Adriana Batista

They are awesome so impressed after two sessions was already feeling 80% better

Glynn Parent

ALINEA PERFORMANCE have worked hard with me on scheduling my appointments my activities are very busy. Also all their employees have made me feel like Family.
On one visit Dr.Mills asked how was the treatment helping I said when I pull the sheet over my shoulder at night I get a sharp pain in my shoulder. He immediately jumped on the floor and performed a customized exercised with a weight so I could pull the cover without pain. I was shocked and amazed. That treatment is relieving my pain

Jarrodd P.

Dr. Rosi was the most helpful and considerate physical therapist one could ask for. Until I had met and started working with him, I had been to several urologists dealing with some less-than-pleasant issues for a 22-year-old. Repeatedly, I had been told my issues were all in my head, and most refused to even let me speak. Pelvic floor dysfunction and the many issues associated with pfd are not well recognized in yet and are highly overlooked by urologists. Dr. Rosi helped start me on a path to recovery, listened to me when nobody else would, and considerably eased my anxiety regarding this subject. Would highly recommend him to anyone suffering from similar issues!

Diane Rodrigues

"Jessica has helped both myself and my husband. I have been dealing with plantar fasciitis for over a year. I went to for dr and he kept giving me shots and one stretching exercise. Jessica has helped tremendously. I didn’t realize I had lost much movement in my toes because of this. Dr didn’t say anything about that. I have been working with her and now am getting movement back, balance and foot feels much better.
My husband has had a knot in his hip that caused lots of pain. She has helped him work that out. He’s better than he has been in years. He can walk further without pain. Jessica is awesome."

Mitchell Sherman

Dr Jessica is incredibly knowledgeable, professional, effective and pretty much the best PT I've ever seen. She has helped me tremendously. Truly extraordinary physical therapists.


Andrew Gillihan has helped keep my career on track when pain was derailing me. Roughly a year ago, I was having a hard time going up and down stairs, let alone meeting the intense physical demands of my job. After just a few months of working together, Andrew helped me recover enough to successfully complete Ranger School. Since graduating, Andrew and I have been working together again non-stop and I’ve made serious progress. Andrew really goes above and beyond. He has worked around my inconvenient schedule and other challenges that the military has put in front of me. Andrew is an excellent educator. He has explained to me the healing process. By doing so, I have been able to better understand where I am at, where I am going, and how long it may take to get there. I am truly thankful that our paths have crossed.

Joseph Golbus

While I only recently started, I’ve been very impressed with Andrew and Alinea. Programs are very personalized, tailored and thoughtful. The app used is Highly intuitive, motivating and instructive.

Really well done

Thank you!

Raymond Gaier

Andrew was great to work with! I was having lower back pain and he helped me through it quickly. He identified the issues right away and came up with a plan for preventing it in the future. He was easy to communicate with, and in just a few weeks I was back to normal!

Stewart Helfer

Andrew has been great in addressing my lower back issue. More importantly his primary focus continues to be me as a whole addressing my overall fitness, comfort and mind set. If you are in need of a PT for a whole body approach, I would not hesitate to tell you to contact him. Your body will thank you

Krista Stegers

Dr. Andrew is a game-changer in the world of PT. I have had back pain for YEARS and have focused mainly on stretching or in office treatments (stem, dry-needling, massage) - with little to no progress. With Andrew, we focus on strengthening very specific muscle groups and getting back to those daily activities that are actually part of my day-to-day life. Within weeks, I feel like a new woman and can actually chase after my 2 toddlers! His approach is data-based, science-backed and most importantly, practical. I always leave there a bit sweaty, a bit stronger than the previous session, motivated to keep putting in the work, and with a smile on my face. I highly recommend Dr. Andrew!

Hamilton Mills

After 6 months of chronic back pain, stimming from a deadlift injury, I could not walk, lay down, sit down, touch my toes, or really do anything without tremendous discomfort. In March I decided to work with Dr. Mills. He took time to evaluate me initially and at each stage going forward. He prescribed exercises to address weaknesses and to help reload my lower back gradually. After one month, I could move throughout my day without frequent discomfort. After 2 months, I could deadlift my body weight. After 5 months, I could deadlift twice my bodyweight. With his counsel, I have a clear path forward and a sureness that the preexisting weaknesses that aided in my injury have been addressed. William's treatment has restored basic functionality to my life and returned to me the ability to do the things I love. I could not be more grateful and recommend him more highly.

Amber K

Pain free! I had been treated for plantar fasciitis at the two largest physical therapy providers in Baton Rouge for 6 months, and the treatments initially helped, but then stopped working. I knew something was different, but the PTs kept telling me to keep doing the same treatment. I used up my insurance allowance and eventually gave up on PT. I tried everything after that: modifying, walking, gritting through it, resting, new shoes, stretching all the time, etc. I finally realized that I needed to try again and up my game by seeing a concierge PT. I saw Dr. Saunier at Alinea Baton Rouge. He immediately diagnosed that it was a nerve issue affecting my feet. The problem was fixed in only SIX VISITS! I am kicking myself that I didn't see him sooner. Each visit was a solid hour of one-on-one time for PT treatment, learning the follow-up moves to work on at home, plus he taught me better form and technique for specific gym activities, like box jumps - - things I was elated that I could finally do again!

Jeff Walker

Dr Mills was great. He helped me with both a shoulder issue, and a lower back issue, all at the same time. Within a number of weeks my paid was gone and the exercises that he showed me helped, and still do help, me to keep those areas strong and pain free. Because I work at a desk long hours, the exercises and stretches that he showed me are a necessity.

Jimmy Kaiser

Had a strained rotator cuff, limiting my arm movement and painful when extended. The 6 sessions brought me to about a 90% improvement, thinking I can get to 100% with the exercises I learned. I Noticed improvement along the way, with each session increasing the complexity or different movements. I can definitely recommend William Mills, he has extensive knowledge of all the workings of the body. He noticed a lack of flexibility in my back during the treatments and remedied this as well.

