Im a loyal customer of Petchef past 3 years as my furbaby is very sensitive to certain food, It took me a year to find out he is allergic to chicken ! So most of the kibbles in market have chicken essence at least which is a big NO for my furbaby. Then I found out Petchef through Instagram and ordered personalised food for my kid, and Im so grateful for Petchef, my baby is having thick and healthy fur now😍 Thank u petchef!!

Puteri Syurga Binti A Malek

My cats have been consuming Petchef and they shown good balance of health - strong growth, not obsese. Stool is always of good consistency and fur shiny (always gotten positive comments from their groomers). They rarely contracted any diseases. Only one time, Daisy got flu from boarding and subsequently, she got sick. She was refusing to eat. But I constantly fed her Petchef food (blended with some rice like a porridge) and she managed to overcame it.


My trusted brand for my furkid’s meal. Shiloh is a picky eater but he look forward for Petchef meals. If he could speak, I bet he would say Petchef meals are paw licking good 😂 Highly recommended 👍🏼



I am so picky with my food. I examine everything before eating. So my mom figured she would try Petchef to make a homecooked meal for her picky one. We picked the ingredients, portions, and got the first fresh batch delivered—and I loved it ever since. It’s been months now, and I still can’t get enough!

Nurhidayah Lod

I am a mom to 5 cats. And they don't always agree on what to eat. As a busy cat-mom, I always find it difficult to continuously take the time to explore different brands of food for them out there. Trying out Petchef in the beginning was by accident as I've run out of food for my cats and needed something healthy but fast so I tried ordering Petchef via Grab. To my surprise, ALL of them loved it! So, I started researching more and contacted the Petchef customer service and Qila was so helpful! She adviced me on the cats requirements and how to start the subscription.

With the subscription, I don't have to worry about the cats' favourites being out of stock and having to hunt high and low for the brand. The delivery options are also flexible, with me choosing weekly deliveries as I still want to have some freezer space for my own food, too! This way my freezer won't be filled with just my cats' food. I also love the variety of proteins they have. My cats won't get bored of eating the same thing over and over again. The fact that I could also customise the portions for my cats was also something I love!

I think, as a pet parent, I know from experience that choosing the best food out of all the options out there is hard. The choices I make for them in terms of their diet, could potentially determine the amount I'd have to fork out in the future should they have any diet related sickness such as kidney problems etc. Petchef is formulated with good ingredients and no preservatives or fillers, by pet nutritionists so I think it's so worth it for me to spend on their food now rather than trying to fix what's broken in the future and having to pay expensive vet bills.



Since my mom started feeding me food from Petchef, she noticed that I gained healthy weight and has a nice solid, and strong form, and my fur is so soft too! It only took 3 days of consistently feeding me food from Petchef for her to see a difference in my weight and fur.

Jay Lyn Kek

Koa has previously been a picky eater and didn't like his old food. Now he is eating this food SO fast like he loves it so much that I had to get those maze bowls to make sure he slows down when he eats.
So he went from picky eater (eat half then walk away) to now wolfing down his food and eating super fast


Petchef made it easier for me to provide food for my furkids at the highest level of ingredients available. This ensured my furkids have good coats, and healthy guts. What i like the most about Petchef is the focus on quality ingredients and subscription options. Because of this option, i no longer need to think about purchasing my fur kids’ food on a monthly basis.



Petchef helped with my puddings stomach and weight problems and he doesn't have any itchiness and allergies anymore!! ❤️ and ever since they recommended the fish or salmon oil, my puddings fur is shiny and doesn't shed a lot anymore. They were quick to reply and was very helpful answering every one of my questions. Thank you petchef! ❤️

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