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Benedict Foo


Jason Jang

WHAT A BLESSING to close the year on this note...

A few months ago, Benedict joined my investment course. When asked why he wanted to learn to invest, he said that he had crippling anxiety problem since he was young (he is in his 30s now) and was not only unable to work a job, he was unable to even go out of house to get groceries.

Hearing this, I remembered the Third Money Paradox (you can read about the 3 money paradox in my upcoming book Bek Chek Money), which says, More Money will Compound your problems, not lessen it. I realized that without first fixing the anxiety problem, being able to make more Money independently through investing will only get him more stuck at home.

As such, I linked him up with my Presidential Service Gold Medal winning buddy David Good , who is an anxiety and depression expert who was featured on local TV before. AMAZINGLY David had a few conversations with Benedict and things started to change! For a start, Benedict said he would resume going to church right after the first conversation!

Few months later now, I am so BLESSED to receive this note updating me on his progress. Indeed, after he has fixed his anxiety problem, now more Money will add actual happiness to his life rather than compound the problem!

Truly, Money is never the problem solver. In this case, Money didn't transform his life, David Good did. For those of you struggling with anxiety and depression problem, David has been through the same, he went from bedroom to boardroom and he can help you do the same.

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Chris Dawson

Dr. M

Two years ago, I struggled with severe social anxiety, making it difficult to interact in everyday situations. I couldn't order coffee, ask questions in stores, go to restaurants, or make phone calls. Traditional therapy and medication had little effect.

I discovered David's meetings for social anxiety and, despite initial challenges like hanging up on my first Zoom call due to overwhelming anxiety, I persisted. Regular attendance, even without speaking, gradually built my confidence. Eventually, I spoke up in a group for the first time.

Emboldened by this progress, I started my own local group for people with social anxiety with David's help. Despite initial nervousness, I now host weekly meetings and have grown more comfortable in conversation. I've made many friends, and recently, over 20 people attended my birthday party. People now say I'm not shy, a transformation I never thought possible. This journey started with small steps in those online meetings and has led to a surprising change in my life.

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Jason Stewart

Tin Vo

When I first came to David's group, I had just graduated university. I was crazy lonely, didn't know how to relax, and I was in a new city too. Regardless of whether he was feeling well, he remained dedicated and showed up to all his events. Going to these events weekly, having conversations left and right, and organizing events myself has not only retrained my amygdala to feel okay, but increased my confidence beyond just technical skills. Today, I believe you can get practically anything done if you're willing to allocate the resources. Thanks, Dave.

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Tin Vo


My wife and I met through one of David's groups! We joined the group to make friends, but we found so much more. Today, we've been happily married for over 4 years and have a wonderful baby daughter. David did a great job as an organizer and leader. We wouldn't have met without him. Thanks David!

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Jason Jang

CEO - JJDynamite LLC

Kathy Barth

Thank you for allowing me to make closer relationships with friends and family. I have a richer and stronger connection with life and people now. I am learning what I value in life and how to be who I am, created to be true. I can't thank you enough