Kathi Murphy

I have always gotten so much from my time with Wendy, whether it is biomechanics, with aspects like relearning how to post, new points of balance, or a reminder of the sheer joy of riding with a suggestion of “ride through the heart“. In between times with her, old patterns creep back, and I was startled this weekend by the huge difference her LookUp glasses made in my ride. I took the glasses on and off, so had immediate feedback from my horse, as well as video, on my riding. My hands were steadier, my position, more upright and balanced and my horse was more under and forward when I wore the glasses. No small feat from my sometimes sluggish draft cross.

Anna Newman

I regularly use my SureFoot pads with all four of my equines as well as myself. They gave much needed pain relief to my laminitic mule. If I put out several pads, all of my equines will go directly to the one they want - it’s quite amazing. I have also used them myself as they have been useful in relieving backaches during long car rides.

Crystal Kitchen

I seen an advertisement about the surefoot pads and seen it helped with an issue I was having. So I pondered for awhile about them. Then I seen an add for them again, this time I was sold and bought myself a pair of firm pads.
I wasn’t sure if they were working or not but the horses seemed to enjoy them so I kept using them. Then one day I noticed that the one horses mane was now lying all on the same side, it flipped at his withers. I was then convinced that they worked.
People always ask me about them and what they do, I always reply with “I have no clue but the horses seem to enjoy them”.

Still image out of testimonial from Christine Mann

Christine Mann


Jayden Beauvrie

Barefoot Trimmer - Des sabots et des âmes

I use SURE FOOT pads on my bodyworker's advice and I have to say that it is a really good product ! My pony has cushing syndrom and, as a result, he has lost a lot of muscles. The pads helps to give him a little support with that and keep him stable. And I'm thinking about using them with my mare too because she would really benefits from that too as she lacks of muscles after a year of health issues where she couldn't be ridden. Thank you for these pads ! The benefits are beyond words for me and my horses 🙏🏼

mary roeser

I bought the Sure Foot pads to help my adopted horse who was anxious and unbalanced. She loves them and has done some great improvements especially in her thoracic sling and neck. She is more relaxed and stands more square now.
My other two horses like them also.

Barb Austin

I have been using SureFoot Balance Pads as part of my rehab program for my horse after he was diagnosed with intermittant upward fixation of the patellas. It is definitely helping him to regain stability in the hind, as well as improving his balance for the farrier... and it is his absolute favorite part of his physical therapy!


I already sent in my first review but just wanted to add something.

Today my vet who also does my bodywork came out . I was a little hesitant to tell her I was using my Sure Foot pads but when I did she was very encouraging and was happy that I was using them and getting a good result.

Gail Kukla

These pads have made a big difference in both of my horses with their bidy and mind.

Ingrid Anderson

Body worker. - Balance Equine Therapy

I love working with the Sure Foot pads. It's a great way to observe what the horses find releasing and therapeutic, be it raising low heels with the slants or using the soft pads under tender feet. The pads also assist with strengthening, improving stability and adding an extra challenge to the horse when it is ready to progress. They can be used before a ride to activate stabilising muscles and after a ride to relax and release tension. They are also fun and offer the horse something different in it's routine. Using the pads enhances proprioception and balance awareness which builds confidence for both horse and rider. You only have to stand on a pad to feel your core engaging to realise a finer, (and sometimes surprised) understanding of how your weight is distributed. The pads are a wonderful tool and I highly recommend them.


I have a horse I compete in dressage. He is high/low. He gets body work every other month but I wanted to help him in-between. At first he was a bit leery of the pads. But now he stands on them, lowers his head and sighs. I noticed on his low foot pad the indentation was heavier to the right but the more I use them I notice he is putting more weight evenly on his foot. I know when he is trimmed he has a bit of a flair on the outside. I eager to see if that stops as he bears more weight evenly.
My other horse I just put the pads on the ground and he steps right up on them. He is older and semi-retired. I have the firm pads but would like to get another pair to see how they like them.
I'm having a bit of trouble with my mini who is laminitic. I think I need to put him on just one pad as he is so tiny.
I believe any horse can benefit from using these pads

Jackie Guezille

I love the Surefoot X-ray pads for taking x-rays. Most of the blocks cause horses to slip and it makes them nervous, uncomfortable, and shift more. These pads are cushy (great for laminitis horses) and they don’t cause a lot of interference with the X-ray picture.

shea stewart

Equine and Human Biodynamic Craniosacral Practitioner - Equine Balance

A friend brought her sure foot pads over one day back when I first started hearing about them. After seeing the responses in the horses and feeling the change under saddle, I immediately became more curious. I purchased a set and began experimenting not only with my client's horses, but also on myself, and with human clients. There seemed to be some kind of neurosomatic response with the pads that was helping riders and horses settle. I used them for horses who were unsure about me which also helped my work reach them on a deeper level. I recommend them to people for all kinds of issues, such as being able to stand for the farrier, and just an overall rebalancing of their nervous system before and after riding. And they are a great way to help your horse without having to spend years learning physiotherapy.

Margaret Zancanella

Horse Lover - None

I can't remember how long I've used SureFoot pads, but my horses and I love them. They help my horses release, relax and rebalance themselves. They are an essential part of my horses' physical care program, along with regular acupuncture, acupressure, chiropractic, craniosacral, massage and fascial therapy. I also use SureFoot pads to help me improve my balance and proprioception. They are amazing! Add them to your horse's care plan! You and your horse will be sooo glad you did!

