Candice Brown

The Ink Parlour

Love the Misfit Tattoo system. It has saved us so many hours. Carson is always quick to respond and help solve any issues we may have.


Louise Yan

Owner - Growing Pains Tattoo

This program is incredible!! Carson takes the time to help me with everything our studio - Growing Pains Tattoos located in Vancouver, Canada. Carson responds very quickly and helps us with any issues we may have or figures out a way to cater the program to our needs! They also save us a lot of money now that we don’t have to use jotform! We highly recommend Misfit Tattoo!!

Kaylynn Priday

Feel Good Ink

Thank you! So far I love the system!

The Ink Parlour

Carson & Misfit Tattoo is the best!!! Helped our Tattoo Studio so much in incorporating several online applications. Super stoked on how much Carson cares for his clients. Always ready to help us when needed. Thanks so much Carson :)

Myah Hoyseth

Carson always gets the job done and is a great guy all around!

Lars Widell

Owner - Ultramagnetic Ink

Carson has been great to work with. He is quick to get back to you with any questions and also makes appearances in person to check in and see how business is going. I feel supported and cared for. Thank you!

Jeff Lai

Carson is amazing to work with! He’s very attentive and works quick when you have any questions