Love this App

Does a great job of quickly scanning and identifying receipt info. Easy to use and a great addition to my regularly used apps.


An Outstanding Invoice Scanning App with OCR and IA

I’ve been using SparkReceipt to scan my invoices, and I’m truly impressed by its speed and efficiency. The integrated OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology captures all the necessary information instantly, making document management a breeze and saving me a considerable amount of time. The app intuitively categorizes and organizes invoices, simplifying the entire process. Whether for personal or professional use, I find this feature extremely practical and convenient. I highly recommend SparkReceipt to anyone looking to streamline their invoice management.


SparkReceipt is an outstanding tool that has revolutionized my accounting process. It effortlessly logs online and offline transactions through scanning, email forwarding, or direct uploads. The app accurately categorizes data and supports multiple currencies and languages. Minor enhancements could improve it further, but it's already invaluable. Highly recommended for anyone looking to streamline their bookkeeping!



Super useful. I'm just very impressed with how easily the app works and captures very close to perfect. You can then go in and edit anything as needed, adding tags and details etc.

I say near perfect, because there are occasions where you find that it misses the correct number - but you just need to be aware of this and edit it in the app.

The only thing missing from this is GDPR compliance and an available DPA. Otherwise, this tool is super!

If those could be added, I'd score this 20 tacos


100% Pleased

Redeemed. Downloaded. Started using immediately. It worked seamlessly and intuitively. Within 24 hours of use I am already feeling more organized and in control of my finances.


Great customer support

Within a couple of hours I had a reply to all of my three questions! So, off the bat, knowing that customer support isn't ever too far away gives me great confidence in this purchase. So far, its a very intuitive app and my experience has been very positive!

Joe Biby

Great app for small businesses!

Helps organize all your expenses in one place. 10/10 recommend.

Nathan Park

Saves a ton of time with bookkeeping and the AI is very accurate. Sometimes have to make a couple of minor changes on the scanned receipt popukated fields, but very infrequently. One of the best features is they give you an email address that you can send email invoices to and it will document it as an expense. All in all this is a huge time saver for small businesses who may be doing all of their own bookkeeping.

Cheryl H

Great for me and for my accountant. This app make tax time so easy. Having an accountant hours away, this app makes tax time a breeze. Uploading receipts, bank statements, documents etc makes the perfect filing method for me. SparkReceipt reads, categorises and files for me. No more piles of fuel dockets left in the vehicles by hubby either. A quick photo and it is saved and filed. Love it!!!


User-Friendly&Easy To Use & Holds all Promises Recommended!

I find the software incredibly user-friendly. All features described function perfectly, and I particularly appreciate the Android app which allows me easy access to all my files. Using the mobile app, I can effortlessly manage my expenses and financial documents.

I do have a question regarding potential expansion of the app. Considering its capability as a document storage solution beyond financial documents would be intriguing. I'm eager to see where the app goes in the future.


Smooth, crisp, easy and fast

Amazing. This is smooth, crisp and well thought out. The speed and OCR reading, sets up all the entries and also exportability is great. 100% happy with this - it's something been looking for - The phone app is good but i like the integration where can work on computer as well. Not all fun just having a phone app, so the desktop login and lodging of docs, is excellent.


Super easy receipt tracking

I needed something like this! It works great, very affordable!


Super handy app while traveling

I was looking for a way to keep track of expenses while I travel and this is perfect. I love the email forwarding option for things like airbnb and car rentals. Overall quick and easy to use app.

Dawn Wick

Great app and we'll worth it! love it. I hate accounting and paperwork and this makes everything so easy that I enjoy it! no bugs so far, just remember to take the photo of your receipt in decent light for the best results.

Leon Yoder

This has been one of my best app purchases. It is very easy and accurate to use. I use it to track reciepts and deposits for multiple organizations and is shared with my bookkeeper making it easy to manage the pain of reciepts without sacrificing accountability. I love that the user can easily add the category. This eliminates questions for the bookkeeper. Efficiency!


