Laura Abernathy

Kidokinetics has been an excellent addition to our preschool's enrichment program! The coaches are patient, and kind, and our students look forward to classes each week. The owner, Rebecca, is great at communicating and handling logistical items. We are looking forward to partnering with them again next semester!


I had the opportunity to observe a pop up class and was impressed with the level of coaching, and the kids had a blast!


Christine Gilbert

My son attended a Kidokinetics pop-up event this summer and loved participating in all of the activities! They offered a good balance of play and teaching about physical movement and how to keep your body active. He still talks about the event and shows me skills he learned there.

Kathy Davis

Kidokinetics has been great for our school. The teachers are totally engaged and involved with the children every time they introduce a new sport to them. They also communicate well with the parents about what they have practiced and learned each time. Rebecca Whitehead leads the organization with enthusiasm, a desire to improve, and a true passion for physical activity for children. We are happy to recommend the program to keep children active and moving.


Kevin Connelly

Kidokinetics is a great program we offer to our younger students and their families. As an after school program director, they are very easy to work with and provide age-appropriate activities each week. We have gotten positive feedback from parents and look forward to a budding partnership with their team.


Jocelyn Fernandez

Absolutely loved my 19 month old being in this program!

Southern Stars Preschool Director

KidoKinetics has been a wonderful addition to our after school enrichment program! The kids always look forward to the coaches coming to visit and are always fully engaged in the activities provided. Their staff is friendly, punctual, and energetically dedicated to their jobs. KidoKinetics Coaches even provide activity recaps and at-home activity information to parents each session, so everyone is up to date and well informed! Highly recommend to any preschool, daycare, or early childhood program/parent!

Taylor Roney

As a therapist I understand the importance of gross motor fundamentals needed for school age sports and we were so pleased to find a Kidokinetics day class! The coaches were fun and engaging for the kids. Will definitely be trying it again soon and am hoping they can get established as a weekly program in our school!

Janette Peters

Our girls ages 5 and almost 3 just completed a 10 week kidokinetics class. The girls really enjoyed that it was an activity they could do together instead of being divided by age group. As parents we really appreciated the sticker the girls would return home with along with cards indicating the weekly activities and end of week emails including photos. We appreciated the girls being exposed to a variety of activities in a non competitive manner. Both of our children looked forward to kidokinetics day! The sticker and card created a conversation piece on our drive home. We look forward to signing them up for another session.

Kristen Mills

Kidokinetics Nashville partnered with our after-school care program this fall. Rebecca has been wonderful to work with and has made the whole planning process smooth and easy. The coaches sent out to teach classes were knowledgeable and enthusiastic in working with the children. We had a wonderful time and can't wait to welcome them back in the spring!

Ashlea Davis

My kids LOVED the whole experience! They would love to do it again. I was impressed with how organized they were and how well they kept each child's attention. Just outstanding!

Theresa Jones

My son participated in Kidokinetics at his daycare. He absolutely loved the classes and ‘coaches’! Each week he would come home to tell us about what they did that day. He says he wants to do it again!

Jenny Hyams

The Pre-K students at BUMC Day School love Kidokinetics. The classes are engaging, age appropriate, and fun. It's a great way for children to learn and practice gross motor skills.


Kacy Silverstein

My son had a wonderful time at the Kidokinetics event! The coach was enthusiastic and the activities were diverse and engaging. I would highly recommend for educators and parents!


Lara Woodward

Our childcare facility had a great experience with Kidokinetics! Speaking as a parent, my child enjoyed her weekly classes and I appreciated seeing the activity card that was provided at the end of each session. It gave me an idea of what they focused on during their classes, allowing me to have a more specific conversation with her about what exactly she learned/did/played each week. Speaking as the center director, the Kidokinetics team was great to work with! We had frequent, easy communication and they were always flexible to our center's needs during their class time. We partnered with them for a 10-week session this fall and look forward to continuing that partnership in the spring!

Marisa Flores

We have had a wonderful experience with the team from Kidokinetics. The instructors are kind, patient, professional and very engaged with our students. They arrive on time, bring loads of fun activities, and have been a pleasure to work with. Highly recommend!

Anna Curtis

This is an amazing program for kids who want to learn the foundational skills for any sport! My daughters (ages five and seven) took this class, and have asked several times to come back. They had a ton of fun and learned so much! Would highly recommend this for anyone looking for an activity-based class that also teaches important skills.

Tamara Thomas

Our kids enjoyed an outstanding experience. Coach Rebecca and Coach K provided both a physical workout and muscle education that our kids could remember as they played. It was such a positive experience for our kids to learn new skills and build their confidence. We must have them back.

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