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Clean interface, high functionality!


Superdense is awesome!!

I have wanting a piece of software like this for a long time. I have been using a Google sheet for a couple years now for alot to "try" to keep my tools/frequent sites organized. The main problem is that sheet has grown and grown over the years and sometimes it's hard to keep track of what column I list it in and not being able to search by (keyword) or have any visual reference it's really just a bunch of links. It has served me well but I actually looked for something like this years ago and never found it.

I can tell you this is a game changer. I can categorize things, customize and just find things much easier having a visual. The customizations are awesome for instance can't remember the name of a site but you know the logo? Easy it pulls the favicon from said site OR you can even customize the icon to make it even easier. There are ALOT of way to make it different and unique to your situation even adding a custom domain. Thank you Superdense!!



I’ve been looking for something like Superdense for a while now. Being able to not only access my bookmarks from anywhere on any device, you can also share pages of bookmarks for friends, family, colleagues, clients as well.
Easy 5 tacos from me.


Henry H.

"Improve your team's productivity"

It is incredibly easy to use, and also works well on mobile


nice bookmark manager

I was on the fence about this at first as I didn't "get" the icon-only bookmarks. But after jumping in and using it for a while, I can see that this is a good way to go. Superdense makes it very easy to keep things organized and I love the you can immediately get to what you need using the search feature.

If you need something to organize your bookmarks this is a great option!


I rarely leave reviews. Like ever.

Most purchases lead to dead-end customer service, over-complicated processes, and behind-the-scenes access and usage not quite matching up to what was presented in the original offer. I mean..what a bummer!

With this offer, what is offered is what you get. The experience is straightforward and this tool is ready for use.

Totally worth it!




This tool is so simple but it makes my life so much easier with all the software I use for my agency bussines.

Highly recommended

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So simple + powerful!

This is a great deal! Easy to customize and simple to create new categories and share with your team, collaborators, and the world! I'm glad to have purchased it!


A great productivity tool

I really like the concept of this tool. It works great. I'm an emerging organisational and productivity enthusiast. I have found Superdense super useful.

I open my browser and have access to all my tool in tbe click of a button.

Also, so far the customer service has been prompt and appropiate.

Well pleased.


2 Use Cases

What I am most excited about is sharing the resources I find online when I'm on stage or in workshops. I live on the internet and am always finding resources that will help entrepreneurs and before, I had a google sheet that I updated (kinda), that I would share the short link to. This is much prettier. And feels more polished and giving a wow factor.

Also, for myself, if I don't see it it doesn't exists, as I am categorizing my bookmarks I am finding a lot of resources again. It's exciting as I start to plan my 2023.



Bookmarks Simplified

I give a lot of demos and I needed a clean easy way to launch websites, funnels and other tools of mine based upon the type of demo I am giving. I love how this can quickly take me exactly where I need to go in a click. I will replace my "other" bookmark tool as quickly as I can create the spaces the way I want it.

Thanks Steve for a splendid piece of software.

Appsumo Verified Reviewer

So, I decided to go with Superdense. Since it is a newer product for me and the owner is very responsive. So, I look forward to many years of use. I love the UI and the ease of use.


Appsumo Verified Reviewer


Very easy to use, share, and manage. Great product, excited to see what new features this team is working on.


A Great Tool!

After a week of using this tool, it’s already become one of my favorites and I know it’s saving me time every day.

It’s simple to set up and intuitive to use and has been super helpful to have all the links I use on a regular basis front and center. I really like the ability to make spaces or categories public and plan to set up a public space for my social media bio links. I have not set up the custom domain or the white-label features, but I definitely will.

If you spend your days jumping from web app to web app, then Superdense is definitely worthy of your consideration.


Nice small business & personal tool

Superdense is a really great (and cheap) way to easily organize & share links with customers & VAs. Being able to have a variety of spaces that can each be private or public AND embedded on other sites is pretty fantastic.

SD is a simple, well-implemented solution that improves on a basic link list.

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Just got this, but already using it. I like the fact that everything is on a web page, where I can easily find it from anywhere.

Very useful, even though I have tab managers (this is different).



aop3d tech loves it!!!

I just got this and man it's even better than I thought it's great had it for 5 minutes but already love it it's not often that we take the time to write reviews unless it's absolutely extraordinary !!! and allow us to tell you it's going to save you from having 100 tabs open at once like us :) fantastic product and it's actually a web page so there are no downloads or installs it's just a great tool !!!!!!!!!!!