Just wow

What a great accounting software. I initially purchased to my personal finance but now acquired more codes for also business side and family members. Not only great web version but mobile app is super responsive and clear!! Recommended!


Happy user

Works wonderfully! A great time saver for recognizing receipts, we had similar system with our accountant before with Dropbox but this makes it so much faster because of the AI scanner.


Paid for itself within an hour...

My use case is fairly basic as a solopreneur, but it seemed like something that had obvious value and could be easily integrated into my existing workflows.

So far, it's everything it claims to be. I've had to make minimal edits to any entries, and it's simple to use. It's already easily paid for itself.

I can't ask for much more.

Boom Shocka

Definitely Worth It!

I’ve been using SparkReceipt to log expenses for my two businesses. It’s a gem! I LOVE the scanning accuracy and intuitive UI and UX. No more typing in the Splitwise app. Not to mention, SparkReceipt costs less than Splitwise. I get a lot more for my money and the support is exceptional. An easy 5 stars!!

Fahd Tumbi

The Most Valuable Tool In My Work Life. I am really thankful and grateful to the developer of Spark Receipt for creating such a wonderful and simple tool. It has completely changed the way I take stock of not only my expenses and income but also provides me a space to store literally all of my valuable documents which can be easily tagged and organised. I wish you guys all the best and hope to see you improving and growing the tool into a very powerful must use tool for every person. Good Luck!

Shukrullah NIAZI

I’ve been using this app for a while and it has surpassed all my expectations! The user interface is intuitive and user-friendly, making my daily tasks more manageable. The features R robust. developers R very responsive, regularly updates with new features. However, one feature that make this app even better is the ability to create custom labels for each scanned dynamic field as paired that we export or fetch to use in an Excel sheet. I highly recommend this app and hope to see this feature.


Tracking Must-Have

I'm really enjoying this product. So simple and easy to keep track of your expenses and income, without the dull manual labor. It works just perfect. Just scan the ticket and it automatically reads how much you spent, where and what payment method you used. You can also divide personal expenses accounts.

Go grab it, don't hesitate!


Saved me hours! Super easy to use app.

I was manually entering receipts into my spreadsheet like I was from the 1900's. I decided to buy this deal and it literally has paid for itself 5 times over. My box of receipts I was procrastinating about did take me 2 hours to record, but it would have taken 10 manually.

Only negative is sometimes the app has an error message and you have to reenter data from a receipt or take the photo again. It added about 10 seconds to my workflow. It happened on about 2% of my receipts.

The other thing to watch is date format. Being in europe the date format is opposite from the USA. Maybe there is a setting I missed to change this? Perhaps the AI can be trained to see the location of the store and read the date accordingly.

The receipt reader also sometimes grabbed a "total" from the VAT tax chart instead of the actual total. It was an easy fix to manually enter the correct total. I also would try to not take a photo of the VAT chart (which is usually just below official totals).


Great software makes it easy to get details form receipts

This app made it easy to import statements and receipts and get all the details for them. It was able to catch duplicates and make it easy to check for differences and consolidate the information. I highly recommend it and hope they continue improving the product.


Great App!

Easy, reliable, and convenient! Love that it has multiple workspaces and I can email receipts into the app from any email address (not just the account email). AI scan is very accurate. Report feature with photos makes it very easy to submit expense reports. Great app for tracking expenses and receipts!

Michael Minerve

What an amazing piece of software. If you run a small or even large scale business this helps automation and accounting massively so I can focus on my business. The app is clean, sleek and responsive - I use it with "wellybox" to automate soo much of it. So won't be disappointed- try Spark receipt today!


