Gideon Bavly

Let’s Go Sailing

Jeremy, your tireless work through-out this summer has transfer the operations of my business from a hobby to a respectable profession.

I value and appreciate your work very much.

To express my appreciation in other than words, I insist on making one time $1000 bonus payment to you.

Once the load of my UVM-job eases a little, I will continue communicating with you about additional work.

Thank you again for all you have done for me this half a year or so.


Peter Kulish


Successful Sales

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Peter Kulish, Founder

Foundation for Magnetic Sciences
Medical Magnet Energy Medicine Forum


Rosanne Greco

Save Ours Skies

I just took a quick look at all of the tabs on the stopthef35 website, and it looks wonderful! I think we are 98% done. I am incredibly grateful for your patience and hard work and responsiveness to our many, many requests.


Heather Blair

Vermont Dental Hygienists’ Association

The new website looks Great! It really will brighten up VDHA and looks so professional! It looks AWESOME and we have gotten quite a bit of positive feedback regarding the site… We are very excited to be moving forward with this project… Thank you for doing all the work you did so timely!


Gary Ducott

Cedar Trees By Mail

Looks like we are up and running. Received a few e mails and calls… I am very pleased with the update you have made… Thank you in advance for your time and support.


Tyler McNaney


It looks great!… We look forward to working with you on future projects!