Superdense is the perfect bookmarking tool for anyone who wants to keep their bookmarks organized and easily accessible. The interface is simple and straightforward, and the support is excellent. I especially love the whitelabel feature, which allows me to customize my bookmarking experience to match my brand. I thought I found a bug, but I received a reply from the Superdense team within minutes where they explained their thinking on the matter. They are clearly committed to making their product the best it can be, and I am excited to see where they take it in the future. Keep up the great work, team!


I have used Toby for Chrome for the past few years to sync my bookmarks across multiple computers without using Chrome's cloud platform. Superdense operates very closely to the free extension but I was willing to pay for it due to the way it combines all my bookmarks into one page and its ability to create its own domain so I can access it with any browser on any computer without having to download an extension. For a tool that is going to be a daily driver, the cost is well worth it and I look forward to future improvements to it (perhaps the ability to save a tab as a bookmark by drag and drop?)

AppSumo Verified Purchaser

I've purchased and returned several tab and/or bookmark tools over the years and none have worked out. But I bought this a few hours ago and have already set up all my categories and have it as my startup tab. Loving it and I can't wait to come up with more ways to organize my work.



still another tabs manager? Come on, no, it's much more ! I love the UI, it's clean and looks pretty, you can make some bookmarks public, or private, no text just icons, beautiful! I set a custom domain, it works like a charm. Very powerful guys, many thanks for Superdense which is super cool !! Congrats !

Appsumo Verified Purchaser

I didn't know I need something like superdense this much. But after looking at my open tabs and almost shedding a tear, I decided to give it a try. I feel soooo much relief. Seeing WAY less open tabs feels so. much. better.


I was addicted to del.icio.us for years and somewhat distraught when this bookmark manager stopped existing. Since then, I tried many bookmark managers, but never found a user-friendly and low-cost organizer like Superdense. A thousand thanks Superdense for organizing my bookmark mess again🙏


Amazing tool, so simple (but also sophisticated) and helpful.

Wasn't even aware that I was longing for something like this for so long.


Jay R.

Superdense is a must have for anyone that wants to stay organized!

I love how you can create categories, visually see icons, create multiple workspaces, share your bookmarks, and even invite additional team friends or our team members.



Wish I had this program years ago!

Super dense is amazing! I use it for a Home Screen with Al my program laid out by applications. Subdomains I share to my SEO clients, portfolios for websites, the used are endless. Well worth the money, don’t sleep in this deal!


Jérôme B.

"The app that save time"

I had been looking for a similar solution for months without finding anything suitable.

Superdense seems easy to use and very convenient. I look forward to saving time with it!


Makes love easier

Being able to manage my bookmarks with Superdense makes life sooooo much easier.



Super EZ!

Wow! I admit that I usually don't actually sign up so quickly after purchasing a product on AppSumo. Oftentimes, I wait just about until it's too late. (I don't recommend it.) But I have quite a few purchases, and I tend to want to support the developers with the purchase, esp. if I am using other similar tools already.

Superdense is a tool that I bought because I NEEDED it. I overlooked others based on the reviews. I purchased this one--based on the reviews and because it was just too much for the bucks! Really!

What I like most for the 5 tacos. It's EXACTLY as they say it is. Simple U/IX (but changeable...I didn't like the "night" phase...was wondering why the tiny icons were even tinier looking, when I spied a place to click to change the dark background. "And then there was LIGHT! My Superdense page was now super BRIGHT AND who knew I could simply make all the icons much large in scale?! DONE.

So, I thought, "Now, I'll keep it."

What I was on the shelf about, but no prob? Even if I don't remember the icon, I can hover over it and get the name of it. BRILLIANT.


The leader of the pack!

It has a great UI, a simple and pleasing appearance, yet powerful capabilities, works well for either newbies or tech heads, has an unbelievably responsive developer, and has tremendous utility.


Great product

Simple to use , Nice minimalistic design

Great purchase exactly what I was searching for thanks


Best Bookmark Manager

I recently purchased the most compact bookmark manager for all my browsers and it has been a game-changer! It's so easy to use and is an excellent way to keep all my bookmarks organized. I love that I can access my bookmarks from any of my browsers with just a few clicks. I'm also impressed with its sleek user interface, making navigation a breeze. It offers a variety of features that make it incredibly user-friendly and efficient.

Appsumo Verified Reviewer

You don't often get such a simple and ingenious app!

At last an app that organises all my accounts visually, so I can find anything I need almost instantly.

I can rearrange the columns or positions of the icons and if I need to, the search is super clever, highlighting the relevant icons as you type.

And if that's not enough, I can access all of my links from any browser on any device.

You don't often get such a simple and ingenious app!


Simple and easy

I just started using this and it is already worth it!



Love it!

Superdense is an amazing way to keep my bookmarks and apps organized. I can see my bookmarks and apps, all on one screen, making it easier to find what I'm looking for. I highly recommend it to anyone who needs to stay organized!



