James Blessing

I attended a NLP Diploma course ran by John and was impressed at the both the style and content of the course. Ongoing support post the course has been excellent.


Tina A. Smith CMgr. FCMI

John provides a fantastic training event, his mastery of language is just hypnotic, that's right, and right now you feel as though you want to nose more, don't you? that's right. A wealth of valuable information and confidence building, John is the very best at what he does and I have recommended so many people to John, for his wealth of knowledge which he openly gives away for free, wow, what a guy, that's right, good,, love you to bits John, look forward to seeing you in December, am bringing friends with me.


Kashif Hussain

After attending many, many courses both technical and non-technical, I can honestly say John is one of the best trainers I've encountered.
His enthusiasm, positivity and knowledge of NLP is second-to-none and infectious, and I've never enjoyed learning about a topic so much.
I would happily and highly continue to recommend John in a heartbeat!


Ben Anyasodo

John is an amazing and vast trainer and coach!!!!

Writing a recommendation for John is beyond exciting for me - it is in fact such an honour to have the opportunity to talk about an extraordinary man with extraordinary knowledge, experiences, and approach to training! John took me on the NLP journey all the way to master practitioner. His style of teaching is unique and rich. Not only does John make the techniques applicable to almost any situation, John's methodology delivers an almost instant tranformation in his students. You come away from John's class knowing you are not the same anymore and you cannot forget what you've been taught. The hands-on exercises give the students a first hand opportunity to practise in a safe environment while programming them to excel with the same techniques in every other situation.
Besides the impact on the individual, John also continually embibes a big picture view, that places organisational goals in perspective. This is why John (in my view, and many others') is actually an organisational transformation expert - focusing on the goose that lays the golden eggs in an organisation - the people!
I will recommend John 100 times over, adding that John's work and delivery embodies the complete definition of "Value Add"


Nada Issa

Thank you John for the wonderful life coaching journey I started by being your student. Every day with every new client I meet; I remember your valuable insights and teachings. Whenever I face a challenge with a client I go back to the material and notes - you so generously shared with us -and I always find the answer. I consider the Life coaching course with you as one of the most structured, well organized, and valuable courses I have attended, and I did attend many. Thank you John for helping me reach new depths and many more horizons.


Simon McCutcheon

John is an extremely interesting and driven individual.
John took my training for NLP Practitioner and took this broad and interesting subject to life for me and all that he has train throughout JLR.
I would highly recommend John to everyone with an interest I this subject matter, or anyone with leadership, managerial or sales roles, as the training which John delivers will give you tools which with enable you to take your chosen Career to an all new level.

Gary Stubbs

Great, well balanced course!
Course was delivered with passion and with relevant content and support. Recommended.


Ryan Fox

This course really did change my life…
This course really did change my life for the better. It gave me the confidence to start my business. 12 years on, I travel the world and am a successful consultant and coach. Thanks so much John


Wendy Fry

Life Mastery Skills to Last a Lifetime
I've attended my NLP and Hypnosis Practitioner Training and Speed Reading Courses with Training Excellence Ltd, all are excellent.

John Cassidy-Rice is a personable and fun trainer making it easy to learn and master skills for life. Thank you for some of the best investments I've ever made to help others help themselves.


Carolyn Tyrrell-Sheppard

John is a great trainer with an easy manner and a very entertaining training style. I can highly recommend his programmes and the networking opportunities working with John creates.


Dave Marshall

I have just spent 4 days with John carrying out an intensive coaching session leading to his award of Master NLP trainer. I was really impressed with his skils, attitude, and ability. Working with John was very satisfying, especially as he is a kindred spirit with the highest ethical position and values. Anybody training with John should expect to be thoroughly impressed by his skills as a trainer and coach.


Angel Petrov

John helped me understand the theory and the practical applications of NLP, which I have taken on board in my personal life. I can highly recommend John to anyone who is looking for a trainer and a coach who is knowledgeable, understanding, supportive and truly interested in your development.


Mariam Shehata

John taught me a lot during the Coaching course back in 2016.
I coach now remembering all his impressive hints and tips.
John is different and I would highly recommend him for all the prints he leaves.

Adrian Smith

NLP gives a whole new perspective on peoples motivation, communication styles & preferences and personal values.

John is an excellent tutor of, and mentor for, NLP techniques at introduction, Practitioner and Master Practitioner levels and has taught Jaguar Land Rover staff these techniques for several years.

John is an excellent teacher with a humorous and entertaining style. He is also extremely helpful and responsive if one has any questions.

I thoroughly and unreservedly recommend John to anyone with an interest in NLP.


Judeline Nicholas

John is one of the best trainers I have seen - truly interested in his students and their needs. His Practioner NLP programme was excellent and his delivery of the topic was inspiring. I would recommend John and the programme whole-heartedly....indeed I have recommended him to friends and family already!