Fleta Sokal

When my horses stand on the surefoot they relax and drop their heads. Sometimes they sway. They relax and I have better rides.

Mary Kadar

I just received a set of firm Sure Foot pads for Christmas. I have one horse who is high/low and he is the one that I wanted the pads for the most. He is a bit wary of them and will put his full weight on the high side and but is still not as confident on the low side. I find this very interesting. But even with the few times I've gotten to use them I can see a difference. He offers me a stretch right away when I ride after using them.
My older semi-retired horse loves them! He stood on both the first time. The second time I just dropped the pad in front of him and he went and stood on it himself! I love the little facial expressions he makes when on them. He truly enjoys them.
I can't wait to see how this all develops.

Alexis Martin-Vegue

Dressage trainer, coach and judge - MV Training

I can't remember exactly how I heard about Surefoot, but it might've been through Wendy's content on Equitopia, as I'm also a professional who has made educational content for the site. I was curious about Surefoot because I'm always looking for ways to help the horses in my training program feel their best, and I love things that are safe, noninvasive, and allow the horse to choose. I have a mare who at the time that I first got the pads, had a large asymmetry in the development and height of her shoulders. I let her stand on the pad with her lower shoulder daily during her grooming, and about 3 months later the asymmetry was nearly 100% gone! That was at least 4 years ago and she still looks great. I also use the pads regularly to assess how my horses are loading their hooves, as I do all of my own trimming, it is a great assessment tool for their hoof balance.

Cherie Lyon

Source Touch Evolutionary Healing

I have a background in Structural Intergration as a Certified Rolfer and Movement Practitioner. As a horse owner and healing guide to people and animlas, when I learned about the pads they made so much sense. I took a few clinics with Wendy and then became a One Hoof practitioner so i could learn how to best use the pads. The approach I had learned as a people practitioner was also from the ground (feet) up so it fit like a glove.

I've seen horses find more relaxation, physical and postural balance as well as new patterns of movement because they are literally foundational.

I tell almost every horse owner I know about SURE FOOT pads because they allow the horse to find their own balance in the world. To me they are an evolutionary approach to well being. I absolutely LOVE them!

Jean Welch

Silverpaws Functional Hoofcare

As a hoofcare professional, I have found my Surefoot Physio pad gives horses the added comfort they need to relax and stand quietly for their hoofcare. This allows me more time to apply the best trim possible, especially on challenging horses.
I love that it has both a firm and a soft side, so you can help the horse find just the right amount of support for their individual needs.
Surefoot pads have taken my hoofcare protocol to a whole new level.

Grace Whisman

Hoof Care Provider - Art Of The Hoof LLC

I love my SURE FOOT FULL PHYSIOPAD. I use it regularly as a hoof care provider and with my own horse. One of my clients told me it was “worth your every penny!” I recommend all hoof care providers should have one.

Megan Gilker Thomas

I bought the Sure Foot Pads to work on my horses’ stability and proprioception. What has blown me away is how it also relaxes my horses so much! They are also wonderful to use to prepare for an under saddle work session. The pads have also taught me so much about my horses and helped hone my eye to their preferences and posture. I have a barn of mostly late teenage or seniors - 6 of them - and these are so helpful to work on their balance safely and gradually. Every horse owner should have these in their barn!

Stella Virkki

Customer service and Equine Physio /Osteopath teraphist - Stella Virkki

First of I like to try and discover new "tools", first I tried them by myself 😊👍then after a week or so I bought them to the stable.. Thinkin :I need double pairs of this🤔🦄+😊. Using on my horse first, he looked like a giraffe the first times😅and now after a few years use he Pic/choose his owns of he need he feel them, stay, use, go, come back😊. I was looking for balance and confidence, we bought got it. Would recommend to buy them all, step by step because you need them in different states of ongoing training or rest or rehab. And if you can stick some bar friends together and buy them together turn it more economical and everyone gets happy, horses and friends.

Tina Estes

I love these pads....my horses love them too!

Lisa Byers

Owner and Practitioner - Eqcentric Balanced Equine Services

I discovered Sure Foot through fellow Equi-Bow body workers where we attended our first workshop with Wendy herself. Since then, I have been using them not only on my own horses, but also in my practice. I have also attended additional workshops and achieved my Hoof2 level. Sure Foot Pads are easy to use safely and great for rebalancing and reconnecting the horse. Helping with anxiety and one can observe similar effects as if they were doing bodywork on the horse. This can be partly due to the fact some facia lines reach right down to the feet and travel through the body … so science is at work. It can help reconnect the foot to the brain and address the relationship to gravity and proprioception. I have observed some radically great changes as well as some subtle ones.. whatever the horse needs. I have been promoting the Sure Foot Pads to many horse owners as a means to help maintain their own horses between professional visits… it allows them to keep their horse balanced and healthy and keep me away for a longer period of time … saving them some time and money in the long run.