Seems solid!

There are a few features I'd like to see roadmapped but what they've got so far is solid and helpful. I am an extreme bookmark-er and this helps visually organize


Bookmarks & Productivity Simplified !!

This is such an amazing tool. The super clean design allows me to make edits in the matter of seconds.

The way I can organize all my apps/accounts into specific categories of my choosing has most definitely helped in my productivity on a daily basis.

With having so much to do at times I am forgetful in tasks that need to be competed. By being able to view my Super Dense dashboard every time I jump on my laptop has refreshed my memory a few times already by seeing logo of the application.

All in all it’s one of those tools I never knew I needed but am sure glad I found. Thank you for a game changing bookmark tool. Glad I jumped on and am excited to see what the future holds.

Amazing, 5 tacos without question!



Simplifying my life

As a fully virtual business, I have hundreds of bookmarks I need to access frequently.

This tool is easy to get started with, allowed me to import my existing bookmarks in bulk and organize them in a way that makes sense.

Now when I am working on a specific type of project, I am able to view only the bookmarks applicable for that work. Switching devices is no longer stressful with having to make sure browser settings sync over.

I like the freedom of no longer being tied down to a specific device or browser and I am finding what I need faster.


Starting to organize all our links

I've been looking for a way to get our company and team links organized and nothing else seemed quite up to the task. I haven't put much use into the app yet, but we're beginning, and it seems like it will do quite nicely. The app is quite obviously focused on the one thing it claims to do, which gives me confidence it will be a good option.


Great Product and Great Communication

I am in love with this product, it is my main window for working every day, I used it every day, and even I have a suggestion and event the CEO take my advice and implement it.

Keep that great work !

Appsumo Verified Reviewer

Time saver

Superdense is the perfect bookmarking tool for anyone who wants to keep their bookmarks organized and easily accessible. The interface is simple and straightforward, making it easy to add, delete, and edit bookmarks. Superdense is my go-to bookmarking tool and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a way to organize their bookmarks.


Great place to store bookmarks!

I had to leave a review for excellent and rapid service!

The help support team really made everything super clear by guide me how to purchase and the benefits of using this great application. I was very impressed with their support teams with fast replies instead of having to wait till the next day.

The application has more than I think! Very useful function to manage bookmarks.

Try onetime as a free user and you must love it! You have no way to lose this great LTD.


Superdense is a highly functional bookmark manager with its special characteristic the ability to space, categorize, and share with your team or public a list of important bookmarks effectively and efficiently.


This app is just magnificent! So much space to fill! It's so easy to use as well. The icons automatically get the right one if there is one which is ideal. I love the app and I think this will be my new startup screen in the browser. Love the simplicity!


It is simplistic, and within a few minutes, it worked for me. I had many bookmarks in the browser, now no more, across all devices when synced. The browsers now look good. I am happy with this purchase, as there is no limitations for bookmarking the webpage that I enjoy every day/weekly. Hope to see its progress, particularly in the branding and designing its looks/appearance, and it will become one of the best bookmark managers soon. I would like to see more branding possibilities by 'category' at 'home'.



4 sur 5 car le français est absent pour le moment une application bien pensée et très utile un fonction vérification des liens est elle prévue ? Ou peut-être ai-je loupé ceci mais bref top de chez top belle expérience profitez bien de cette offre.

Appsumo Verified Purchaser

Excellent price point for an intelligent bookmark manager with potential. I've been using raindrops for over one year now and paying the yearly subscription for it. As soon as I saw this deal on Appsumo I bought it because I see Superdense as very good alternative to the current solution I'm using. On the plus side it's possible to build a profile with your recommendations which could be very beneficial down the road for blogging or influence purposes. The software allows you to change just about everything from email, user name, design, etc. It seems to be setup to prosper in the market.


Mark L.

This is the best way to manage bookmarks. I like how Superdense allows for a large array of favicons that represent webpages. These small icons can be clicked to go to the associated website. I especially like how Superdense allows users to customize the favicon image and upload their own image, if needed.

Jessica S.

Easily Identifiable, and Clean Interface!
I love the oganization and structure of the app. It helps me organize all my bookmaker all on one page using their Favicons. Superdense takes it a step further and allows me to share my bookmarks with colleagues.



Great tool for web agencies

This tool works great for managing all of the links associated with my business. The spaces & categories features are useful for keeping track of client projects. Highly recommend!

Verified User in Writing and Editing

"The best modern bookmark manager yet"

I've been searching for a bookmarking solution for a long time now and have finally found the one—Superdense. All other bookmark managers feel either ancient or too bloated. Superdense puts the focus back on the links themselves so you can get where you're headed faster.



