Still image out of testimonial from Tim Caldwell
Animated image out of testimonial from Tim Caldwell

Tim Caldwell

Stanley ward

I have enjoyed getting the coffee News over the past few years. It is great doing the competition. Ihave missed doing this as been No coffee news in the shops here. I live in tepuke i can't wait to get Coffee news to come back to Papamoa and Tepuke . I enjoy reading coffee news And competition Stanley ward 12 te kahika rd Tepuke 3188 B. O. P

Still image out of testimonial from Daniel McClymont
Animated image out of testimonial from Daniel McClymont

Daniel McClymont

Emily Koller

Heya! I LOVE coffee news! Honestly, whether I’m waiting for a waffle from Boss Burgers, or some good ol’ fish ‘n chips, something about seeing Coffee News on a nearby table just makes my day. Is it the artsy font which just looks so quaint? The stylistic advertisement layout? Or just the content itself - quotable quotes, what’s happening, and, my personal favourite: trivia. Thank you for making my day just that much brighter when I see you. Coffee News, you’re a real one.

Jasmin K

I have read coffeenews for the past 10 years (I’m 30). My family and friends all rush to the bakeries every week not just for a feed, but to read the coffeenews. We especially love the horoscopes, as they are the most accurate. In our spare time we do the trivia questions. Thank you to the guys who make coffeenews happen and a bonus for making it available online!

Adam Williams

Manager - Everyday Health

We have advertised in the coffee news for over 8 years and found it to be very benificial to our business I like the fact our advert is in very high traffic outlets like Mcdonalds, PackNsave, and the hospital to name a few. I find the cost extremely reasonable considering the exposure we get and how many clients we have gained from it, and I would not hesitate to recommend Coffee News to any business.

Thomas Dirk Kattenberg

Hi all at coffee news . First of all , thanks for the time and effort put into making the coffee news paper available and free for all. I pick up the paper from the drunken crayfish, which I also really enjoy 🤤 I like the style and layout of the paper , gives an old time feeling, perhaps cos of the colour ? I read the whole paper, all parts and articles are relevative to me in someway , I enjoy the horoscopes section, the everybody's talking section , the trivia section, the advertisements , on the lighter side section always brings a smile and a chuckle , the did you know section, all articles are very informative and good learning for me , i enjoy the quotable quotes section the most , as they resonate with me and I seem to remember them better than all . Thanks again to all whom have put effort into making a cool news paper to read with my fish n chips . Apologies for any Grammer mistakes 😅 Much love ❤🧡💛💚💙💜🤎 Thomas

Susan K Cooney

Owner/Director - Oxygen8 Business Consulting

For the best in local advertising, Coffee News is the way to go. Rudy is great to deal with! Contact him today!

Alexandra Cohen

I really enjoy reading all the tid bits in coffee news. I also like seeing the different ads of businesses that use coffee news. It’s a great wee paper to read while I eat my lunch

Didi Skinner

Owner - Propertyscouts Whangarei

I advertise my business in coffeenews because it is such a positive, fun publication and it feels local and current. I keep my copy of Coffeenews for a quick reference to local small businesses like tradies and service providers. Great service. Thanks Rudi!

Caitlin Campbell

I ❤️ Coffee News! I love to read it mainly because of the interesting articles, which absolutely fascinate me! I love how you add where the locations are so people could visit them if they want. The jokes are great too! I usually pick up the latest Coffee News at countdown Lincoln Rd with my weekly shopping. I actually aren’t really a big ‘sit down and read the newspaper’ type of person so when I read Coffee News for the fist time I was surprised to find I quite enjoyed it! I would recommend Coffee News to everyone who can get it and I thank the creators of it so much!