Emilee Mendenhall

Before I started to work with Dr. Mills at Alinea Performance, I had been dealing with severe plantar fasciitis for a year and a half. I had no hope of it ever healing. I had been to several PT’s and did the suggested stretching/exercises. I tried to find things on the internet to help (socks, braces, exercises, etc.) and none of it worked. I couldn’t walk more than 2k steps a day without being in excruciating pain. I was burned out on the time and money it took to go to physical therapy. I felt like what's the point if my condition doesn’t ever improve. I was also descending into a bit of a depression from chronic pain. Life felt dark because I couldn’t do the things I love. If I tried, I was hobbling for days afterward. This was a hard pill to swallow when being active makes me happy. Fast forward four months later working with Dr. Mills and I finally got my life back. My situation has completely changed. Within weeks, I could feel a difference. I could be on my feet a little bit longer each day with no pain. Now I’m back up to my normal 11k steps per day with no problem. It’s like I got a new foot. I’m running and jumping again. It’s still wild for me to type that, because say what? Jumping? I would have literally fell apart if I tried to to do that a few months ago. I really thought I was on the hobble around train forevermore. The plantar fasciitis program has been perfect for me. Not only am I seeing results, but I love the open communication, the structure of the exercises, and the fact that I can do it all on my own time through an app. My only wish is that I had started this sooner. I would have saved myself a lot of time and money bouncing around trying to find a solution to my plantar fasciitis. It's amazing the difference it makes when you work with someone that knows what they are doing. Like I said, I went to like a million PT's, so I found solid gold in Dr. Mills. P.S. You are going to think you don’t need multiple phases of the programming but trust me…you do. It’s where extra magic happens. I’m so stoked on my progress and cannot thank Dr. Mills enough.


My experience with Dr. Mills at Alinea Performance has been wonderful so far.
Each session surprises me as Dr. Mills makes sure that I understand the “why’s behind each stretch or movement that I do. They are teachable moments that I can now replicate at home.
I am constantly surprised at my results no matter how big or small. The relief I feel and the difference these session have made to my shoulder and hip, are almost immediate.
Dr. Mills is a genuine, well-mannered and caring person, I am definitely going to continue to sing his praises.

Caroline Lankford

Dr Rosi is amazing!! Never thought I could get relief and range of motion back in my arthritic shoulders.. I would recommend her 100% ! Thank you very very much

Pascal “Pascually” Pierre

Dr. Joseph Rosi was not only super knowledgeable about the human body and how it works, but did a very good job explaining medical terms to me a non medical patient. He diagnosed my issue very quickly and got me moving normally again within a week. Which is a testament to his knowledge and competence as a PT. He is super friendly and kind and looks out for his patients best interest. To him being a PT is more than a job it's a passion, and you can easily tell this by just being around him. As an athlete I need the best and honestly Dr. Rosi is among the very best.

Gregg Tripp

I had some knee pain went to see Dr. Rosi on a recommendation. He really took the time to diagnose the not only the source of the pain, but also the root cause. We went over several excercises and I noticed a difference right away. A great thing he showed me was options for the gym, but also several things that I could do right from home with little to no equipment. It really helped with my schedule, and his suggestions were on point. Great experience, thank you Dr. Rosi


Went to Dr. Rosi to treat my neck. I was dealing with a lot of pain on a regular basis due to years of bad posture / thoracic scoliosis and body boarding (surfing).
I had my first session and went to the airport right after to go on a surf trip to Costa Rica. Thanks to his treatment, I was able to surf everyday without no neck pain and improved neck mobility. I soon realised how good he is at his job and went to see him soon after a month to re-treat my neck and my recently dislocated shoulder. Due to me having so many physical issues (neck/lower back/ shoilders) Joseph recommended a personal training plan to improve on mobility and therefore I would be in less or no pain at all.
Have been seeing him once a month for 1 session of PT and I'm currently doing the exercise plan he sends me thru the true coach app. Definitely recomend him, your body will thank you.

John Simon

Dr Joe Rosi is amazing and extremely intelligent and knowledgeable about Physical Therapy and your body. I have a bad shoulder from a rear end accident. My orthopedic doctor showed me that my right shoulder had two tears in the tendons . He wanted to operate.
Dr Joe Rosi has worked with me and no pain and plus he gave me a great routine to keep my shoulder in great shape

Alexander M.

In March of 2023 I suffered an iatrogenic Rx drug injury that had left me with total pelvic floor dysfunction among many other systemic issues as an otherwise healthy 30 year old male pharmacy student. I had seen so many medical doctors, none of which could help me. I was devastated, scared, and desperate to reclaim my health as my whole world had turned upside down with the flip of a switch. Through researching I found Alinea and inquired as to if they had a male physical therapist (which seemed very hard to find anywhere) as I wanted someone who understood what I was going through. Immediately I received a call from Dr. Joseph Rosi himself and he talked to me for half an hour as I explained my condition. His knowledge was extensive and he assured me that he would help me through this debilitating experience. His schedule was extremely accommodating and I began receiving therapy from him almost right away. With each session he was so thorough in explaining everything to me throughout the healing process, and truly listened to my concerns and answered any question I had with ease. He made me feel comfortable and turned an absolute nightmare of an existence into a journey of healing. After 10 sessions with him over the course of months, I regained everything I thought I had lost forever. Being a patient of Alinea literally gave me my life and my mental and physical health back. I don’t know what I would’ve done without Dr. Rosi’s expertise and comprehensive approach. Best physical therapist I have ever been to. I would recommend these services to absolutely anyone. No matter how bad things are, it is possible to reclaim your life and vitality. Their promise became my new reality and I am forever grateful.

Shazida Sarwar

One of the best healthcare practitioners I have encountered in a very long time. Joseph was very knowledgeable, professional, and incredibly helpful. I had back pain from two herniated discs for several months and have gone through several specialists and a round of Physical Therapy prior, with no success. After my first session, I started feeling better and hopeful. Joseph explained the body mechanics so well that I was able to incorporate purposeful movement throughout the day which continued to improve my function. I cannot recommend Joseph enough! He truly heard me and helped me! Thank you so much Alinea for giving me my lifestyle back!

Robert Tomlinson

My Pain Management MD referred me to Dr. Jessica Rosi for PT, advising me that she had gotten great results for his patients. I had a longstanding issue in my right hip that left me unable to walk for more than five minutes without severe pain. I was also unable to stand still for more than five minutes without pain. Dr. Rosi showed up at my home with an “I’ve Got This” vibe. She reviewed the radiological reports, conducted an evaluation and came up with a plan. We implemented it. It worked! She has a great bedside manner. Top Drawer.

