Ytzia Belausteguigoitia

Co-Founder & CEO - Troquer

Hi y’all

I’m Ytzia, co-Founder of Troquer, the first and leading marketplace in LatAm for PreLoved fashion.

As individuals many of us know that buying & selling second hand goods is a complex matter; thus operating such a business is no different.

Juggling with a single-SKU, two sided omnichannel marketplace has made us avid data consumers, yet too much data can be obscure and ovewhelming.

Since working with Bores, we have found a co-pilot to asert on KPI insights and Financial decisions. We went from obscurity to clarity.

Since then, we’ve managed to keep growing at a two-digit rate each year for the past 4 years, increase average revenue per user and improve operating margins, by having trustworthy and timely info to take relevant decisions. Moreover, Bores had an unmatchable committment working non-stop, hand by hand with us to find the best future partner and achieve our capital raising goals.

If looking for THE partner in strategy and finance, think NO more. You have found the BEST ally you will ever have.


Fernanda Jiménez

Founder & CEO - Ferji Repostería


My name is Fer Jiménez and I am the founder of Ferji Repostería.

This company started as a result of the pandemic three years ago and today we distribute to more than three states.

Like any company, when it grows and its sales increase, we began to notice that we had problems or conflicts in a matter of numbers since we did not have that clarity and that is when they recommended us to Bores Finance.

Bores finance from the beginning understood our business and we really noticed that they cared.

This gave us a lot of tranquility and peace thanks to the fact that we could focus on what we were passionate about, which was the creation and new releases, while they took care of all the finances.

I can tell you that 6 months ago today we started working with them,
we noticed that our sales have increased, we have more clarity in numbers and we are sure that we are going to have a very good relationship long term with them.


José Manzano

CFO - Enlight

I am José Manzano, CFO at Enlight, a company that designs, installs and finances Distributed Generation solutions for on-site renewable energy focused on the commercial and industrial sector.

Although the company has been very successful in the systems sales and installation business for 12 years; With the support of Bores we are moving towards a business model of predictable long-term flows.

With the help of Bores we have managed to build a quarterly reporting and business monitoring dynamic, which has been essential for correct decision making.

In addition to support in the analysis of results, we now have robust pricing tools that help commercial teams to offer our financial products being more efficient and more competitive, always taking care of the financial health of the company.

Although I would prefer not to share them, I highly recommend adding Bores as a collaborator because of the value they add as externals.

Still image out of testimonial from Fernanda Jiménez
Animated image out of testimonial from Fernanda Jiménez

Fernanda Jiménez

CEO - Ferji Repostería


Rafael Hernández

Logistics Manager - Freedom VDM

We are 'Freedom,' a dynamic rental company offering everything from camping gear and sports equipment to high-end electronics like computers and TVs. Our mission is to equip our customers for their next adventure, whether it's in the great outdoors or the comfort of their home or business. Recently, we've embarked on an exciting business alliance with the renowned sports brand, Decathlon, expanding our offerings and reach.

Before partnering with your FP&A services, our main challenge was managing the financial complexities that came with rapid inventory expansion and diversification, especially after aligning with Decathlon. The stress of ensuring financial efficiency and growth potential amidst such significant changes was daunting.

With your expertise, we gained clarity on our financial strategy, optimizing our inventory management and cash flow to not only support this expansion but also propel us toward greater profitability.

This solid start is directly attributable to the strategic planning and insights provided by your team, allowing us to make informed decisions on inventory investments and partnerships.

The decision to work with you was driven by your reputation for excellence and your specialized approach to FP&A in the retail and rental sector. We noticed your previous work with retail leader, Troquer. Your understanding of our unique challenges and opportunities made it clear you were the right choice.

To those still deciding, I'd say: don't hesitate. The strategic insight and support you'll receive is invaluable. It's transformed our business outlook and operational efficiency, setting us on a path to achieving our ambitious goals.

In closing, I want to extend our deepest gratitude for the role your team has played in our ongoing success story. We look forward to a continued partnership and even greater achievements ahead.


Gerardo Godinez Braunstein

Founder & CEO - Grupo Cenkus

Hi, I'm Gerardo, Founder & CEO of Grupo Cenkus, a real estate development firm focused on creating innovative living and investment solutions through constructing high-quality properties and buildings for both investors and end-users.

"Our main challenge was accurately forecasting financial outcomes for our projects and effectively managing our cash flow to ensure the sustainability and growth of our portfolio. The volatile nature of the real estate market made financial planning extremely difficult.

The uncertainty in financial forecasting made us hesitant in making bold investment decisions. This apprehension was stifling our growth and our ability to capitalize on new opportunities.

Partnering with Bores Finance services brought a transformative change in how we approach our financial strategy. Their team provided us with clear, actionable insights and a roadmap that aligned our financial planning with our business goals, even in the face of market volatility.

Thanks to their expert analysis and guidance, we've seen a 25% increase in our project ROI and have successfully expanded our portfolio by launching two major developments ahead of schedule. Our cash flow management has also improved significantly, allowing us more flexibility and security in our operations.

We chose Bores because of their reputation for driving tangible results. The personalized approach and the clarity of their financial models convinced us that you were the right partner for our growth journey.

Don't hesitate. The insights and expertise that this team brings to the table are invaluable. They not only provide clarity and confidence in your financial planning but also empower your business to make strategic decisions that drive real growth. Their partnership has been a game-changer for us."

Just a heartfelt thank you to the entire team for your relentless support and expertise. You've played a crucial role in not just navigating us through financial complexities but also in shaping the future of our business. We look forward to our continued collaboration and more successes together.


Alex Flores

Partner - 2F

I'm Alex, Partner at 2F, a company specializing in sustainable technology solutions. We design and develop eco-friendly supply chain systems aimed at reducing environmental impact.

Before teaming up with Bores, our biggest hurdle was financial visibility and strategy. We struggled to predict cash flow and allocate resources effectively, which hampered our ability to scale and invest in new projects.It was incredibly frustrating and stressful. I felt like we were navigating in the dark, making decisions based on guesswork rather than solid financial planning.

Everything turned around when you guys entered the chat. Your team brought clarity and insight into our financial situation, transforming our approach to planning and decision-making. The comprehensive analysis and strategic guidance we received were game-changers.

Thanks to Bores, we managed to secure funding for two major projects that were on hold due to financial uncertainties.

Your reputation for turning complex financial data into actionable insights was a major draw. After our initial consultation, it was clear that your team not only had the expertise we needed but also a genuine interest in our success.

Don't hesitate. The insight and support you'll receive are invaluable. It's not just about getting your finances in order; it's about empowering your business to reach its full potential.

Just a huge thank you to the entire team at Bores. You've not only impacted our bottom line but also our team's morale and confidence in facing financial challenges. We're excited for what the future holds and look forward to our continued partnership.


Luis Flores

Co-Founder - Círculo Creativo

Bores is an excellent business partner, they have at hand solutions of all scales and within them, many resources and tools that have helped me optimize my time and efforts in my work.

They are a 100% recommended option for all types of business, the investment is profitable in a short period.

I am happy to collaborate with the quality and service of this great group, 5 stars!