Avoiding Bookmarks

Let's start off with stating that I never use in-browser bookmark solutions. You never know if you will end up changing which browser you default to, as it can depend vastly on workflow or what you happen to be working on.

Long ago I remember utilizing del.iciou.us (and enjoyed using it very much). It was then acquired by Yahoo and who knows who else later. Long story short, I've been without a great way to maintain, organize and manage bookmarks. Until now. Superdense solves the issues I've had. Modern, slick and compact design. More visual for quick reference.

I see a great future for this offering and look forward to it. New feature that was just added was the capability to open an entire "category" of bookmarks in multiple tabs in Chrome. They also added optional passwords for Public Bookmark Pages. Awesome for projects and to jumpstart whatever is being worked on. The ability to share a pre-built Bookmark page for team onboarding and for team reference is an amazing use-case, as well.

Full stack, no hesitation. Get it while you can and be happy you did.


For Solopreneurs

I'm so happy to have stumbled on this solution to a problem I didn't realize was worse than I thought. As a solopreneur, I have 68 business-related apps/accounts/memberships. I've tracked them mainly on Google Browser, but a browser is a horrible way to conduct your business. So I set up my Superdense homepage with all my links and love how focused it is. Before leaving this review, I checked out Raindrop and set it up with my 68 links, too; but I prefer the clean Supersense UI. Great product, great job on the design.


Super Easy Short-Cuts

I just bought the Superdensed software after reading about the reviews. I enjoyed the ease of use, and the software is really convenient for collections (bookmarks) of all my online URLs.

Solved many of my headaches using several other software to manage my bookmarks.

The AS offer is generous too :-).

My first best purchase for 2023.


easy to use

Nice app to manage all bookmarks. Easy to use. Love it.


Simple and thought out

Keep it simple. Perfect for links used all the time, spaces is perfect for business/personal seperation.


So glad I purchased this!

With so many accounts, courses, apps, etc., and let's not forget old age, instead of wondering what the heck the name of the site is that I need to type in, I have Superdence as my home page, and I just click. Saves me tons of time every day.

My CNAME stopped working, but I'm guessing that's something I messed up, and I haven't taken the time to fix it, since I just have the page open at all times.

5 Tacos for sure!


Good idea (4 tacos), very simple implementation



Just what I was looking for

I was looking for a tool where I could easily keep all my bookmarks without having to worry about what browser I was using, and be able to keep track of tools for my team. This does exactly that! The ability to add different Pages and Sections is great.


Best In Class To Organize Web Apps & Bookmarks

SuperDense is best in class!

It allows me to visually organize all of my Web Apps and Bookmarks.

It's easy to learn and provides a super intuitive interface.

The drag-and-drop interface made it quick and easy for me to create order from my browser bookmark chaos.

Get it while it's available - you won't be sorry!



Awesome productivity tool

This is such a deceptively simple yet powerful tool.

I love the clean design and the way I can see all my App Sumo purchases, social media and other important links on a single webpage.

Brilliant, full five tacos! :-)

Appsumo Verified Reviewer

Finally bookmarks I will use

Superdense is so darn simple and cool!!

I been made a video to share my first experience https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aSUK4wOWFP8

As a web designer who is constantly on the web, I've \"bookmarked\" my fair share of tips, tutorials, .etc ....but the browser bookmarks just didn't work out for me. I would favorite things but never look back. But Superdense is so simple and a good visual design for me, that I feel I'll use it. If anything, I can at least set up a nice page that I'll be able to share with others like a cool tutorial page. Awesome product. Look forward to messing around!

Appsumo Verified Reviewer

Best sanity saver ever

I used to use Chrome tab groups, but they didn't sync across my laptop, desktop, and definitely not on my phone. But it sufficed... Until I got a windows update and they disappeared along with my history! After several times of loosing my tabs (and don't get me started on trying to manage/wrangle bookmarks!), I saw Superdense and fell in love! I have just ONE incredibly organized place for all my sweet bookmarks. I added it to my Niagara launcher home screen and it's saved me so much time and effort. It's the same everywhere... That's what's so incredible. I no longer have to worry that my laptop saves are different than my desktop ones. Thanks so much!!!


Minimializing bookmark management- I love it!

Im so happy that I found superdense- it’s so sleek and nice. Exactly what I was struggling in achieving.

Organizing bookmarks is a charm. I even have different „bookmark“ pages for different heads I wear.



I was a little skeptical that this would work for me - but I LOVE it! It's easy to navigate, and simple to set up - and keep adding to it as you sort through the bookmarks I have already got backed up for days on end! The ability to organise into categories helps to create order out of chaos! Simples!



