Jonathan Le Feuvre

If you are new to being an Umpire (or even just thinking about it) watch these discussions on YouTube, they really really help you with the understanding of the rules and how to interpret them.

Plus Keely has a knack of making the complicated simply (though still not 100% sure about the Handbag rule) and it is interesting to hear the logic of some top notch umpires discussing the same thing.

Plus lots of tips about what to do whilst you are on pitch and how to manage the match.

So thank you Keely for doing this, this is a resource just helps you be better.


Lisa Walpole

President - CLFHA

Keely has been the Calgary Ladies Field Hockey Association’s primary source for new rules, regulations, interpretations, and our primary clinician for almost two deacdes. She knows her rules and is great with dealing with the challenging situational questions that pop up every season.


Richard May

United Kingdom

I’ve always wanted to constantly improve my umpiring. I’ve found it frustrating the apparent lack of resources or support out there for umpires. So basically I’ve had to figure a lot of things out for myself. But in terms of positioning, I’ve concluded a while back that running a J hook down the line was often not the right approach. But equally I’ve been concerned that I’m not doing the standard thing and had people occasionally ask me what I wasn’t running the line.

So the discovery of FMumpires was an amazing moment for me. Then MCP was one of those moments (I can picture Keely doing “mind blown” hand gesture) - so coming inside is okay. In fact I can do it more than I’ve been doing until now. This is so great.

David Hughes

United Kingdom

Excellent 1 2 1 with Keely on Friday. Very helpful and also she has the ability to mentor and help whatever level of umpire you might be or aspire to be. Thoroughly recommend to all our group! Keely is also really funny but I think we all knew that!


Mike MacDowell

The support that Keely has given through my umpiring journey to date has been one of the key pillars of my personal development in my umpiring career. A massive part of her credibility comes from having been there and done it as an umpire and a UM and so she gives feedback honestly and objectively to guide you on best practises and away from making killer mistakes. Keely never hesitates to engage with you on a personal level and really cares about your development and the milestones that you reach. Would not hesitate to recommend her and the FHU3T Yellow membership to any aspiring umpires.


Steve Godwin


Great event to be involved in as a member of the fantastic @fhumpires team. Providing umpires, match officials and umpire development support for all the matches.
Clearly a successful event from the impact it has made and the people it has reached. Going to grow.



Emma-Louise Whitehouse

Keely and the FHU3Team have been the sole reason I continued umpiring after setbacks. From kit being stolen to particularly bad games, the support from FHU has kept me going and helped me to identify flaws in my game and keep improving.
I can’t thank Keely enough for everything she’s done to support us all, she truly is a godsend!

Daan Crommelin

FHU is amazing not only because of what you learn. Keely has an unparalleled ability to make every member feel like they’re not only allowed, but encouraged to participate in an active way, making everyone feel part of the community.


Alex Miles

FIH Umpire

Despite being a fellow Canadian, I first ran into Keely very early in my umpiring career in an online umpiring forum where her clear, straight-forward answers immediately drew me in and gained my trust. Her stewardship over the years has been instrumental in helping me achieve my ever-increasing goals. I continually seek out Keely's universally-praised advice whenever I have a problem, whether it is on technical decision-making, positioning, management styles, career development, or anything in between. And yet somehow–I have no idea how–she always has even more insights to hit me with every step of the way.