I have been in business over 15 years. I started off working with another company and the support I had from them was not what I hoped for.

When I came to TrackStar, I felt I had a company that really looked out for my interest. The costs were lower, the support was second to none, the software is amazing and always improving. Remember with software you get what you pay for. If you go out for steak, do you pick the restaurant with the cheapest prices of the best food?

If I had to pay 5 times the cost, I would. I am treated as a friend and someone who is rooting for my company to do well. Go with TrackStar, you will not be disappointed!

We have been working with TrackStar for a few years now and have had a great experience with Jason and his team! Our clients are getting great results, the system is easy to use and TrackStar is always looking for ways to innovate and improve!

Working with Jason and Clint has been wonderful. I couldn't ask for a better team, and software for my company. After the first meeting, I realized that this software had everything that I needed and much more.

Since using it, I have been able to take my company to the next level. These guys are sent from heaven, and I will be with them for life!

Every time I call Jason, he is always there to assist me. He's fast, and very tech savvy. All I can say is this software has changed my business and how we operate, and it had us all prepared when covid hit. Couldn't ask for anything better. Thank you Jason and Clint for everything that you have done!!

Working with TrackStar and Jason has been an amazing journey. I’ve watch the company improve their product year after year. I couldn’t be any happier working with them. I look forward to some exciting news and progression next year. Amazing team!

This company is Amazing! Jason is a true professional and always there to reply quickly when you need anything. Their software has a lot of features no other company has! 5 Stars!

In the beginning, I chose TrackStar because of their CORE credit software which makes the task-rich environment of small business ownership easy. I simply could not find any other providers that offered all the tools that I needed under one platform.

Now after more than 10 years I am pleased to be able to use their scalable software on all my devices!

What I wasn’t expecting was exactly how well their process performs – now half my new business is referrals from my happy customers!

I started TrackStar 10 years ago where my company used to do their own disputing and what a waste of time that was compared to TrackStar. Jason and Clint are always right there for me when I have a question or need something. They have added so many features to TrackStar over the years, and continue to surprise me with more features almost monthly. It is the best move I have ever made for my company to go with TrackStar, it makes the process so easy for me as the company owner. I promise you if you join TrackStar with Jason, Clint or another associate you will not regret it and it will be the best thing you did for your company. It simplifies your process by 10 times. I think TrackStar is #1 in the credit restoration industry.
Todd S.

Jason is very knowledgeable about his profession and goes above and beyond to help. He really allows you to feel that no question is a “dumb question” no matter how small it may be. His trainings are very informative and he motivates you to be more hands on and proactive when helping others.

Still image out of testimonial from Kathryn Tapie
Animated image out of testimonial from Kathryn Tapie

We couldn't imagine our business without TrackStar! We've been in business since 2009 and have been using TrackStar since 2011. Our clients and referral partners LOVE the portal. The client gets all updates instantly both as a text update and an email, and the referral partner knows how we're helping the client they have referred. Because the client gets constant updates, they no longer call in wondering what's going on with their account. They know, so no need to call! Jason and everyone at TrackStar are heroes! They are constantly looking for ways to improve our business. We LOVE the new software update and all the options that it now brings, streamlined and efficient to name a few. TrackStar is always on the cutting edge. On the fence? Take a leap of faith, you won't be sorry!

Still image out of testimonial from Tierell Goodman
Animated image out of testimonial from Tierell Goodman

Trackstar has helped my company out tremendously.We were hesitant to outsourcing the company at first however Jason took his time and made us feel comfortable.Their new dispute system even works faster than the original mail out method.