Keda W

This Budgeting Planner is the ONE! After purchasing countless budgeting planners and bill organizers over the years I finally found the one. Best part about it is it has plenty of space for all of your individual expenses. I’m looking forward to starting my year off right and ending it with some bills paid off and a few savings on deck.

Marla Y

I ordered the Paycheck Breakdown Notepad and love it! I really appreciate the simplicity of use. This is going to allow me to see what money is going out and help me make choices on my spending. Easy, peasy! Thank you so much!!


Thank you queen! I am so blessed to have your videos ans books the cash stuffing is soooo helpful and the book helps me to understand where everything is going. I rave about it all the time. I'm still kinda new to learning it and I wish I had all the money to buy all the products slowly but surely one day I will! All thanks to you BADDIE! Thank you again so kindly 🙏 if I Win I will be so greatful but if I dont I hope the next person that wins will enjoy and appreciate stay blessed ans loved baddie keep up the amazing work you do!

Dakota Overbay

I've watched multiple videos on budgeting and it's helped me tremendously starting out on my own. I would definitely recommend Baddies and Budgets' product to others. It has been a valuable resource in my journey towards financial independence. While I don't have any specific aspects to highlight, overall, I am highly satisfied with the product. I would like to see a link to the website provided more easily for convenience. However, I still give it a 5 out of 5 rating.

Lisanne Jongeling

I am super excited to get started with the budget planner. I ordered the digital version (forms), to get me started. I have started with the method now almost three weeks and I am already saving money. Once I have saved some more money, I am definitly ordering some binders etc. I am watching YouTube videos like crazy and I am so gratefull that I found Baddies & budgets. I can’t wait to see were this journey will take me! Thank you for getting me started!

Latrice Coleman

I haven’t gotten to get anything as of yet but I plan too…I recently lost my home where me and my 6 kids have been in for 5 years smh.. I got a call 14 days b4 the house went up to auction (couldn’t do anything but cry)I had to put all me and my kid’s belongings in storage and been staying with my mom🥰Thank god for her but she only have two rooms..Your page clams me and brings me hope and makes me smile!!!I love ❤️ yuh products they’re beautiful I love watching yuh pack your order the way yuh interact with yo followers are amazing!!!I haven’t told anyone else my situation because people don’t want to help and wen I say help I mean just being there or listening but I swear finally let that out I feel so much better thank yuh for letting us sure some of us with yuh continue being a blessing you are!!!

Angela Brown

I get so much encouragement watching your videos! If you can do it, I can too. To date I have paid off over 18,000 in credit card and loan expenses!!!! And yes! I have cut up my cards! It was scary, but satisfying!
Thank you for your videos!

Ann Kinsley

Baddies YouTube videos are in my opinion the best product you have! By watching your videos I have learned how to work through making a budget I can follow. I have learned so much and become so motivated by your videos. I believe they are your most valuable products. Although I love all the other products I have purchased. Thank you for helping me follow a path to become more financially stable. ❤️🙏

Heather Chisholm

Hello my name is Heather I have struggled with budget money most of my life. But you have made it worth it and easy to try it again. You are a blessing to many. May the lord shine and continue to bless you. Thank you thank you more then you know.

Lisa F

Your budget binders and specialty envelopes have been a godsend. I went from no savings to a $3k which has helped established an emergency fund. Part of the Emergency Fund was used for last minute medical needs that my insurance never told would be out of pocket - it saved my eyesight!

Your video tutorials put me into a mind-frame where I just had a discussion with my landlord about purchasing the property I have been living in for the past 25 years. I never thought I would have a chance at home ownership. Already started looking at closing costs, renovations and maintenance. You even in your own way taught me how to advocate for myself - your empowering messages are priceless and life changing.

So in review, Baddies and Budgets has help me : (1) Regain my eyesight without stressing out about my finances; (2) helped me formula a plan for homeownership, and if that falls through I will have enough money to move and not become homeless statistic; and (3) make plans for my future which are not based in fears over having no money. Thank you for helping reduced stress cause by my unpreparedness and giving the opportunity to help others along my life journey.

