Gary Erickson

I’m of a slighter older demographic and my friends and I frequent different cafes every Tuesday around Hawkes Bay. I called Chris to mention we needed Coffee News in three extra Cafes in Havelock North and within a few days it was done! We enjoy Coffee News because it’s the one publication we can go to for finding trades people and services that are still in business. Yellow pages etc are out of date and google searches show businesses that are closed. Please keep them coming.

Harmony Pairama

The first part I go to is my Horoscope & then the Trivia I also enjoy the
Did you know ? Section aswell

Overall a good read when you just want to enjoy your coffee without a device

Teresa Jacobs

I am the franchisee owner for the Tauranga edition, and the support from Rudy the franchisor owner has been so great. He is always encouraging and assisting me when I need help. If you considering purchasing a Coffee News franchise I can whole-hearty say that you will be given 100% support with training and Rudy is always available when needed, which is really important as a franchisee owner.

Rebecca Wood

I love the horoscopes

Alison Fletcher

Great stories, quizzes and always learn new things. Also good to see new business available locally. I always pickup a copy of Coffee News when out and about and either read it in the Cafe or the comfort of home. Keep up the good work. Alison

Tahli N

I love the trivia in the coffee news new facts for quiz nights

Pankaj SETHI

Helped me to advertisd my small cleaning business in local communities. Very effordable way to permote ur business . Highly recommend .
P SETHI Cleaning Limited

Chontell Hardy

I have been a weekly coffee news reader for many, MANY years. They are always my go too when I am out getting something to eat. Now, working at Hook Inn Takeaways, I get to read them without having to go anywhere which is great!
They are ALWAYS a great read! With interesting facts, funny stories, quizzes and the star signs! Never a dull moment and something for everyone!
The owners are always a highlight of my week also! They always bring the sun, even when it's raining. They are very lovely, kind people.
I don't know a single person who doesn't know what the coffee news is or who doesn't love it!

Murray Keene

Just picked up the Coffeenews for the first time. It looks and read great. Well done. The Coffee News Guy is in your own Advert .

Roxana Giron

Love reading coffee news it’s very informative

Llana Salanoa

Chadwick Cafe Greerton Tauranga
When I am having breakfast and a coffee,I like to browse through Coffee News,
Favorite part is just looking everywhere at ads and reading Horoscope


My mum and I absolutely love these things! We always find the little dude! Never submitted it. Just do it for fun. Love it! Been doing it together for 20 years !

Jasmin K

I have read coffeenews for the past 10 years (I’m 30). My family and friends all rush to the bakeries every week not just for a feed, but to read the coffeenews.

We especially love the horoscopes, as they are the most accurate.

In our spare time we do the trivia questions.

Thank you to the guys who make coffeenews happen and a bonus for making it available online!

Adam Williams

Manager - Everyday Health

We have advertised in the coffee news for over 8 years and found it to be very benificial to our business I like the fact our advert is in very high traffic outlets like Mcdonalds, PackNsave, and the hospital to name a few. I find the cost extremely reasonable considering the exposure we get and how many clients we have gained from it, and I would not hesitate to recommend Coffee News to any business.

Dot Gritffiths

A wonderful news paper which is chokker full of info and stories and tid bits.
Please keep going with it .
Delighted to see the Plunket add amongst them.
You are an Amazingly fab team and I will continue to read it and pass on to others who may not see it.

Vanessa Davis

Me and my 13 year old son love your coffee news. I pick up a copy weekly from Florets Bakery, Grey Lynn. We need this to connect locals in our neck of the woods - Titirangi! Bedtime reading for my son at least once a week. Encourages him to read and put down the addictive mobile phone!

Deziree Taylor

I have been advertising with Coffee News for a while now and it has been and still is well worth it for my business. The leads keep coming in and the best thing is their promise to never increase my ad price. Thanks Rudy and the team for your unparalleled commitment to customer satisfaction and customer care.

