Nonye U.

What I hoped to gain out of the course was to grow my confidence during interviews and to be able to convince the interviewer that I have the skills needed to land the role.

All through the program and even after, it was and is evident that Oge is invested in the success of her students. She is genuinely interested in not just impacting knowledge but seeing the students be successful in their various jobs. She is highly resourceful and does not hold back in pouring and sharing whatever she thinks will be of help.

For anyone considering joining a course where they are not just after taking your money then leave you to self-pace, this is the course for you. You become part of a resourceful community that regardless of what stage of your BA journey you are on, you will find answers to whatever questions you have. A trial will convince you.

Busayo Olusemoyin

Working on hands-on project in Oge's class has not only made the Business Analyst Job role Simplified but also has improved my confidence level with my approach towards interviews.
I will definitely recommend anyone wanting to ace CBAP and gain hands-on experience simultaneously to attend Oge's Class.


Yejide O

Oge and her team are so amazing. I am opportune to be a part of the WhatsApp group where I gained so much, and I am still learning.
What makes Pollard Consults so amazing is that they ensure that everyone within their community is impacted positively even if you are not enrolled directly with them. I am not a direct student of Pollard Consults, but I gained a lot from the webinars, sprint review sessions, and the free course opened during Oge's birthday. The community is incredibly selfless.
What was also amazing to me is that even though I was not enrolled with them, Oge took some time to write me a private encouraging message after a sprint review session that they conducted, which I attended. That meant a lot to me.
I used my previous knowledge and training plus information from Pollard Consults to my advantage, and I remained consistent with my goals. And now, by God's grace, I got a BA offer just at the end of 2022.
I will reiterate that Oge and her team are simply amazing. I will recommend Pollard Consults any day and any time. I want to say a big thank you to all the team for what you do and also for being passionate about the progress of everyone.

Oluwatosin F.

Business Account Manager

The presentation and feedback during the practicum is great. I particularly appreciate the feedback whcih can only make the review better. I had so mant fears about my capabilities before I committed to this training, but my confidence level gets better everyday.
Thank you Pollard Consults.


My experience in this program has been nothing short of wonderful. The case studies provided the most enjoyable and beneficial hands-on experience, allowing me to apply theoretical knowledge in realistic scenarios and develop critical thinking skills. Enrolling into this course is one of the best decisions anyone can take. A big kudos to Oge and her team for the fantastic job they are doing, you cannot remain the same after going through this program. The most beautiful part is the post-program mentorship. I highly recommend this course to all Business Analysts and Aspiring Business Analysts alike.


The experience I had with Pollard Consults is one that is empowering, which provided me much needed hands-on experience, handling projects and going through the full project cycle and learning all the aspects of it as a Business Analyst and picking up some project management experience as well. The January practicum which I was lucky to have been sponsored by Ndigbo Na Nova scotia Association in conjunction with Lead Coach/Business Consultant, Oge as part of CSR for a 5-week Project based January BA/PM Practicum, provided me opportunity to sharpen my use of ETL tools, I had to design Use case diagrams, As-Is and To-be process flow diagrams, work through from the discovery phase into implementation, testing and then, user manual design. I also had to facilitate group sessions; I have had some trainings before, some experience and had gotten certification already but, the few weeks BA Project assignment under the January Practicum completely changed the game for me, I became more hands-on. I started to approach my interviews better and just few weeks as the Practicum was winding down, I got a Senior BA role job offer and another one also in the offing in same period. The Practicum is truly worth it, it will get you ready not just for interviews but the job itself because you will be hands-on with every aspect of the BA work. I will strongly recommend it to any aspiring person who wants to pivot or get better in BA!

Perfect E

Business analyst/ Product Analyst - Staples Store - 36

I was looking to change my career path to a better paying job. The training was very interactive as a person that learns my listening, I was able to grabs more. I have been able to achieve my goal in search of better paying job and a change in my career path. My perspective about life in general has changed, no more limitations, no more set back, all I see are opportunity.

Thanks Oge for impacting me.