Still image out of testimonial from Cherie B

Cherie B

Ashley Abreu

Your products have helped me a lot. I have purchased a few items from you and I will say this has helped me actually save and get a lot closer to my Christmas goal. I started so late but better late than never. It’s only been about 3 months and I already have 700 bucks in my Christmas fund. I took your course and that helped so much as well. Pulling my statements and seeing where my money was going, gave me a reality check. I am slowly working on debt but haven’t really made any progress there but I at least now can save some money and will be able to make some extra debt payments very soon. You have made things so easy to understand and easy to follow. I am patiently waiting for your new budget binder to come out because I am definitely going to order that. I am currently using your budget binder and it has helped paint a visual picture of where my money needs to go to stay on track. Sorry for babbling but I am so happy I found you, you are the reason I am slowly getting back on track financially! THANK YOU!!

Lastly, it was super easy to get in touch with you when I was experiencing issues with the course. The amount of money I saved was possible with the $1500 book and $350 book. Those have been my favorite so far because it makes it so easy to fill them up and I have wanted to fill it up vs blowing the money on unnecessary things like eating out or amazon. Lol

Angela Smalley

I recently started my at home savings journey as I never liked the idea of having all of my money in a bank. I am so happy I chose Baddies products. I am just starting out with the 52 Fridays challenge , but I am ready to purchase more! The quality of the binder is amazing! I am impressed! Very sturdy, made with top notch materials, organized and very well put together. I was also pleased that a marker was included for tracking. I recommend Baddie’s products to anyone and have been raving about them to my friends and family. If you are ready to start saving at home and are looking for a challenge- I recommend these products! The cost is more than fair and you won’t be disappointed!

Michelle Higgins

Love the wallet and 100 days savings binder that I ordered. The quality is great, they are nicely made and I can’t wait to start my savings and order more! Great product.

Julie Olson

I ordered both the 100 envelope challenge and the 52 Fridays challenge. On top of both of these being incredibly cute, they are high quality. I already started the 100 envelope challenge and have 11 pockets filled. I only get paid once a month but I’m excited for next payday to continue filling these. I feel like these make saving fun and it gives me something to look forward to. The satisfaction I feel when crossing off another pocket filled is probably nothing compared to what I will feel when I complete the binder. Thank you baddies and budgets for these amazing products and pushing us to better our financial situations.

Shaida R.

I received the A7 wallet in black! The product came in perfect condition!

Patrina Draper

I ordered the A5 pink budget binder I am so amazed at the quality and how simple but detailed the budget breakdown is. I cannot wait to get started Jasmine is such an inspiration. I also ordered the A7 blue wallet, that wallet gives me life and hope, again top notch quality. When she states she is focused on quality she most definitely is. I recommend her products to everyone. I cannot wait to order the 100 envelope challenge along with the 52 Fridays binder. I’m so excited about reaching my financial freedom.

Tammi Paquette

I’ve loved watching you organize everything! I just quit my second job - and even though financially I’m not ready, my best friend just lost her husband to cancer and I realized that working 70 hours a week is taking the joy out of life. So here I am focusing on saving instead of spending for the first time in my life so that I can have more - which is completely opposite of my previous buy it if I want it mentality. I’m 54 today - and am taking this birthday to embrace my fresh start. Your product isn’t a need financial need - but I love watching and listening to you and love your product - it’s just not what I need to focus on with my budget. Would love to try something - without immediately breaking my no extra purchase rule! 💖


Order baddies and Budgets binders have overall helped my spending habits. I know have extra money for all the small things such as Starbucks and target runs. She has inspired me so much in saving. I used to be the world biggest spender and now I have accomplished and saved so much just because of a saving binder. This has helped me through so much such as paying off bills as well as everyday necessities💋

Jennifer Todd

Baddies and budgets has helped me and my family tremendously! Blessings to you and your staff!

