Laura Bullard

There are so many benefits to taking Wendy's online courses that it's hard to know where to begin! With her wealth of knowledge of riding and horse and human anatomy and movement, she has developed an approach to riding that makes sense! From the biggest concepts to the tiniest details, she explains the why and how to create easeful and effective movement for horse and rider, regardless of level or discipline. Through her online format, she creates a community of fellow learners who progress through course material that builds on itself in a logical order. She is perceptive, kind and encouraging as she responds to individuals' questions, and she uses a myriad of resources to help participants grasp concepts and apply practices for better riding (and living). She champions her theme of "Enjoy the Ride" by teaching riders how to ride smarter, not harder, and to achieve positive results for both horse and rider with more awareness and less effort. She clearly excels at and enjoys teaching and I couldn't recommend her online courses more!

Nancy Gillian

Thank you for everything you do, Wendy. I have taken a couple of your courses and you even checked my pelvis position at the horse exposition in Columbus, Ohio a few years ago.

Yesterday I had to put down my faithful friend and teacher of 16+ years. He was 23 but had a lipoma that strangulated his small intestine. He did great during surgery and after but developed an obstruction. I had promised him that I would not let him suffer so the decision wasn't that hard as I saw his will to live fade. I have many, many wonderful memories and I will hold them in my heart forever.

Never stop sharing your story and the wisdom and knowledge that you have gleaned over the years. You are making a difference in the lives of so many horses and their people and you will never hear about the difference you have made in the vast majority. Then those whom you teach, pass what they have learned on to others, tho not like you, but the gist of your message gets through and a shift begins that makes a change in a much grander scheme.

Thank you again.

Be blessed in all that you do,

Nancy and Ace

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Michele Schwartz

I signed up for the Whole Rider Course because I felt like I was at a plateau in my riding. I knew my horse had untapped potential. I would see little glimmers of this potential, but couldn't sustain it or repeat it. I just felt like I was missing something. One of the assignments she gave us for cantering turned on a light bulb for me and has helped me to start breaking through my riding plateau! That one exercise was worth the price of admission for me!

In addition to helping me break through my plateau, during the Whole Rider Course I found all kinds of things I didn't know I was missing in my riding and in my day-to-day life. Wendy's on-line Feldenkreis lessons helped resolve back and neck tension I didn't even realize I was carrying (or maybe didn't want to admit the extent I was holding).

I had never taken an on-line riding course and wondered how this would work without feedback in real time. By submitting videos we were able to identify our areas for potential improvement, play with a fix on our own, then see if the things improved on the next video. By working through the feel of the fix on my own I am able to remember the feel better, know when I have lost it and figure out how to fix it again without relying on an instructor micromanaging my position and being lost without her.

There were two live session per week but I was only able to attend one due to my work schedule. I still felt like I got a lot out of the course. It is wonderful that we are able to go back and re-watch all of the videos (live sessions and pre-recorded content) from the course any time we want.

If you are interested in improving your riding and are wondering whether you will get something out of the Whole Rider Course, YOU WILL! I am so glad I participated in the Whole Rider Course!!!


So I am at end of module 3 and I just want to, say how awesome of a teacher you are Wendy! I wish I had had you as my instructor during physiology and anatomy classes when studying massage therapy!
I am forever “playing with my body” but many times not aware of the feeling after, just that it feels good while massaging…. I need to start being still and aware of the after feel!!! Of course, I tell my clients they will feel it afterwards! 🤣~

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Sarah Atkins

Marie Hoffman

Great course. Her Feldenkrais exercises have truly transformed my body giving me back the flexibility in riding I had in my 30s eliminating most of my 68 yr old age-related stiffness. For me, this class was life-changing, personalized help for your specific riding needs with Zoom calls twice a week as she goes over your videos and pictures. She fully answers all questions with extra videos or articles from her vast library in addition to the course materials.

Fleta Sokal

My win. Lots of encouraging words from my instructor yesterday on Feliz: balanced, effortless, minor corrections, happy horse.

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Janet Howe

Fleta Sokal

This is a great course. The zoom live calls were amazing. Wendy would answer questions with an amazing depth of knowledge. She simplified complex topics. Offered some Individual insightful feedback on videos on Facebook. I thoroughly enjoyed this course.

Gail McCredie

The good news is that I'll be riding every day for a week! Lots of practice! I'm loving the class.
So much to think about, my mind is spinning.

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Cara Landwehr

Teri Claus

This is a great course. Wendy has a lot to offer and she opens her heart and mind to the participants. I benefited immensely and I wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone who is open to trying novel ways of moving your body to meld with the horse.

Marie Hoffman

I was excited all evening as I LOVE to get better and ride my horses better. The pelvic clock and thigh movements have also eliminated my uneven feel of my tight right side and two different feel of legs. My right ankle is stiffer than my left, so working on that, but think it is also improving while doing the other exercises. Your Feldenkrais lessons are freeing up my not so young body again and I am thankful. Thanks for all you are doing, you are changing lives for the better!

Cara Landwehr

The WRC is an investment that pays lifetime dividends. I use what I learned every ride and my horses are grateful:) Wendy is the real deal. Show up with an open mind, an open heart, and the courage to explore possibilities

Still image out of testimonial from Marie Hoffman

Marie Hoffman

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