John Roach

"I had worsening pain for many years. NP Michelle Mayola at Alleviate Pain in St. Petersburg recommended physical therapist Dr. Jessica Rosi saying she had heard nothing but great things from other patients she had referred.
Dr. Jessica quickly identified and started therapies, modified my excercise routine, gave me some things to do at home and posture/position tips that have helped reduce the pain immensely.
I felt relief immediately and steady progress since. My back feels stronger, my posture is more upright(unexpected benefit) and my pain level has gone from frequent and sometimes breathtaking to occasional and mild in just a few short weeks.
Dr. Rosi is vey knowledgeable, thorough, professional, efficient and effective. I would highly recommend her if you are considering physical therapy."

Laura Nunes

My experience was with Jessica. She made me feel comfortable and confident that I could accomplish everything and anything. She explained things if I didn’t understand. I reached a point where I went from walking with walkers only around my house to walking with a cane and being able to go out and enjoy life again. She has a friendly personality and always made me smile and laugh. Once again I am thankful to their company in making my life better.


Dr. Gillihan has been great to work with over the past few months. Running has always been difficult for me and would cause severe pain in my shins. Since working with Alinea and implementing their programming, running is actually becoming enjoyable. And the best part is there is no more severe pain in my shins. Highly recommend!

James Riggs

Dr. Gillihan saw my son following multiple hamstring strains and knee pain from playing high school sports. The Doc was able to get my son back to playing football within weeks when he had been attending another local PT clinic for months. Dr. Gillihan did a phenomenal job getting him back to lifting weights, running, and overall making him feel more confident in his ability to return to sports. I would highly recommend Alinea Performance to anyone with a sports injury or looking to have their child get back to playing sports at a high level.

Mark Carpenter

Absolutely fantastic! Andrew's knowledge is incredible; and he is emotionally engaged with his patients. I highly recommend his service if you are wanting to feel your best.

Stacy Dombar

Super friendly and doing a great job helping my in-laws!

Eric Lhymn

Over the past year or so, I've had a groin strain and most recently a back injury that's been flaring up time and time again. I've tried other PTs in the area, and from personal experience I can say with 💯 confidence that Doc Mills is in a tier of his own when it comes to his treatment and how he assesses a patient's needs and rehab plan. You get a full hour of his undivided attention each visit, which the same cannot be said for other PT clinics I've visited. This absolutely sets him apart and he has taken an extremely in depth approach to evaluating my movement, mobility, and overall strength in all facets. There's no cookie cutter approach when Mills gives you a treatment plan. It's tailored to your specific needs and situation. So if you've had a nagging pain for weeks, months, years, even decades, and you think you've tried "everything" and nothing works, reach out to Doc Mills before throwing in the towel and accepting your nagging pains.

Conrad Freeman

My time spent with William at Alinea Performance was fantastic. I’ve never had a physical therapist care so much about my well-being. He was always there to listen to my input and always heard what I had to say. He tuned my exercise program specifically to my needs to a level that no other PT had done before. Through him I have been given tools to use in my every day life that have helped me too go from a near sedentary state to two days ago I hiked 10 1/2 miles in the mountains. I tell everyone I can about him!


Highly recommend! After aggravating my low back during a workout and attempting to correct it on my own for 3 months, I finally made an appointment with Dr Mills. Not only did his specific treatment plan for me relieve the pain but he has also taught me the proper body mechanics and stabilization to ensure it doesn’t happen again. I haven’t felt this strong and mobile in my a long time. Everyone who I have dealt with there is super friendly and very knowledgeable.

Jake Tompkins

Dr. Mills is phenomenal! His work allowed me to continue to do the things I love. I feel better and move better. He has also worked with my son who had some shoulder issues post baseball season. He got him feeling great again and throwing pain free in only weeks!!

Zack Babin

Dr. Mills is hands down the best PT I've ever come across. Truly a remarkable and smart man, someone that you can trust to get you back on the path to your fitness journey. Due to the economy, I have to leave Alinea Performance, but you better believe I'll be back!

Amanda Jackson

I had been battling lower back pain on and off for months. I finally decided to do something about it and couldn’t be happier with my decision. Will took the time to listen to the different circumstances that caused flare ups. He did a full assessment, and helped me realize that some of my pain wasn’t stemming from my back, but weaknesses in other muscles. The exercises he has given have helped tremendously and I look forward to continuing to work with him towards a full recovery and a strengthened body!

Sarah Bulla

I have a lot of experience having on and off PT throughout my life. Dr Jessica Rosi is the best I have ever had and has helped me tremendously.
She understands my complex situation and health conditions. She intuitively understands me as a patient and has worked with me to alter my in home living, daily activities to support me physically to continue them without further pain. She is one in a million and I recommend her to everyone that is seeking a physical therapist. I am very blessed to have her work with me and anyone that is seeking a PT, will be very fortunate as well.

Aaron Borders

My only regret is why didn't I come to Dr.Rosi III sooner. I've known him for 2+ years now and finally pulled the trigger and seeked help from him about a month ago. This guy knows his stuff. I'm already in less pain and moving better than ever and it's not even a month yet out of my 3 month plan/treatment. I've had my share of chrios and pts but none compare to Alinea. will update in a few months but I highly doubt anything will cause this rating to drop. Thanks Joey!

Amber Gray

I went in because my scapula was really nagging me for a few weeks. It's been about 3 weeks now since I saw Joseph and I can't tell you how much better I feel. He is amazing at what he does and is so great at explaining things so you can understand. I've been doing the exercises he recommended and it's definitely helping! Thank you!

Mason Liu

Went to Joey to get his opinion on some chronicle knee pain I’d been dealing with. He provided me a regiment of movements specific to the issue, as well as education on the pain mechanism and other related information. Really intelligent, and spends a lot of effort and time for his clients. Couldn’t recommend him highly enough.

Richard Veitz

About 12 years ago I began experiencing lower back pain. My doctor said there was very little that he could do for me except to, wait for it, wait for it, prescribe me pain pills. So of course I said ok. Now fast forward to today, and as I’m sure you won’t be surprised, I’m not only still in pain, but I’m addicted to the the pain pills, which help me only marginally.

And then I was referred to Dr. Jessica Rosi. She was, and still is, straight up with me. There is no magic cure she told me. If I want to relieve the pain, then I’m going to have to put in a lot of hard work. Twelve years ago I was offered a quick way out of this, through pain pills. But today I know that there is no easy and or quick way out of this. I have to put in the work, but I also know that as long as I do that, Dr. Rosi will always be there to help me a long the way. If only I had met her twelve years ago.

Teresa Roche

I am pleased to write such a positive review for Alinea Performance. Jessie, and Joseph Rosi, tailor the physical program to meet each client's needs. They are up to date on the most physical therapy techniques and training. Above all, they are compassionate, and caring people.

