Janine Giordanelli

I had a third degree burn on my leg from the exhaust pipe of my husbands motorcycle. I was in pain and the Dr said I would probably scar and need laser to reduce scarring
Ida did MLD on my leg, within minutes the inflammation came down, the blistering drained on its own, the relief from pain enabled me to sleep, and it healed without any scar.


Miho Kim

I became concerned when my swelling wouldn’t go down for several months. After two sessions with Ida, I was in the shower and my ring went flying off my finger! What more evidence is there for my swollen fingers to finally return to normalcy! She’s now my go-to after long flights and occasional tune-up to regularly circulate and detox and refresh. My (blood) circulation is also better. Lymphatic condition is so key to overall health I’m so grateful to have her expertise in my life.


Ruby Pearl

I just love Ida’s work so much! She is kind and gentle and also really gets in there and fix’s things. I always leave feeling invigorated. She had helped me stop clenching my teeth. More than once she has given me relief from strains and pains. I am so grateful for this woman and her work. Thank you Ida!!


Christine T.

Ida is the best. I've followed her from spa to spa in her previous work incarnations, to now her own business! She is calm, knowledgeable, and giving -- looking for the best interests of her clients.


Meagan Travlos

Ida was so helpful after surgery. She really improved my swelling and even helped me figure out some bigger picture issues. I'll definitely be returning even when I'm not post-op!


Leenie C.

I finished up my last session with Ida today and wow...what an amazing person she is. Not only technically skillful, but personally she helped keep me sane through an emotionally challenging time for me. Her patience and kindness are unmatched - I highly recommend Ida.


Irina Velitskaya

Ida has tons of experience with post surgical recovery! She’s well-trained and excellent at what she does! If you’re looking for manual lymphatic drainage, then you’re in a perfect place with her!


Judith Valdivia

I had a tummy tuck in sept - don't remember the date lol..but was just searching for lymphatic drainage and came across her ...and i have to say i made the best choice of my life id get one sometimes 2 a week and she was just so gentle and sweet and she really cares about her patient ..every time i went in it be so relaxing id sometimes fall asleep ..she also shared great information when i asked her what is a lymphatic drainage - she explained to me so i could understand. ..she is a very sweet warm person - you wont regret coming here that i guarantee :)


I love this woman. My go to gal anytime I need to feel right again. She has so much experience in MLD, she always knows just what I need.

Can not recommend her enough, you won't be disappointed!


Cassandra Cockrill

Ida has worked with me for years. Chronic lymphoedema requires on-going treatment and Ida is my favorite resource. During and after my sessions, I feel relaxed, upbeat, and refreshed. Even though I moved to Washington, I see Ida when I'm in the bay area. Highly reccomended.


Addy C.

Ida is such an incredibly gifted healer. I had a series of surgeries related to undergoing a mastectomy in the last 1.5 years and am so grateful to have finally found Ida. The quality of work, amount of relief and assistance in healing I have received from Ida are just on another level. I really can't say enough good things about how she has supported my healing process. It had previously been hard for me to find someone who truly specialized in lymphatic drainage (something Ida has focused her practice on for over a decade after several more previous decades as a massage therapist before that).


Miriam Moscovici

I scheduled 10 lymphatic sessions with Ida after my cosmetic surgery. This was such an important aspect to my recovery. I have no doubt that my smooth recovery process has so much to do with Ida's talents, skills and attention. Plus, it was really wonderful chatting with her during this time (a time when I was very much disconnected from others/stuck inside). I highly recommend seeing Ida.

Elizabeth Wheeler

Ida is wonderful!! Very professional, knowledgeable and patient. She always taking time to educate her clients. I highly recommend her and her quality services.She’s the best!!


Raquel D.

I visited Ida for lymphatic drainage, she is very welcoming and knows a lot about the body. Her space is very relaxing and when you walk in the room you know you are going to leave feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. I told her I was experiencing some lower back/ ankle pain and she focused attention to the areas. Highly recommend seeing her if you're in need of relaxation and healing. After my lymphatic session she told me to stay hydrated. Couldn't recommend coming to see her enough.


Angela Nguyen

From my first appointment, I never felt so amazing after my surgery. It feels relaxing, makes you excited for my next appointment. I can already tell a difference is my body, and can’t wait to see more progress and improvements.


Irina V.

Ida has tons of experience with post surgical recovery! She's well-trained and excellent at what she does! If you're looking for manual lymphatic drainage, then you're in a perfect place with her!

Jean M

I have been working with Ida for several years. Ida specializes in lymph drainage. This is an essential wellness practice but is critical for women with breast health issues. Ida helped me prepare and recover from mastectomy and reconstruction. I couldn't recommend her more!


Mercedes Crumby

Had a lymphatic drainage treatment. Felt great afterwards. She really knows her stuff


Jasmine S.

I totally recommend for post op MLD. She's super sweet, very knowledgeable and informative.


Shauna Shapiro

Ida is extraordinary! Truly the best at what she does. She has changed my life and helped me experience greater health and wellness. she deserves 10 stars ⭐️

AlexSandra L

I highly recommend Ida for Lymphatic Drainage. She is so skilled in her work and delightful to work with. Her Lymphatic Drainage sessions made a huge difference for me getting over a recent surgery where I was over anesthetized and fairly bruised. Her work really helped clean out my system and speed up my healing. She is incredibly knowledgeable about the body and different health modalities. Plus, I LOVE the experience itself.


Karen M.

Another great experience from Ida! She has great knowledge and experience with great results. If you haven't experienced a session with Ida you are missing out.


Taylor P.

I am so very grateful for coming across Ida! She explained everything to me about the lymphatic system and why it is so important for health matters. I was so interested and honored she would spend her time trying to help me. The lymphatic massage was not your typical massage, it was so much better soft calming touches put me into a euphoric state. The treatment bed was warm, music lightly playing in a beautiful space. She also referred me to a naturopathic doctor. I feel blessed and not alone on this journey. Thank you so much Ida!


Jena Allison

I had 2 plastic surgeries, and went to Ida for my post op lymph drainage. She made sure to explain the lymph system, and how the therapy works. I had Many limitations on how I could lie down, so she had her work cut out for her on working around these obstacles! She always made sure I was comfortable, and addressed any concerns I had. (Ida has a pillow for everything!:) I felt confident in her capabilities and in her care. Highly recommend.

Spyros Diakakis

Ida is a skilled and experienced therapist in manual lymph drainage (MLD) and has a friendly and people-focused approach. I highly recommend her, particularly for lymphoedema management. Thank you Ida!


Liya G.

Thank you so much Ida ! This women Is truly gifted with so much healing and loving energies.
I received a treatment today and my body feels so good my heart is open and relaxed. I was tired in the last few days and now I feel so good and balanced.
Ida space is super magical and clean. The products she uses are high quality, smell good and safe. I highly recommend her services. I am so grateful for this women.


David C.

She is honest. Knowledgeable and very well experienced in her field. I look forward to my next consultation lymphatic massage with her. She gave me great tips in advance of my first massage and she is great. Easy to schedule with her app/link.