It's been a while since I was looking for a way to reorganize my numerous bookmarks on various pc's and to arrange them in a way that will increase daily productivity and waste as little time as possible when I get to work. I recommend to all the friends of the platform who also have a lot of links in their bookmarks to be able to get this very useful and practical tool, in any case if you are in the same case as me, I can only recommend it.



Very nice and tidy. I was thinking maybe I wouldn't need this, but I was wrong. This is making things quite easy and removing the clutter that I usually feel when going through lots of dropdowns to reach a site.



Wanted something like this for years! Enjoying Superdense a lot. Using favicons is really great for most sites.

AppSumo Verified Purchaser

Bought this to fix the endless tabs in my browser. Does the job perfectly and already feel less cluttered while working, great app!


I must say that I enjoyed using this tool from the beginning! Simple to understand and to use. I did not need to look at any documentation to start saving my links. I have another tool that does the same functionality, but it is not simple and it does not have a good UI. I am planning to keep using it for a long time!


A Must Tool For Developers and Marketers. I really like the tool interface and It is just amazing to surf all the apps within a single dashboard. If you are managing and working on various software then this is a gem to have in your bucket!

Jessica S.

I love the organization and structure of the app. It helps me organize all my bookmaker all on one page using their Favicons. Superdense takes it a step further and allows me to share my bookmarks with colleagues.


Mark L.

This is the best way to manage bookmarks.

I like how Superdense allows for a large array of favicons that represent webpages. These small icons can be clicked to go to the associated website. I especially like how Superdense allows users to customize the favicon image and upload their own image, if needed.



Finally I can have my Favorites in one place!

I don't know how long I have been waiting for something like this. To have all my favorites in one place. The headache of having to keep all my bookmarks/favorites in sync between Firefox, Edge and Chrome have been a nightmare.


Caleb David

"Awesome tool. Great value for money!"

To put it short: it doesn't matter what bookmark manager you use, Superdense is the king!

- I love the fact that only icons are displayed as bookmarks (concise visual)

- Ability to customize the background with CSS. This results in a super clean and intuitive UI

- Ability to share bookmarks with the public

- Private bookmarks don't get leaked during a random Zoom call 🤩

- Custom domains just arrived, making the show a top-notch

This tool is a productivity booster.


Simple, practical, and very effective!

I really like this app. It really does what it is intended to do very easily. I could set it up in less than an hour with my custom name and all my bookmarks and now can access them off any browser I want so they are always current and accessible.


Great way to organize your bookmarks

This software is very easy to use and understand but has a lot of great features. The ability to white label and make some or of the bookmarks public is a game changer. You can access all of your bookmarks from anywhere on any device.

This will be one of my most used tools!


Super awesome bookmark manager

Superdense is a super awesome bookmark manager. Loving it! I am very finicky about bookmark managers. I don't like it when I have to change my Chrome homepage to use them. Superdense does not hijack my homepage, and I can still use it very effectively. Get this deal while you can!


Simple tool multiple use cases

I like this app because the option to make a specific space public is pretty good. I wish the Chrome extension can detect all of the open tabs and give an option to save individually or as a dump. And, can’t wait for the Safari extension.


Beautiful and functional

The aesthetics alone are enough to get Superdense, but it's functional too. It's absolutely beautiful. It's easy to find your links. It's easily customizable. My favorite appsumo purchase so far!


Organized and loving it!!!

Really excited about this one, because I am not the most organized person!

Easy setup and the fact I can have all my affiliate links in one place is awesome.


The only bookmark manager you'll ever need

We have already tested and used several bookmark managers and were therefore rather sceptical when we came across Superdense. However, we were completely convinced by the minimalist style. Create a category, insert the URL and the link is created. It couldn't be simpler!

Appsumo Verified Reviewer

Time-blocking Secret Weapon

Finally an answer to time-blocking and using multiple tabs. I looked at this deal multiple-times and wasn't sure if it would meet my needs, but I'm glad I took the plunge.

I just deleted all of my other "on startup" links except my calendar. Now I can I time-block for reading news, social media, content planning, financial reporting and more, without getting distracted by other tabs.



The application that save time !

I had been looking for a similar solution for months without finding anything suitable.

Superdense seems easy to use and very convenient. I look forward to saving time with it!



My bookmarking needs are finally met!

Having tried many of the mainstream bookmarking tools currently available, I gave up hope and ended up using only Chrome with a category folder system utilizing emojis as titles to save space in the bookmarks bar... 🙄

Then Superdense came. I really liked the idea of having a cross-browser web page with a condense look of bookmarks based only on favicons. I found it very helpful visually since I don't use millions of different bookmarks but a few hundred instead.

