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William Lewis

WillHouse Global

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Adiel Adra

Comfort by Adiel


Ed Wotring

CMO, COO, Co-Founder - Alejandra TV

Our membership started from a free phone call we offered in March 2020 and quickly grew organically. We had to scramble to formalize our branding, processes, and systems. It was like building the airplane while we were flying it.

So after a few years of establishing our membership we knew it was time to restructure things for sustainable growth and greater impact. We decided we needed to tighten up our processes and migrate to a better platform, all of which felt daunting.

We decided we needed help. We looked for a community growth expert with a proven track record of growing membership businesses. That's exactly what we found in Starlight.

She is a true expert when it comes to managing communities and how to handle all the challenges that come with running and scaling a membership business. Plus Starlight has a unique combination of technical skills, business acumen, and the soft skills related to psychology and communications required to lead people.

It's been a true pleasure working with Starlight.

She listened to our challenges and worked with us to map out a plan to uplevel our membership and migrate to a new platform.
She helped us navigate all the communications and gave us technical guidance on how to successfully migrate to our new membership platform.

Her expertise was integral to our successful migration and we are incredibly grateful for her expertise and support along the way.

Beyond her professionalism and expertise, Starlight is also a wonderful person.

She was so patient with us throughout the whole process and talked us through many difficult situations, which often felt like we were getting help from a trusted friend. Plus, she has a gift for making us laugh, which helped to lighten the mood even when things felt difficult.

After working with Starlight I'm so excited to continue growing our membership and implementing the myriad of wicked-smart strategies she gave us in the future.

If you are committed to growing your community/membership and have a chance to work with Starlight, don't hesitate! You'll be in great hands to grow your business.

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Gabby Valdez

Dating Coach


Alejandra Costello

CEO & Co-Founder - Alejandra TV

Somehow the stars aligned and my partner stumbled upon Starlight after researching ways to get help to improve our membership. And I'm sure glad he did.

Working with Starlight has been stellar. Before the project started, I felt confused and overwhelmed on everything that needed to be done.

We already had a thriving membership but a lot of core pieces were missing. In order to grow, we knew we needed to put more systems in place. The thought of revamping things (on top of running our community and continuously marketing) felt daunting.

Enter Starlight...

Starlight knew what we needed. She had systems and frameworks in place to explain, step-by-step, exactly what we needed to do to get to where we wanted to go. Everything felt clear and easy to understand. Things were clearly documented and ready for us to fill-in. She had lots of visuals, which I appreciated that helped clear up my confusion.

What was great about working with Starlight was her unwavering presence, ability to listen, and how she explained things in ways that were easy to understand (she is a very captivating communicator!).

She's also a big-picture thinker which is exactly what I needed (I'm a details person). Without a doubt, she overdelivers in sharing brilliant ideas - many of which we've already implemented and can confirm that they are effective. There were times we fell behind with project deadlines and Starlight was very patient, flexible, and understanding.

But what I appreciate about her the most is her realness / human-ness. A lot of times I found myself overwhelmed and overthinking the details. She sensed this and calmly asked thoughtful questions to help me break through the overwhelm and get to the next step. What was so different about her is the way in which she did it - in a very loving, caring, and authentic manner. Like a best friend - not a contractor!

Fast forward to today, we finally reached the end of our project and, while I desperately need a vacation, I'm BEYOND EXCITED for what's to come for our community. We've leveled up in the most beautiful way - members are more engaged and seeing more results while our team feels a renewed sense of purpose.

Starlight helped us create a solid foundation that we can confidently and creatively build upon. For that I feel incredibly grateful. We for sure wouldn't be where we are without Starlight's expertise. We would hire her again in a heartbeat.

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Animated image out of testimonial from Aarti Seaton

Aarti Seaton

The Duchess Academy


Tracie Susalis

Karmic Rituals

I am blown away! In one strategy call with Starlight, I have clear direction on what my next steps need to be, who I need to be talking to, AND what I need to be saying to them. Before today I struggled to find my target audience and would have gone down the wrong road in my messaging.

She taught me how to think about my business and offerings in a way that speaks to my audience effectively and in a way that relates to them!

Her straight talk was exactly what I needed, I am now on the right path to get out into the world, share my gifts, and help people! Thank you so much!


Ledine Watson

Sugar Stitches Quilt Co

I had been stalking Starlight for MONTHS - she makes it super easy by offering so much free juicy information!

After launching my membership and thinking I had researched everything enough and planned enough, I had to admit that the amount of time and effort I was putting into my content just wasn't working and I was getting burned out very quickly. I decided to reach out to Starlight for a Bolt of Insight session. She asked for information ahead of time to prepare herself for our meeting, and boy did she ever.

I was most impressed at how she really maximized our time together. I didn't think we'd have enough time for her to understand my niche and membership and my questions AND for her to help me. But we sure did and I was crazy impressed with the amount of information we covered.

She is no nonsense, no fluff, get down to business. And that's what you need to move the needle.

What helped me the most is she gave me actionable steps and guidelines.

I left our session with very specific goals and plans to carry me through the next few months. I had also been debating on changing platforms, which she encouraged and led me through. I was so excited to get started and I'm still working through all of the goodness, hand holding suggestions and recommendations she gave me!

If you're thinking about working with her, it's cliché to say RUN, don't walk, but it's true.

Skip the time wasters that I did and accept that she's going to blow your mind and give you so much direction and advice.

If you are truly serious about making an impactful and profitable membership, Starlight should be your first step!

Keesha Kline

Career Meets Mama

I am still speechless at the level of expertise that Starlight delivers…
in a matter of a few days, I’m going to have MASSIVE headaches that have plagued me for years with my membership, just *poof* gone.

I have never seen ANYONE be able to navigate the nitty gritty of membership models, platform tech, AND growth strategy in the way she does, with depth and valuable resources to refer back for some self-guided improvements on my own time, too!!

Book her, and you will instantly wonder where she has been all your life.

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Animated image out of testimonial from Lauren D. Hughs

Lauren D. Hughs

Affinity Women's Networking


Crystal Bonnet

Crystal Dawn Culinary

I met Starlight online when she helped me in a Facebook group. Right away, I liked her and once I found out what she did, I knew I had to work with her. I joined her Facebook group and any webinar she was doing as I had to soak in everything she had to say.

Starlight is so knowledgeable and has a no-bullshit attitude which is so refreshing in the online industry.

It took a while before we worked together one-on-one and when I did, it was the most valuable session I've ever had with an expert in the industry. I was so stuck on my membership and then enrolled in her Community Launchpad course and it was just the thing I needed to get my membership done and make it so much better than planned.

Her Community Launchpad course is for anyone in the early stages of their membership, everyone will get value from it. I mean, having access to a blueprint on how to build your online membership - just having this available is gold! Otherwise, you could be so lost and all over the place, like I was.

Also, one of the hardest things to get help with in the online industry is strategy and in my opinion, this is the most valuable help you could get and Starlight is all about strategy!

Thank you Starlight for your constant guidance and help, I don't know where I'd be in my membership without you. Because of your help, I'm also ready to launch, yay!

For anyone considering to work with her, know that she will tell you the truth, whether it's difficult to hear or not, but she will give you the best advice you need to hear.