Toyosi adesanya

Coordinator, Grants and Funding Agreements - Self

Coach Oge is one of the most authentic you would find in this space, no frills attached, she has the heart that sees to it that everyone becomes the best of everything they could possibly be. Her passion is palpable, I needed something like that to make me know that this could be done. Skilled and knowledgeable, she takes you not only on a journey of learning but in a journey of application, helping you to relate what you are learning with what you do on a daily basis. I could not have obtained that by just buying a YouTube course….. I mean, youtube courses are great, but there is more to this entire process! So grateful to have been tutored by Oge! And worth the money!

Toyosi Adesanya

Aby Eboigbe

I had an enlightening learning experience during the training that I am delighted to share. Initially thinking I had no prior knowledge of business analysis, I discovered through hands-on experience that I had actually been performing business analysis work in my previous job. This realization completely changed my perspective on the training.

Oge, our exceptional trainer, had a remarkable talent for breaking down complex concepts into simple, easy-to-understand explanations right from the start. She effortlessly bridged the gap between theory and practice, making the training sessions accessible and engaging. Her patient and supportive teaching style enhanced my learning experience.

The comprehensive learning management system used by Oge played a significant role in my journey. It allowed me to revisit training materials, watch recorded sessions, and delve deeper into specific topics at my own pace. This flexibility empowered me to reinforce my learning and gain a comprehensive understanding of the subject matter.

Oge's recognition of the business analysis work I had unknowingly performed in my previous job was a revelation. She skillfully connected my prior experiences to the formalized practices of business analysis, boosting my confidence and highlighting the practical relevance of the training to my professional journey. Her ability to leverage my existing skills maximized my learning potential.

The well-structured training materials provided by Oge supported the learning process effectively. Real-world examples and case studies enabled me to apply the newly acquired knowledge and solidify my understanding.

Throughout the training, Oge fostered an inclusive and collaborative learning environment. Open discussions and group activities enhanced my understanding and broadened my perspective on the diverse applications of business analysis.

I extend my heartfelt gratitude to Oge for her exceptional guidance and support. Thanks to her expertise and dedication, I gained a solid foundation in business analysis and developed a newfound appreciation for my existing skills. I now feel equipped to apply the learned techniques and methodologies in a structured and intentional manner.

I wholeheartedly recommend this training to anyone seeking to enhance their business analysis skills. Oge's remarkable ability to simplify complex concepts, recognize participants' existing experience, and provide a convenient learning management system truly sets this training apart. Thank you, Oge, and the Pollard Consult Team, for your expertise and unwavering commitment to my learning journey.

Ibk Aw

Oge was a first class graduate and this reflects in her teaching content and approach. Very valuable training for all looking to be grounded in business analysis practice

Destiny Ofen-imu

The course has been nothing short of a blessing. It is very simple and interactive, the instructor breaks it down to the simplest terms, this makes it very relatable. Answers to the questions I had, have been answered too.
Again, support from members of staff is commendable.
I recommend this course 100% for new aspiring Business Analysts.

Iyanuoluwa Ajayi

I had the opportunity to participate in the January 2023 cohort of Pollard Consults' Business Analysis Practicum, and it was an incredibly valuable experience. My primary goal was to gain practical, on-the-job training in business analysis, and with the guidance of my coach, Oge, I achieved exactly that.

Throughout the six-week Practicum, Oge consistently provided hands-on tasks that allowed me to put theoretical concepts into practice. I learned essential skills such as creating swimlane diagrams and use case models, as well as applying techniques like SIPOC analysis and traceability matrix in real business analysis tasks. Additionally, I developed strong collaboration and interpersonal skills by working closely with my colleagues.
The Practicum provided me with a comprehensive learning experience that encompassed a wide range of essential business analysis skills. Throughout the program, I gained proficiency in various areas, including writing clear and concise business requirements. I learned how to effectively analyze the current state and future state of a system using tools like swimlane diagrams and context diagrams. Additionally, I developed expertise in conducting Gap analysis and preparing traceability matrices, which helped ensure thorough requirements coverage.

Moreover, the Practicum equipped me with the ability to write user stories, define functional and non-functional requirements, and establish solid business rules. This holistic approach to requirement gathering and documentation enhanced my understanding of the critical components necessary for successful business analysis.

Furthermore, I acquired valuable skills in writing comprehensive test cases and conducting solution testing. This aspect of the program empowered me to verify the effectiveness and efficiency of implemented solutions, ensuring their alignment with business needs.