The unlimited space features makes it easy to distinguish your categories and the columns setup is a great way to fit even more bookmarks on your Superdense pages so you easily navigate through them.



A really working time saver

I bought this bookmark organizer. I played around. I was not certain that it is a good solution to use it. But I am pleased now. CNAME works for me. I was able to use all the white-label functions and nevertheless I could upload my old bookmarks from other account. It is also easy to handle the size of the icons.


5 Stellar Taco's !

Superdense is an awesome tool for anyone who uses a lot of bookmarks. It's super easy to use and you can organize your bookmarks into custom categories! You can also create new folders easily (huge timesaver) , so it's very helpful if you have a lot of bookmarks (like me). If you're looking for an awesome way to manage your bookmarks across all your devices, this is definitely the best choice!


Very easy to use and manage

This is a simple and easy to use bookmark manager that can be used on all your computers. I like how Superdense allows users to customize the favicon image and upload their own image, if needed. This tool is a productivity booster.


Great UI! You will find it super useful if you a bookmark junkie like me.


Having a 'start page' that you visually see based on icons makes great sense; then being able to divide all those icons into categories reminds me of the library: much more easy to find things quickly, including Waldo.

Search bar helps speed things up if you remember the website name but can't find it visually.

This is very mobile-responsive as well.

I have purchased this for one specific reason and there were a few 'issues'. The response I received was top-notch in that the answers, the options and replies were all very timely. On top of that, the couple of suggestions I had were well received and within 24 hours dealt with and Superdense had more 'superpowers'!

Highly recommend this product!

AppSumo Verified Purchaser

Superdense is great. Oftentimes software doesn't live up to the hype. Superdense far exceeds the hype. It's very easy to use, the learning curve is virtually instant, and it's super useful. I use it every day. I wish all Appsumo products were this good.


Nice JOB! Really cool and easy to use! thanks man.


Finally A Solution! I juggle with multiple browsers every day and always frustrated with remembering sites addresses in between browsers! And my list of websites to remember keeps getting longer each day! Hard to believe no one thought about a solution until now when I found superdense, really happy with this simple yet elegant product!



An essential app 🔥 Efficient and intuitive app. It has a simple interface and all I do is add the links. It rearranges them according to my preferences. A deal to grab ✅



Pretty nice tool, and super useful. I love the simplicity.


Andreas F.

"Simple and easy to use bookmark manager from an sympathetic developer!"

You know how you have all these bookmarks you want to keep track of but you don't want to use a bloated bookmark manager that takes up space on your browser? Well, Superdense is here to save the day! This is a simple and easy to use bookmark manager that can be used on all your computers. The best part? No clutter, just your bookmarks.



Easy and useful

Today you work with many sites, software, customers and sometimes you have to remember many articles or web pages useful to create a collaboration or a project. Superdense is perfect for doing this job, as the visual ordering is intuitive and allows for immediate opening of the sites you have stored for your purpose.

Easy and useful. I am really happy I bought it.

Aaron J.

"Amazing bookmark manager"

At first, I was naive of having yet another bookmark manager with lots of them flooding the internet already. But the concise way of listing bookmarks using icons makes Superdense my day-to-day bookmarking tool. They've got it steered in the right direction already and I can't wait to see how this tool evolves.
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So Simple and So Perfect

Maybe now we'll stop heavily relying on Chrome because that's where everything is. Sure, you can import bookmarks, but Superdense ensures that all browsers are operating off a single "homepage" and that everything is always in sync. No more monthly exports and imports. Ahh Brave, how long you have been installed and sitting virtually dormant, we ride with the lions at dawn!


Look no further!

It’s been some months since I was looking for some app or plug-in to manage the websites I use or plan to use in the future.

Some didn’t work on mobile, others where too crammed in tabs and menus.

I just bought this deal and immediately started using it. I had open tabs for “reviewing later” in my laptop and my phone browser. Goodbye to that!

Also, for some courses I have bought and received the links, I’ll say goodbye to checking my emails to get the links of the courses!

Don’t miss this deal while you can! You’ll save money and time!

Organize your web links once and for all! Lifetime!! Wow!!


Simple easy tool that works

Have been using it for a day, but have been able to organize bookmarks across multiple categories and do, not have to go through bookmark toolbars.


Good app

Is a good app to manage all your book marks, take a little time to do the onboarding setup, but is ok


Awesome concept for managing bookmarks

Have always struggled to find a tool that not only manages to organize 100s of URLs that I need regular access to, but also pretty slick. Firefox comes pretty close but has limited functionality plus the useful capabilities like import/export, white-labeling, customization blows the comp away! Great buy and highly recommend!


Save valuable TIME every day!