Lorie Fleenor, APF-I

Farrier/trimmer, barn owner/manager, trainer - Magna Vista Farm

I learned about sure foot pads from Wendy and Ida at a hoof care class. We put all kinds of pads under the horses at my barn and the results blew my mind. I bought the full physio that day and have used it in my practice (pro-trimmer) ever since. I use it to rebalance horses before being tacked up or before a ride. I use it to rebalance horses before and during hoof care. I use it to support tender footed horses during trimming. This pad makes my job so much easier and the benefit to the horses is immense. There are horses that I couldn’t have gotten trimmed without this pad; I would’ve had to call the vet out to sedate them. One more thing I’ll mention is that I have a QH with severe fibrotic myopathy. She gets tremendous relief from the pad. I now have many clients with sets of pads that they use on their own horses!

Joyce Dorsey

I purchased a set of Sure Foot pads to use with a horse I no longer own, consequently I stopped using them. I recently had a chiropractor work with my current horse, she recommended that I use the pads to help my horse with his proprioception. He loves them!

Margo P. O'Brien

I saw the Sure Foot pads being used by a bodyworker and decided to get 2 pairs. At the time I had a gelding with left SI issues that always needed chiropractic adjustment. I used the pads to get more mobility in his hind end and recently needed them to do.thr same with my mare post hock injury. They provide a great source of relaxation besides the therapeutic value.

Cherie Lyon

Source Touch Evolutionary Healing

I’ve witnessed life changing sessions with horses! I tell everyone about SURE FOOT pads. To me they are FOUNDATIONAL to health and well being. This is ground up stability, mobility, balance and grounding by allowing the body to find its way through old patterns, wear and tear and trauma… As a healing guide and movement practitioner /bodyworker I integrate them into sessions with humans as well as horses. I love hopping on my physiopad several times a day as a grounding and re-energizing tool after sitting or exercising. It feels like my body just settles into where it feels best. I am so grateful for Wendy’s never-ending curiosity and passion for new possibilities.

Tina Estes

I learned about Sure Foot pads while taking a clinic with Wendy. The horse that I rode in the clinic had amazing changes in his balance and movement. I have used them on many of my horses since then, both at my barn as well as with guidance from other local trainers.

Erin O'Shaughnessy

Looking to help provide balance for my horse who has various hind end injuries. He always seems to feel better after using the pads and I need to get them out more and use them.

Ellen Quinn

Hi. I am so happy that Dr. Maureen Kelleher told me that she thought that Sure Foot pads would probably help my gelding, Keeper. He has had several serious tissue injuries, and inflammation inside his hooves. My horse almost always welcomes his Sure Foot sessions, which bring him ease in his postural muscles and hoof tenderness. He is calmer, and moves with more ease. I would heartily recommend that someone thinking of using the pads to consult with their veterinarian, and order what is recommended and affordable.
Thank you Wendy!

Jordan Banks

Dressage Trainer & Instructor - Golden Horse Dressage

I learned about SureFoot pads at the Elements of Connection clinic from Dr Rachel Heart Bellini.

I have two horses that are recovering from soft tissue injuries, and Dr Rachel explained how beneficial the SureFoot pad system is for strengthening the muscles that stabilize the joints, among other benefits. She said if I could only afford one pad, to start with the half-physio pad.

I’ve been using the half-physio pad about 3-5 times per week for my Lusitano gelding who is recovering from a superficial digital flexor tendon and suspensory branch injuries and I’m amazing at how much stronger he is just from using the pad and walking him. His core is toning up as well. He LOVES the pads so much he practically drags me back over to them after we walk a circle…I love how sometimes I’ll ask him to walk off and he decides he needs to stay on the pad longer.

I’ve also introduced my mare to the half-physio pad more recently as well, and have used it in some of my sessions with training clients horses.

I’d love to learn more about the complete system and win more pads to add to my training program.

The half-physio pad is very durable and offers way more support than the human version of stability pads I was told would do the same thing by someone else. It doesn’t even compare to the quality of the SureFoot pad!

Thanks for making such an awesome product!

Jordan Banks
Golden Horse Dressage
Seattle, WA

Cyndi Swanson

I love the Sure Foot pads. I feel my relationship with my horses has improved even though they might not feel them the same every session. I can't wait to offer pad options for when the farrier arrives specially for my founder victims. Most of my horses are seniors and I love offering this therapy BTMM coincides often while standing on the Sure Foot pads❤❤❤❤

Maeve Bandt

Equine Trainer / Bodyworker - Frankly Sound Equine

Sure Foot pads were beautifully described and shown to me by Dr.Rachel Heart Bellini using her protocol. I have witnessed profound changes and improvements in the horses time and time again, so I have integrated them into my practice. Bringing horses back into their body and supporting the appropriate development and posture is my goal. I am an equine trainer and bodyworker with a biomechanical focus and will be bringing them with me to all my appointments as I feel they truly need to be utilized. I would love to have a variety of them to offer during support sessions.

Laura Denissen

I was introduced to SUREFOOT pads a few years ago by a bodyworker. My horse was working in tension often. It was hit or miss on how well he liked them at the time, but I was learning to evaluate new parts of my horse and using them provided us with useful information. His first “cat/cow” pose was pretty cool to see! That led to my trimmer weighing in and we used different pads to see where his weight shifted and how he felt with slants vs hard or soft surfaces to better assess trim and/or boot/shoe options. Finally, my vet/chiro suggested we keep using them and offered her rent-a-pad program for us to use during a rehab phase. After renting and borrowing, I eventually bought my own pair (2 1/2 Physio pads) as an all-arounder. My guy enjoys these on various occasions and during different times of the year/seasons when our work and footing changes. Also, his older, retired companion has thin soles and ringbone so he’s enjoyed them from time to time as well.