I wholeheartedly recommend Pollard Consults to anyone seeking business analysis training. They offer a top-notch program that provides on-the-job experience, a deep understanding of the business analyst role, and valuable support for resume building and interview preparation. Pollard Consults truly prepares you to become a skilled and well-rounded business analyst."

O. Ade

When it comes to Business analysis, Oge knows her onions👌She teaches selflessly and find ways to simplify every complex scenario. She's an embodiment of practical business knowledge and she's ever ready to share them!


Thank you Oge. I have benefited greatly from the rich information you shared in those videos.

I have a need assessment to do in my current role (not IT related ) starting Monday and this video have helped me to understand how to go about it.

We appreciate all you do!

Nosakhare Ekhator

Pollard Consults' Business Analysis training and practicum program were an exceptional 12 weeks of experience. The well-structured program covered essential topics and provided practical hands-on learning through real-life projects. The knowledgeable instructor with over 12 years of experience created a collaborative environment, fostering discussions and skill application. The support from the Pollard Consults team was outstanding, and the training materials were comprehensive and up-to-date. This program has been a game-changer, equipping me with valuable skills, and opening doors for future career opportunities. I highly recommend Pollard Consults for a comprehensive and rewarding learning experience.

Simeon Ugbaja

None Selected

I joined Pollard consults at the best time; the commencement of Wave Accounting Implementation project. My Team and I were launched deep into analysis by the great coaches and I learnt how to use basic Microsoft tools to analyse the Business needs, make elicitation, draw requirements to know the Current State, Model the Future State, perform Gap Analysis based on the features of the accounting solution. We presented the User Stories, obtained functional requirements, test the accounting solution, prepared a Support Model and User manual for the Solution. I was able to marry my previous experience to the current project and within 4 weeks I felt like a professional Analyst. Learning is a lifelong venture, but I was so satisfied with the push and knowledge gained so far. I already got value for my pay.
Thank you, Coach Oge and Mr Akachukwu. Thanks to my wonderful team members; Dozie and June. And thanks too to our first team, Chino.

Chyno K

The BA Praticum was knowledge-packed 12 weeks of learning, with a good mix of classroom and practical training. Oge provided mentorship and motivating modules almost on a daily basis, teaching us to believe in our abilities as well as creating a community of BA intellectuals and value-packed resources. Oge opened my mind to leveraging on my past skills/experiences and embracing my latest career journey. She literally took me by the hand and provided guidance till I landed my first job in Canada as a Business Analyst.
I recommend Pollard Consults for anyone aspiring to transition into business analysis.

-Chyno K

Dolapo Olowonefa

Throughout my experience with the course, there were several aspects that I enjoyed and benefited from the most. Firstly, the provision of well-designed slides allowed for a structured and visually engaging learning experience. These slides effectively conveyed important concepts and information, making it easier for me to grasp and retain the course material.
Secondly, the inclusion of templates, checklists, and case studies proved to be immensely helpful. These resources provided practical examples and frameworks that I could apply directly to real-world situations. They not only reinforced the theoretical concepts but also demonstrated their practical applications, enabling me to gain a deeper understanding of the subject matter.
Lastly, I greatly appreciated the opportunity to engage in interactive exercises and discussions. This allowed for a collaborative learning environment where I could exchange ideas with fellow participants and receive valuable feedback from both instructors and peers. Such interactions enhanced the learning process and provided additional perspectives that enriched my overall experience.
Based on my experience, I would highly recommend your training course to anyone considering it. The course offers a well-structured and comprehensive approach to addressing the problem at hand. The materials provided, including the slides, templates, checklists, and case studies, are invaluable resources that facilitate effective learning and practical application.
Furthermore, the instructors' expertise, interactive exercises, and collaborative environment create a supportive and engaging learning atmosphere. Whether one is looking to acquire new skills, expand their knowledge, or find solutions to specific challenges, your training course provides a holistic and rewarding learning experience.