Tracy Barclay

I live the coffee news, I grab one when I see them for a light read and giggle during my lunch break. Over coffee of course.
It’s numerous and I enjoy reading the adds and scanning the QR codes to check out new ideas.
Thanks for being there

Still image out of testimonial from Samuel Clark
Animated image out of testimonial from Samuel Clark

Samuel Clark

Sandy James

I love entering a shop or Cafe and finding the latest Coffee News. It's a quick, easy read.l while you wait. I challenge my competitive husband on the trivia and checkout the local businesses. There's always something of interest to share with the family.

Sandeep Arora

Coffee News is very handy for local communities .I found very reliable cleaners the beautiful couple who were advertised on the paper . My long search journey came to an end only because of coffee news . Highly recommended ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Lynda Hanson

I pick up a copy of Coffee News whenever I see one, usually a cafe. Great to read when you are waiting for food to come. I take my copy home to gain a fuller read. I enjoy Quotable Quotes and Did You Know. Coffee News is also great to find out about events like market days and to learn of businesses that you hadn't previously known about. Along with this, finding Coffee News Guy adds an interactive experience. Thanks for Coffee News!

Lisa M

Hi, I like Coffee News, it’s something to do when I’m waiting.
I noticed you said in Tauranga edition trivia that a googolplex is 1 followed by one hundred zeros, that’s a googol. A googolplex is equivalent to ten raised to the power of a googol or 1 followed by a googol of zeros.

Gabrielle Cairns

Like to see local businesses. Great to have something to read while eating my subway for lunch.

Tammy Hodge

I've been reading these a long time about 20 years???.I live in Rotorua but we went over to Tauranga wharf to buy us a meal when I saw them I couldn't help myself.Im not sure what shops in Rotorua where to get them.They are awesome I love them very interesting and learn about how people become famous or the guineas book of record.Thank you so much 10/10 for me...


Love coffee news pick up at cafe while having a coffee. My daughter and o always like to see who can find the little man first never entered it but we love it. I guess my other favourite part is the trivia the lighter side and then reading it while sitting and relaxing. Hard to say where my usual pick up place is for my Charms Roast and just local place Farm Cove Takeaways used to have it maybe they should again 😊😊

Thomas Dirk Kattenberg

Hi all at coffee news .
First of all , thanks for the time and effort put into making the coffee news paper available and free for all.

I pick up the paper from the drunken crayfish, which I also really enjoy 🤤

I like the style and layout of the paper , gives an old time feeling, perhaps cos of the colour ?
I read the whole paper, all parts and articles are relevative to me in someway ,

I enjoy the horoscopes section, the everybody's talking section , the trivia section, the advertisements , on the lighter side section always brings a smile and a chuckle , the did you know section, all articles are very informative and good learning for me , i enjoy the quotable quotes section the most , as they resonate with me and I seem to remember them better than all .

Thanks again to all whom have put effort into making a cool news paper to read with my fish n chips .

Apologies for any Grammer mistakes 😅

Much love ❤🧡💛💚💙💜🤎

Susan K Cooney

Owner/Director - Oxygen8 Business Consulting

For the best in local advertising, Coffee News is the way to go.
Rudy is great to deal with! Contact him today!

Angela Collie

My daughter and I always look out for these little brown newsletters and the first thing we do is the trivia questions and by golly of we get one right we think we are the bees knees they are goodies next is the lighter side for a good laugh to relieve ourselves off not feeling too dumb and then to help our general knowledge of the did you know and the everybody's talking is sometimes mind blowing


Great to read while having a refreshing coffee and enjoy doing puzzles. Have got great useful information from advertisements

Neil Crystal

A shoutout to Chris the owner of our local Coffee News here in Palmy. I was hesitant to sign up to Coffee News as my budget for advertising is zero to none. Even though Chris said it is more about brand repetition, I have found that I get a lot of leads and business from my advert in Coffee News. In reality, the small cost of the advert is more than worth it.
It’s all over the city so I know I’m getting great exposure. Do I recommend Coffee News? Yes! Sign up now before all the spaces are gone!