I prayed for a homepage that has all my bookmarks organized. And now, here it is! And it looks GOOD! 😎

Why did I choose Superdense? It's fast, simple, easy to use, customizable, public/private options, password-protection, and my favorite features - Unlimited with CNAME & Branding! 😃

Yes, I tested CNAME and it worked without any issues. 👍

Steve is awesome and Support is blazing fast! ⚡ I sent a message via their website widget and I got an email reply in less than 15 minutes!

With unlimited bookmarks, team features, custom branding, and custom domain - I strongly recommended this deal! 🏆

Make your (digital) life easier with Superdense! 💪



Organize your Online Life

Superdense is a quick, smooth, and easy way for anyone to organize their bookmarks and online pages without any coding knowlege required. It uses FavIcons of websites to use as logos for the page. This looks and works great on cell phones too once set up. Would highly recommend to anyone trying to organize their bookmarks


Very useful

I had to think twice whether this was going to be a true necessity or rather a luxury, turns out it is very useful especially since i'm running a digital makerting agency, I often have to share the most important links of our most used/productive tools. This will definitely save me time and effort.

I can also organize my bookmarks by different clients this way I can easily access the most important links.

If you are running a digital marketing agency, I definitely recommend !


Great product

Just started using it but super promising and excited - saving time heaps already!



- little clickable icons

- you may customize your screen to your needs

- sharing options

- alt text when hoving over the icons

- long awaited close alternative to OneTab for Chrome which I've been using for many years (OneTab isn't online so has got no sharing capabilities)



Awesome Time Saver

With a growing team, that manages several clients that all use a variety of apps, this is a complete lifesaver!! I just started using it and I have already felt so much of the constant frustration of searching for the link I need.

We actually just discussed needing a solution like this last week at the team huddle. My team is going to be VERY HAPPY with me come Monday morning with they see the invite in their inbox!



I think its useful for teams and companies to share common links. Makes it convenient to organize bookmarks.



Surprisingly useful

I'm finding Superdense is surprisingly helpful for organizing bookmarks into categories such as business, market intelligence, AI writing, video creation, social, shopping and entertainment. I especially like how a link opens in a new browser tab by default. I'm using a 2-column layout and increased the icon size to 32px.

You could say that Superdense doesn't do much but that's its strength. If you try it, you'll probably see the value too.



I love this idea of favicons as bookmark links. I especially like that this tool allows us to use our own favicon, because some websites have broken favicons, or they may not be easily recognizable.

I was thinking maybe I wouldn't need this, but I was wrong. This is making things quite easy and removing the clutter that I usually feel when going through lots of dropdowns to reach a site.I am so excited about all the possibilities of what I can do with Superdense. Thank you!


The Homebase I've Been Waiting For!
Superdense is truly awesome. So reasonably priced, so simple, such a great user interface, highly compatible with any workflow, browser, or possible use case you could think of for it. I am admittedly a bookmark hoarder... and also have ADHD which causes issues with object permanence. This means I need to constantly be able to see every tool I have within my toolbox to optimize my capabilities, or I will 100% forget I even have it. Superdense solves this problem! Highly recommend.


You Had Me At Favicon. I love this idea of favicons as bookmark links. I especially like that this tool allows us to use our own favicon, because some websites have broken favicons, or they may not be easily recognizable. I am so excited about all of the possibilities of what I can do with Superdense. Thank you!



Pretty Amazing for Macs! Favicons is a known issue for Macs, this solution is awesome!


But looks prommising utility tool.


Very elegant and super clean way to organise my favorites, I'm impressed. Congrats team!



I have never seen a bookmark manager like this before, and I absolutely love what I see! The interface is clean and beautiful and the real visual power comes from the icons it holds of course. I love how fast and clean it is, this is my new tool for everyday use. Ten tacos minimum!


Very Well Done

I have found the solution to bring order to my bookmarks! There are other solutions out there, but this one has custom branding, a white-label URL, tons of customization features, import/export capabilities, a Chrome extension, and lots more. Add to that that the development team is very responsive. After comparing and contrasting all the options out there, this was a no-brainer for me. Thanks for the great product and I look forward to using this solution in my daily workflow for the foreseeable future!



This tool is exactly what I've been looking for. It's simple and easy to use, yet very helpful and useful. Five tacos!

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"Peace of mind"

This is what I have been looking for since long. Very easy to use and manage. Ohh it’s saves a lot of time to search your bookmark site and can operate from anywhere. I hope the founder will keep doing their good work and make this beautiful SAAS everlasting. Good luck team !!!


I love it!

I love it!


Life made easy

I purchased Superdense and started using this software, I found it very easy and simple. UI is very clean and easy to understand. This software is a real gem and life changer if you use a lot of applications, links, tabs etc.

