Brenda Mavundukure

Working with insecure Fitness has been the most amazing journey of my life. After finishing Chemotherapy my body changed the way it functions and responds to workouts and certain foods and this sent me on a negative path where I felt defeated and hopeless. I then stumbled upon insecure fitness (Cathrine) on one of my Instagram friend’s stories and thought let me give the love workouts a go and see what she’s all about. Once’s I signed on I was blown away by her energy and encouragement towards us even though the workouts are high intensity and there’s always a modification to meet everyone’s needs and physical abilities 🔥💝. I love every bit of the live workouts and that even if you miss it you can always catch up using YouTube or the workouts posted on her Instagram page. Thank you Cat for the time you dedicate and for free for that matter, that’s mind blowing 💝💝💝. You were very instrumental in my gaining my courage and confidence back and that I can do anything I set my mind to do 🔥💝👏🏾👌🏽.

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Animated image out of testimonial from Carmen washingtn

Carmen washingtn

Raven Davis

Catherine is a force to be reckon with! She inspires me daily, after all of her workouts I ALWAYS leave a puddle of sweat. That is such an inspiring feat because I push past my limits every single time! Thank you for all your workouts, check ins, inspiring words each and everyday I have not only gotten back on my fitness journey, I am motivated to keep going and push beyond my limits.


Jacinta Williams

Insecure Fitness has changed my life. When I found insecure Fitness I was one of those going to the gym but still didn’t really understand totally what I needed to do. I joined Insecure Fitness’s Challenge. I saw the results and never stopped. I was one of those person that was looking in the mirror but I was still unhappy. Insecure Fitness changed my life, to the point I started feeling good about myself. I watched my journey over the past two years and I wouldn’t choose no other. Insecure Fitness helped me learn how to eat and self care. I am so thankful that as I typed I break out in tears as I think of the the transformation. This is not the same as any other. Insecure Fitness transform your body, mind, and soul! So what can I say. I thank Insecure Fitness


Carmen Washingtn

People want to lose weight for varies reasons. Some want to feel better within and give their self esteem a boost but as for me being 10 lbs shy of 200lbs weighing in at 190 lbs. I knew I needed to stop using food as a coping method for emotional struggles. I couldn't do it on my own..Althou losing weight is HARD..what was harder was facing myself! I NEEDED HELP!
I started working with insecurefitness during one of the most incredible disruptions and change in my life! She has kept me centered and focused on Healthy Wins! I have lost well over 50 LBS, Gained muscular strength plus more!
And realize ..It's Not about the weight you lose...It's about the Life You Gain thru Working with insecurefitness! Words are NOT enough to show my appreciation! THANK YOU FOR YOUR SAVING GRACE!

Marcia Kegler

Hello, I have been rocking with Cat from the beginning & she has helped me to stay motivated. She brings positive energy and a great vibe every time. I'm 55 yrs young and never been so excited and eager to workout. When I started I was 198 lbs & dropped to 169 lbs got sick and found out I have a heart condition & couldn't workout for awhile gained the weight all back. I was heart broken but stayed consistent with watching & when I got cleared to start working out again I was right back at it & dropped 30 lbs. She has helped me learn to love my body again. I will show up every time as long as she show up. Love you Cat & keep pushing, growing and grinding. You deserve all that you've accomplished. You have a beautiful soul

Nadine G

Whether you are going through depression, or experiencing some life change(s) that affects your physical or mental health, Catherine will help you. She has saved me mentally and continue to help me through her live workouts. Her live workouts have become my safe place to let go. Her infectious smile and that energy she brings won’t let you give up. She encourages you to challenge yourself, but most of all, don’t give up, even if it means, take a break and start again. She shows up just like you and I- Human. Tired and all, she encourages you through each workout and exercise. It’s a safe place to be, each one encouraging each other. Though my goal to join her wasn’t for weight loss, let me tell you, when you just enjoy and have fun, the weight comes falling off, inches melt away. That moment will come when you walk by the mirror and go, who dat? Oh snap, let me see when the next live is on lol. You can’t lose. Trust me, just try and see, you won’t regret it. Catherine is amazing. Weights, whine, trap, whatever, it’s all here with Catherine and it a FUN!!! Get into my friends 💕

Still image out of testimonial from Vanessa Ngandjui
Animated image out of testimonial from Vanessa Ngandjui

Vanessa Ngandjui

Davia-Rae Johnson

When I first started my journey once again after how many time trial and fail insecure fitness ( Catherine) gave me the endurance the strength and Bwoy her music to push through. It was such a blessing having her lives during the week to help keep me on track. I live for her playlist during her live sessions. Even when the workouts are killing me the music and her vibes and persistence keeps me going. Sometimes I have wondered when I feel like I’m about to stop if she is watching me cause I would hear she give out keep pushing don’t stop modify but don’t stop. I have also completed her challenge and it’s simple easy to follow and very much cost effective when it comes on to her meal guide provided. I would recommend her to anyone, which I have absolutely been doing. Love you Catherine.