Molayo Ajayi

I recently had the pleasure of undertaking a business analysis course with Pollard Consult, and I am thrilled to share my experience. Throughout the program, I was given a hands-on opportunity to immerse myself in the world of business analysis and gain valuable practical skills that have greatly enhanced my professional journey.
One aspect that truly stood out during my time with Pollard Consult was their commitment to providing real-life projects for participants to work on. This hands-on approach allowed me to apply the knowledge I gained in a practical setting, enabling me to grasp the intricacies of business analysis with greater depth and confidence. The opportunity to work on actual projects provided me with invaluable experience, as I was able to collaborate with diverse teams and tackle real-world challenges faced by businesses.
The course facilitators at Pollard Consult were exceptional in their expertise and guidance. Their wealth of industry experience and deep knowledge in business analysis ensured that the program was both informative and engaging. They fostered a supportive and inclusive learning environment, encouraging active participation and fostering meaningful discussions among participants. I truly appreciated their willingness to go the extra mile to clarify concepts and address any queries, ensuring that every participant had a clear understanding of the subject matter.
Working with different teams throughout the course was an enlightening experience. The collaborative nature of the program not only allowed me to learn from my peers but also provided me with a platform to build strong professional networks. Interacting with individuals from diverse backgrounds and perspectives expanded my horizons and enriched my understanding of various business analysis methodologies.
Furthermore, the course structure and materials were comprehensive and well-designed. The content was presented in a logical and organized manner, covering key aspects of business analysis from requirements gathering and documentation to stakeholder management and project implementation. The practical exercises and case studies further reinforced the theoretical concepts, ensuring a holistic learning experience.
Overall, my time with Pollard Consult's business analysis course has been instrumental in my professional growth. The hands-on opportunities, real-life projects, and collaboration with different teams have equipped me with the skills and confidence needed to excel in the field of business analysis. I highly recommend Pollard Consult to anyone seeking a transformative learning experience that combines theory with real-world application, providing a solid foundation for a successful career in business analysis.
Thank you, Pollard Consult, for providing me with such a rewarding and enriching learning journey.

Laolu Adedeji

BA - Pollard Consult

Switching to a Business Analyst was seemless with Pollard Consult. Throughout the duration of the practicum, I have been equipped and exposed to modern techniques to elicit information from stakeholders down to analyzing the same to modeling use case and writing user stories. The list goes on.

I worked with PMs and collaborated with other BA to work on our weekly sprints and make presentations to stakeholders weekly.

I am fully armed to take on any job as a Business Analyst and even train people.
All thanks to Pollard Consult. I am recommending Coach Oge and her team at Pollard for anyone thinking of changing career to BA or PM. You would get value for money. That is guaranteed!!!

Banji Afisunlu


I needed to readapt myself professionally for project management, so i was introduced to different platforms. Despite that i hardly have the time to follow the classes, i always find something to utilize immediately in whatever little that i can participate in. The templates and the case studies are particularly helpful, imprints concepts and principles into the memory faster and assists to retain information for much longer.
Apparently, many have benefitted significantly and still benefitting from the courses, that is much apparent from the ongoing discourses on the whatsapp group. If one can be able to dedicate the time fully, there is significant professional benefits to enjoyed.

Deji Ladunni

I joined the course after realizing I needed a more hands on approach than the online self taught courses I've been taking and it did not disappoint. I have learnt a lot and still learning, being able to also apply what I'm learning in practical situations during the project work has also been really helpful.

Still image out of testimonial from Chidimma Nwachukwu

Chidimma Nwachukwu


Oluwatosin Oludayo

Business Analyst

The training with Pollards Consults introduced me to the interesting dynamics of the role of a Business Analyst in a project environment. I wore exciting caps in conducting research, facilitating sessions with stakeholders, and turning business needs to technological languages developers can understand.

During the course of the training, I aimed to learn the different techniques Business Analyst use in a project environment - and I learned quite a number of them in a very practical way.

I particularly loved how case studies were used to drum in techniques alongside the beautific and highly professional PowerPoint slides that were used as teaching instructions. The sample templates that were provided for us proved highly useful: not only did they show me what excellence was, they also made it easier to think through the projects at hand in a more structured way.

To anyone planning to switch to a career in Business Analysis, or upgrade their knowledge in the field, Pollards Consults is the go-to place!