Jack Dockery

Alinea Performance is top notch in the field of Physical Therapy. They have some of the brightest minds and provide evidence based treatment that has proven to work! I recommend them without reservation.

Cherisse Kozloski

I came to Dr Rossi about 8 weeks after my accident still experiencing continuous headaches, pain in my traps and upper back and stalled at a traditional PT office. After switching my pain and ability to move my neck and back have improved greatly in just a short 4 weeks and on track to be completely restored


I recommend Jessica wholeheartedly. I required vestibular therapy to improve my balance, and I was impatient with my slow improvement at an outpatient clinic. Jessica focussed in quickly on my key issues, recommended and practiced therapies with me that addressed them, and pushed me to continually improve. Today I have resumed most all of my prior activities. Can't thank you enough, Jessica!

Brian De Jesus

"I cannot over state how happy I am to have found Alinea! My GF and I got into a car accident and our Attorney recommended some random dr and clinic that they use. It was so unsettling and the office clearly only cared about money NOT actually helping us with our pain. We looked for better options and stumbled across Dr. Rosi with Alinea. COMPLETELY opposite experience. First of all, the convenience of Physical therapy AT HOME was absolutely perfect and logical. We were in a MVA, sooo we had limited Transportation!
Dr. Rosi was so easy and reliable to contact, he had a personalized regimen for my GF and I, and set clear goals for recovery. Having him come to the house also made him feel like family or a close friend. He restored my faith in Healthcare and will always remain my #1 recommended company to work with!"

Ron Cothren

Mike Zimmerman

Had full hip replacement surgery, finished therapy sooner than scheduled because of the one on one care. Unlike many therapy centers, Andrew focuses on you alone, with a more personal treatment session based solely on you, your progress helping you full range on motion, strength and stability.

Colette Lewis

Dr. Gillihan is amazing. He helped our teenage daughter get back to playing sports. His patience and dedication was exactly what we needed for our strong willed daughter. His location is convenient and provides the necessary equipment needed for therapy.

Charles Coburn

Dr. Andrew has been nothing but amazing in helping me get back to fighting shape after suffering a shoulder injury in a car accident recently. The gym is super clean and a nice space that makes you not feel judged and welcomed. Also super easy to find can’t beat that!

Jeremy Embry

Dr Gillihan has been treating my elbow injury for the past 3 weeks. His comprehensive plan and therapy has my elbow virtually pair free and I am excited to get back to working out again. He has laser focus on the treatment area and walks me through how to properly do not only the physical therapy but how to properly do my entire workout routine so I get more effective results! Thanks Doc!

Brett St Clair

I stumbled across Dr. Mills during a time when I finally overcame my own stubbornness and decided I needed help if I wanted to be able to continue doing what I thoroughly enjoyed. For most of my life I have gained strength relatively easily, always been one of the stronger individuals on my athletic teams, at the gym, whatever. What I learned (the hard way) was that I knew how to get strong, but not to stay healthy. At 23 years old with 2 shoulder surgeries and one hip, I was advised to give up heavy lifting altogether & do low impact exercises. Insert Dr. Mills - I met with him and discussed what I was feeling, what movements triggered it and went through a movement screening where any limitations were noted. We talked about what my goals were & where I see myself moving forward. Over the next few months I met regularly with Dr. Mills to analyze any movement changes, assess strengths and adjust programs. Throughout this time he helped me with my lifting programming and proved to me what I thought would be impossible - was in fact very possible - with the right amount of time, dedication and attention to detail. I’m by no means a world class lifter, just a guy who enjoys pushing his body to the limits & try to get a little bit better everyday. I’m able to do this because of the time I spent with Dr. Mills, if it wasn’t for him I probably wouldn’t be lifting at all. 2 years out from my last procedure, I have had 0 problems, discomfort or flare ups. I’m stronger than I have ever been, my body moves better than it ever has and I ultimately feel better every day. I’ve moved weights I never thought would be possible. Long winded, yes - but these words don’t do justice to how strongly I recommend Dr. Mills. He earns my respect and highest recommendation.

Boo Persica

I highly recommend Dr. Mills and his group for your therapy needs. Very professional and personable. Communication is awesome and he listens to your needs. Dr.Mills did a great job motivating me when I needed it. There is no doubt my recovery would have not have been this good without them. Thanks Doc!

Stephanie Freeman

I have been working with Will now for a few months! When I first saw him I had severe pain in my hip flexor. It hurt to sleep, walk, and even drive. After rehabbing my hip the last few months, I am now starting to train hard again and do things that I had stopped such as squat, run, jump etc. Will is always wondering how I am doing and making sure I’m doing the right thing to stay healthy! If anyone has any problems they should come see Will because he will get you straight and healthy so you can do the things you love!

Ashton Garner

Dr. William Mills is the best PT for someone who is active! I was hesitant to go to physical therapy after starting CrossFit because of the stigma that some doctors have against CrossFit. However, as someone who does CrossFit himself, Dr. Mills knows how to combine his understanding of the human body with the movements we do regularly. He knows how to help you improve and strengthen your muscles/body to do the movements safely and better than you did them before! If you’re having aches and pains at the gym, I wouldn’t recommend anyone besides Dr. Mills to help you!

Darryl Bourque

Thanks Alinea , after my prostate was removed you brought me back to almost a non- leak and no pad experience.

julien jordan

Let’s me tell you about a guy named Dr.Mills. I came in with a somewhat simple problem, but I was having an issue finding a doctor that could help with it. Finally I came to Dr.Mills and he came up with a game plan to help me get back to up to speed. His availability and his consistency was great. I would recommend him to anyone sports related or even just to rehab. Also he has one of the cleanest cuts in the game. What else could you want in a Physical therapist/ trainer. 5 stars!

Patricia Stapleton

Ben Elukin

Dr. Rossi has been super diligent in his help to get me back competing and checking in on my progress! His knowledge and attitude towards recovery are amazing.

Enrique Sasson

After suffering from nagging small injuries and two hernia surgeries, I was lucky enough to meet Dr. Rosi. I've been to other physiotherapy clinics in the past and the juxtaposition in the experience is night and day.

Dr. Rosi is extremely well versed in his craft and the personal attention and direct assistance given is indispensable. He not only imparts the knowledge on the know how of the exercises but also the why behind the science. I recommend Alinea wholeheartedly.