Diane Wilkinson

I didn't know what to expect of this…
I didn't know what to expect of this course and was truly engaged and delighted all the way through. I'd recommend it to anyone.

Adrian Rhodes

Stimulating course
John is an excellent trainer and for anyone like me with experience of academic psychology and a healthy scepticism, it is reassuring to note he is clearly more pragmatic, more evidence based and less evangelical than many NLP enthusiasts.


John's abilities,knowledge and skills to improve your personal and business situation are superb. His experience of over 20 years shows and he has a superb ability to coach you to where you want to go i cant recommend John enough.One session will have you hooked and wanting more. Your success is guaranteed using John's outstanding skills.


Soracha Cashman, PhD, MBA

Hugely impressed with the high quality training provided by John and his team. So much so I attended more than one course. Would (and regularly do) recommend John's NLP courses to anyone interested in developing basic or in-depth knowledge of the area.


Tony Woods

Inspiring, engaging and incredibly wise. I've learned so much in such a short time while training under John, principally that I can do this stuff myself. I would not hesitate to recommend John as a powerful NLP trainer to anyone who wants to make a difference.


Tom Spragg

At the heart of every company's potential for sustainable success is the attitude and mindset of it's people. A great mindset is without doubt the strength of the team's ability to communicate effectively and adapt quickly in a fast changing world. John's skills are enable individuals and teams to make personal change happen and stick.


Paul Comley

A few years back I was struggling to make a mark in my role, despite many of my projects being used I went seemingly unnoticed, I attempted to learn new skills but my confidence had taken a beating.
I was looking for a new way to get back in touch with myself and the confident person I used to be, I'd heard of NLP, being a fan of Derren Brown and an amateur magician myself, so I looked up some courses.
One name that came up several times was John's, I booked myself onto his course hoping for any positive outcome. Well I was far from disappointed, not only did John take the time to talk to speak to everyone on arrival but he remembered what people had said they wanted from the course and fed that into the lessons, his approach was tailored to the group and he made some complicated elements seem rather simple and accessible. By the end of the course I'd hoped to gain back a little confidence but what I actually gained was a whole new way to think, work, look at things and needless to say my self belief and confidence didn't just come back but it grew, I now picked up skills faster and when I had performance reviews and discussions at work I was heard and listened too.
I'm so glad personally and professionally that I took the time to learn from John, I would highly recommend him to anyone and I'd happily learn more from him.


Khaled El Semary

John is a great super coach, will challenge your passion towards hopeful pave way to your goals and dreams with a very professional smooth way in a minimal time. Recognize yourself as you deserve more.


Shane Evans

Having studied NLP twice under John now (Once with the diploma 8 years ago and more recently the Master Practitioner- his support, knowledge and challenge was key in helping me break through some limiting beliefs about myself and study mastery. Thank you John


The best NLP Course in the UK
I shopped around for a bit before choosing to learn NLP with NLP Excellence.
I wanted a pragmatic course that was not trying to sell me a magical awakening and the ability to walk on water when I'm done with the course. Many NLP courses seemed impractical to me and I wanted something more relatable.
I signed up to the free 2 days NLP diploma course many years ago and I was instantly set on a path of personal growth and transformation. I went on to complete the Practitioner and Master Practitioner and both experiences have been the reason for my career success to date.
One of the most amazing benefits of the programme is the ability to take the course as many times as you want as long as the course ran
I dont know if this promotion is still on offer, but I must say, it's the best investment I have ever made in myself. if anyone is thinking about signing up, my advise will be, stop thinking, just sign up and immerse yourself in the learning, both consciously and unconsciously.


Alan S Adams

Highly Recommended...
John's courses are absolutely fantastic, he a real master of what he does, I've recommended him on to a load of friends and business colleagues and always had great feedback from them too, if you're looking to get into NLP, John's definitely the man to speak to...


Tim Crowe - 2015

Supplier Development - Trainer - Jaguar Land Rover

I'd been on several NLP courses years before but not really put into practice what I'd learnt. It was great to get a 2 day refresher with John. The newsletters, I find, are a fantastic reminder of what can be achieved with NLP


Nick Burnside (MCIPD)

I have attended the NLP Diploma, Practitioner and Master Practioner courses with NLP Excellence. The courses have greatly contributed to both my business and personal success, allowing me the opportunity to learn and practice new skills and receive ongoing feedback.

I would highly recommend John and the NLP Excellence team for future clients because they always back up their promise of continual support and development. This may take the form of free update skill sessions, telephone mentoring/coaching or regular newsletters?

John and the team are with you for the whole journey, not just when you are paying for the course. This has been congruently demonstrated to me over the last 4 years.


