for content that she wants to revisit. The continued growth of both the academy and my daughters skillset is a pleasure to see!

M Mills

My daughters' really enjoy the classes. I recommend to anyone who has a creative child!

Helena Lamrock

My little boy is 8 years old. He absolutely loves Daniel's lessons. His drawings have improved so much with all the techniques covered. They are so much fun and I luke the way my boy joins lessons with other children his age from around the world. Daniel has a great way with them which is very inclusive for everyone!

Audrey Hughes

My kids have been doing the art class for a few weeks now and really love it. Their little sister always likes to join in, great fun for everyone!

M Carolyn Eckstein

We really appreciate Mr G’s excitement for drawing, his passion for teaching kids, and his patience and constant encouragement. My daughters eagerly look forward to these Saturday morning classes — which is so welcome, since many weekends we end up doing few fun activities (we parents are just trying to recover from the busy, stressful work-week!). It also astounds us how incredibly well Mr G manages these online classes, which have had as many as 900+ participants. He makes it seem effortless. Thank you for all you do, Mr G!


My son had 2 online classes with Mr. G. I love how Mr.G simplifies very complicated drawings. Last week we watched the recorded class with my son and tried drawing a “dragon” for the second time! Since Mr. G had introduced the basic shapes in the class, we try to recognize those shapes in any cartoon or animation we watch. It is a very interesting exercise for brain!
I also like that Mr. G, asks for participants’ opinions and keeps children motivated and active.


My kids are both really enjoying your class, during the week they look forward to Saturdays when they get to draw! Thanks!


It's been amazing working with kids cartoon academy, I have felt a change after joining, the techniques that have been learned will be treasured, good art has got a whole different meaning and a whole different value

Angus Hartery

My 9 yo daughter loves art, and has attended two classes thus far. Daniel is a great artist, and has a GREAT way with kids. She thoroughly enjoys the classes and is happy to give up her saturday morning cartoons to do art class. We look forward to doing more!

Kristin Cooknell

We did our first free class and I’m very impressed. I did a cartoon class offered by our university and the same concepts were taught here to my kids. 😊 Daniel was wonderful and my 6 & 7 year old busy active boys who don’t like to sit for very long followed along the full hour!


Great class for the kids. Easy to follow the instructions.

Zsofia Mu

My son was very focused during the free lessons, for the entire duration which is quite rare for him. The instructions were clear and easy to follow (my son didn't struggle at all), and the instructor was very engaging. The most important part, he was quite proud of the drawing he did and thus very happy.

Jessica Pole

My daughter has really enjoyed the classes and loves the fun aspect of it . She looks forward to every class

Marilyn Badillo

My son (10 yr old) enjoyed this so much. Please keep inspiring kids to expand their talent. Youre doing greal Daniel.

Usha Chawla

My daughter looks forward to your classes. She loves drawing cartoons! She says "Daniel is a really nice guy!"


Liz Farris

Mr. G’s cartoon drawing classes are amazing. He does such a great job of breaking it down into steps and explains along the way. He gives so many great tips. They are so enjoyable to watch that even I as a parent have followed along and done my own drawings on the side. He also encourages artistic abilities and shares from his own personal experiences so kids can easily relate and feel validated. I highly recommend Kids Cartoon Academy!!

April Busa

My daughter has taken quite an interest in this class. She gets excited to join each week and is proud of her artwork and the techniques she has learned. She is starting to create her own characters which is great for development and imagination. Mr. G keeps kids engaged in the class which is a challenge I'm sure but he's got the magic. I highly recommend trying out the classes.



My daughter really happy to be in your class. She loves drawing. You helped her to improve her drawing. You're the best.

Indra B

The classes exceeded the expectations. Kids learn about essential concepts and techniques in a simple and engaging way. Best cartoon class ever! Thank you very much!

Still image out of testimonial from Val S

Val S

Joewel I.

Kids Cartoon Academy is a great place for kids who wants to do better in drawing. Mr. G is an awesome and good detail-oriented instructor. His way of teaching inspired our children in a fun and easy way which made them even more engaged in their drawings. Kudos to Kids Cartoon Academy. So lucky we have found you. Thank you so much.

Lori Mehler

This has been such a fulfilling experience for Elijah. He's enjoyed the fun instruction!

Lenora lamendola

My daughter really enjoyed this
Wasn't sure if an online session would hold her attention but she loves it ..looking forward to Saturday zoom class.