I would love more pairs/options - especially the slants. They’ve continued to give my guys comfort and me more information on how to continue to support them.

Gimme the whole set! ;)

Many thanks,

Jackie Guezille

I love using these pads, especially in the winter time when riding may not happen. I can still work on fixing imbalances and strengthening muscles without having to brave the cold or worry about icy conditions. It is so nice to see horses relax and use their bodies correctly when on these pads.

Lindsey Fortier

Hoofcare professional

I use the physioPads in my hoofcare business. They have provided great comfort for horses with physical issues, while I trim. They also provide a level of feedback on loading patterns. It’s been been a valuable resource in my business.

Patricia J King

The Surefoot pads have been very helpful getting my gelding to move more forward and more relaxed. Seemed to build his confidence over different surfaces, Would highly recommend the pads (own the a variety of pads).

Roxie Knoop

Equine Bodyworker - Balanced Motion Equine Services, LLC

The horses in my care get time on Sure Foot pads before every session. I have seen horses get stronger and more balanced in their bodies and movement. One mare went from dragging herself around to running, bucking and engaging in play with the youngster of the herd with consistent use of the pads 2-3 times a week. They are so simple to use and it only takes a few minutes a day to see positive results!

Elizabeth Pathak

Veterinarian - Pathak Veterinary Services

I heard about SURE FOOT from another professional. I was trying to work through body lameness in my rehab and rest horses and SURE FOOT gave me another great tool to add to my practice. It helps horses tune into their limbs and access pathways that have been hidden to them. A great addition to anyone's rehab protocol.

Kimberly A. Loveless

Owner/Operator - Gin Lot Farms LLC

I work exclusively with American Mustangs adopted thru the Bureau of Land Management's Mustang and Burro Adoption Program. I began using the half physio pad a couple of years ago to help a particular Mustang with relaxation and proprioception. When Mustangs are gathered from the range, there is often associated trauma and injury. I have found that introducing the pads and then incorporating them into my gentling process has yielded very positive results. I also began using them for farrier visits as many Mustangs struggle with someone handling their legs and feet, particularly someone they are not familiar with. The physio pad has helped many of our horses in training, stay grounded, relaxed, and confident, making new experiences positive ones. I highly recommend them to anyone. Would love to have another set of pads.

Gracie Moreland

SURE FOOT pads have become a staple in my horsemanship journey! From rehabbing injuries to just getting their mind right, SURE FOOT pads have had a positive effect on every horse I’ve put them on. I would highly recommend this product to any equestrian!

Kristy Foley

My horse was in a training program that was located at an intense barn. Even with monthly chiro and massage he was feeling off. I was looking for a way for him to self regulate and help his body along. To feel more balanced, as I searched for another location with a better environment for him. The set up did not include enough free movement. SureFoot truly helped.

Tricia Foster

I use my surefoot pads to relax and balance my mare. She moves better behind after spending some time on her pads. They have helped her with bringing her hindquarters underneath and working on a more balanced frame. She was heavy on the forehand when I got her. Using surefoot pads makes a big difference.

Carole Christian


* I saw the pads in use several times, and was impressed by the horses' reactions.
* I try to allow my horse to relax and enjoy the sensation. Also, help with his stifle issues.
*My horse liked the pads, and was more "mellow" after the sessions. There are times when I show the pads to my horse that he is not interested in them, and walks away.
* A more relaxed horse that remained that way for quite awhile afterwards.
*Buy the pads! Do not delay. Your horse will thank you.

Carole Christian


I life Sure Foot, as does my horse. He sometimes does not want to use them, but when he does, he enjoys the sensation. If you are thinking of getting these pads, please do it without delay. They are worth every bit of the cost.

Diane J Sept

Back To Basics Equine Awarenes

I have watched Wendy demonstrate the SURE FOOT pads for years.

Many of my clients use them any amount from VERY frequently to often.

Most of my clients use them for emotional reasons.....they truly allow a shift in the horses ability to trust and focus on other good information....

ANY horse benefits from the use....we may not even know as we offer them to our horse what deep seeded results may occur.

Ellen Roosen

I was looking for something that I could offer the horse that I was riding at the time some general overall comfort. His front feet were more sensitive and by using the pads, I noticed that he did get relief. After working with the pads, he moved more freer in his body. I tell everyone who will listen about the pads and hopefully they will in time see the benefits the pads can give their horses.

Kathryn Marxen-Simonson

I found out about SureFoot pads through a webinar with Wendy Murdoch as part of the Whole Horse Apprenticeship. I was really intrigued and purchased a set of hard pads and physio pads. They have been an amazing and crucial tool in helping my horse’s nervous system unwind. We love them!! I can’t wait until I can add to my collection.