Matthew Perini

I've had chronic back pain for years and have been to my share of doctors and PT's. After a few months working with Dr. Rosi, I am in a much better place both physically and mentally. Dr. Rosi was insightful and supportive throughout the entire process. I highly recommend anyone currently dealing with pain or anyone looking to prevent injuries to contact him!

Laraine Chulla

I've been benefiting from Dr. Rosi's at home treatments. She is helping me avoid surgery with great improvement!
Love the personalized, completely in depth therapy!
She has a specifically developed virtual fitness/therapy program designed for my unique injuries that is interactive and virtually monitored by her! She can make adjustments to my program as needed within minutes!


I can’t say enough positive things about Dr. Rosi. I learned so much about myself like the fact that one can be too flexible and how this causes tension and pain in the body. He put my healing in my own hands by Teaching me a doable exercise program for my neck. He also advised me on some meal delivery options, equipment to help me make videos for my business, and a myriad of other helpful things above and beyond the physical therapy. Joseph as a teacher at heart like myself and I really appreciate our time together. It has been invaluable. To me, Time is money and his willingness to come to me without a lot of bureaucratic red tape was worth every penny.

Donna Turuc

I'm 59 with bone on bone right knee that I had orthoscopic surgery done on three years ago, it never really healed properly. I got a personal trainer that helped a lot but she recommended that I contact Dr. Joseph Rossi. I was still very limited with my knee The personalized 1-on-1 therapy gave me hope and quick results I have been seeing him for twice a week for about three months and my knees are great. I can walk fast I just got back from a cruise walked all over Mexico all over the ship taking the stairs everywhere. When I go for walks I can even break out into a slight trot. Individualized physical therapy Is the best thing anyone can do. You get complete attention and your problem gets solved a lot quicker than going where there are several patients for each therapist.

Mary Ann Obmann

My physical therapist, Dr. Jessica Rosi is a dedicated, caring, and knowledgeable professional. She developed a program to successfully help me manage pain from my Spinal Stenosis. I am very grateful for her skills as they improved my life.

Mike Montario

Jessica is an excellent physical therapist. Great personality. Very patient. Explained and demonstrated everything clearly and in understandable terms. I was extremely happy with the progress I made.

Carol Gierman

Jessica is thoroughly professional and yet took time to listen to my personal concerns as she was attuned to the reality that body and emotions worked in tandem. She always listened and responded to ortho issues not related to my pt orders. Very unlike any other pt therapist I have had.

Miguel Kinser

Has been an awesome experience working with Joshua/Alinea Performance. Highly recommend them.

Alex Driscoll

Dr. Gillihan is very personable and focused on his patients' individual needs and physical goals. He is kind and realistic and passionate about what he does. Would absolutely recommend his care to anyone looking for PT!

Sam Hildebrand

Tweaked my knee doing BJJ and reached out to Dr. Gillihan. He immediately got me into his office and we started a program that has me back on the mats feeling great!

Clay Elliot

Dr. Gillihan is a world-class PT. I'm an aspiring fighter and former competitive strongman who suffered a severe work-related neck injury years ago, which means I had plenty of lingering issues keeping me in pain and preventing me from performing at my best.

The first day I went to see him Andrew diagnosed a simple but major problem with my hip that three other PTs had missed. He gave me a simple, actionable plan to work on it and two months later the difference is massive. We started working on my neck only recently and I'm seeing big results there as well. Life-changing differences in a couple of months and I'm looking forward to smashing people pain-free as we progress. Andrew's knowledge of human anatomy and how it works/moves is huge. He loves his work, he's compassionate, he listens, and he's the type of person who's always looking to learn and improve even past his doctorate. He's everything you want in a PT and I'd recommend him to anyone.

Laura Klekamp

Andrew worked with my 16 year old daughter. After a few visits she was already noticing a difference in her ankle. She had been to several orthopedics and physical therapist to get relief with no success. Andrew’s approach was different. Although she was still working through an injury, Andrew put her through workouts. Other places were typical PT..and wanted her to rest and limit activities. I am so glad we found Andrew and will continue to use him. I would highly recommend him!

GJ Sequeira

Practical and Purposeful Performance Therapy I used to think I could get away with doing rehab and mobility exercises on my own until I consulted with Alinea. If you're an athlete or casual gym goer, stop trying Dr. Google and see Doc Mills Doc Mills gave me a game plan to address my areas where we would really improve (T-spine, Hips, and Groin) and I've never felt better. Over the past two years we've kept in contact whenever I notice impingement or lack of mobility and discuss whether it's a one off or chronic. Mills is super knowledgeable and has always been easy to contact. Call or stop by his office and tell him GJ sent you. Get real results instead of search results.

Amber Hunt

I have worked with Dr. Mills multiple times over the past three years and I absolutely love him. He is extremely educated and well versed in his approach to incorporate rehabilitation techniques and long term health benefits. He was able to help me strengthen my heart from a previous injury and congenital defect, without causing any damage to those muscles. Highly recommend him to friends and family all the time.

Nyoki Mokeba

I had some serious ankle issues for a very long time. After going through some preliminary tests, Dr. Mills set up me up with a plan to help with both flexibility and a strength plan to get my ankle back in a decent place. He is very thorough in his processes and extremely easy to talk to. 10/10 would recommend.

Vera Young

Dr. Mills and staff at Alinea Performance did a wonder job on my body from day one. They listen and make you feel comfortable and encouraging. I total recommend Dr.Mills and staff for all your body aches. Alinea Performance for your physical therapy you want regret it..

J King

Dr. Mills treated me for a painful pulled neck muscle that left me unable to move or turn my head. Dr. Mills provided excellent in office treatment, including dry needling, and also taught me stretches that I could do on my own at home to recover faster.

Mike Beck

Dr. Mills and the Alinea Performance staff exceeded all my expectations with regards to my pre and post operative physical therapy. Best of all I received life changing wellness exercise instructions that I consider priceless.

Mike Nathan

I cant begin to say how impactful and positive Alinea Performance has been to me and my health. Joseph is very patient and always deep dives with everything you do each session so you have a clear understanding of what you are doing, why you are doing it and what the result will be. my day to day life prior to starting with Alinea Performance was very challenging due to limited mobility and pain and although I am still in sessions with Joseph, I can say that my day to day life is actually manageable. I would highly recommend Alinea Performance.