Nelson Granados

We are 2 classes into the free classes and my daughter is loving the opportunity to learn and implement the new techniques she is picking up. It's also been a great way for us to spend quality time together doing something we both enjoy.


My child is always looking forward to the classes. They are fun and engaging. It is a great skill to give to a child to feel good about and a great opportunity to be creative and see other peers' work.

Poovizhi K

Aaradhana is very eager for Mr.G classes. He is very passionate and most importantly knows the art of keeping the kids focused. He definitely is a great teacher!!!

Shubha Tiwari

My daughter is 7 year old and she loves art , we tried lot of classes to channelize her love towards it but after one class she geta distracted.
Then i tried sir Daniel’s saturday class,she absolutely loved it and next saturday she remembered that she has class and start grabing her supplies so she wont be late.
Thanks Sir Daniel.

Alexa M

This is such a fun online class.


Se ve muy interesante y divertido. Los niños oueden aprovechar mejor su tiempo de pantalla.


This artwork that he teaches is simply beautiful for kids,it’s the work that kids try to make it as beautiful as yours.Thank you

Holly T

Absolutely love Kids Cartoon Academy. My son has shown growth and excitement in his artistic talents. This is a fun and engaging class.

Mathumathi Kunthu Kannan

Your way of teaching methods are very
Helpful to my child. You are taking the classes very lively and making so fun in the class. You are making the kids to draw through the shapes so it will be more easy to draw some cartoons very quickly. I like that very much about your teaching method. My son is very much excited to attend your classes.I don't want to miss the chance for him to learn more things from you.Thanks Daniel.

Mathilda A.

I am thrilled to have found Kids Cartoon Academy to cater to my child’s love for drawing and help develop her drawing skills. After just 2 sessions, there is already a noticeable improvement in her drawings.

Thank you Daniel for creating this platform specifically for artistic kids like mine!

Monika Kovtukova

I enjoy watching how Timur loves to draw with you. Suddenly, he has no issues with attention span. It is also a great time for us bonding, because I have to translate for him to Slovak. However, he is slowly picking up English from you, too.
I love how the classes are always put in wider perspective and encourage children, not to give up.
Thank you for a free taster and we would love to continue further.
I, myself, have learned things, I have never heard about, just from two sessions with you.

Wendy C

The classes are great - the pace is good for my son to keep up with and not get frustrated if he gets a little behind in the instruction. The drawing subject matter is entertaining to kids and educates them without getting too technical or boring - overall, the class is engaging and fun.

Kumu nathan

This is Aashna’s mom. Aashna is enjoying your classes and learning new trickers and tips from your Saturday classes.

Lanie Lida

My son has re-ignited his drawing passion by joining Daniel’s cartooning online class. He has learned new techniques and enjoys spending time with other kids around the world even if its online. Thank you Daniel!

Katie Banks

My daughter's have loved watching your January classes they've been excited and ready well before class with all their drawing materials.
It's helped build confidence already in her drawing and I've managed to draw some decent things too, very easy to follow and what I've learnt will stay with me and I'm sure they will remember it too
Thank you!!

Michelle Soriano

My daughter has participated in the January free clases and loves it! I love that it’s on the weekend since we don’t have much time during the week & it’s on zoom since I have a newborn we can’t go out much at the moment. I will be enrolling my daughter in more classes!

Olivia jaskiewicz

My daughter is on week two on your Saturday classes and she loves it! She's ready every morning waiting for them to start. It's given her the confidence to continue drawing and get more experimental with her techniques!

Jessica Garin

My daughter loves to draw and these free classes have been quite a treat for her. She is learning new techniques and having a blast. Thank you Daniel

Amada Martinez

My daughter loves to draw and I have always encouraged her to keep doing it, but since I'm not good at it, I felt that we couldn't share time with her hobby. Getting into this classes have been amazing because, even when she is not a English speaker, she has been able to understand and have fun with the teaching way that Daniel Grissom uses, plus I get to share this time with her and enjoy with her while I am being her interpreter.
She has learned new techniques to improve her drawing and she is so happy about it!

Megan king

My child has really enjoyed your free classes. They have taught her how to use shapes to create different characters. She loves the characters you draw as she draws the same ones. She also likes to draw scary characters too. I have enjoyed sitting along side her and helping her throughout the class. She struggled so much in school to concentrate but enjoys engaging during your classes.
Thank you so much for making her feel part of a community with like minded children all interested in art and cartoon drawing