Elise Daugherty

I just got my order in the mail today and it was great! I got a cash tray, a Mandela binder, and budget sheets. First, the packaging was SO CUTE! I just adored the pink feather bag the binder came in. Also, maybe it was me just not reading the product description thoroughly but I loved that the binder came with a pen and so many stickers! The binder itself is nice and sturdy, great quality, so beautiful, and I like the magnetic latch! I just used it to transfer all of my budget notes and it’s so nice to have everything organized and pretty. Hopped back into the store just to buy more sinking fund envelopes! Loved it!

Samantha Keith Likens

I love these products because they have helped me save a whole lot of money in the past very months. I don’t necessarily have your products I had to make my own envelopes to help myself save money, but I would love to have your products to help me save even more. I watch all your videos. And you are a baddie. So never stop being a baddie. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Still image out of testimonial from Patricia Gonzalez

Patricia Gonzalez


WOW, where to start! Baddies & Budgets has helped me in ways I never expected. When I started this journey, I was swiping any credit card I could for whatever I wanted. Now, I understand how to budget, pay bills on time, and SAVE for the things I want. I have been able to enjoy my family vacations more knowing that I’ve done the work to make sure bills are taken care of prior and my spending money is where I wanted it to be for souvenirs. I basically known almost everything from the website lol, but my favorite product have to be her planner and saving challenges books! Worth every penny!!

Chelsea Priest

I have found Baddies and Budgets' products to be of great quality. The information provided on how to fill out the binder has been incredibly helpful in organizing my finances. The customer service provided by Baddies and Budgets has been exceptional, deserving a 5-star rating. I would highly recommend Baddies and Budgets to anyone looking for a reliable and effective solution for managing their finances.

Kemikia Allen

I just bought my budget bundle two
Weeks ago I can’t really say much. But I will say I use to see this book all over TikTok and YouTube I didn’t have the funds to buy it I knew I would one day. I use to budget in the past but it wasn’t exciting I just used regular paper and envelopes. I kept seeing the book I had to have it so I went to the site and was scrolling I seen the payment plan option, I was so excited and I instantly bought the bundle. When I say I am in heaven with it all the savings challenges and goals I can’t wait to do. Thank you so much for setting us up with the different ways to budget and save I look farward to adding money every chance I get.

Dena Gilbert

I absolutely love my budget planner. It is beautiful and so user friendly. This is the planner I will be using every year.

Still image out of testimonial from Susan


Stephanie barreto

I appreciate you taking your time to help people in their financial journey. Only God knows how hard it is for me to control my money! Appreciate your products so much!

Janine Farson

I started with the budget worksheets and I love them!!!

Alejandra Jimenez

100% recommend! It has helped me be financially free as a single mom is extremely hard to maintain a budget. But these have saved my life literally ! From emergencies, to just having some for mommy time! So thank you for being a blessing!

Stacy Salinas

Baddies and Budgets was the 1st to come across my for you page on Tiktok. I was inspired by your products and message of financial organization. I have ordered 2 wallet cash organizers, one for me and 1 for my Daughter. I look forward to taking our 1st step in financial freedom. Thank you so much!

Stacy S.


Buying a budget binder will definitely help people out in the long run. I love the designs that they have and it’s super easy and cool to use. I prefer to save money if I can. Especially when holidays or birthdays come around and then suprise no money to spare but if you budget and save you can aim at a price or whatever it was that you wanted to get them for whatever occasion. Also great for family vacations.

SaDona Taylor

Has gave me the opportunity to finally be one month ahead on bills!

Diann M

I started my budgeting/cash stuffing journey in March 2023 by following another influencer, but someone told me about baddies and budgets and I've been hooked ever since. I went back and watched the majority of the YouTube videos and have learned so much. I love the fact that she breaks it all down and makes it so simple. I don't have a favorite product, but I've purchased the month ahead, savings binder. For my birthday the gift I asked for was the build a bag challenge book and envelopes, then I came back around and bought that red A7 crocodile wallet (too cute) and most recently purchased the scratch off for home savings. I've completed the 20 envelope challenge, my currently working on my 52 week challenge and emergency fund. I've since gotten some of my coworkers interested in budgeting and cash stuffing. I'm so glad my friend told me about you. Thank you so much! I can't wait to see what you have to offer in the future.