Shaun Ottley

Where do I even begin! I had been suffering from on and off chronic quad tendonitis for 5 years and this most recent time it flared up and ENOUGH WAS ENOUGH! As a powerlifter, being in pain is not only not conducive to my training, but takes a mental toll as I'm not able to do the thing I love to do the most.

As I was leaving the gym one day I saw a banner with Dr. Joseph Rosi's info on there and decided to give him a try upon recommendations from other gym goers. After ONE session, Dr. Rosi not only explained what was going on, but gave me a bit of treatment, a routine to follow and clear goals that would help target the pain. After a few workouts implementing this, I was feeling better. And weeks later I barely feel ANY pain in my knee. It feels better than it has in half a decade thanks to Dr. Rosi!

Jody Brown

Finally found someone who understands what my body needs. The instructions are succinct and she even "counts" for you! Have lost weight, feel stronger and finally carry over my exercises on my own. Always a please to see Jessica's smiling face. Her encouragement is great!

Sylvia Kosiorek

Worked with Joseph on some lower back pain I was expirencing, after only a few sessions I saw improvement. Would definitely recommend to anyone experiencing any sort of pain or discomfort.

Laura Nunes

My experience was with Jessica. She made me feel comfortable and confident that I could accomplish everything and anything. She explained things if I didn’t understand. I reached a point where I went from walking with walkers only around my house to walking with a cane and being able to go out and enjoy life again. She has a friendly personality and always made me smile and laugh. Once again I am thankful to their company in making my life better.

D Turuc

I'm 59 with bone on bone right knee that I had orthoscopic surgery done on three years ago, it never really healed properly. I got a personal trainer that helped a lot but she recommended that I contact Dr. Joseph Rossi. I was still very limited with my knee The personalized 1-on-1 therapy gave me hope and quick results I have been seeing him for twice a week for about three months and my knees are great. I can walk fast I just got back from a cruise walked all over Mexico all over the ship taking the stairs everywhere. When I go for walks I can even break out into a slight trot. Individualized physical therapy Is the best thing anyone can do. You get complete attention and your problem gets solved a lot quicker than going where there are several patients for each therapist.

Alison Johannessen

My son, Will was treated by Dr. Mills for several months for his pelvic nerve pain. He was a life saver for my son, Will is 23 and has Down Syndrome. Dr. Mills, Amy and Christian were very understanding towards Will.
Every appointment we were greeted with a smile from Amy. Dr. Mills was able to help Will more than any Dr. Christian was an excellent trainer forWill. It was a great experience!

Kayla Bala

I highly recommend this company for your PT needs. Dr. Jessica Rosi is extremely knowledgable in her field, professional, kind, and passionate about getting her patients better. 10/10 recommend!!

Ashley Likens

Highly knowledgeable, highly professional, highly effective. Look no further for a doctor to help you with your pain.

Steven Magaziner

"Dr Jess will COME TO YOUR HOUSE, and no charge on Medicare!
All I been everything and everyday however Dr Jess has the opposite concept!
Thank you for saving my next 30 years (100 years old) 😝💡💡😍"

Mary Schaaf

Josh is awesome! So personable and thorough. He’s my weight lifting coach and he is very knowledgeable and uplifting. I highly recommend him for coaching or PT!

Evan Uveges

Andrew is a very knowledgeable , practical and thorough PT. He takes the time to understand your issues, goals and lifestyle/sport and provides much more than just one size fits all routines. The facility that be operates out of us very nice and has everything that you could want in terms of equipment. Would highly reccomend!

Anouck Camel

Andrew was a great coach! Glad I hurt myself!

Ashley Porinsky

After having troubles walking, my dad has been seeing Dr Andrew for a few weeks now. The progress is incredible! The difference with Dr Andrew is that he actually cares about his patients. The knowledge and passion is undeniable. I cannot thank him enough for his help.

Sergio Smith

Andrew was so helpful and informative. He helped me recover from a nagging back injury. Alinea was a clean and professional business and i would refer it to anyone.

Aaron Fast

Had quite a bit of trouble with back issues. Have seen multiple chiropractors, Drs, and PTs. Will and his team were able to help me through the pain. They didn’t stop there though. They analyzed my movements from the way I pick things up and even down to the way I walked to help strengthen muscles and form new movement habits to prevent recurrence of back issues. This is not your everyday PT, these guys are looking to make your life better for the long term.

Jessica Madere

Will is so detailed, and informative. I always left an appointment with more knowledge about how my body works and what it needs. He has helped me through injury and with just improving myself for the lifestyle I like to lead. If you are an athlete and want to stay an athlete for a long time, this is the PT you need. For injury healing or prevention. Loading and understanding goes a long way!

Jenny Peterkin

After being told by 4 different orthopedic surgeons to avoid most exercises and to treat my hip pain with over the counter pain pills until I am old enough to get a hip replacement, I decided to give physical therapy a try. After just a few sessions with Dr. Mills, I saw my mobility in my hip increase and my pain consistently decrease. He is always so knowledgeable and spot on with his treatments! I now move better than before

Summer Blouin

I have been in severe pain due to a bulging disc in my C5 which is also pinching a nerve in my neck. I was heavily leaning toward surgery when I was referred to Dr. Will. Over the past few months he and his staff have gone to great lengths to help correct my bad habits that led to my injury. They have helped me build better habits to keep myself injury and pain free. He has set me up for a future I wasn’t sure I could have and I couldn’t be more thankful.

Clint LeBlanc

I had been dealing with discomfort in my right knee since 2017. I am happy to say after working with William for 3 weeks, I recently hauled baby carriers/toys up and down the stairs to my attic and the pain was nonexistent. This is a task that would have made me very agitated in the past due to the pain that it would cause. The amount of focus, care, and troubleshooting that I received when working with Doc Mills was unparalleled. He respects my existing abilities as an athlete and addresses the root cause of the problem instead of the symptoms.

Jimmy Kaiser

Had a strained rotator cuff, limiting my arm movement and painful when extended. The 6 sessions brought me to about a 90% improvement, thinking I can get to 100% with the exercises I learned. I Noticed improvement along the way, with each session increasing the complexity or different movements. I can definitely recommend William Mills, he has extensive knowledge of all the workings of the body. He noticed a lack of flexibility in my back during the treatments and remedied this as well.

Melby Rios

Alinea is great, professional & with great therapist.

Max Ansbacher

I am pleased to give my wholehearted endorsement to Dr. Jessica Rosi who is one of the finest P.T. instructors I have ever met. When I decided to spend the winter in Florida this year I didn’t know any P. T. down here but my instructor in NYC offered to locate one for me.

