Vlad Zelenko

CTO - Dominion Capital

Our company was introduced to FastCTO at a networking event. I was skeptical at first, as it's tough to find quality consultants. The early conversations went very smoothly and easily. After understanding our specific needs, FastCTO team identified and delivered several candidates of impressive quality within a couple of weeks. After hiring the favored candidate, we found him very competent, knowledgeable, hard-working, and with excellent work ethics. Thank you, FastCTO team!


Kos Kliuiev

PO/ PM / AQA Engineer / Dev Ops

I wanted to take a moment to express my appreciation for the opportunity to collaborate with FastCTO on various projects as a QA Engineer and DevOps professional. It was a pleasure to work with a company that values its employees and creates a positive and flexible work environment.

I must say that FastCTO is a best-in-class company when it comes to providing opportunities for part-time workers and freelancers. The company's commitment to work-life balance, flexibility, and creating a positive team culture is truly exceptional.

The open communication channels and dedication to delivering high-quality results made our work together efficient and effective.

Overall, I highly recommend FastCTO as a company for anyone looking for part-time work or freelancing opportunities in the QA and DevOps fields. Thank you again for the opportunity to collaborate and I look forward to potential future collaborations.

Jared Tracy

West Tenth

I can’t heap enough praise on Yan! He is easily the best devops engineer I've ever worked with! I've worked with some amazing devops engineers over my nearly 30 years in tech, and I’m not exaggerating when I say Yan is the best I’ve worked with! He accomplished what we were previously told was impossible, and he did it with determined resourcefulness! Anyone who gets to work with Yan is going to be delighted with the experience!

Still image out of testimonial from Chris Jalbert
Animated image out of testimonial from Chris Jalbert

Chris Jalbert

Founder - Eternal Applications


Ashley Smith Alber

Partner (Private Equity) - ScaleCo

I had the pleasure of engaging with FastCTO as part of the due diligence process for a Private Equity transaction. The project had many challenges - from a tight timeline to very limited information available. Despite these headwinds, the team was able to provide a thorough review that ended up being critical to our investment decision.

What really stood out to me was their outstanding communication throughout the entire process, ensuring that we were informed and up-to-date every step of the way. The team also took the time to explain complex concerns in a digestible format. Additionally, the turnaround time of the high quality materials was incredibly fast, which allowed us to move forward with confidence and speed. I would highly recommend the FastCTO team to anyone in need of thorough due diligence support and analysis.


Shields Day

COO/CFO - WellPrept, Inc.

I cannot recommend FastCTO highly enough. We used FastCTO to help us transition away from our original, US-based software development team. Igor provided several CTO candidates for us to interview, all of which were capable, but one had experience that was a perfect fit for us.

This CTO has been instrumental in quarterbacking our technological roadmap and managing the software development team that is doing the actual coding. He was also able to identify several issues with our code that would have limited its scalability. I would recommend FastCTO to anyone that is looking for a change from their existing software team and wanting to have a fresh set of eyes review the code and roadmap.


Daniel Koziak

Co-Founder - Wisyl

As a client of FastCTO, I have been thoroughly impressed with their technical expertise and their ability to make well-informed decisions that have greatly benefited our business. They took the time to understand our business model and our unique requirements, and used that knowledge to help us make informed and effective technical choices. I was impressed on how some of the key decisions we made either saved us so much time or prevented us from going down a complicated path, while educating us along the way.

Still image out of testimonial from David Canes
Animated image out of testimonial from David Canes

David Canes

Founder / CEO - WellPrept


Alison Cove


Working with the FastCTO team has been absolutely fantastic. As our business has evolved, we have been able to build the team easily, and adjust our team to meet our latest development needs. I would not be able to manage the developers, designers, QA, etc. without the help of our CTO. We could never afford a full-time CTO at this phase. I sincerely think that FastCTO has been our strongest partner and without Igor and team, we wouldn't be the business we are today. Thank you to FastCTO for helping us take our vision and make it reality, actually even better than reality!

Still image out of testimonial from Sarrah Rose
Animated image out of testimonial from Sarrah Rose

Sarrah Rose

Founder and CEO


Michael Nieto

Founder - Equility

FastCTO is fantastic. Igor and his team have helped us build out our platform from nothing. We hope to see continued growth from our partnership, as our app goes live this month!

Still image out of testimonial from Kate Grandbois
Animated image out of testimonial from Kate Grandbois

Kate Grandbois

Owner - Grandbois Therapy and Consulting, LLC dba SLP Nerdcast


Chris Hagood

SVP, Operations - PSP Metrics

Working with the FastCTO team has been an invaluable experience for our organization’s growth. Their ability to quickly understand our previous tech stack to create a new roadmap to enhance our product offerings is unmatched. Each member of our developer team brings a wealth of experience and marries quality with meeting customer expectations. I would recommend FastCTO to organizations looking for a partner that values achieving the results that matter. We could not have asked for a better strategic leader than our FastCTO.