Marcia Mia

I became interested in Sure Foot pads based on testimonials from Felicitas Von Neumann-Cosel. I first began using them with my OTTB mare, Gigi, after a trailer accident left her with injuries to her neck. She had developed an unusual grazing stance (right foot far back) due to the inability to extend from her poll with her neck down. The stance created over time, a high/low manifestation between the left/right front feet. The Sure Foot slant under the low heel results in her dropping her head and licking and chewing. Overtime, along with other body work, the Sure Foot pads have allowed Gigi to progress in her dressage training from barely being able to maintain contact to schooling 3rd level. Gigi loves her time on the Sure Foot pads.

My other mare, Bella, is an FEI dressage horse with some neurologic issues due to neck arthritis and EPM. She loves her firm slants under both front feet. Recently, I got a pair of firm pads and have been experimenting with placing them under her hind feet. In the beginning, she found this difficult and could only maintain a few seconds. She now enjoys them for extended periods of time, and holds her neck much lower and softer while standing on them. Her natural stance is with her neck held high and back dropped, so this is important body awareness training for her which I could not achieve without the Sure Foot pads.

Lauren Shea

Social worker/equine assisted therapist - Lauren Shea

A good friend of mine will let me barrow her sure foot pads from time to time and both of my mares love them. My retired OTTB can get realy stiff , she loves them so much so that she will sleep . After all is said and done she will trott off into the pasture as if she is a new horse. My QH/cob pony love them also and can be tight in the hind , she loves the pads with the pods up front. When using them she sways and purrs, and is a new stretchy relaxed horse after.

Still image out of testimonial from randa schnarr

randa schnarr

Owner - Forward Stride

Janet Abbott

I was introduced to SURE FOOT pads by our bodyworker a number of years ago and they are always offered as part of bodywork treatments. I had borrowed a friends full physio pad for about a year and invested in our own when my mare needed splint bone surgery. The SURE FOOT pad was a key part of her rehab , at first providing relief from uneven loading and also to help her find all of her feet again. They helped her to come back into body awareness, to let go of pain memory and to find functional posture.
My gelding also uses the pads too and they have been particularly useful for him when we were rehabbing his hooves, going barefoot after a lifetime of shoeing and showjumping. Also very important in his treatment for stringhalts to ease his loading and pain.
My SURE FOOT pad is always in my bag and is used by at least one of the horses daily.

Thank you!

Judith S. Coldren

I first saw the original pads at demo Wendy did at Moven Park, VA. A little mare had been chronically "off". 2 sessions on the pads, and she moved sound. I understand now it helped her reset old patterns. But on that day it was fascinating. I've been using them ever since.

Grace Whisman

Hoof Care Provider - Art Of The Hoof, LLC

I love my SURE FOOT FULL PHYSIOPAD. I use it regularly as a hoof care provider and with my own horse. One of my clients told me it was “worth your every penny!” I recommend all HCP should have one.

Lee Anne Tideman

I bought the SURE FOOT slant pads as recommended to me by a farrier assessing my horse at a soundness clinic. She’s dealing with an NPA and the farrier suggested some time on the pads could help her out. I’d love to add another set as next I want to use them for her front feet to create a nice psoas stretch. Fabulous quality products that hold up very well with the wear and tear of barn life!

Joann Messersmith

Sure Foot physio pad is great when working with a horse with a hoof injury, we let her stand on the pad while trimming.
She chose to stand on it while eating grain too. The instant lick and chew response made us a believer.
My husband has back problems and always stands on one while holding horses for the farrier!

Melissa Quinan

I initially started using SURE FOOT pads a little over a year ago in order to help my older horse with better body awareness and relaxation. He absolutely loved the pads and would totally “Zen Out” when he was on them. This past year I got a new horse and he is quite busy and fidgety in the grooming stall including pawing obnoxiously. I started using the pads with him while in the grooming stall and I have already started seeing a dramatic difference in him. The first time I used them in the grooming stall he too “Zen’d Out,” which was amazing to see. His over all behavior is much more calm and less busy. The pawing is also less overall and right after using the pads he doesn’t paw at all… not one peep! I do not understand exactly how SURE FOOT pads work, but they are quite AMAZING! I love them!

R M White

Surefoot was introduced to me by my horse development specialist. I wanted them to use in helping develop his intrinsic muscles and to help him relax. I wish I had before and after photos. He has a very nice top line, is starting to use his hind end more, and is not as stiff. I feel he is more comfortable in his body now and is able to relax more often. It’s a great investment for your horses well being. Once you try them you’ll be asking yourself the same question I did, “Why didn’t I get them sooner?”

Dr. Heather O'Leary

owner, founder - TessaLoo Veterinary Services PLLC

I learned about SURE FOOT pads from a colleague. As a veterinarian who specializes in acupuncture and manual therapies, I've started integrating SFP into every equine treatment session. Horses become more grounded, and they instinctively release the fascial restrictions that allow both of us to progress further in a single visit than we did before using pads. The physical work required from me is decreased, and the cooperation with the equine patient is increased. The instructions and suggestions given in Wendy's SFP webinars are perfect, and I strongly recommend attending at least one in-person seminar to gain even more insight.

Still image out of testimonial from Ann gihman

Ann gihman

Hannah McAvoy

My equine body worker started using the surefoot pads on my horse during her sessions. Within the first session Bella would adjust herself on the pads to relieve tension. Between session I observed her standing more square.