Jennifer Medina

Let’s see- I have the 52 Fridays, 100 Envelope Challenge, Month Ahead and I just started my Build a Bag! All from Baddies & Budgets! Between your products and YouTube videos I have finally been able to stay focus, accountable and have been able to save money (almost 2K) and pay down on my cc cards (about 1K). I cannot wait for your Budget Planner to come out! I just know that’s when it’s going to come together. I’m happy to say I’m thriving and not just surviving!

Many many thanks! Single Mom of 3 -Jen

Rebecca Randolph

I Love My Order..I Need To Order The Binder And Plastic Envelope Sleeves For It..Thank You For Prompt Shipment As Well

Shanda Stanley

I purchased the $1500 and $350 savings challenge binders. It has made saving fun. Good quality products. Arrived quickly.


Hi Baddie!

I greatly appreciate the customer experience and touch points you’ve made along the way since placing my first order.

I am a single mom of 3 kids and my oldest - my daughter, Avery 22 years old told me about you and your program. We both now follow you we’ve been watching your videos and she’s been teaching me what she’s learned on how to get ahold of our finances!

She’s already made a huge difference in her finances after just 2 months and I want to thank you for making this happen as your process isn’t intimidating and has been welcomed by her and me both!

I recently purchased the beautiful pink planner and am just getting my budget together but am so excited to follow your plans to improve my savings and spending habits. Can’t wait to see how much I can save!

You are a true inspiration! And the customer experience I’ve had has been spectacular!

Thank you!

Leavernia Washington

I was recently diagnosed as ADHD as an adult. I'm quite functional at most things but my executive functions as far as getting things organize in life and budgeting has been a task to say the very least. Lol And as a Baddie its sonething I hide a lot. The form of treatment I decided on was behavioral no meds. And if you know they try to help with organizing and routine. Simply seeing. And not going with the flow and being compulsive. It was important for me to see my pay. I sat down and use the budget planner for only partial of October and November. I have sadly but gratefully allocated where I'm wasting my income at. The planner is straight forward, but grabs your attention to focus and take in the purpose of the planner. I LOVE the checklist component especially listing all my bills on the calendar to visually see what to come. Thank you so much for creating something so essential and useful to me at this time in my life.

Dana Robinson

I have paid off a lot of debt. I no longer have any credit cards to speak of. All cash based.

Termaine Mcclanahan

I have been following your financial advise for a while. You have helped me learn how to budget and save. I have been able to save up so I could buy another computer. Now I’m working on my next savings challenge.

Ruth Nino

I real want to thank you because of ur saving challenges I’m able to save money for thing I had hard time saving for know I’m on a good budget and an ape I’m able to save more help my kids and help myself with a lot of things that I needed help with. I really appreciate you and thank you so much.


Hi my name is Lorie I’m 54 and just now learning how to do a budget. Your products have helped me tremendously. Thank you from the bottom of my heart ❤️. Your products are great and very helpful

Veronica Mendoza

I’m really new to this budget system but you convinced me that I can save

Emily Victoria Forster-Thomas

Oh my gosh. I LOVE YOUR PRODUCTS! Especially your pink wallet, it is so CUTE but functional too. I live in the UK so I am unsure if I can get your products delivered to me but I just wanted to say I love your set up with your budgeting and saving. You've inspired me to do some serious budgeting and saving. Since starting in the last few months I've already managed to save a couple hundred and get my finances in order. Hopefully one day I can get the set-up you have. I definitely will put an order in one day, maybe use my self-treat fund.

Again love your products (especially the pink theme) and love your FB videos. You are amazing. I love how you help people get organised with their money but I also love how you share about your personal stuff like how you are saving for surgery. You are so brave, confident and FABULOUS!