Jacky Ward

I read the Coffee News regularly. I saw a post on Facebook showing it’s now at Cafe Express in Palmy which is my favourite cafe! It’s good I can get it from there rather than going to other cafes.

My favourite part is the businesses around the edges because I keep a copy on my fridge so I can call one of these people if I need something. It’s better than the yellow pages! So far I have been to the Woodville Market and organised a cover letter for my daughter, purchased a book and went to look at pottery and went to Feilding to buy a new dress!

Eugin Pereira

Hi Chris,

I stumbled across your coffee news when I visited the clinic. It is easy interesting read. What I found quite apt was your quote Alain de Bottom.

" The difference between hope and despair is a different way of telling stories from the same facts"

This quote was very apt for discussion I was having with my friend.

Coffee News has an eye for suitable quotes. Congratulations.

Keep it up.

Raymond Holliday

My wife and I try to get out and about once a week if possible, we usually try and to go to the Turkish café or a coffee shop for a drink and something small to eat. We have enjoyed grabbing a Coffee News to share at the table ,while enjoying a break.
We have been reading the Coffee News for many years and each of us head to our favourite part , for me personally is having fun finding the little coffee man in the adds.
My wife head’s straight for the trivia part and we enjoy seeing how many correct answers we get, occasionally I surprise myself and get a few correct 👍
Thanks so much for making a great entertaining news letter.


Brijesh Patel

It’s not just a news! It’s a mind refreshing small contents which makes you think and feel happy. I love the some fun facts. Whenever I am going local coffee shop, I usually go before the meeting with clients just to read the coffee news. I really love to support local family businesses, Coffee news one of them.


I pick up my Coffee News from a Restraunt at PUKEKOHE bus depot....

I just love reading it and doing the Competition, One-day I will surely Win ..

Carol Raewyn

An easy read while having a coffee

Carolyn Hood

I enjoy the fact I can pick up a paper and have a read of some fun trivia etc while having a coffee. The best thing is it gets me off my phone. Much rather have a small paper to read the be on screen time.

Daniel Gu

Useful Information and right time for reading!

Olivia O’Neill

I love sitting and reading coffee news while I wait for my waffles at Boss Pizza! Coffee news has fun trivia questions that I quiz my flat mates on which always makes for a good laugh.

Alexandra Cohen

I really enjoy reading all the tid bits in coffee news.
I also like seeing the different ads of businesses that use coffee news.
It’s a great wee paper to read while I eat my lunch

Didi Skinner

Owner - Propertyscouts Whangarei

I advertise my business in coffeenews because it is such a positive, fun publication and it feels local and current. I keep my copy of Coffeenews for a quick reference to local small businesses like tradies and service providers. Great service. Thanks Rudi!

Kate woodroffe

I love the coffee news I look forward to reading my horoscope and triva is always educational and you have to read on the lighter side. But the best thing in the coffee news is find the little man competition I enter every week. So thanks for bringing us the coffee news.

Teddy Kewene

On the lighter side/history/& trivia-are my favorite parts of voffee news I always enjoy reading!?

Atul gupta

Forget stale headlines and endless scrolling! Coffee News is like a shot of espresso for my morning routine. Short, snappy articles with just the right amount of buzz. I actually laugh out loud at the jokes (yes, really!), and the local stories make me feel connected to my community. It's the perfect size to savor over a latte, and I swear it makes my coffee taste even better. Seriously, ditch the heavy news and grab a Coffee News. You won't regret it!