Nnadozie Alili

"I'm thrilled to have completed a 6-week business analysis practicum program, where I've had the opportunity to work on real-world projects and develop essential business analysis skills such as problem-solving, critical thinking, and stakeholder management. Through this program, I've created deliverables like fit-gap analysis, use cases, and test scripts, and feel confident in my ability to apply these skills in my future career. #businessanalysis #practicumprogram #professionalgrowth #pollardconsults

Ayodele Bello

During my immersive 3-month business analysis practicum with Oge and her team at Pollard Consults, I had the privilege of experiencing a truly transformative learning journey. Oge's deep expertise in business analysis, coupled with her adeptness in conveying intricate concepts and the collaborative environment cultivated, made the program both enlightening and engaging.

Her emphasis on practical application through real-life case studies enabled me to develop my skills in not just core business analysis related process or tools but also soft skills as collaboration, presentation, communication and excellence. Oge's personalized mentorship and the team's commitment to fostering a solution-driven mindset have equipped me with the tools to kickstart my career in this ‘once strange, difficult looking’ world of business analysis.

I am immensely grateful for the learning experience, the invaluable knowledge received and relationships gained. With Oge and Pollard Consults' unwavering dedication to excellence and their profound understanding of industry best practices, I confidently recommend this program to any aspiring business analyst seeking to excel in a dynamic and solution-centric business landscape.

Adeyeye Emmanuel

I was hoping to join a community of BAs and I found a brilliant BAs community at Pollard academy. I learned that every professional needs an academy, to learn to improve their skills, and Pollard academy assisted in the learning processes from the early stage to the top level. I'm grateful to Coach Oge for coaching us with so much ease of understanding.

Lara Ajimati

BA Practicum has provided the skill set I need to carry my job responsibilities as a BA.
I recommend this course for existing and aspiring BAs


I joined Pollard right before arriving in Canada, with the primary goal of enhancing my employability without the need for Canadian work experience.

Even though I possessed prior experiences and certifications, Pollard provided me with a comprehensive learning platform that equips individuals to become proficient analysts in various functional domains. This includes software development, organizational change management, implementing new systems, and much more.

Pollard Consult has crafted this platform with your success in mind. I strongly urge anyone interested in gaining practical, hands-on experience as a project manager or business analyst to enroll in this program. I assure you that you will never regret your decision to do so.



Hmm I’m yet to start the January cohort, all I’ve done is watch some of the videos, not all o! and took the bull by the horn and applied for a job. I got invited and I surprised myself. I remember all Mr Akachukwu and Oge were saying in those videos and repeated them. I was calling Project Charter and stakeholder’s analysis like it’s something I’ve done before. Lol. I haven’t o. I could barely recognize myself!

The night before the interview I took time to watch the videos and I did not regret it.
This is my first PM job role(Program Designer) I have interviewed for. Even if I don’t land it I already feel good. Meanwhile I haven’t even started the main training.
After I’m done what then can stop me? Absolutely nothing.

Pollard = Money well spent.
All I can say is ‘INVEST IN YOURSELF’

Samuel Chukwuma Arawu

Truly, pollard consult has one of the best faculties. Jonathan ifechukwu's class on how culture impacts project success is definitely the best I have heard in my career and has gone ahead to improve the work that I do. The practicum on Project management even though primarily hands-on, provides you with deep insight to ace the interview and makes you confident in the work that you do. Mrs. Oge is so so supportive and tries to explain the hardest concepts so well that a novice can grasp them immediately, what a skill that is lacking in this generation.


Nnadozie Alili

It was 12 weeks of encounter and immersive Business Analysis experience with a BA expert and well-rounded professional. I had the privilege of learning and mastering Business Analysis Frameworks, Tools, and Methodologies. I strongly recommend it to you if you want to be equipped with the opportunities it offers, some of which I would like to share here.