If you are looking to make your work life simple then Superdense is a must tool.

highly recommended..



Responsive Developer

Only used the service for a couple days, but it's working quite well, plus the developer is very engaged with users, quick to respond.

I appreciated being able to add suggestions to the backlog!



You could give this one a whole Taco Truck!

Thank you for this GAME-CHANGER! This is one of the better deals from AppSumo! You should grab this fast, and I HAVE BEEN LOOKING FOR THIS FOREVER! I'm having some tacos with the sauce. You get the point. GREAT DEAL!

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Finally i can stop using browser nav bar shortcuts

I have been looking for a tool like this for a long time. makes it so easy with multiple laptops and a PC to keep track of all my favorite sites.


Excellent tool

There are others out there but not with the ease and above all esthetics offered by Superdense. It's actually a brilliant idea to make it as dense, clear, and simplistic as possible. Everything I see of the competition will become cluttered to a much greater degree compared with this design. Highly recommended.



Soooooo easyyy!!!

I was using the free version of TabExtend, but was limited to 30 bookmarks. Not enough (surprisingly). I liked the design in columns, but it also meant that you could only have a handful of columns before you need to start scrolling sideways.

I also have TabsFolders, but its UI isn't attractive, and your starred items can't be clicked to go to the page; it takes you to the bookmark, which you then need to click. It just takes too long to get between pages.

I did a free trial for Superdense before buying and was immediately sold. It's really easy to set up, I can have WAY more bookmarks, and I can share folders of bookmarks publicly, which is good to share links with clients. My biggest fear was simply having icons and forgetting what the icon is, but you set a description which shows up as your cursor hovers over it.




Very good organiser

A wonderful product that I have been following for a short time and I have decided to make the purchase, not only because of the Appsumo money-back guarantee, which I am sure will not be necessary in this case as Superdense has all the features to be a very useful application.

In addition, with the number of users it offers, it is an advantage for maintaining a good database of bookmarks among friends and family.



This App is a Godsend

What you have done here is amazing and this app is my missing organizational need. It is so easy to use, and yes it has a few needs in terms of identifying the apps by perhaps tags or text names etc. However, if like me, you have so many things going on at once and have many many windows open, this will help you to clean house. It's like the cleaning team i always wanted.



Solid solution

Simple, solid, helpful solution. Great tool.


Simple yet Powerful

Since I use multiple profiles with Google Chrome, this tool simplifies my bookmark experience.



Organize the links you use most

I've been looking for something to organize links for web apps and sites I go to most and had to give superdense a try. This little gem has a clean interface, its easy to use and navigation is very straightforward. Best thing is I can use this across all my devices. Thanks for making this app available.


this is huge.

As a service provider, we use a lot of different apps to help us with fulfillment. Superdense makes it so much smoother for my team to stay organized and easily get access to all our tools. The interface looks super clean and moder and is easy to edit and change to your liking. Was not expecting to like it this much. Don't miss out on this deal!


Does The Job and Does It Well - Like others, I've been road testing Superdense and have been very happy with the results. Also like many Sumolings, I do vasts amounts of research on many, many topics so a bookmarking tool like Superdense makes this much easer for me, and also is a great time saver. I did ask the Superdense team a question about ordering categories on the Chrome Extension, they did reply to me promptly and considered my suggestion. That was a positive experience for me and a good indication of the quality of the Superdense team.

AppSumo Verified Purchaser

Onboarding is such a challenge for a growing team. There are so many official and unofficial resources to share. We were looking for something simple yet flexible to hold all of the links organized by category - and Superdense was exactly what we needed.
Easy to set up. Easy to customize. A few early questions where answered quickly and completely. I couldn't ask for more.


Great software to organise tabs in a visual way. Super simple and keeps things organised. Thanks


It was love at first sight because Superdense is so simple and beautiful. Although I have another tool that fits my workflow perfectly, Superdense is a good match for what I need. Sometimes I just want to see icons, and a whole lot of them at once. So this is just perfect. The custom domain is great, along with the ability to customize the background. So it's very refreshing.



For the longest time, I have kept 15+ tabs open in my Chrome and another 10+ in FireFox browsers. Chrome became a real memory hog so switched to Brave browser, which seems much more efficient. Jumped on this deal for SuperDense as soon as I saw it on AppSumo. Took no time at all to save all my Brave and FireFox tabs to new workspaces in SuperDense. It's a very neat way to keep all your important bookmarks on one page :)



It's just the kind of product that you don't know you need, but once you try it, you can't get enough. Simplicity is its strength, the software goes straight to the point. I will use Superdense every day!
Thank you!

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This is one of those really simple, cool tools that you didn't realise you needed until you've got it!