Cathy Board

I spent 2 days with John on his NLP workshop in Chichester. This was a subject I had always been interested and wanted to find out more and within those two days I realised that NLP went far beyond what I ever imagined in terms of its application and usefulness. John was a fantastic trainer; engaging, knowledgeable, personable and encouraging. I shall most definitely be going back to him to continue my NLP training.


Vita Bakunas

I’ve now done NLP Introduction and Practitioner with John. And I will be coming back for more.

John is charismatic, energetic, dynamic and very knowledge expert of NLP field. His sessions are in high demand and always a pleasure to be a part of. His techniques and approaches are seamless, always engaging, fun & compelling.

I cannot recommend John enough for anyone who’s thinking of starting NLP. Always approachable, personable and willing. Look forward to my Master Practitioner already.


Alain Zaky

The exceptional experience I breathed with John, was like a fresh air after being not able to breath for so long.

not only on the personal level for life coaching but on the corporate level for business coaching.

good luck for you John and may God strengthens you to be able to give more and more.



William Butler MCIPS

I attended the NLP Introduction and NLP Practitioner courses with John, and I am pleased to say I am now a certified NLP practitioner.
During the courses John came across as very genuine, enthusiastic about his subject matter, and his innovative tuition style meant that I was engaged throughout the course. Not easy to do over a 4 day course.
I would highly recommend John's courses to anyone who wants to better understand communication, or who wants to explore different ways of setting and achieving goals.


Adrian Rhodes

enjoyed a two day introductory course on NLP run by John and took away some questions, techniques and ideas which I will use in research and consultancy.

John is an excellent trainer and for anyone like me with experience of academic psychology and a healthy scepticism, it is reassuring to note he is clearly more pragmatic, more evidence based and less evangelical than many NLP enthusiasts.

I’m pleased to recommend him.

Ben Coates

John is an excellent presenter who…
John is an excellent presenter who explains the subject in a manner that enables participants to gain the knowledge, yet ask questions in what they don't understand.


Sam O'Prey

Great NLP training and support
Great training and support. I have now taken part in the Diploma, NLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner with John Cassidy-Rice and NLP Courses.
This has been a life-changing experience both in my personal life and in my career. I have developed my confidence and communications skills to the next level and apply these in all walks of life to gain a deeper understanding of myself and those around me.
I highly recommend taking part in the free training so as try this out to see if it is for you. Doing this alone had a profound effect on me, so much so I kept coming back for more.

Kingsley Avenell

Kingsley Avenell. I attended a 2 day session delivered by John back in 2008, and completed the full practitioners training also in Norwich, 2011. Completing the training gave me the knowledge and skills to start my own very small NLP Practice which has allowed me to positively change the lives of many individuals. The skills learned have also enabled me to view the World and its interactions in a 'different way' allowing me to problem-solve my own life through its 'ups and downs'. I would seriously recommend John and his team leading you to a journey of life skills and self-improvement.


Alan S Adams

I can highly recommend anyone to attend Johns free two day Diploma he runs, you will get so much out of it on a personal and professional level.

Having done my Practitioners and Master in NLP with John and seen how other companies do theirs, Johns courses stand head and shoulders above the rest, not only are you allowed to attend the courses again to refresh yourself but John does a free skills update day every year and updates you with any new changes to the course for free, to keep you up to date.

John and his team really do invest a lot into the people who get involved in their courses.


Callum Price

I’ve had the great benefit of training for both an introduction to NLP and for my NLP Practitioners Certificate with John. His energetic, enthusiastic style of presenting compliments his deep knowledge of NLP and personal development, with both courses I attended being raved about during and after by attendees.

Since training with John my NLP workbooks are never far from my side, and John’s focus not only on principles but action, and his wonderful follow-through with attendees has seen me leap forward professionally and personally.

John’s desire to impart the integrity and proper use of NLP stands as testament to his honest and genuine character.


Sue Smith

In NLP we talk about "the difference that makes the difference", that for me is what John brought to my NLP journey by helping me understand and connect to the concepts being taught. I am pleased to be able to say, I successfully studied NLP Practitioner and NLP Master Practitioner with John, and now looking forward to Master Trainer. What could this mean for you? If you want to enhance your impact through communication, foster better relationships, release your leadership potential, build your personal resilience and take a different meaning from situations, John can help you do that through his training programmes. You'll have fun at the same time. I've never looked back!


Ben Charles

John makes learning NLP fun and engaging. He is also the ultimate professional. Highly recommend.


