Marshall Coleman

Marshall Coleman

I was scrolling you tube looking at different crm's at the time and came across a video review of, while watching, it looked interesting enough for me to buy and try it out, This was a great decision for me because it has everything I need to start a business , and more importantly scale an existing business. There are so many features but once I went through the different sections and found where everything was , it got a lot easier. Its nice to be able to set up sites and funnels, create forms , create and send emails, and even send text if that's something your interested in. even better being able to track clients and prospects movements throughout, and make there journey even easier with pipelines. there are so many features, im still learning, one of my favorites have to be the automations, those are endless and so many combinations of ways to automate your business.

Mike R

Good people, amazing content, and software that grows my business! Highly recommend.

Dan Remon

CEO - Fitcorp Group

I have been using the InfinityFlow business and marketing system for a while now and I have to say that it is one of the most comprehensive and user-friendly systems I have ever used. It's fully loaded and solid platform for everything we need including funnels, websites, forms, lead gen, CRM and sales automation. The support team is also very responsive and helpful. Most importantly, they communicate often and continue to develop features while optimizing the speed.

Andy G

The InfinityFlow team is fantastic! Great onboarding, documentation, and support along the way. The product itself is superior to many out there: totally recommend it!

David T.

"Infinity Flow-FAST and automated"

What do you like best about

The site speed is ridiculously fast, and the internal automation suite makes it a proper "full marketing suite" for WAY less than something like Hubspot. For 90% of us Infinity Flow can do everything we need, and it does it very well.
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What do you dislike about

The only thing that InfinityFlow doesnt have yet is the blogging function. It is on the roadmap and should be done soon, but aside from that it has been excellent.
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What problems is solving and how is that benefiting you?

I am currently using it to rapidly deploy different pages for lead gen. Infinity Flow is VERY suited for that. It can replace CF or GHL for almost anyone.

Steve S.

CEO - Genusense Technologies Inc.

InfinityFlow really is great. It's very intuitive to use and has a lot of great adaptable features and settings. Five stars!

Steven S.

Great software that has been great for my startup. Their software is intuitive and relatively easy to use when compared to competitors.

Shivam Singh

This is a really good and well-thought system. I manage Digital Marketing for about 15 businesses including their Paid ads and SEO, there are a lot of tasks that I hate doing but are important, and many processes that must be in place in order for the ads and SEO updates to work properly, Hunter Anderson and Infinity Flow really takes care of a lot of it.

Not just these, it has a lot more that actually helped me grow my business.

It's not a magic wand, but if you really learn and understand what Hunter Anderson teaches, it will get you results.

It took me two years, and it was totally worth it. I'm way ahead of my goals. It's exciting how my goals are what my dreams were made of.

Please give it a try.

David Taggart

InfinityFlow is awesome. The page speed is faster than anything else on the market, and the built-in automation tools are next level. If you are looking for anything in the CF/GHL-type market, then stop looking because InfinityFlow is both a better tool and a better price than either of them.