Maulik Patel

I came for uber delivery at pizza club max store for pick up i have to wait for extra time so i saw coffee news stand and take one print for read and I found this guy on one off advertisement is “MB mason bookkeeping” this news paper is good to grow for small business I recommend this news latter to my relatives and friends for help to grow their business

Kind and regards
Maulik patel

Fiona Eaton

Excellent communication how nice to get local news easy friendly format .Unpretentious helped us stay informed since arriving in New Zealand from UK

Katerina Hatzidakis

Working together has always been lovely and supportive 😊


We started advertising in Coffee News around August 2023 and found the process really easy with Rudy and his team.
We enjoy the grassroots nature of Coffee News - it's accessible, easy to read and always includes a few laughs.
Thanks for a great experience


It's fun. Whenever I go to coffee shops I look for coffee news. Jokes, riddles are fun to read I love it. Keep on going guys.


Well done, good to see a long running paper ad still thriving!

Still image out of testimonial from DonnaMaree Austin
Animated image out of testimonial from DonnaMaree Austin

DonnaMaree Austin

Still image out of testimonial from Carl chambers
Animated image out of testimonial from Carl chambers

Carl chambers

Still image out of testimonial from Oliver Greig
Animated image out of testimonial from Oliver Greig

Oliver Greig

Caitlin Campbell

I ❤️ Coffee News! I love to read it mainly because of the interesting articles, which absolutely fascinate me! I love how you add where the locations are so people could visit them if they want. The jokes are great too! I usually pick up the latest Coffee News at countdown Lincoln Rd with my weekly shopping. I actually aren’t really a big ‘sit down and read the newspaper’ type of person so when I read Coffee News for the fist time I was surprised to find I quite enjoyed it! I would recommend Coffee News to everyone who can get it and I thank the creators of it so much!


I was killing time at the laundromat and found coffee was for the first time. Love it! New to Canterbury so lots of tit bits to ponder. Thanks heaps


Hi. I love Coffee News! I’m only eight years old and I love it. Especially ‘Everybody’s Talking’. I find it interesting and funny!

Evie.P 😁

When I’m in a café and I see a rack Coffee News just sitting there on the shelf, I just HAVE to go and get one!
Coffee News is so interesting and “On the Lighter Side” is just hilarious, my favourite one is: Son: There’s a man at the door with a bald head, Dad: Tell him I already have one!🤣
I also love quizzing my family (especially my dad) with fun and sometimes quite tricky trivia. I could keep rambling on, because to be honest EVERYTHING in Coffee news is just amazing! And it’s probably one of my favourite thing to do when I’m sitting there bored in a café.😁

Jay bhatt

The coffee news guy is in Mason Bookkeeping advertising

I read this news paper in pizzaclub Palmerston North I came here for my order and while waiting I saw this news letter and read it and I came across this ad saying find the guy

This news letter is really nice I wasn’t aware of this before it really helps small businesses in community to grow and also it helps people to connect with other people for their needs

Jane Fredrick’s

I read Coffee News in Cafe 88 in Woodville. I treat myself to coffee and breaks once a week and I always time it just right for Chris to be delivering the latest edition! I especially enjoy reading the what’s happening section as there is always relevant local events. Chris says he chases these from everyone. He told me to go to this link to say how much I enjoy Coffee News! Love it! Jane.

Lucas Bannister

I love Coffee News. I picked up one at the "Local" Cafe on Broadway in Palmerston North and loved reading the fun facts. The trivia is now a weekly fun thing to do with my colleagues in the office. We used the What's Happening section to promote our community event, and Chris did a deal for us on a paid advert for a few weeks to give us extra visibility, which I am sure played a part in the huge success we had. Thanks a lot for bringing this back to Palmerston North!


Hi everyone, we wanted you to know how successful you can be if you advertise in the Coffee News!
Cycling Without Age Napier (CWA Napier) has advertised in the Hawke's Bay edition of Coffee news, for almost 6 months now, looking for Cyclists. We give free trishaw rides to Napier’s seniors & isolated, by those who love cycling & want to give back to their community. Passengers feel free, happy & enjoy the wind in their hair again.
We have had several enquiries resulting in new volunteers wanting to join the team and to train as trishaw pilots. We are still looking for more, if you are reading this and like to cycle, so get in touch with Alan on 0274 302 702.
We would not hesitate to recommend Coffee News to any local business in Hawke's Bay.