Sam O'Prey

I have attended the NLP Introduction and diploma course, the NLP Practitioner and the Master NLP Practitioner training with John and Training Excellence. I am pleased to say I have qualified as a NLP Practitioner and am well underway to completing my Masters level in 2019. I have also used John services on a consultancy level and in facilitation for behavioral change within the corporate environment. John's training is both in-depth and enjoyable but most of all practical and applicable to real world scenarios. I would recommend John and Training Excellence to anyone looking for personal development, coaching training or looking to facilitate change in their organization.


Pam Sutherland

John has no idea how much of an ongoing positive and dramatic impact he has had on both my professional and personal life – with his most amazing NLP course, delivered in NLP in Chichester… Life and business have one most core thing in common – clear communication; how to get people to understand each other and see things from each other’s perspective (I learned I’m a Visual person). The number of times now I pick up more visual queues, listen more actively to how people communicate and mirror to ensure that they hear what I need to communicate and more importantly that they feel heard and valued themselves. John you are awesome.


John Harrison

Excellent training that goes beyond many providers
Excellent training that has transformed both my business and my life
The training is a great balance of theory and practical application Post programme support is second to none!


Trained with this company several years ago for both NLP and Coaching. All of the trainers and assistants were wonderful and the courses were thorough. They were also very supportive after finishing the course and many of the people I trained with stayed in touch as a result of the supportive atmosphere. I couldn't have asked for a better experience. Very good value for training too.

Sharon Keaney

I first worked with John back in 2013 whilst attending a free 2 day event in NLP. I later went on to complete my NLP Practitioner cert and over the last 10 years I have completed a number of different trainings. Johns training made an impact straight away. His effortless delivery is second to none - engaging, fun, usable and very, very memorable. Book his courses with confidence


Richard Scott

John Cassidy Rice is an example to be followed. His depth of knowledge is truly inspiring, and his open, honest and friendly character are just 3 of a multitude of admirable traits.
I have known John for several years now, and each encounter is a pleasure. John also has the ability to invest his energy in others and bring out their true nature, and works well with others, recognising their strengths, and encouraging their positive attributes.

I know that John will be successful at whatever he chooses to do in his life, and anyone who has had the pleasure of gaining access to his broad reaching skills will concur with me that he can offer value to everyone, and every industry.

As such, I wish John all the success in the future, which he truly deserves.


Ian Harding

I had the opportunity to attend the NLP Diploma with John and I can honestly say it was one of the most interesting , energising , and inspiring courses I have ever attended . John is a wonderful tutor , engaging , entertaining and a jolly decent fellow to boot. I have found myself returning to the course material several times and have definitely benefited from it in many aspects including my working day , my home life and also in my leisure and hobby activities. Not only does John deliver a superb course He is also a very pleasant man , genuinely interested in everyone and I could happily have sat and talked with him for many hours. I hope to be attending further courses in the future and would recommend anyone to book themselves onto the course I did. I honestly believe any person form any walk of life and any background would take something away from the course that would benefit them.


Ashendra Liyanage CMgr

I first attended a taster course with John some 8 years ago and subsequently completed by practitioner with NLP Excellence. John is very passionate about creating value for his clients, network and friends, and he spend a lot of time understanding the needs of his clients. John is very creative when it comes to teaching NLP. The most valuable offering from him is the unlimited attendance to his NLP practitioner course each year. It is a great way to keep up to date with new NLP techniques.
John’s Psychology of Marketing events are the best!

John is extremely personable and knowledgeable in NLP techniques and an excellent trainer in this field.

Urmila Mistry


Hala Atef

John is the best coaching trainer I ever had training with. my experience was great when I took coaching with him in 2014 and I could successfully transfer the experience to my company where I build a coaching community. then in 2016 John the experience got more successful where we had John trained a pool of expedites in my company who became internal coaches in our CoachMe club in Orange Egypt. I strongly recommend John`s training in addition to the great coaching skills as a great supporter coach

Gary Stubbs

A great course
A great course, well balanced and effective. The ongoing support has been amazing


Great course, with a brilliant tutor
I went on a course with John Cassidy-Rice at NLP Courses. I got results. Now I am listened to in meetings and get the cooperation of everyone in the room. When I make a request I get what I ask for, often ahead of others. I can go into the most nerve-racking situations and, with just a moments preparation, show a disarming self-confidence that makes even the most antagonistic person relax and open up. I learnt the tools that the therapist uses, and I turn them on myself, any time I need them.

I went on a course with NLP Courses ten years ago, and I still use the tools they gave me today. Plus, my tutor sends me emails with useful tips and techniques every week, even now, long after the course finished. You can only learn so much from books, John made it real for me.


Ron Innes

Enjoyed the starter got the main course
Went to a taster session and was very impressed with the manner in which the session was held. I decided to sign up for the full NLP course and again the sessions were fun, enlightening, highly educational and team work was paramount throughout. John is highly skilled and through his sessions found myself absorbing so much information. I would recommend this company without hesitation.