Diane Collins

Horse mom

I was quite skeptical about these pads. I have a big gaited TWH. He does not seem to understand where his feet are😬. As a last ditch effort after blood tests for epm and selunium def we decided to go with these pads. Day one to see on the pads how imbalanced my guy was. My horse loved being on the pads. Stayed on them for ten min!!! Licking his lips relaxing amd stretching his neck. Fast forward day three!!! Seriously day three. The imprints on the pads are becomming more even. I am hoping this will help my boy. So far so good. Only time will tell. My vet reccomended these.

Denise Luckey

I bought my SureFoot pads on the advice of my hoof trimmer for my young horse. He was having weird flares on the heels of his front feet, which we have corrected with x-ray guided frequent trims and Sure Foot pad work. I am using them before and after each ride now, as recent x-rays showed him to have broken back axis and NPA on his rear feet. My trimmer feels they are an essential part of rehabilitation of this issue. I would like to have more pads to try with him and his weanling brother. I used them with his mother when she was pregnant last year and when I would use them, the baby would get excited and start moving, which I found very interesting.

Maike Schaumberger

Tellington TTouch Practitioner 1 for Horses

The first time I saw horses testing the SURE FOOT Pads was while a training with Linda Tellington Jones in Germany. Many Tellington TTouch Practitioners love to use SURE FOOT Pads to support their work. So do I!
I am always impressed of the huge impact the SURE FOOT Pads have on the horses body. They can release tension in their body, reorganise the whole body and get a better balance. Even for myself I love using Surefoot Pads, standing on them and getting a new body awareness.
The Surefoot Pads have a very high quality, you can definitifly notice that when you are testing the pads one day! High quality doesn't only mean exaptionally durable material, but another quatity of process of work with your horse. For that quality the price is really fair!

Ellen Holekamp

I had heard about SureFoot for a few years and from multiple veterinarians. I have a retired Grand Prix show jumper that I want to keep as comfortable and pain free. He also internalizes his stress, thus has ulcers when anything changes with his routine. I was hoping to see some relaxation and increased comfort. I was not prepared to see the changes in my horse. He immediately took to the pads. He realized very quickly that he controlled his treatment. He will pick up the hoof he wants the pad under and will step off or kick it away when he is done. I can watch him making small adjustments in his own body to get the stretch/adjustment that he desires. His veterinarian is thrilled with his comfort level and he needs less medical manipulation at his visits.
For anyone considering Sure Foot pads, I would highly recommend trying them. After his first session I was convinced. After watching his reactions and the results over the past few months, I think every horse should access to Sure Foot pads. They work amazingly well!

Karen Deck

My mare has had a chronic issue with her right hind leg. In trying to work through the issue, a Sure Foot practitioner was consulted. The pads helped lessen the physical aspect of the issue in that they helped stretch affected muscles and reset all the little muscle imbalances resulting from a chronic issue. My mare is still dealing with the issue, but it is getting better! I think Sure Foot pads are an excellent tool to own and use! I would also highly recommend using a Sure Foot practitioner (if one is avaliable in your area) for an evaluation if your equines needs!

Nicole Laframboise

Owner/ Practicioner - Valkyr Equine Services

I can not say enough wonderful things about these pads and travel everywhere with them. i use them in my equine body work practice and they are so beneficial for every horse. My absolute favorite this is to watch horses figure them out. A lot will kick them out of the way and slowly their trust is gained and they decide how long they will stand on the SureFoot. I have watched backs unwind, propreoceptor muscles relax or engage to help find more balance or relax over-engaged muscles. I have had horses stand on them for 45minutes and just sway and release it is a joy to witness. These are durable as I have had so many horses try to eat them, bite at them, kick them, stand on a corner with shoes and a foot that bears a lot of weight. They are still fine! My new favorite thing to use them for is with the farrier. We look to see where the horse is carrying the most pressure in the foot and try and correct that the best we can. It is a very fun learning experience. I love all the different roads of healing these pads have taken me down. I can't wait to find more!!!!

Jacqueline Collins

Program Director - Lift Me Up!

As a therapeutic equine services program we are always looking for ways to keep our equines happy and sound in both mind and body. Sure Foot pads have been a wonderful addition to our tool box. Our equines are given the choice of our two different types of pads - firm and firm slants, and it's always fascinating and informative when they show us their preference. Watching and holding space for them as they process, find their center, and begin grounding and releasing tension, is a great way to deepen our connection with them.

Colleen Price

Owner - Price Training Services,LLC

I started using Sure Foot pads several years ago to give relief to an older horse who was still in regular work. He would get tight in the shoulder and have difficulty picking up his canter lead. He loves the pads and the shoulder and lead issues improved. All 7 of our horses get to use the pads. All are in various stages of work or rehab and all benefit. The boarders who have been to class have access to a set in the arena and love them.

Amanda Robson

My highly disract-able young OTTB gets huge benefits from these pads. In the beginning he wouldn't stand on them and just generally danced around. Through continued use, he has gain the muscle to be able to stand on them. But not only that, you can watch him Zone out and finally feel his body while using the pads. Invaluable for this kind of horse! We use them in many different layouts and in combination with other modalities. Works every time! Great asset to add, and very simple.

