Verified User in Farming

Using Stillio to capture data has saved our team a lot of hassle each day. It has allowed us to automate screengrabs required for monthly audits. The fact that we now longer have to worry about someone forgetting to grab the data is a huge relief.

Switched from Wayback Machine to @Stillio to monitor website changes. Automated and daily - saves me a ton of work


Ricardo R.

There is plenty of screenshot apps out there. I've tried multiple. I am inexperienced in coding and have been learning html and css, just to adjust the settings in apps like these. In my journey, stillio has filled in the gaps for me. They have assisted me with completing my tasks and I am very happy with the product and customer service they provide. I wish them prosperity, thank you.

Kelly E.

Always works consistently and easy to access all of the historical screenshots

Richard R.

Easy setup Great tech support Sound features

Verified Reviewer

Very easy to use and works perfectly! Best screenshot software!

Sarah W.

I'm using this to capture web pages for a research project, and I love that it's automated (I used to have to capture pages manually each night), that users can download all the pages in easy-to-read formats, and that I can sync all the files to a folder in my Google Drive. The service has worked perfectly so far - captures all elements of the pages and the interface is super organized.

Verified User in Internet

Agilidade no recebimento das informações de prints de nossa página realizados durante o período.


Magnus Bjerg


Looking for an app to take scheduled screendumps of specific websites? seems to do the trick nicely. #dkmedier

Michael H.

I have been looking for an application that is as good as Stillio for snapshots, especially the ability to take snapshots of website webpages. Very sleek, works well and the quality of the shots is exquisite.

Jon S.

Its great to ensure that we regularly check the weather for road plowing. A big help for municipalities!

Thomas A.

ability to track progress on a camera without having to think about it on a regular basis

Lisa Z.

We are using Stillio to capture our client's Amazon pages to track reviews, prices, and buy box ownership. With the large number of products it would be nearly impossible to handle this manually.

Verified Reviewer

Ease of use, adding multiple URLs at once, enables us to monitor a large amount of sites

Glen A.

The tool is fast and I really like the user interface

Eren D.

the system is so easy to use (user friendly) and has so many options to choose from which not ONE single company can get close to what these guys are doing! enough servers to switch from, organised in "folders" so it is clear where you have to look for you screenshots and last but not least: the service they provide and implement some problems that I encountered the moment they read my email! as for the price comparing to the amount of work that would have costed me to organize and take time to screenshot myself is TOP NOTCH!

Verified User in Information Technology and Services

Their support is always on hand to answer any questions and resolve any issues with our screen captures - it really is great! In the earlier days, they helped us overcome some fundamental issues with our screen captures being blocked by certain websites (not Stillio's fault). Instead of putting the issue off, they went ahead and developed a whole new feature within their interface to enable us to overcome these issues. The interface is super easy to use and I've noticed they have continued to develop and improve their product by adding in bulk editing features, which is very handy with the amount of screen captures we have set up.
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With a SaaSworthy Score of 98, Stillio wins the Most Worthy Software award in Website Screenshot.

Well done team @TeamStillio!

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Associate - Arca

Best Screenshot Software! Ease of use, customizable, they created custom scripts for us to upload to Google Drive. Working with Diego and the Stillio team has been an extremely smooth process.
We needed to automate some repetitive screenshots. We used to do the screenshots weekly because they were so repetitive. Now, we have those screenshots daily which is great to book keeping purposes.


Travis M.

I researched many different screenshot software options before landing on Stillio. By far, the thing that stood out to me most was the very clean and easy to understand UI. I'm being serious when I say that all the other options looked like they were designed in the early 2000's. I knew exactly what I needed to do to set up the screenshot software and it was a "no brainer". This, is what made me choose Stillio.

Genna D.

This was EXACTLY what I needed to screenshot a huge website that we are about to replace but wanted to archive. The customer service at Stillio is amazing.

Tom A.

The tool is super easy to use, had it up and running within 10 minutes. Takes away the need for manual intervention when screenshoting websites.


Henrik d.

Working in the financial services industry, we are bound to regulatory demands of record keeping of our electronic communications. With Stillio we automatically capture screenshots of all our webpages and social media channels.

Verified User in Market Research

I love being able to trust that all of my webpages are being pulled when I need them:)


Saint Clair C.

The ease of use of the software, its design, the very simple features. I have nothing to complain about.

Monika S.

