Pia Leichter

Founder/Coach - Kollektiv Studio

Matt gets to the heart of what makes a home. He brings together coaching, spirituality, and design thinking to help people create a better life at home.

Our homes have become more important than ever, and Matt shows us how transforming homes - into safe, connected, joyful, magical, and welcoming spaces - can transform the world.

Marcus Maier

Orthopedic Surgery Physician Assistant

I would recommend the WFH Boundaries Workshop to anyone who works from home whether its one hour or all week. I do remote medical work periodically and the simple framework and suggestions in this workshop have made me more efficient and engaged with my tasks already. Nice work, Matt!


Adrienne Brown

Freelancing Engineer WFC - ADDrienne

The WFH workshop was great. It gives a lot of new inspiration and motivation to get the boundaries between work and home life under control. Can't wait to dive into the workbook and get my game up.

I left the workshop with a good compass, of where to focus my efforts on.
Thanks Matt, for this highly satisfying session.


Dave Lomas

Founder - Reality SF

I’ve been both a recipient and witness to the efficacy of Matt’s ability to write and create powerful content. He’s a deep thinker & knows how to make his compelling ideas understandable, helping people grow as a result.

Jack Cai

Matt's workshop helped give me the tools I need to improve how I set boundaries between my work and home life - which I find especially important during travel.

Would highly recommend checking his stuff out if you'd love to learn more about designing your ideal homelife 🙌

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