Denisa Kocickova

I worked with SURE FOOT pads in my job with variety of different horses, some of them liked them a lot some especially younger ones were a bit strugelling but it was still OK.I would love to try half or full physiopad which we don´t have yet.

janice perry

Acupuncturist, Massage Therapist and Retired Pharmacist. - Periwinkle Farm

If someone was considering getting SURE FOOT Pads, I would say DO IT! I participated in two SURE FOOT workshops and was blown away by the changes and the improvements in the horses! Nervous, worried horses became calmer. Stiff horses moved more freely and so much more.

Wendy Morgan

I really enjoy using Sure Foot Pads with all of my rescues and rehab projects. I especially love how these pads give me something enjoyable to do with my retired seniors that benefits their minds and bodies!

Michele Schwartz

I saw Wendy talk about SureFoot pads at Equine Affair in Ohio several years ago and thought they would help my horse who had an uneven hind end. I bought a pair of Mediums and a few years later bought a pack with Hards, Hard Slants, and Pods. I used them for a while, but couldn't always find a helper to put them under my horse's feet while I was riding so they went on the shelf. Last year my horse strained his deep digital flexor tendon and the vet recommended using them in the cross-ties as part of his rehab. We have been using them almost every day and following the vet's prescribed rehab activities. With all of that, my horse is recovering well and I am getting lots of compliments from other riders about how fluid and cadenced he is looking during his trot work. - I would be really excited to win more so I could buy more pad options to play with!

Kelly Schulze

I have an older draft with multiple health issues like arthritis, healed suspensory damage, and PSSM. I also adopted a warmblood cross with extensive rehab needs. I offer SureFoot pads regularly to both and enjoy watching them make decisions about the pads they want. Not only is it fascinating to watch but I also appreciate the feedback on how they are loading their feet and how they stand on the pads. My horses find relaxation, better posture, deeper breaths, and more on the pads. They also build more trust in me that I am listening to them.

Larissa Taylor

I was introduced to SURE FOOT pads through the Webinars with Wendy, and purchased two half physio pads. I played around with those on my own, and then jumped at an opportunity to learn from Wendy at the AAETP conference in May 2023. I purchased the firm pads then. Since that time I have routinely pulled the pads out to help my geldings find a better balance within themselves. Percy has never stood sqaurely, and through the use of the pads he is finding a new posture and reassure in his body. Norman has had a visible increase in his body awareness. I look forward to increasing my knowledge and ability with the pads in the future. I believe they can be a game changer for many horses I have known, know, or will encounter in the future.

Kathryn Banner

I purchased these for my horse with ringbone issues. He has since retired and I am using these on my Hanoverian mare. We are working with relaxation issues and I really think the pads help before I ride--I think with her confidence. I use them on the front, then diagonal pairs (you can really see her drop the other hip and relaxing her SI area), then hind. I think these are helping to strengthen her hind end over time. But most importantly, I like having these as part of our relaxing time together both on riding days and on off days. I do recommend these to all my friends.

Sabrina Gray

Physical Therapist and CERP - The Supple Equine & Rider

As a Doctor of Physical Therapy for humans and Certified Equine Rehabilitation Practitioner I am always Iooking to improve the care that we provide to our Equine athletes. I always include balance work with my human athletes and am glad that these pads are here for our Equine athletes so I can include balance in their training too! Working on proprioception of the limbs is not only extremely beneficial for prevention of injury and rehabilitation following injury of the limbs BUT is also extremely beneficial for the deep stabilizers of the spine. If you want a balanced horse that can hold their frame through a dressage test without compensatory patterns that lead to injury, you MUST train with balance pads. The deep neck flexors and deep spinal stabilizers are constantly monitoring spinal posture of the horse and studies have demonstrated and increase in their size with balance training. These pads make training this important system possible and I am thankful for that!!!

Cindy Beauvrie

I love using sure foot pads and my horses love it too. I was quite concerned because one of my mare hates instability and... Well she loves it now ! They gain on muscles, they are more relaxed and it has also a positive impact on their hooves. I would recommend them at 100% !

Merrilyn Ratliff

My horse and I are both a bit one sided (I’m always working on myself!) When I first offered the Sure Foot pads to him on his front feet, he depressed the right significantly more than the left. After using the pads maybe twice a week while I tack up, I saw his impressions even out. I also feel a real difference in my horse’s balance when I use the Sure Foot pads before a ride!

Jolynn Chappell

I first discovered Sure Foot a few years ago and used the pads to help with balance as I was working on getting strength back to my older horse who has arthritis of her stifles and back. Some days she loves standing on them for minutes at a time and other days she only wants to for less than a minute. Ive used them on one or two feet for 30 seconds and then walk her off and she seems more balanced after I do these sessions.
I recently started using the firm slant pads that I just purchased for my mustang who is suffering from a bout of laminitis and she seems much more comfortable especially when my farrier comes for trims- she tolerates standing on the opposite placed foot much better with the pad.
These are fun to play with as I do my routine of taking them over poles and cavalettis as part of the conditioning for both horses. I look forward to trying the other types of pads when I can.

Becky Sine

Years ago, I was fortunate to attend a Wendy Murdoch seminar and introduced to some of her tips on riding/balance/etc. and Surefoot. After that, I was again fortunate to attend two more seminars. Each time, I was amazed at Wendy's knowledge and how she could predict the horses outcome after being on the Surefoot pads. It was awesome to watch and witness the outcomes on various horses and how the pads helped them. I bought a pair of firm pads and have used them for years with my two Arabs. You cannot believe how they help with my retired dressage horse that is in his twenties now and with my 15 yr old mare that 6 years ago contracted Lymes and I was not sure that she would ever be stable enough to even ride again at a walk. Surefoot has made riding them possible. They are definitely worth the money!

