Rohini Agarwal

Thank you Daniel for this great opportunity. Before this class, my twins Ira and Kabir weren’t sure if they could create cartoons - the classes ignited in them a love for drawing and cartoons, and helped them overcome their inhibitions. Because they are a little quiet, they benefitted immensely from the small group lessons and the feedback they received. They absolutely loved every class and they would often spend time after class refining and working on what they learnt in class. Thank you Daniel!

Val S

Our daughter joined TOONIVERSITY five months ago. Since then, her drawing skill has rapidly improved. We try our best to never missed any class because she really love the fact that it's a small group setting. Each child in the class gets more individual attention, inputs and praises from Mr. Grissom. They can take their time improvising their drawing, ask questions and give suggestions on what to draw. Overall, we are really happy we managed to secure a spot and highly recommend joining TOONIVERSITY. You will see your child blossom, more confident in their drawing and a much refine tooning skill.

Lindsey Reid

This year has been incredibly difficult for my 9 year old son. He lost his enthusiasm for life & was in a dark, scary place. Since finding Daniel & joining Tooniversity, the sparkle in my son’s eyes has returned! Daniel is much more than an art teacher. Through art as his medium, he spreads his power of connection across the globe. He has a true talent in meeting kids where they’re at and relates genuinely & sincerely. He is a cultivator of curiosity & character. Daniel has ignited a passion in my son that burns bright. He encourages his growth and exploration with every class. Above all else though, Daniel has helped him to recognize his worth and to believe in himself once again.

Amber Busby

Annabelle has strengthened her drawing skills since being enrolled with Kids Cartoon Academy! She thrives on the small group classes because she is able to interact more with both Daniel and the other students. They have time to show each other their work, receive input from their instructor, and be involved in engaging and fun lessons! We love Annabelle being involved in such a great atmosphere and she loves attending each week!


Sara Mordechai

Sara has been attending the Saturday classes for several months now, and we've seen remarkable progress in her artistic abilities. The tailored guidance and feedback provided by Daniel have really helped her refine her techniques and explore new styles.

Each class not only enhances her skills but also significantly boosts her confidence and enjoyment of art. Sara always looks forward to these sessions, eager to learn and create alongside her peers. These classes have not only been instrumental in her artistic development but have also been a joy for her each week.

I highly recommend Tooniversity’s small group classes to any family looking for a supportive and enriching environment that encourages creativity and personal growth.

Neha Vipin

In the small group class, my daughter Pallavi was getting more attention. She was also able to get through the ideas much more easily. Mr. Grissom gives the exact feedback, where the kids can solve the issues to become more creative. Me. Grissom is of course a great teacher who spread positivity. The encouragement he gives the kids help them to be more passionate.
Me. Grissom is helping out a lot to improve her confidence and creativity.

Ian Agrafiotis

Working with Ms Amanda has been amazing. My son Max (8 yr old) has loved drawing for awhile now but his drawings have really leveled up after spending a few months learning realistic drawing. We’re all busy with school and life, but taking an hour of the day to sit, draw and learn from Ms Amanda has been a great experience. Not only does it give the parents an hour to breathe, but you can relax knowing your child is adding to their passion. Focusing on fun subjects, Ms Amanda has taught Max shading, landscapes and how to draw the animals and characters that he wants to draw. She’s a patient teacher and knows how to get the kids to shine. Along with the Kids Cartoon Academy, Max is learning and creating like never before. Sometimes we even sit and draw along! So glad we have Mr Grissom and his pals to lead us in a fun and creative passion.

Elizabeth Carr

Prior to COVID I couldn't imagine taking an online class. When things locked down I found myself looking for ways to teach the kids things that I couldn't. We found Mr. Grissom's classes. He was offering a series of free Saturday morning cartooning classes. I decided to sign my daughter up. She was mad...not just a little mad, but really, really mad! How dare I sign her up before asking her! We talked about it and decided that she only had to try one class and if she didn't like it, that would be it. She didn't have to do the rest.

I'd like to share that she loved those classes so much that she finished the free classes and asked to sign up for the Small Group Classes.

These classes have provided so much to my daughter. Her art skills have improved beyond anything we could have imagined. She has learned new things each class and is excited to share them with us. Her favourite topic so far has been shape language.

While we knew her art skills would improve we weren't expecting the other added benefits that the class has offered.

My daughter has grown as a person. She has gained confidence to help lead an after-school art club. This is not something she would have done before.

She has learned to take risks and accept that not every time you try something it would work perfectly. Mistakes are just proof that you are learning.

She has made family connections. Her cousins lived across the country and they have connected over artwork and have been sharing drawings back and forth.

I almost forgot the organization skills she is learning. Although there isn't much prep required for each class, my daughter makes sure she has all of her supplies ready and keeps an eye on the time so that she isn't late.

They are learning so much more than art in these classes. The kids are learning life skills that will help them in the future! My daughter loves the feedback from the small group classes. She looks forward to her Saturday mornings and I do too.

I love that we can do these classes anywhere that we have an internet connection. This past summer we have taken classes at the public library in a neighbouring town, at the campground and at home. We like knowing that when we travel she doesn't lose out on classes.

The replays are wonderful. If we happen to miss a class or if she wants to go over something again they are available from the website.

Even though she doesn't chat much with the other students in the small group classes she feels like she's part of the "group". She enjoys the more in-depth answers she gets to questions and loves to share her work. She also enjoys seeing the other students works to see their interpretation of that days project. She's come to recognize and appreciate other students art styles.

She likes that Mr. Grissom adjusts the pace of the class. If they catch onto a concept quickly he will move forward or if they struggle he will slow down.

The biggest draw for me as a parent to these classes is that I am able to have access an amazing teacher that I wouldn't have locally. His ability to teach and make my child feel comfortable is worth more than I can say.

If you asked me a year ago if I would pay for online classes for my children to take, I would have laughed. After experiencing the small group classes I couldn't be more thrilled to have my daughter taking classes online with Mr. Grissom.


Katherine Tejada

Kids Cartoon Academy is excellent, they teach you good, I see the progress in my daughter, she is amazing on her draws, the classes and teaches are very professionals, is amazing!

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Enrique Ramírez