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Paulina Brodowska Urbanik

Intuitive Animal Communicator -

Francesca Torelli Mendieta

Con su excelencia, aprendizaje contínuo y su filosofía de amor con humor logra conectar y empatizar en sus fabulosos talleres. Su atención plena e intuición hace que los diagnósticos en las terapias individuales sean una ayuda idónea para la sanación integral. Recomendadísima💯🙏🏽

Michelle Vergara

The combination of vitality and sweet nurturing that Cuca brings to these sessions are equally as important as the practical techniques that she uses. The gentle yet pointed nudging she gives to create space for changing perceptions is for lack of a better word, amazing. Through what may seem like simple gestures and conversation there is a powerful movement of energy, for me, clearing a path to facilitate action where there was once stagnation.
In a small amount of time I was able to tap into clarity, love and inspiration.
Thank you Cuca.



EMEA Services Sales Director

Cuca Coronas is an excellent therapist. She customises each therapy to the client’s real needs, with kindness, empathy and lightness, while the work and results are very deep, powerful and profound. She shares her gifts and knowledge with the upmost humility in service to others.
I would highly recommend her.

Bernal Campos

Por si altísimo sentido de servicio y su nivel profesional. Si se requiere un terapeuta qué realmente sepa lo que hace es Cuca Coronas.

Eugenia Fernández Monge

Es una excelente terapeuta, super recomendada.

Arlette Urrea

Súper excelente!! Realmente excepcional!!

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