Krishna Mahesh Patidar

I recently picked up a book that has truly impressed me and I couldn't wait to recommend it to all my fellow HR enthusiasts. 🎉 "Full Stack Recruiter" by Jan Tegze is an absolute gem that I believe is a must-read for anyone starting their career in HR or even experienced professionals in the field. 📖

Let's level up our HR game together and continue making a meaningful impact in our organizations. 💪


TA Business Partner

Full Stack Recruiter is the Bible for junior and experienced recruiters - if covers a wide range of topics from sourcing to employer branding and offers plenty of resources to strengthen the knowledge in the areas where our exposure was not so strong yet.

Bíborka Bartos

Sales Manager

Few books become essential manuals for recruitment. The Full Stack Recruiter is an exeption. I highly recommend it for recruiters at all level.

Iulia Tescut

IT Recruiter

This book was my first guide toward IT recruitment. It has helped me land my first job as a Sourcer and it's always something that I come back to when I need more tips.

Thank you, Jan for this detailed book!

Ryan Demer

Technical Recruiter - Cullerton Group

Full Stack Recruiter has helped me shape into the recruiter I am today. The book introduces great strategy on sourcing, screening, and ultimately placing candidates. I recommend this book to any rookie recruiter looking to stay in the industry for a long time.

Amer Klopic

Director of Talent Attraction - Ministry of Programming

This book assisted me in refreshing my memory about several tactics that recruiters/sourcers can take. In addition, I discovered several fascinating topics that I was unaware of. If you're interested in becoming a Full Stack recruiter, this book is literally required reading.

I advise anyone who works in the recruitment sector to read the book and fill in the blanks so they can get a complete understanding of how recruiters should handle issues and think.

I congratulate you, Jan, for this edition.

Keep up the fantastic work.

Hayley Finegan

Senior Talent Partner - Korn Ferry

16 years in Recruitment and you just never stop learning. I wanted to sharpen my skills and understanding in so many areas to support my career development. I ordered Full Stack Recruiter as a Recruiter friend of mine had mentioned it was her "Professional bible" I totally agree! The book is fantastic for anything recruitment including perfecting long Boolean strings - which has already impacted the quality of my search results. I refer to the book at least a few times a day and it is like having a recruitment Guru by my side. The effort and work that has gone into this book are incredible. FSR will always be by my side and my confidence has grown because of it. Totally recommend! *****

Rebekah Turner

Executive Sourcer

I bought this book on Kindle and stayed up all night reading it. The next day I ordered the paperback copy too because this is a book I want to have by my side throughout the workday.

David Aroca

Technical Recruiter - Tech Rise Ventures

I have been a recruiter for three years, and I am learning a lot from this reading. The book is a must-read for anyone working in recruiting or wanting to learn more about it

Highly recommended!

Jorge Bendek

Software Engineering Consultant

I learned the essential sourcing tools, ways of reaching candidates, and how Recruitment Marketing works. As a beginner was perfect to read this book because now I am applying this in my current job.

Kalliroi Kirlimpa

Jr. Talent Sourcer

A great book with many practical examples, which is a must have for every professional in Talent Acquisition!


Sourcer and Recruiter

This is one of the best recruiting books I've read so far. Very complete and honest, Jan Tegze addresses the subjects in depth and brings current and future subjects for reflection on this profession. I can only 100% recommend reading this book which is an essential tool for a good recruiter (regardless of the sector of activity in which he recruits)!

Ebonie McDonald

Senior Technical Sourcing Recruiter

I use Full Stack Recruiter on a weekly basics to help me through my day with sourcing. It has some really helpful information. I was coming up with a presentation for my department and Jan's book helped me on where to start and what are some key points to highlight.

Robert Nunn

Talent Director - Instant Impact

When I started in recruitment 23 years ago, I was given a small booklet explaining the terminology around IT, Networks and Infrastructure. It was basically an index of all the language I would expect to hear as I started my career recruiting tech people across London. I would've been lost without it, and it remained on my desk, in use, for the best part of 5 years.

For me, FSR is that same go-to book, which I can rely on to give me help, guidance and inspiration when a problem arrives.

Jan has managed to catalogue the entire spectrum of what a Recruiters (Both agency & Inhouse) life involves. From sourcing to branding, storytelling to analytics, communications to stakeholder management and so much more. In a style that is easy to follow and understand - a rarity in the quagmire of business literature.

It is THE quintessential reference book for the modern recruiter at any stage in their career.

Anna Konfederak

Principal Sourcing Specialist - Tech

This book helped me to get a job in Tech Recruitment as I have impressed my hiring manager with my sourcing skills learned from the book. It also helps me in my job daily, I always have it on my desk and look for answers there! I should know it by heart now :)

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