Katarina Waters

My son loved kidokinetics camp. He’s 3 so I was worried how he would do in a 3-5 camp, but he had a blast each day! He always had a fun activity to tell us about, and he brought his stuffed Mickey Mouse along on Friday and the coaches even let Mickey play and get a sticker. The coaches really care and enjoy teaching the kids. Special thank you to coach Courtney! She went above and beyond by telling me how my son did, and letting stuffed Mickey be part of the group today. 😁. My son is still talking about it 2 hours later to me and to Mickey. Can’t wait for next summer!

Janette Peters

Our girls ages 5 and almost 3 just completed a 10 week kidokinetics class. The girls really enjoyed that it was an activity they could do together instead of being divided by age group. As parents we really appreciated the sticker the girls would return home with along with cards indicating the weekly activities and end of week emails including photos. We appreciated the girls being exposed to a variety of activities in a non competitive manner. Both of our children looked forward to kidokinetics day! The sticker and card created a conversation piece on our drive home. We look forward to signing them up for another session.

Caitlyn Gallagher

Kidokinetics is such an amazing addition to our area! My daughter absolutely loves her Wednesday class! Coach Spencer is great and engaging with the kids. I love the concept of the kids learning a new sport every week. They also emphasize the importance of the mind and body connection, stretching and each class my daughter learns a new fact about her muscles, heart or lungs and how they relate to exercise! My daughter also loves the GoGo Squeez applesauce that the kids gets at the end of every class ☺️ Highly recommend checking out a Kido class! It’s been great for my family and my daughters confidence!


Alexandria Boddie

Kidokinetics provided field day games and activities for our childcare center. They did an exceptional job of delivering a structured groups of activities. We all were very impressed with the organization and facilitation by Coach K! We are looking forward to Kidokinetics providing sports this summer and returning next year for field day!


Jocelyn Bertolina Lakenan

My almost 12 month old is in the babykinetics class! He LOVES it. He’s a shy, sensitive little guy so he has a hard time at some other classes we’ve done, but he’s able to open up and participate in this class! Coach Kelly is great with him and all the kids in the class. I highly recommend it.

Jenna Brooks

Kidokinetics was a great experience for our newly turned 2 year old. She came the first time to class very timid and by the end was so independent. She loved her coach and was excited to go to camp each day. We are so thankful there was a program for her age available to us. I would highly recommend this program to others. She definitely wants to do it again.

Kathleen Lusk

My daughter takes a KidoKinetics class each week. She really enjoys it! She looks forward to the class each week! The coaches are so kind and energetic! They bring all of the materials and have the activities at her school so it is very convenient. It is reasonably priced and well worth the cost!

Nicole Majer

My son loves his Kidokinetics class!! He looks forward to it every Thursday and can’t wait to tell me what sport he got to play that day! Also, I love that the instructors come right to his preschool- so convenient!

Kathryn Lee

My son loved Kidokinetics! By being exposed to a variety of sports, he’s now discovered his strengths and interests. Definitely helped us figure out which leagues to put him in!!!

Adele Valencia

Kidokinetics helped make our daughter's 6th birthday wonderful! Manny and Brandon brought everything needed to help entertain a classroom of kindergarteners in our backyard. They were professional, kind, energetic, and delighted children and parents alike. All of the adults were able to visit with each other in the backyard while the kids played happily and safely. Despite our fears about being rained out, Manny remained optimistic and flexible, willing to work with the space we had in the event of bad weather. He made our kiddo feel great and included all of her friends in the fun. I highly recommend Kidokinetics!

Anna Curtis

This is an amazing program for kids who want to learn the foundational skills for any sport! My daughters (ages five and seven) took this class, and have asked several times to come back. They had a ton of fun and learned so much! Would highly recommend this for anyone looking for an activity-based class that also teaches important skills.


Kari Williams

Great multi-age program! Kids had a lot of fun and loved all of the activities. Everything was age appropriate and engaging. I would highly recommend this program for others.


Lexee Cheney

Kidokinetics is such and amazing place for kids to develop basic motor skills and to learn how to be a great team player. They teach in a non-competitive way so that no ones feelings get hurt because all they want to do is to build the kids’ confidence and to help them figure out what sports they like. Plus, they offer over 18 different sports!

Tali Berliner

I have had an amazing experience with Kidokinetics South Florida. The company is organized, easy to work with and most importantly the kids LOVE Kidokinetics. I hosted a mini camp at my house during the holiday break and the kids were so happy. They loved every activity and every coach that came to be with them and were definitely sad when the session was over. As a testament to how great they are, I plan to hire them for my son’s upcoming birthday party! I recommended hiring them for days off, a party, or even weekly sports for your kids.

Taylor Roney

As a therapist I understand the importance of gross motor fundamentals needed for school age sports and we were so pleased to find a Kidokinetics day class! The coaches were fun and engaging for the kids. Will definitely be trying it again soon and am hoping they can get established as a weekly program in our school!

Laura Decker

Pittsburgh is so lucky to have Kidokinetics. Kido teaches infants to kid age all different sports. Kidokinetics starts at just 6 months ! Every other place we have found does not start enrollment till age 3. This is serving a huge need for families who have active little ones. My daughter is 2 and a half and loves learning new sports. If you have a little one, run don’t walk, and sign up for a Kido class today.


Kim Culbertson

We had 2 coaches, Kristin and Joelle, come to our son's 6th birthday party recently. They were so fabulous with the kids and everyone had fun! They brought all of the supplies to create different activities for around 20 kids including obstacle courses, tug of war, noodle games and more. Both ladies were very engaging with the kids, energetic and well organized. They made our son super involved with the process so he felt extra special on his birthday. At the end they gave him a tee shirt and then called everyone over for cake so it was a seamless transition between activities and singing Happy Birthday. As a parent, it couldn't have been easier for me...I just paid them and they showed up and rocked it! During the activities, all the parents got to chat and relax knowing their kids were having fun together. Highly recommend Kidokinetics for your next party!!


Lara Woodward

Our childcare facility had a great experience with Kidokinetics! Speaking as a parent, my child enjoyed her weekly classes and I appreciated seeing the activity card that was provided at the end of each session. It gave me an idea of what they focused on during their classes, allowing me to have a more specific conversation with her about what exactly she learned/did/played each week. Speaking as the center director, the Kidokinetics team was great to work with! We had frequent, easy communication and they were always flexible to our center's needs during their class time. We partnered with them for a 10-week session this fall and look forward to continuing that partnership in the spring!


Dana Davin

We incorporated Kidokinetics into my childcare center’s summer camp this year and it was a hit! The children were able to learn about healthy habits, sportsmanship and participated in many physical activities and traditional sports. The coaches were great with the children and super flexible with us. Kidokinetics was an easy company to work with and I would recommend them to anyone looking for a physical education program for little ones. Looking forward to welcoming them back for future camps!


Sierra Thurston

Kidokinetics has helped my nieces learn so many new skills. They have grown from stumbling to coordinated plus they know all these fun new things. They are always sharing what they learned in class with me. We are so excited to do many more new classes with them in the future, Thank you Kido!


Courtney Ebersole

We LOVED our summer camp for our then (almost) 2 year old with Kidokinetics. To this day, our son still brings up "Coach K" and how he misses her. Not only was it fun, but it taught our son how to run and really move his body in a more purposeful way. We love you, kidokinetics! Bring back the 2 year old camps in the fall!