She consulted various reference sources and selected Jessica on the basis of her experience, training, and reputation in the Palm Beach area. I soon found out that she had made an excellent choice as Jessica is both professional and friendly.

In the four months that she has been teaching me there has been a real improvement in my balance, duration of walking, lunges, and speed in general. I would recommend her to anyone who is trying to build up their physical strength as I have.

Edward S.

I want to thank Dr. Rosi for his help with the pain that I had in my rear delts, hips and lower back. He took the time to explain everything in detail and showed me exercises to do on my own time. Some of the tips he had mentioned have drastically improved the form I had on my squats and dead lifts. I can't thank him enough for saving my rear delts (my left rear delt in particular). I was experiencing pain when I would bench and since my sessions with Dr. Rosi the pain has disappeared and the stability of my bench has improved. I would recommend Dr. Rosi for anyone that is experiencing pain in any area of the body or even better for those who want to be proactive and prevent injuries from happening.


I hurt my knee playing with my Pup and Joey helped me out tremendously. Confirmed that there were no tearing of any ligaments and helped ease my mind on the entire situation especially since I tore my ACL a couple years back. Also, he gave me a bunch of great workouts to do in order to regain the strength and confidence in my leg again. 10/10 would recommend.

Diana Konstantakos

Jessica Rosi is the PT who worked with me. I’ve been to PT multiple times, and I must say that Jessica is the best! I tore a tendon in my rotator cuff and she showed me how to strengthen the muscles around it. She is very knowledgeable and shares that with her patients. Thank you for helping me.

Megan Jenkins

I have had knee pain off and on since I was a teenager, and have had PT before. I figured that I would need knee surgery at some point. I called and was able to start PT right away with Joey, and he told me that it was not as much a knee issue as a tendon issue, and worked with me to strengthen the tendon from my hip down. The pain got better almost immediately, and after 12ish sessions, I have not had any pain at all in weeks! I would recommend Alinea to anyone needing PT, they were so great at working with me scheduling around my kids schedules, and it was so convenient to have in home therapy! A huge time saver, no commuting time, just the hour of therapy. Such a fantastic experience, I definitely recommend them to everyone.

Philip Geheber

In late 2022 I was diagnosed with prostate cancer so I scheduled a prostatectomy for January if 2023. My urologist referred me to Dr William Mills at Alinea Performance for pre-surgery strengthening my pelvic floor. I continued seeing Dr Mills for several months post surgery, continuing pelvic floor strengthening to manage bladder leakage.
I’m extremely satisfied with the outcome of my therapy because I’m now dry.
I truly believe that starting therapy before surgery had a tremendous impact on my success. As a bonus Dr Mills worked on strengthening my hips, knees, and legs, which were debilitated from multiple fractures in the past.
Dr Mills and staff are very knowledgeable and professional. I enjoyed going to PT and would highly recommend Alinea Performance to anyone needing PT.

Kelly Hayden

Joey has successfully rehabbed my 2nd hip issue! I'm so grateful to have benefited from the convenience of the PT app! I had two other PT's work on me, but neither were as good as Joey! His patience educating me about me injuries was so helpful!

Andrea Carvill

My mother, who suffers with back pain, has experienced amazing improvement after 8 sessions with Jessica Rossi. Jessica is a good listerner who corrected all of my back pains using different exercises each time she came to my house. She is a life saver!

Laima Price

Excellent service…:at home….much appreciated since getting about is not easy…:Jessica listens, evaluates and has helped with balance issues….reducing fall and trip fears…highly recommended 👍😊

Tucker Peace

I never had thought about all the small details of my fitness or my health. Sleeping, water intake and macro’s are something I never tracked. It was great to be introduced to them slowly without overwhelming me with everything. The workouts are difficult and I do feel like I am being pushed harder every week and I am not getting bored with the same workouts every week.

Nicholas Kugelman

Dr. Andrew is fantastic! I had been suffering from debilitating lower back pain which was keeping me from doing all the fun things I like to do – family time, Jiu-Jitsu, Gym, etc. In just a few weeks, I've gotten back onto the mats and have a path forward on strengthening my core / lower back. I appreciate it.

Garrett Hanna

I injured my neck while working hundreds of miles away from Alinea Performance. I was able to phone Andrew within minutes following injury. He was able to walk me through the necessary next steps to ensure a swift recovery.

Knowledge: 5/5
Availability: 5/5
Desire to work with you and get results: 5/5

Dan Davey

Andrew is awesome! He’s helping me get back on track to return to competition.
Best PT around! Would recommend!

Christian Avalos

I first met Andrew at Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ), we chatted and learned he was a Physical Therapist.

I experienced a shoulder injury while practicing BJJ. Decided to do the whole “self-diagnose and YouTube” type of rehab. While I noted some improvement. It wasn’t where I wanted to be. I got into swimming (silly me) and exacerbated my shoulder injury again. That’s when I reached out to Andrew.

I’ve been working with Andrew since late December of 2022 and work with him to present day; with plans to continue working with him. My shoulder feels much better, I have gained more strength, my physique is looking great and now I’m slowly transitioning away from physical therapy to my shoulder/s (my injured shoulder had instabilities while my other shoulder was just weak). And transitioning into physical training to get back into running and ultimate frisbee.

I feel comfort and confidence in Andrews’ skills, knowledge and capabilities. He’s not only a Physical Therapist but he’s also like a friend. He’s there for you to answer any questions you have, he’s passionate about his craft and is continuously seeking knowledge (for the academics out there - he’s got his Doctorates in this). You won’t go wrong or regret your decision by reaching out to him. Good luck on your journey - you’re in a good hands.

Scott Purdy

I came to see Dr. William Mills about pain in my right hip when lifting my foot and left knee pan. These issues had been going on for about 6 months, never getting much better. The pain was affecting not only my ability to workout consistently, but my ability to go through my normal routine. I was having difficulty getting in and out of my vehicle and was limping and experiencing pain after short walks. Dr. Mills spent the time to really evaluate my issues and find exercises to strengthen the problem areas. He did a great job of giving me exercises that really made a difference in just a few weeks. He worked with me for a couple of months total and my issues are resolved. I highly recommend Dr. Mills, he gets results.

Nathan Beard

William is the best PT I've been to. He fixed my entire squat in only a few sessions. 🙏🏼

Jonathan Spiers

After years of lower back pain and stiffness as a result of an injury, Dr. Mills vastly improved my condition after only one session. Highly recommend!