Kim balog

Wonderful product

Bethany Carlson

Equine Bodyworker - BraveHooves

I decided to try SURE FOOT pads for both my personal horses and bodywork client horses because I was seeking additional options for gentle therapy.
Many of the horses I work with are sensitive or unsure about hands on therapy at first because they have intense physical and emotional symptoms.
The SURE FOOT pads allow for the horses to gain confidence and comfort in their therapy sessions because it is led by them. This helps them practice autonomy and gives them a chance to explore different ranges of motion and support in a relaxed way.
It is interesting how fast the horses learn they have input. Just a few sessions in they seem to clearly indicate which hoof/hooves they want supported that day.

The SURE FOOT pads are absolutely worth investing in. A well-crafted product, made durable enough for frequent use by multiple horses.

Cat Nordan

Owner - Cat's Tack & Horsey Services

I've been using SureFoot pads in my business, Cat's Tack & Horsey Services since February 2022. The horseys, muleys, and donkeys really them.
The pads have helped them to relax during appointments. Occasionally I'll leave a set of pads with an owner to offer their equid daily sessions.
The pads have helped my eye. I see weakness/stiffness better. This helps me work the hoof to better support the body.
Thank you SureFoot!

Kerry Shaw

In 2017 I was rehabbing my dressage horse who had a horrific paddock accident in 2016. Best guess is that he fell running out of his stall during a wind storm which resulted in his bicep brachii tendon being partially torn at the insertion point on the radius. I had seen an article a few years earlier about the Sure Foot Pads, but I was, let say at the time, a bit skeptical about them. I decided that I would try the pads and add them to my list of rehab procedures. My vets okayed their use to get Arturo to learn he could re-balance himself over all 4 legs. The Sure Foot pads did their job. Arturo returned to his sound and beautiful athletic self. His body and mind were able to reestablish his before accident muscle memory and overcome the fear of feeling pain in his right leg.

I use them now on all my horses to wake up their stabilizing muscles, to engage the thoracic sling and find equal weight balance over their 4 legs. Single pad on each leg, single pad on both fronts, single pad both hinds, single pad on diagonal legs, single pad same side front and hind with firm, medium and soft pads depending on what the horse wants. I also double stack using the same configurations as the single pad. I was so excited to see Felicitas von Neumann-Cosel was using the pads in a similar way for her dressage horses.

I would tell anyone who is interested, and I have, to go contact SURE FOOT pads and discuss their situation to find the right pads for their situation. The pads work and all my horses have benefited from their use.

Janet Hook

Owner - PurEquine

I saw Wendy and the sire foot pads on Facebook. I then contacted Wendy and hosted a basic class at my farm. The class was amazing, Wendy is a great teacher. Everyone who attended purchased pads. I have used the pads mainly on my own horses for various issues such as an abscess, for general relaxation and muscle tightness.

Anna Newman

Sure Foot pads are wonderful! They have been a godsend for my laminitic and tender footed horses. They give them some pain relief while allowing them to relax and sort out some of their body compensations. My horses and my persnickety mule go right for them in the barn aisle if they see them out. I like standing or sitting on them too!

Cindi Lacroix

DVM - Equine MedSport

I have been using the sure foot pads in my veterinary practice for over three years now. I initially started their use after watching some of the videos, and seeing the potential for increasing horses response to rehabilitation after soft tissue injuries. While these injuries were being addressed directly, I needed to ensure that the horses maintain their core Strength as well as coordinated limb efforts to help heal the soft tissue structures that were affected. I often saw Horses that returned to work with less regression of their original injury because they had core strength and we’re not over using the affected limb. I have had such good results that I currently recommend the use of sure foot pads on every horse in my sports medicine practice. Additionally, I use the pads on all of my own personal Dressage horses to continue to increase their core, strength and stability. It has been one of my main tools in my tool box for keeping horses sound!

Linda Santomenna

Owner and Team County Trainer - Blue Waters Farm

I first began working with SUREFOOT pads during my residencies with Felicitas von Neumann-Cosel in 2022 and 2023. I had also been following Wendy on her SURE FOOT Equine Stability Program® YouTube channel. Unfortunately, I have been seeing an enormous increase in the number of horses suffering from tick-borne diseases and/or EPM in my area. Additionally, I have horses in my teaching practice that have injuries to their cervical vertebrae resulting in neurological symptoms. All the horses I work with benefit from daily time on the pads by increasing their proprioception and strengthening their deeper and weaker stability structures. The pads also induce a deep sense of relaxation. Additionally, the SUREFOOT pads couple extremely well with other therapeutic modalities such as BEMER, ProSix and Equibands. It is particularly important to adapt your horse to each modality individually before coupling them together so that your horse is not overwhelmed with too much information too quickly.
All horses in my practice, both challenged and well, benefit from daily time of the SUREFOOT pads. Their posture, movement patterns and ability to learn and process new information greatly improves over time. They are an essential tool in my practice and will help your horses as well!