Great, time saving, efficient, clear screenshots

Verified User in Marketing and Advertising

This application saves me hours of tedious work. It's very simple and intuitive. Access to live tech support is a big plus!!!



Senior Consultant - Staples

Great, time-saving, efficient, clear screenshots. Best customer service as well, I get a resolution to my issues in minutes. I am going to recommend every retailor to have this for their company. They are helping me in adding watermarks to my screenshots, they are helping me in setting a particular time to grab screenshots to my web pages.

Tim M.

We started down the path of developing our own screen capture script but we found Stillio which already had done all the hard stuff :) With multiple locations we are able to grab screenshots from all of our geos. The customer support is fantastic and responses are super fast.

Constantijn S.

We used this to automate a boring task. Works great so far. It was easy to set up.

Jorge B.

It is super easy to use and it has integration with Dropbox which is very convenient.


Jeffrey G.

Stillio provides the exact solution we were looking for, it has provided a ton of value with no incremental man hours. The team has continuously provided one on one white glove support above and beyond anything I expected. I am impressed by this organization and their offerings!

Dan C.

This software has allowed our legal team to monitor a former client to ensure they are not appropriating work they declined to pay for citing "dislike of the result". It allows our development and QA teams and customer relations teams to track progress with each other and with the client. I couldn't be happier with the functionality.

John O.

Great support and easy to use interface.

Verified User in Computer Software

Ease of use, quick to set up, email notifications with sample, API to allow us to digitally sign images to make them legally admissible.

Jeremy B.

The console on Stillio gives easy snapshots of particular pages, which I used for research (I am an academic). It is effortless to use and set up, but the advanced option had many helpful categories, like pressing buttons or waiting for the page to load fully. I had one question, and the team responded the same day! And pricing is very affordable.


John Marshall

As a specialists in UK Vehicle Transport, Vehicle Storage and Containerisation, we monitor shipping changes with Stillio, taking a snapshot of "Where's my ship" every four hours (even when we're at home sat on the patio with a G&T not worrying where our ship is). Having this info has been a life saver for us. Stillio's snapshots can save our bacon, as it records the vessel arrival times as they change, so we can quickly spot when a vessel has gone back a week, and more importantly 'prove' it.

Sophia D.

Our team has used Stillio for two months and had such a positive experience! We were able to save a lot of time thanks to their product. It was easy to use and their customer service was exceptional.

Verified Reviewer

Screenshots are easy to schedule and come out crisp and clear. The ability to sort through the screenshots and see large previews so you can easily look for what you need is convenient. I like that you can change capture settings right on other thumbnails of the same page.

Geoff M.

The screen capture ability & ease of organization made this a great tool to monitor sites and address any Cx issues we had across our retail footprint

Verified User in Electrical/Electronic Manufacturing

This tool is amazing, very simple to use, and you will gain a lot of time using it. The main feature is for me the way they connect to dropbox. With third party you can also connect to Google drive for example. You can add URL in bulk so it's very easy ! The support team answer very quickly and give very usefull advice.

Verified User in Retail

The tool is super easy to use, had it up and running within 10 minutes. Takes away the need for manual intervention when screenshoting websites.

Verified User in Marketing and Advertising

This application saves me hours of tedious work. It's very simple and intuitive. Access to live tech support is a big plus!!!


Abbigail S.

The support is wonderful. They're there anytime you need them. It's pretty much easy to use and alllws you to customize it in so many ways!


Sebastian R.

It is very easy to use and has a state of the art UI / UX.


Armijn M.

We run a gaming website and forum with 100k visitors per month. With Stillio we archive key pages and banner placements for future reference.

Verified User in Marketing and Advertising

Clear and organised product to capture website screenshots. Great customer service as well to address any issues.

Guillaume C.

Great apps to save time (and money) to screenshot many pages of your site and schedule it !

Lakh B.

Used for daily and weekly screen shots of our website as evidence for clients. So many options available and always works! Thank you!


Smashing Magazine


Could come in handy. Stillio automatically takes screenshots of sites and organizes them. For archiving.

Verified User in Information Technology and Services

Being able to schedule and archive quality screenshots automatically saves us a lot of time & money. The easy way of getting a good view on valuable insights in the development of the sites we are creating. We like to offer good quality screenshots to our customers and this app takes care of that.

Jeremy B.

Great experience! Easy to use, lots of potential

Marco P.

It's what I was looking for. I like it because it is simple and effective