I'm thoroughly impressed with this app! It's incredibly user-friendly, with an intuitive interface that makes tracking expenses a breeze. The ability to scan invoices and extract details with AI saves me so much time and effort. Plus, I no longer have to worry about losing receipts when I'm away from the office. The email feature is also a standout, allowing me to easily forward invoices to SparkReceipt and have them logged and organized. My accountant is thrilled with this feature too!



No more putting off manual expense reporting!! All I do is forward receipts from my email and this app takes care of the rest. 10/10 recommend


SparkReceipt: Financial Mastery

Ever since I found SparkReceipt, my approach to financial management has been completely transformed. With unmatched dedication, this outstanding software allows me to meticulously keep track of every expense and income. Its user-friendly interface and powerful features make financial tracking effortless and comprehensive.

SparkReceipt is versatile and suitable for all users, from individuals to large corporations, providing everything needed for financial oversight. The seamless user experience and continual enhancements reflect the creator's commitment to excellence.

In closing, I extend my heartfelt congratulations to the creator of SparkReceipt for such a valuable tool. Your dedication to improving users' financial management is evident and greatly appreciated. I highly recommend SparkReceipt to anyone seeking complete control over their finances. This software not only delivers but exceeds expectations, redefining financial management.


Very nice product, use it to send all my receipts to our accountant. Earlier we used xero to do it but was a pain to do so. I think this product is cheaply priced, they should & easily can raise prices.


Efficient time savings App

Don’t normally write reviews but this one is worth it. Spark Receipt is really simple to use but very powerful and accurate. It has helped me to upload receipts for projects and keep track of budgets. The app magically scans and deciphers the receipts with supplier names and totals and taxes. It even does a good job at categorizing the receipt. It’s possible to then label receipts with tags. And then, I have used SparkReceipt’s reporting option to generate reports for those project tags; it builds an excel sheet of all the receipts and details and provides a subtotal. Great time saver!

Joseph Valenti

SparkReceipt has "revolutionized" my bookkeeping. I had been struggling to collect, organize and ultimate type-in all the data I needed to capture for my small business. With SparkReceipt (and a little bit of discipline), I now have a process -every- time I spend money for my business. SparkReceipt saves me a great deal of time and effectively eliminates errors. I am very much looking forward to the upcoming integration to Quickbooks! Thank you, Antti Laitinen!


So much time saved!

Imagine: paying a parking, having the bill and scan it with your app sparkreceipt. The VAT appears, the total amount, the merchant...

It is just the beginning, I travel and go to the hotel, the invoice is scanned on the app and boom! all is recognized. I can share the total receipts to my accountant.

Each month are summarized, I know hom much spends for each month. Incredibly efficient. Many thanks! I am based in France and my bills, my invoices are recognized!

Thanks for this revolution!

Great product and great developer

I love this app. It works, it does what it says it does and the developer is really on top of his game. He replied to all three of my requests within a few hours, with detailed response and the right solution. Buy this app, it's going to be great.



This is one of the best apps I've bought, ever. It makes keeping track of income and expenses so much easier. I've been setting up rules in my email to send receipts from common merchants to SparkReceipt. This saves me the headache of searching for them later and manually inputting them all into my accounting software. Between their email and webhook integrations you can really get some powerful automations going.

To the SparkReceipt team, thank you so much for creating this. It's a truly valuable product that has had a big, positive impact in my life.


Amazing App

This is an incredible pre-accounting apps. It's easy to forward email invoices, receipts and it categorizes and extract the relevant data flawlessy. The mobile app also makes it a snap to scan receipts. It's really good also at handling worn receipts. Only thing I had to correct where things that weren't really apparent on the receipt (like the date is so faint, it was even hard for me to find.)

Really well done! And the multi-currency and language support is also nice.

Two nice to have enhancements would be to make it easy to get quarterly or annual report (can currently done with custom reports). The other thing I'd note is that the number of users is on one "account". It's possible to have multiple accounts, but extra users can only be part of one.

I highly recommend this for any solopreneurs who wants to save on bookkeeping.

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