Ryan Maxwell

Michelle has put on full display her hard work and research into the topic of color. I personally did not know how color can affect the body on a daily basis. Learning more about color has opened my eyes to another perception of reality. Hopefully she writes a follow-up as I'm sure delving deeper into the world of color only opens more doors to how we emotionally respond to color and what we can do to live a more full and happy life.

Sabrina Nasser

Color Secrets is the book I didn’t know I needed! Not only does Michelle share each color’s history and how it affects our behavior, but she dives into the science, how it’s used in film, why you love it, why you hate it, and so much more. I feel like I learn more about myself and our world with every new page. My roommates are already lining up to read it after I finish! Definitely a good one to add to your bookshelf.