Karen Harris (United States)

Awesome workshop! Too short; wasn't ready for it to end. I'm also in the current Meditation course that just started, and I highly recommend it. Suzanne's teaching really IS like her analogy of being lost in the forest and needing to find a spot where you can see beyond the forest to see where you are, in order to know how to get to where you want to go.


Christiane Boysen (Germany)

I just want to say how inspiring your class was. I learned a lot in an easy and comfortable way with nice-to-follow-exercises in an enjoyable group from a knowledgeable teacher. In total, it will be worth expanding this path of mediumship.


Lise Lubbersen (Germany)

The mediumship classes with Suzanne brought me way further than I expected. In a personal way, in a professional way, and in a way, that expanded my connections and my view on literally my whole being. I really love Suzanne’s way of teaching, her trust, her professionalism, her clarity, and her love. I absolutely recommend taking this step!

Donna D. Bell

Thank you Suzanne for offering this course. The exercises were especially helpful. I have much to ponder, assimilate, and PRACTICE!


Emily Lucas (Netherlands)

Financial Consultant

I have already followed a large number of sessions of individual AM training and I really notice a significant difference from how I started. For one I have much less stress and am much more aware of hindering thinking patterns. Suzanne guides you through the difficult parts, full of respect and without judgment. I find her explanation clear and the exercises very effective and so practical that I can easily do them at home.


Nicole Lamontagne (United States)

“What a breath of fresh air to have the content given with such generosity. I am still impressed with Suzanne’s expertise and heartfelt passion for what she does. I’ve taken many meditation courses but I tell you, this was truly the best investment I made in a long time. The tools are tangible and crystal clear. Thank you so much Suzanne and I can’t wait for the suite.”


Steffi Bayer (United Kingdom)

I definitely would like to keep going for another year, this course has helped me a lot to gain more clarity and increased my ability making it stronger, clearer, and easier, thank you so much.


Nicola Novack (United Kingdom)

I wanted to thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for this course. I have learned a lot from it and taken so much from it. I really enjoy the way you teach. You have wonderful energy. I look forward to learning from you again.


Helen Rorije (Netherlands) 

Thank you, Suzanne, for this wonderful workshop. I have learned so much tonight. You explained everything so well and the exercises were so helpful as well. I could recommend this workshop to everyone! Thanks again!

Lutgart (Belgium)

What makes a big difference to me with Suzanne Tempel’s approach to trauma therapy is that she does not put labels or names of people on the traumas that come along and are processed. This keeps the whole process unmottled and transparent and feels very free afterward. She is a very professional counselor, with whom I have every confidence.


Julia Huebner

Hi-I love Suzanne`s way of teaching: it is so profound and clear and structured and down to earth and besides it led very directly to results. And not to forget: it was wonderful!


Rebecca Dühren (Germany)

I have never had such a well-structured -information-packed & helpful course.

Sally (United Kingdom)

I only wish I had done this many many years ago.

Jolanda (Netherlands)

Wow, this was amazing. I have learned so much and I am going to sign up for the meditation course. Thank you!


Thipphavanh Deovan, Valbonne (France)

AM Coach

Suzanne has got something that makes you trust her right away. I have never found a more direct and powerful method than hers, and I am saying that after having experienced many different ones! Once you have found something that works so well, it is a real treasure.

Still image out of testimonial from Dina Cooper

Dina Cooper

Parent coach


Nicholas Terpstra (Canada)

Thank you so much for all of these wonderful lessons this year I've really enjoyed them!


Ann-Sofi Carlborn (France)

Hi Suzanne, Thank you for an extraordinary first trimester in Mediumship training.

Maja D (Luxemburg)

The Meditative State course was excellent in every way.  The theory was well explained, and it was coupled with practical exercises.  I thoroughly enjoyed it. Thank you.

Marga (Netherlands)

I am now truly the leader I aspired to be. Effortlessly, confidently, and in my power. This is the start of a new phase in my career!

Still image out of testimonial from barbie


Gabriele Frielinghaus (Germany)

Thanks for that illuminating workshop. I learned to go the yoga path, expand my consciousness, and learned to meditate with a great experienced, and awakened teacher. But nobody explained what happened in my brain. You did and I realize I could feel different states. You completed the map of my consciousness. Now, after your Workshop, I recognize where I am in my development. Thanks for doing that!!!

Shannon LF (United Kingdom)

Oh my god, this is the first time in all of these years I have been meditating and going to classes that this is explained to me in a very easy and rational way. I have gained so much insight now. Thank you so much!

Andre (Germany)

Thank you for this wonderful experience. I have really enjoyed your class.


Aletta Boonstra (Netherlands)

“I’m so happy that I joined the training last minute. Everything already falls into place 🙂 Thank you for that.”


Ramzi Cheety (Canada)

The awakening mediumship method is a course that I recommend to everyone. This is a multifaceted course and I am so blessed to have taken it. I started the course with no knowledge or experience in mediumship. A year into the program, I pass on messages from spirit, do psychic readings, and also use my enhanced intuition in my day-to-day job as a director of finance. I highly recommend her training no matter what stage of life or life path you're on.

Theresa Schilizzi (Switzerland)

I’m enjoying the Mediumship class immensely. I get so much out of each class. Thank you for this terrific training!

Edwin (Netherlands)

I love the scientific way the states of consciousness can be explained and trained. I had no idea.

Rutger S (Netherlands)

I always wondered whether I was going 'deep' in my altered state. And now I know.

Still image out of testimonial from Marion Gabe

Marion Gabe

Evidential Mediumship & psychic readings