Nataliya Vehikite


Jimmy Gallagher

Hi, the coffee news guy is hidden on back side, bottom right ad for coffee news

Adel tetai

Its gives everyone an understanding of what's going on

Still image out of testimonial from Choi Har Wong
Animated image out of testimonial from Choi Har Wong

Choi Har Wong

Still image out of testimonial from Tim Caldwell
Animated image out of testimonial from Tim Caldwell

Tim Caldwell

Stanley ward

I have enjoyed getting the coffee
News over the past few years.
It is great doing the competition.
Ihave missed doing this as been
No coffee news in the shops here.
I live in tepuke i can't wait to get
Coffee news to come back to
Papamoa and Tepuke .
I enjoy reading coffee news
And competition
Stanley ward
12 te kahika rd
Tepuke 3188
B. O. P

Bryan Jenkins

Easy reading over a coffee and cake. Competitions add a sense of achieving, even if I win no prize

Marianne Beekmans

I am the franchisee owner for the Hawke's Bay edition. When I started in May last year I had no experience as a sales person. Rudy (owner of Coffee News New Zealand) gave me all the support that I needed and more. He always responds very quick to phone calls and or emails. If you are thinking of buying a Coffee News franchisee you will not be disappointed by the support of Rudy Kokx and his team.

Deepanshu Sharma

I love it from columbus mitre 10 !!! As a tradie i am there every week love my local coffee news

Rita Fleming

I like reading the trivia and quatable qoutes

Mohit Singla

I just wanted to share a quick note and let you know that you guys do a really good job. I'm glad I decided to advertise with coffee news which helped us to increase our sales. Will definitely recommend to other businesses to advertise in coffee news. Thanks

Carter Wu

Great for taking a break while enjoying a nice coffee!

Tim Dow

I just read it when im having a coffee somewhere. Its a nice break from being on a phone. Always entertaining.

Peter Emmett

Read it everywhere as enjoy trivia

Beryl Smillie

I have enjoyed Coffee News for many years. It is like an old friend waiting to greet me at cafes/bakeries/McDonalds etc. I live alone, go most places alone, and the companionship of Coffee News is unequalled! Each “section” adds some variety. Thank you, and may your editions never cease!

Ruderaksh moudgill

I often pick up Coffee News when I visit my favorite coffee shops or restaurants. I enjoy the short and easy-to-read articles, which provide a quick and entertaining way to pass the time. My favorite part of Coffee News is the "On the Lighter Side" section, which features funny and uplifting stories, jokes, and anecdotes. I find this section to be a great mood booster and it always puts a smile on my face. Additionally, I also enjoy the "Did You Know" section, which provides interesting facts and trivia about a variety of topics. Overall, Coffee News is a great way to stay informed and entertained while enjoying a cup of coffee or a meal. Btw I got my latest one in takanini kebabs delight.

Colleen Swann

I look forward to each edition I collect while out & about.
It's hard to pick a favourie. I get a laugh from 'On the lighter side', love to read what to/or not to expect in 'Horoscopes', marvel at 'DId you know', test my brain at 'Trivia', extend my knowledge at 'Quotable Quotes' and find out 'what Everybody's Talking' about. All before I hv a look through who is advertising and where the cheeky 'Coffee News Guy' is hiding, all as they say "from the comfort of my favourite chair".
Keep up the great work GUYS, & a big thanku from me.

Still image out of testimonial from Daniel McClymont
Animated image out of testimonial from Daniel McClymont

Daniel McClymont

Emily Koller

Heya! I LOVE coffee news! Honestly, whether I’m waiting for a waffle from Boss Burgers, or some good ol’ fish ‘n chips, something about seeing Coffee News on a nearby table just makes my day. Is it the artsy font which just looks so quaint? The stylistic advertisement layout? Or just the content itself - quotable quotes, what’s happening, and, my personal favourite: trivia. Thank you for making my day just that much brighter when I see you. Coffee News, you’re a real one.

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