Laurenz - USA

Thank you for holding such beautiful, deep, and safe space. Your energies are so powerful. I was able to drop in so deeply and connect with memories from my early childhood that I hadn’t remembered in so long. I really felt your healing presences and support throughout the breath. Wow.


Kelly Barrett - Australia

I learnt so much from Jessica on my Bali trip. I felt immersed in local spirituality without it ever feeling like a tourist experience.

To be honest I have been on many retreats and Jessica has been my favourite host. She is so open, warm and approachable. She shares her own human experiences and vulnerabilities whilst still being a strong leader and facilitator. I didn't expect my trip to be near as rich and transformative as it was, it was a lovely surprise and I have managed to bring some of that magic home.


Kim - Australia

I was extremely fortunate enough to be in the gentle and caring hands of Jessica on my trip to Bali. She had a thorough knowledge of the culture, customs and traditions and was able to show me the spiritual side that would be dismissed or at least not have the depth of explanation by the usual tour groups.

She possesses a strong yet gentle spirituality, which is very embracing. Yet I can see in her a wild, ever-searching and discovering nature to her. A truly deep and grounded woman. By simply being in her presence I transformed parts of myself that have longed to be heard and loved. Thank you Jess, it was real!


Agatha - Australia

I had no idea what to expect at all. I fully immersed myself in the Clarity Breathwork process and surrendered to be guided by Jessica.

In the 3 session pack I had, every day was a different experience. As the breathwork session progressed so did my ability to fully surrender and go deep & boy did I go deep. I have never felt that kind of stillness, connection & serenity ever. I am now completely in alignment with my next journey through this life, the experience has opened me in a way that I have spent decades trying to breakthrough.

Thank you so much Jessica for opening up to this unimaginable peace, solace and happiness within. You have blown my mind and led me to the path of tranquility and peace. I am humbled by your guidance and wisdom and gift.

So much gratitude and love.


Jess - Australia

Jess is an incredible person. From the moment I met her, her energy and vibe was something I wanted to be around, and know more about.

I booked myself in for a breathwork and energy healing session, and it was in that moment that I realised just how truly amazing she is. Having her in my space was instantly calming. She talked me through every moment of the session, which I was initially terrified to do, because it was so new to me. She was gentle, she was kind and made me feel so reassured during the process. The session was mind blowing. I could feel a shift within myself immediately. And that continued over time.

Jess’ beautiful support guided me to a place of peace and contentment. I know I still have a lot of work to do within myself, but with Jess checking in and touching base regularly, I know we can achieve amazing things together. Her service is one of a kind, and I highly recommend you book yourself in if it’s something you’ve thought about. I certainly know this is just the beginning of my healing journey. And what a person to embark on this with.

So much love and gratitude for you Jess.


Krystal – Australia

Thank you Jess. You helped open a door for me and I'm so excited to learn more and continue healing. My whole experience with you has just been so inspiring. I would love to come back for more energy healing sessions when I am in Melbourne..