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Patricia Cole


Carmen exerts positivity in every one of her sessions. She is very caring, compassionate and overall trustworthy.. Since day 1, I clicked with Carmen trusting her in my emotional development. I decided to do past life regression therapy to address present inconveniences and understand myself better.
I’ve had online sessions as well as face to face sessions with Carmen. If you are thinking in tapping into non conventional therapy sessions to unravel and become more aware of life, Carmen is the ideal therapist.
I drove to Costa Rica from Nicaragua to see her.

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Kai Edwards

Laura Toussaint

I highly recommend anyone who is interested in doing a past life, regression, or even for those who are simply curious, and have the feeling that there is something more to this life, but can’t quite put their finger on it, to work with Carmen. She creates such a beautiful and safe space in which she has a special gift of helping to draw out messages from your higher self. She works in such a way that it is really you who is answering your own questions, but from a place that can be difficult to access without the supportive and nurturing environment that Carmen facilitates. I came away from our work feeling empowered and comforted and ready to advance in my journey after the insights I received from our session.

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Karla Isaac Mendoza

Micho Talavera

My experience with Carmen was incredible, at first I was a bit skeptical but it was really amazing how she helped me to open my mind and spirit, and getting over fears that I had since I was a little kid. It’s sooooo worth it!

Still image out of testimonial from Moises Garcia Arcos

Moises Garcia Arcos

Business Consultant - Venture me


Carmen is a magical therapist, her devotion and heart really filled me with peace and confidence during the regressions. I felt how her voice soothed me when I came across difficult memories giving me the strength to face them and let go of them. Her passion in what she does is felt in all her work. I am amazed with the healing power I felt in her therapies, working negative emotions that are no longer within me and be able to heal sensations by truly understanding where they come from and letting go teaching compassion for myself and others something really impressive. I am very grateful for her support.

Jill Exner

Carmen is such a lovely person and my session with her was amazing. I was at a retreat and several of us did past life work with her and everyone was blown away. Each of our stories was so different. Carmen is very skilled at what she does and her love of what she does it so evident. I would 100% recommend anyone to work with her.


Meeting Carmen was a turning point in my life, I was able to understand my present and discover my inner strength, thank you for this wonderful experience.

Still image out of testimonial from Eleanor Merino

Eleanor Merino

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