From a Baddies and Budgets Big Fan x

Amber Barney

I’m new to baddies & budget, I’ve learned so much in a short amount of time. I will be purchasing the beginner bundle soon. She has helped me realize that it doesn’t have to be overwhelming but she gives you the tools to help be more effective with ease.

Courtney Carlson

I love Baddies & Budgets. The videos Jaz puts out make her products so fun and helps show how the products can truly work for anyone. I bought the all in one beginner kit and it helped me to organize my expenses and realize that I needed more income. Since then I have increased my income and I am starting to save an emergency fund so I can pay off my debt. Love everything they do, make, and represent.

Sharonda Belser

I love the fact that I have been able to incorporate my kids in learning financial literacy.

Samantha Harrison

I am so excited to getting started with my "Boo-dget" binder for cash stuffing and budgeting in general! I have tried to do all "digital" cash stuffing before and it is very hard for me. I think the physical stuff is going to work and I am so ready! Couldn't do it without Baddies and Budgets!


I have ordered two products from Baddies and Budgets. The beginner kit and the small biz binder. Have been completely happy with both as I start my saving journey. Would love to be an affiliate for baddie and budgets and post videos of your items.

sandra goodwin

I ordered the pink croc wallet ! i’m completely in love with it ! tons of slots for my cards. the envelopes are perfect. it’s very great quality material. i highly recommend it.

Carol yates

Love the wallets and challenge book. I've saved about $2000 in about 3 months and have my month ahead for my bills going in the bank next week. I have my whole family living out of the wallets for weekly spending and they love it. Thanks for all the great products.

Cora Marie

The information she shares is PRICELESS. Unfortunately I don't have the means to purchase, but I'm putting all I got to be comming a baddie. Right now using paper, and regular envelopes. I would love a chance to be blessed with a small set up. Thank you so much!

Tracy Y Simmons

Hey Baddie (Jaz), seeing you on tik tik got me thinking and I watched for a couple of months before purchasing. The saving challenge has help with saving for Christmas emergencies, but my best purchase is the month ahead. Love it the best thing I purchased. I just started and working toward 2 months ahead, this binder is a savings binder, debt binder, and emergency in one. Once a debt is paid off you can still place that money somewhere else, but by placing money there for further purchases or vacation, Christmas or just a Oh Shit fund. Well I’ve text enough; I love your products and as I said before especially the month ahead.

Jaz Reese

Your savings challenges have helped me so much, they’re fun and easy! Your stuff is so easy to use and it really does help you stay organized! It’s helping me come out of debt!

Silinda Pierce

Ive always struggled when it comea to managing my money and everything financially related. The binders and savings challenges have helped me substantially


I discovered Baddies and Budgets in the beginning of 2022. And I couldn’t be happier. Before, I’d save using only the $5 savings challenge or what I would have left to save. Watching Jazmine’s (BnB), YouTube channel, I’ve been hooked ever since. The first product I got from her site were ‘52 week savings challenge - weekly and biweekly’ so far that’s been my favorite product. Using that product, I saved $1,000 in which I couldn’t have saved before. The highest would be $800 - $900 so I don’t think I’d ever let go using Baddies and Budgets products. I love it here! Much love for you, Jazmine! Thank you and your work! ❤️

Melissa Kelly

I’m just getting started on my journey! I found Baddies and Budgets on Instagram in June and received my starter pack in July. Very excited to begin on this new adventure!

Cindy Garcia

I love you products it has helped me out alot .. as a single mom I have alot of payments and I wasn't able to pay them off at points .. I got the 100 envelope challenge I have saved little by little and I was able to pay some of my debt off which was a big help for me . I enjoy it because not only is it fun but ur able to pay a good amount of money with the money u save from the challenge.

Taunya Stajnrajh

I have saved over $6000 with the help of the savings challenges. I am on track to pay down my student loan debt and I am so grateful for an easy system that works.

Puaonaona Hanawahine

Aloha Baddies!!! I've just recently bought some budget binders from you and I'm excited to get started. My next pay period is coming up so this new journey of saving and paying off some debits will be exciting.

