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Scott Walker

Daniel S.


I came into 2021 with three words for the year: Confidence, Relationships & Outlining. (Improving my outlining skills is one of my writing goals for the year). So when I discovered GMB and its 14 Day Screenplay Outline Challenge, I was excited by how aligned it was! And now, at the end of the challenge, all three of those words have come to greater fruition. Between the structure, the consistency, the writing prompts, the input from Bryan Cogman, the personal & genuinely caring support from Michael (creator of the site), and most of all, the other people doing the challenge— I feel more confident, I'm excited about my new relationships, and I walk away with an outline that is farther along than when I started and with stronger outlining skills. Truly grateful.

Esther P.

Software Engineer

I'm a software engineer, who writes songs in my spare time. I've always been motivated, but sometimes struggle finishing everything I set out to do. When the Covid pandemic hit, it became harder to keep up my work-music schedule, because of the overwhelming sense of isolation. This made any habits I had seem more tedious to maintain, and it became harder to get back into things when my schedule went off track. I was already using Habitica, which was great, but I needed something that emphasized human involvement more. I tried a couple of google searches for the right tool before I found GetMotivatedBuddies. After the free trial, purchasing a subscription was a no-brainer, as I find my time very valuable, and I already was seeing improvements in my habits. What attracted me to GetMotivatedBuddies over other productivity apps was the ability to meet people with similar goals. Through its platform, I've learned the benefits of planning out my day. I've also had some fascinating conversations about my interests and got to know people from all over the country. I'm still not perfect at time management, but this app has changed the outcome of some of my days, which means a lot to me. What I love most about GetMotivatedBuddies are the connections I've been making with people. When you talk about your daily journeys, the conversations can get very interesting. I would recommend this service to anyone who is looking to make their days not only more successful, but also socially fulfilling.

Alex G

Business owner

GMB is really the only thing out there that systemizes accountability in a plan + buddy system that's actually flexible and realistic... All other accountability buddy attempts over the years have ended in just falling apart without any way to keep up or renew momentum, either with them or someone else. I appreciate that the owner Michael obviously cares and has a really clear understanding of what can benefit people, plus he's been personally active on the platform.

The "habit streak" apps never worked for me because it's far too easy to fail when you have a complicated life or other very good excuses 😂. But GetMotivatedBuddies has a % scale of completion and a note option that your buddy in that category will see... taking off a lot of unneeded pressure. Apparently the focus is on understanding why a goal isn't working and getting real about what to actually do or not over time. That actually works!

As far as results -- I made more progress on a steady early bedtime and regular 5am gym for a long time than I've done in years! Plus lost 20lb so far as a result of that and diet just through this system. Kept up on personal habits, too, until life recently got really messy again. All the reminders - or a buddy messaging to check in - help to make sure I'm aware when I'm falling apart while just encouraging me to reevaluate my goals to make life work again. So it's time to add back some of those habits again that fit a new lifestyle... Basically, GMB is designed to have you focus on things as needed until they get incorporated, and then not track them forever. And the groups and challenges have been useful for not feeling so alone. It's nice and really helpful to have people to talk with who are really trying.

I continue to subscribe to GMB after 8 months -- I highly recommend it for long-term goals, habits, and accountability with others who want to support each other.

Kevin H

Every day for the past few years I'd tell myself "today I’ve got so much time, I’m going to get so much done"...and then I’d watch one Youtube video or check an Instagram "just one more" and at the end of the day I’d be exactly where I started but a little older. I'd be disappointed, and tell myself "tomorrow I'll get things done" to only go through the cycle again and again. I've tried so many different things to fix this:

- Therapy
- Journalling
- Meditating
- White knuckling strategies
- Mushrooms (psilocybin)
- App blockers
- Choice architecture
- Mapping goals into a daily routine
- Affirmations
- Reminders of the consequences of habits my bad habits

And many more, but nothing made a consistent change with this problem.

I heard about creating an accountability group and it really resonated. I tried with 3 different groups of friends but no one I tried with was reliable enough.

But the behaviour change from it was so powerful and promising so I googled for an app for it which led me here.

It's been 3 months and I've trained, studied and worked on my business for a total of 8 hours/day, every day, even on work days - when before I'd workout maybe 1 day/week, and maybe do the others once in 2 months if I was lucky. I feel like I can finally take my life in a direction that I find meaningful and I’m excited to see where it goes.

Ellen B.

So I came to GMB totally desperate for accountability so I could actually start keeping goals. It was a perfect fit and I crushed many goals right from the start!! So much so that grew tremendously in my relationship with God, and now He through the Holy Spirit (the counselor, with-you-all-the-time part of God) is now guiding me way more than before. I'm finding that I'll make a new goal on GMB and then He'll lead me to something else so I end up canceling or changing the goal! It's always a way better idea than my Plan A. This has happened at least 3 times! Another equally big reason is that am now keeping my goals without need for outside accountability. None of it was intrinsic at first but now my two major goals spending a certain amount if time with God each day and walking for pregnancy exercise are ingrained now. I can definitely see me needing a boost like when start my book back up, so I'm glad I have that whole year membership.

