Stephan Meyer

Director - Almademey Ltd

Chris is a very knowledgeable expert in the field of podcasting. I appreciate his dedicated and helpful attitude.

Darlene Lopez

Host of Hypno Soundz - Trained Hypnotist

I was sitting on this idea for about 5 to 6 months until I came across Chris's Podcast Launch Strategy. I didn't hesitate and I purchased, then soon after he started an email Launching Your Dream Podcast which was just the kick in the a** I needed! Chris is awesome and has that amazing personality that just can't help but rub off on you. If you need help with your podcast do not hesitate to work with Chris.

Still image out of testimonial from Daouda Tamboura

Daouda Tamboura

Host of Predictable Growth

Still image out of testimonial from David Mark Shaw

David Mark Shaw

GDPR Consultant

Emily Stevenson

Chris is one of the most devoted individuals I've had the pleasure to work with. We collaborated on multiple projects and promotions during the year we worked together. What impresses me the most about Chris is his excitement when it came to supporting our partners and helping out the team. Even during stressful moments, Chris found ways to make it a positive situation. It's without hesitation that I recommend Chris, as he would be an incredible asset to any team!


Matthew Volkmann

I am not new to podcasting. I was not new when I purchased the Podcast Launch Strategy from Chris through AppSumo. I was stuck, though. And I figured it was worth a shot.

Well, I will tell you it was worth more than that! It was that jolt I needed to get over that initial hump and then some! Chris is very pleasant to work and he has some excellent content in this strategy course.

If you are even remotely considering starting a podcast, BUY THIS! You won't regret it! It cuts through all the noise and give you an actionable plan to really LAUNCH.

Thanks, Chris!!!

Still image out of testimonial from Noah Kagan

Noah Kagan

CEO - AppSumo

Still image out of testimonial from Mohamadi Tapsoba

Mohamadi Tapsoba

CEO & Podcast Host - TAW Media Group

Lisa Khera

Host of Lessons From The Core

I’ve taught Pilates for 22 years and I always enjoy adding new marketing channels for my business. Before working with Chris, I had several online programs and products for movement & meditation but I wasn’t sure how to get the word out to more clients. I hosted some feature interviews live, without editing, across social media and repurposed for additional channels and email campaigns.

I was interested in starting a podcast and actually learning the steps to make it consistent and successful. I had originally met Chris while working with him on some products for AppSumo so the like, know and trust factor was there and I knew I was in good hands. I joined the challenge and was so thankful to learn along side a wonderful community of entrepreneurs with the same goal of launching a podcast.

I was nervous to learn about editing (previous post-concussion/memory issues) but Chris’s detailed steps and guidance led the way. I have successfully launched my podcast, Lessons From The Core and I couldn’t have done it without Chris’s help and the challenge. Join his 30-Day Podcast Launch Challenge and commit to launching your podcast - tag me when you launch, I’d love to check out your new podcast!


Olivier Caudron

Podcast Launch Strategy course is exceptional. Chris's support and presence are remarkable. His regular emails and advice make it impossible to forget to work on my podcast, keeping me motivated and on track. He is a personal coach for podcasters who is incredibly helpful in guiding through the process of launching a successful podcast. I have been working on my podcast project for more than a year. I read books and articles, took advice as much as I could but, at the end, I felt alone. I bought the course, here on Appsumo, without much illusion. Yet, as soon as I signed up, Chris was present showing up in my email box every day. Chris's dedication to his students' success is evident in the quality of the content and his ongoing support. I highly recommend this course to anyone looking to launch a podcast with confidence and expertise. One last thing, a few days ago, he lounched the all-new reshaped online course. It is packed with valuable tools, resources and advice easily reachable thanks to the new platform. With the Podcast Launch Strategy, you'll get way more than what you paid.

Still image out of testimonial from Alex Sanfilippo

Alex Sanfilippo

CEO - PodPros

Still image out of testimonial from Dante Healy

Dante Healy

IT Project Manager & Podcast Host - Business Breaks


Nkem Mary

Chris has been an exceptional mentor and friend, always encouraging me to take the necessary steps towards making my professional podcasting dreams a reality.

Chris has an uncanny ability to practically support people, and generate a positive, can do attitude in anyone he works with. Known as the 'Guardian angel' in his network, I have discovered this to be true!

Still image out of testimonial from Reel Of Testimonials

Reel Of Testimonials

Still image out of testimonial from Austin Armstrong

Austin Armstrong

CEO - Syllaby.io

Still image out of testimonial from Kat Andrews

Kat Andrews

Career Coach


Shaun Bennett

I'm not new to podcasting. I launched my first in October 2023 and it's growing steadily from there.

What I have found in Chris' comprehensive guide are areas where I can, quite literally, up my game and improve this podcast before launching the next. Real actionable steps, clear instructions and solid advice. What more can you ask for?

Chris is also an inspirational guide and I have no doubt that with his support and guidance along the way I will exceed the original target that I had set for my self.


Michele Walter

I'm a gal who likes clear direction and a plan of action, with accountability along the way! And this Podcast Launch Strategy checks those boxes! It's step-by-step manual for everything...and I do mean EVERYTHING...that you need to know to launch your podcast, without feeling overwhelmed!

Still image out of testimonial from Tonya Gossage

Tonya Gossage

Podcast Host - Influence & Growth Mastery

Still image out of testimonial from Chris Cownden

Chris Cownden

CEO - Group Coach Nation


Amy Taylor

Host of Advancing With Amy

I love Podcast Launch Community because Chris Cownden is genuinely friendly and helpful and always willing to take time out of his day to help me learn my new software to help with my podcasting journey. I appreciate his professionalism as well.

Still image out of testimonial from Kensley Meeks

Kensley Meeks

Fitness and nutrition coach - Fortitude4Fitness

Still image out of testimonial from Jacob Bozarth

Jacob Bozarth

CEO - Resound.fm

Still image out of testimonial from Chris Acebu

Chris Acebu

Business & Mindset Coach - Host of Mental Arsenal

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