Halymah Cham

Baddies and Budgets has helped me financially because I started cash stuffing with the savings binder I purchased from the shop. The Baddies Saving Challenges book is such a great investment. Jasmine knew what she was doing with creating the product because she makes it fun to save. All her videos are so helpful with every single product in her shop when you're not sure how it works. I will definitely shop for more products in the future. 🥰 ❤️

Varonica Carroll

This is my first time trying to start getting in control of my finances and to become debt free. I have been watching your YouTube channel for a while now and all I can is Motivation Motivation Motivated

Debra Trujillo

I started budgeting about a year ago and happened across the Baddies & Budgets You Tube videos. I have learned so much over the last year thanks to your amazing videos! I use your budget planner all the time and love it! It really gives me a great overview of our finances!

You are an inspiration and I am so thankful that I found your page and products!

Still image out of testimonial from Brittany Brady

Brittany Brady

Maria ort

By far the best and easiest way to save! Love the product and the quality. Got me and my daughters matching ones<3

Miranda Sanders

I’m so happy and proud to say that I have involved my 12yr old and 15yr old in money tips and challenges to be a successful society member..
It’s fun and most importantly challenging for them.. it makes them think twice on what category there money is going in…
Items at the store doesn’t seem to be needed when they think of pulling from there own money.. I am a business owner trying to come up with innovative ways to teach my kids AND I.
I love everything about what u are teaching ❤️

Jasmin Gonzalez

I’ve managed to save more than ever with her challenges. Products are cute and just motivating. I love it.

Jasmine King

My favorite product so far is the occasion binders. I am currently saving for my luxury apartment and the occasion binder gives me so much motivation. I am 1/2 way through my first category goal and seeing my progress in just a few months has me hype to do more! Thank you for inspiring the community and showing us, no matter how big or small the goal we can achieve it while having fun doing it.

Shai McNeil

I’m can’t say enough about Baddies and Budgets !! I was maxed out on my credit cards and my anxiety was through the roof.

I started watching Baddies and Budgets on YouTube and Instagram over and over again until I finally got the foundation I was looking for.

I started small and started learning how to budget the remaining of my paychecks after my bills were paid.

I paid off an entire credit card and ordered my first Binder from Baddies and Budgets. I fell in love the quality and was so excited to receive my package. I paid off that purchase and ordered more items, and repeated the cycle until I purchased Everything I wanted. There are definitely more items I want 😊.

Receiving notifications of my order confirmation, to shipping and delivery is absolutely outstanding.

Since receiving my items I have accomplished the following:

Paid off 5 Credit Credit Cards
Started my Emergency Fund, and opened my HYSA today (8/2/23).
Started 100 Envelope Challenge
Month Ahead
1500 Savings Challenge
I’m about to complete my Twenty Envelope Challenge in my Build A Bag Savings Planner.

I have not used my debit card in two months and have gone strictly to using cash. I purchased the cute Baddies Own Wallet, so now every week I stuff what I need for groceries, gas. etc. best $70 I have ever spent on a wallet and my overall Favorite item. I get compliments every time I pull it out of my purse.

I’ve saved over $1500 in a month and a half and I’m always excited about new products and videos from Jasmine.

I have purchased the following items from Baddies and Budgets:

Gold pen set
Teller slips (so helpful for taking out cash at the bank)
Month Ahead
Debt Payoff
100 Envelope Challenge DIY
100 Envelope Challenge Binder ( My second favorite item)
Build A Bag Savings Planner
Baddie’s Own Wallet (MY FAVORITE!!)
52 Week Challenge
A5 Occasion Binders (Beep Beep & It’s Giving Me Homeownership)
The Beginner Binders
DIY $1500.& $350. Mini Challenge Book

I can’t Thank Baddies and Bugets whole team for everything they do. I’m looking forward to seeing Jasmine’s and mine goals being accomplished.

Merissa Harris

I discovered you on YouTube about a year ago. Since then I have paid off over $20k in credit card debt!! Your products have helped me succeed in saving for the small (and big) things that happen in life!

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