Beth Bacon

I worked with Dr. Mills recently after a flare-up of a very old knee injury. We actually uncovered another issue with turf toe in my right foot as we progressed with the knee rehab, and fixing that issue has made a world of difference in just about everything. I never once considered that my old turf toe may be contributing to my knee issues, but here we are. After working extensively with Dr. Mills on midfoot mobility and regaining strength in that area, I have been able to run AND squat with no knee pain or calf cramping for the first time in decades 🙌🏼🙌🏼

Anh Kim Phea

I started seeking help from William after having my first child. I had fully immersed myself into a full-time caretaking lifestyle that resulted in me completely abandoning myself. I had forgotten my own needs and didn’t know how to go about caring for myself. I knew everything that there was to know about my child, but I had lost myself during the process. Everything in my body felt both unusual and unfamiliar territory. Even the act of walking had become an unsure, vague activity for me. My movement enthused, pain-free life prior to having a child felt nothing but a mere dream that belonged to another person. Working with William for my daily functional needs has helped me regain stability and a strong sense of confidence in knowing that I am able to uncover everything I once knew before, and gradually work towards doing it all better. I now have mental ease with a locked-in focus towards my physical health without the mental fatigue of not knowing where to begin. Each session brings me closer to a better understanding of how I use my body. My appreciation has grown for physical therapy as it has shown me more of the body’s intricate connections. Prior to meeting William, I was not able to feel the full effects of lower body exercises such as squats and deadlifts. Fully firing my glutes and keeping constant tension throughout exercises felt like a shot in the dark. Now after working with William, I am able to better cue myself within these complex movements and restore much more function to my hip, knee, ankle, and foot stability. It has been a pleasure to work with William and his staff members thus far. He is punctual and is always ready for me at the door. He listens patiently and generously answers my web of questions as they come. His exercise demonstrations are clear, and his 1:1 personal training are both timely and respectful. William is curious, intelligent, adaptive, professional, focused, determined, and meticulous with his approach to healing and restoring a full-functioning body for his clients. His methods spell out depth and are specially curated for each individual. I have complete trust in his practice and have come to find immense value in a well-rounded, professionally trained coach. Thank you for your close attention to my needs and worries. You’ve been a gentleman to work with. The work has been both humbling and intimate. Thank you for helping me step further into my evolution. You are a change that I am thrilled to have taken part of.

Tasia Grider

My experience with Alinea Performance has been great! I was in pain with my knee and could not squat. My doctor wanted to send me to the usual physical therapy, and I refused. I was accepting the fact I would be in pain daily. I started searching and found Alinea Performance and made the call and spoke to Amy. After physical therapy with Dr. Mills the pain started to subside. He takes his time and is thorough in finding the core of the problem. I then started strength training with Amy. They are great and I am pain free. I feel great and seeing results. This is not your typical physical therapy where they stand around and talk while you do the exercise. They make sure your form is correct and your time is dedicated to you. This was a very enjoyable experience, and I would recommend anyone needing physical therapy to come to Alinea Performance. I am pain free and working out several times a week. I can squat pain free! One of the things that made my decision to try Alinea was the fact of the personal training incorporated with therapy. I don't think the big physical therapy companies have certified training. Each time I went to physical therapy in the past, I was always given the same exercises that did not help. In the future if I need PT, Alinea is where I will go. The positivity and professionalism are exceptional.

Fred Barr

Excellent care , Excellent personableness , and Excellent results! Joey CAN help .

Shane K.

I’m a full time personal trainer and gym owner , I was experiencing debilitating tennis elbow in both arms. I had no idea something that seems so basic can actually be so painful and actually effect my work and hobbies. I could barley open a door , I couldn’t work out for days at a time and I’m use to lifting 7 days a week so it was a real struggle for me . I finally contacted Dr. Joey Rosi and the results were absolutely amazing. With just one session I had almost full mobility and function in both arms back and my pain was next to nothing. I really underestimated the need for physical therapy and sports medicine. I’m now back to lifting and feeling great, I’ll be sure to get another therapy session with Dr. Rosi when ever I need a touch up , highly recommended.

Leonor Torrens

I started seeing Dr. Rosi after dealing with chronic back/neck pain resulting from a desk job. He took the time to examine my problem area and explained why I was having discomfort. After each visit he assigns you a few exercises/stretches to improve and strengthen your problem area. I’ve felt immediate relief after visiting him. I can’t recommend him enough!

Ryan Gallagher

I made an appointment with Dr. Rosi after more than a year of dealing with chronic knee and low back pain/discomfort. I experienced immediate relief following my first visit with continual improvement from then onward. Dr. Rosi went above and beyond my expectations to understand my issues and address the root of the problem rather than treating symptoms of it. He is very personable, easy to talk to, and would regularly check up on me to see how I was doing. I would highly recommend Dr. Rosi to anyone experiencing any issues or anyone that wishes to stay healthy and avoid them all together.

Gerald Tellefsen

When my pain medicine doctor prescribed physical therapy for the excruciating whiplash pain in my neck I thought maybe he was.... just befuddled.... Or something…. I never heard of PT for whiplash pain that was so bad I couldn't sleep, I could not watch TV. and I couldn't sit at my desk for very long without thinking about cutting my wrists. But, this doctor is the best healer I have ever met in my 84 years, so, when he said I should try PT and that he would arrange for it… what could I say? I said yes sir! I got a call from Alinea that Dr. (Dr. Parmar) had already sent them my medical information.. Dr. Jessica Rosi came to see me six times over the next month. MY NECK PAIN IS GONE! Yeah, it took some work… You have to do what she tells you to do, and do it regularly… And God forbid if your form is bad! But, she's got the patience of Job and she smiles a lot and is very encouraging. Played nine holes today, I am a happy man. You know, "Dr. Parmar to Dr. Rosi" is kinda like "Tinkers to Evers to Chance"........ If you are too young to know what that means, ask a baseball fan or look it up! Jerry Tellefsen (and, if anyone wants to talk to me specifically about my treatment, ask Dr. Rossi for my number and I'd be pleased to talk with you.)

Benjamin Rhinehart

Due to a lack of a male pelvic therapist in my area I had to travel one hundred and eighty miles round trip for appointments with Doctor Rosi. It was well worth my efforts. I never felt rushed, he explained my condition well and reassured me of my concerns. He listened to me and answered all questions. Bottom line he is professional, knowledgeable, and genuinely cares about his patients.