Tanya B

Artist and Small Business Owner

For the past few years I’ve had a couple of areas in my life where I wanted to be doing more, but all too often I found reasons for not following through. The things I was procrastinating on were all my own projects and no one else would be affected if I didn’t do them. As a result, it became really easy to put them off. I wanted to do better for myself, so I began looking online for some type of group support system that would help motivate me and keep me accountable. I looked for a long time and nothing that I found was a good fit for me until I came across GetMotivatedBuddies. This program is perfect for what I need to keep working toward my goals. I like how thoughtfully designed it is, and there are a lot of choices within the program, so I can tailor it for whatever happens to be going on in my life at any given time. I enjoy the interactions with the people, too, and even that is designed to give us many buddies, or a few, depending on what works for us. It’s exactly what I’ve been looking for and I'm very pleased with it!

Haydn Davis

Business Owner

Hi. My name is Haydn and I have been with GetMotivatedBuddies (GMB) since the very early days. Initially I wanted a little help with activities and projects about which I tended to procrastinate. And while GMB did help with this, it did a lot more.
One of the things I like about the site is that it helps - even forces – you to clarify your goals. For example, for some time I had wanted to meditate on a regular basis. But it was kind of a vague goal. After spending a little time on the GMB site, I converted my vague goal into something specific, something that could be monitored, encouraged, and reinforced. My goal became something much more concrete and hence more doable: I would meditate for 20 minutes at 10am each day, using the Headspace app, in my home office.

A second thing I like about the site is that it is very flexible. There are many ways for you to interact with the site. I also appreciate the scheduling feature that allows you to reschedule if, for example, you are running behind and will not be able to complete the behavior at the time you originally listed.

A third important feature of GMB is that it has a very supportive community. While there are tools on the site that will match you with someone who shares your same objectives, it is also possible to simply make a buddy by reaching out to someone on the site. Support is also excellent and very responsive to questions or problems.

I’ll mention just one more feature that I like. GMB keeps track of all your activities but you control how and when the system notifies you – to check in to do an activity, or to check out, indicating that the behavior was completed. There are points awarded for completed activities and many optional challenges that you can choose to participate in and this makes the site fun and interactive.
Obviously, I am a big GMB’s fan and I bet you will be too. I hope you give it a try.

Manuela S

Freelancer inAdult Education

GetMotivatedBuddies is the one and only platform I needed and finally found - for several purposes: find an accountability partner for my goals and be one for others, have a tribe who understands what we are talking about and why we want such a motivating sourrounding, share the difficulties and look for solutions in order to improve every day a little step. Along with meeting interesting new people and learning from others on a daily basis it is a fantastic virtual space, related to real life.

Jack D.

I recently started using GetMotivatedBuddies (GMB), a peer-based behavior change platform that utilizes gamification. As someone who works a lot from home and doesn't have many people around me, I was looking for a solution to help me stay motivated and accountable towards my goals. GMB has been a great tool in that regard. One of the most significant changes I've noticed since using GMB is that I have started implementing regular plans. Although not all of them are successful, I'm proud of myself for taking action and making progress towards my goals. The social aspect of GMB has been particularly helpful for me. Being able to connect with like-minded individuals who are also striving for personal growth and change is an uplifting idea. You can see that the platform is still in the development stage, so need to understand that it may take a while to find interesting people. Initially, the gamification aspect of GMB was exciting and kept me engaged. However, over time, I found the social aspect to be more important.

Julius S.

Because I wasted so much money on signing up for a two year membership (twice) at 24 Hour Gym only to quit after using the facility for a month or two.
It turns out I don't actually need a Gym membership to get fit.
I just need to understand myself, my health, the goals I set out to achieve better health, be consistent in my Fitness activity and be accountable to somebody that I'm achieving the fitness goals that I've planned to set out. And at the same time help the other person achieve his/her fitness goals.


Working together has really taken study to new levels of consistency and focus. There is a real sense of community and camaraderie that's hard to find outside of college and university. GMB is an amazing platform. I highly recommend it.

Quinn H.


I love that I had an opportunity to work in tandem with other like-minded people around the world to get an outline for my next screenplay completed. Typically, I don't prepare for my writing projects much, but with the structure of the challenge format on GMB I was able to focus. I'll definitely use this tool again.

Constance D.

The site helps me feel connected to a working world outside my house…..if that makes sense. The alerts telling me it's time to do something act as an external motivator to get things done. And I think the points system and Ellen are really big motivators. If I don't do anything the points system is a reminder that I'm just not getting anywhere with my goal. And I don't want to feel stagnant, so l've got to do stuff. I still like that I get points if I don't meet my goal though, because then I'm not demotivated. Ellen is amazing for accountability, because if I don't get things done, I have someone to answer to about that. I don't have anyone for that outside this site.



I have a long story here with GMB because it impact my life tremendously , my life have more meaning Now , with this program getting things done turn to be a time equation only , in the beginning , I had many mental blocks and setbacks , but with the help of logging in on a daily basic to check my activities and also contacting buddies,I overcome the big blocks on my way, here finaly I discover that this program is unique , and is well designed to help improve our lives and give it more meaning .

Cindi H.


This process really pushed me to show up at my computer and do the work. By the end of two weeks, there's some stuff on the page that will end up in the trash, but there's some good stuff too.

Benjamin H.

'This service provides a fantastic way for people to connect with highly motivated individuals. It is the platform for those want to succeed. I've used for example, "plant a tree", and some other platforms to improve. The differentiator for me is the focus, on pairing with other high performers. Normally, being introduced to people with a high level of focus/motivation requires significant investment in networking, especially at startup/coworking spaces.

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