1. Business Analysis Core Concepts: introduced us to the fundamental concepts of business analysis, such as stakeholders, requirements, and solution scope. It emphasized the importance of understanding the business context and aligning analysis efforts with organizational goals.
2. Knowledge Areas: defined six knowledge areas that encompass the critical aspects of business analysis: Business Analysis Planning and Monitoring, Elicitation and Collaboration, Requirements Life Cycle Management, Strategy Analysis, Requirements Analysis and Design Definition, and Solution Evaluation. Each knowledge area provides specific techniques and tasks to support effective analysis.
3. Stakeholder Engagement: highlighted the significance of engaging and collaborating with stakeholders throughout the analysis process. It emphasized building strong relationships, understanding stakeholder needs and perspectives, and facilitating effective communication to ensure project success.
4. Requirements Elicitation: emphasized the importance of eliciting requirements through various techniques such as interviews, workshops, and observations. It provided guidance on selecting the appropriate elicitation technique based on the project context and stakeholder characteristics.
5. Requirements Management: emphasized the need for effective requirements management throughout the project lifecycle. It covered activities such as documenting requirements, prioritizing and tracing requirements, and managing changes to ensure that the solution meets stakeholder needs.
6. Solution Evaluation: emphasized the importance of evaluating the implemented solution to ensure it achieves the desired business outcomes. It provided guidance on conducting post-implementation reviews, measuring solution performance, and addressing any gaps or issues.
7. Professional Competencies: taught the skills, knowledge areas, and techniques that business analysts should possess to perform their role effectively. It emphasized the importance of continuous learning, adaptability, and professionalism in business analysis.
All these and more were engaged in solving real business problems in different Business Sectors. E.g., The implementation of a Software Accounting system for an NGO, a Contract Management System, and a Property Management System for a Real estate organization.


Business Analysis..

Pollard consult is impactful and very instrumental to my success as a BA. They have organized learning structure, very supportive, and their mentorship is awesome.

I was part of the last practicum and had hands on learning and exposure to various aspects of business analysis.

This gave me the exposure and confidence to get my first job as a BA three months into coming to Canada as a new immigrant.

OGE AND Team are awesome.

Akintayo Ajayi


The lectures were practical and had an indepth approach. Real live scenarios were used and very applicable in the work place.

Still image out of testimonial from Abidemi Okeowo

Abidemi Okeowo

Business Systems Analyst - Schlam Group


I want to thank Pollard Consult for the Business Analysis training and practicum. I finally learnt the correct BA terms for a lot of the things I had been doing over the years in my career. I also learnt how to create the business analysis documentation. The training sessions were interactive, hands on and very easy to understand.

Pollard Consult gives that 'Business Analysis for Dummies' or 'Explain Business Analysis as if you were Teaching a Toddler' experience which is fantastic! The trainers are very professional, helpful and friendly.

I would say this training is definitely worth every cent and I would recommend it to anyone starting out or trying to grow their business analysis career.


I had Need Assessment the following week I enrolled for this course, but had no clue on how to go about it - it was my first time.

After watching one of the topics on this course, I got clear directions on how to go about it. I will recommend this course if you are new to the world of Business Analysis and you need practical examples to guide you through how to practice

Diana Pazmino

NSCC Business Administration | Financial Services Student

As a Business Administration student with a Financial Services concentration, I found the Business Analysis area has a great impact on businesses.
This course has the experience area we all need to understand the concepts. This practice of solving a real case study from a genuine company has been valuable.
The course has a lot of content to learn from. Our mentor gave us the tools and challenged us to provide our best.
I also have the chance to use other organizational tools such as Trello, and Google´s apps.
In fact, I had the chance to develop other skills such as teamwork, time management, presentation, and communication.
I recommend that everybody join this course because it not only gives you the experience to obtain a Business Analysis Certification but to everyone who wants to learn a methodology when solving a problem. Planning, structure, and analysis are key to performing a job and developing professionally. You will learn a lot about these areas.
I have improved my skills in decision-making, problem-solving, efficiency, productivity, minimizing risks, obtaining relevant information from stakeholders, agility, and adaptability.

Omobaderinwa Abraham


I enrolled for the business analysis practicum class to gain practical knowledge about business analysis and it is an amazing journey because the journey still continues.
This is especially because you have a lot of support at every point, even after you land that dream job, you know you have a family for life.

If you were contemplating about taking any course with Pollard Consults, this is to encourage you, just go ahead. It is a very rewarding experience.


Business Analyst

Oge and Pollard Consult helped establish my understanding of how I could identify and leverage skills acquired in my previous job to new roles. They patiently demonstrated the need to be true to self while articulating your competence and ability to succeed if considered for the new role. If you want unflinching professional support in transiting to a new career or growing on your job, then Oge is your best bet.