Teisha (tt_scarlett)

Insecure fitness has changed my life ,it help me to love myself self inside and out. I have lost weight and feel good, The 28 day challenge was amazing Along with the weekly live workouts. she motivates you and he amazing energy make you not want to give up,It was like Kat was in the room with you while your Working out .Kat changes people life one workout at a time. I recommend insecure fitness to everyone it’s an amazing program I still follow it I still do her work when I can.

Lakiea Johnson

Insecure Fitness has truly given me a better perspective about my body. Thank you so much for creating this safe space for women to love themselves and their bodies in a world where everything pushes them to strive for “perfection”. Through the live workouts, inspirational messages, and encouragement, this platform allows me to see myself as perfectly imperfect.


I love this program because you can do it even if you’re a beginner. The 28 days definitely help me create the habit, the consistency i needed to keep going. I used to have a number goal but now i just have body goal and level of confidence goal you can say, i want to be happy with how i look regardless of what the number is.
Catherine is also very responsive and interactive with the group support came in handy to hold each other accountable, and if i needed anything else i like the fact i can reach to her personally and i would get a response in a timely manner and get the help i needed.
This program also includes the meal and recipe, other programs usually don’t have that or if it’s added the cost goes up a ton. But this definitely also help me discover i don’t have to suffer to be healthy! Overall if you needed a sign to do the challenge, girl this is it, you won’t regret it. It’s not too late to start your summer body. Now that I’m close to my body goal and have that consistency and discipline, i am going to do this challenge a third time because i also need to change up my routines with the gym. Wait for the pictures at the end of this challenge I’ll come back and add it


Chantel Boswell

As a single mom of 5, making time for yourself can seem almost impossible, but it most definitely can be done. I have been on this weight loss journey for years. At my highest weight, I was 232 and for the last few months I’ve been fluctuating between 180 and 165…I knew I needed to add a challenge to this journey. Life happens and I fell off, but I wasn’t giving up; that’s not an option. Although it was a desire, hiring a trainer was NOT in the budget, besides I wasn’t sure when I would be able to actually meet up with them. I knew I wanted to lift weights again and the app shows you exactly what you need to do. It’s so easy to follow. If I had a question, Catherine would respond to me in a timely manner. She gives you everything you need even if you have never been on this journey. Some one can tell you what to eat and what to do, but you still need to have an understanding of your body and what works for you…sometimes that takes time so be kind to yourself. This program was what I needed and right on time. I stayed committed to working out 6 days a week and even though it wasn’t required sometimes I would work out twice in one day. Everything is there for you to blossom…you just need to ask yourself if you are truly ready to put you first…I’m ready for the next challenge…LET’S GO.

Lorie C.

I began working out with Cat during the pandemic and am still going strong. She’s taught me so much about health and fitness and has helped me take my fitness to the next level. Her Instagram lives, and specifically her 28 day challenges were a HUGE part of building my confidence and my body. I am forever grateful. I am sticking with her to the end. If you are looking to start your fitness journey this is the one. Easy to follow, interactive and result oriented.

Nikeya Williams

I was fairly active in my workout journey but I was bored with my routine. I stumbled across Insecure Fitness and was immediately hooked. I bought the workout plan and I still found myself circling back to the recorded workouts so I could feel her fire energy! The workouts are definitely challenging but so worth it in the end. I wound up needing heavier weights to keep up with my new endurance/strength levels. I push myself to new heights with these workouts and I can't thank you enough, Catherine, for your hard work and dedication

Carmelita Azumah

There is Soo much that I can say about Catherine! She falls nothing short of AMAZING! I have been with her for about 2 years and walked the walk with her and NOT one time has she not dedicated herself and time to me ( Us ) she takes interest in you no matter what fitness level you are at! When I met Catherine I was 10 Lbs away from hitting 200 lbs!
( 190) I followed her lead and within 4 to 6 months ( lost 50 pds ) of course with her workouts I had doubts that I would be able to do them due to the intensity BUT I didn't give up! She doesn't allow you to 😍 I kept going! As time went on I grew away from certain workout modifications and is now able to conquer! She gives you the receipes to Success and I appreciate her loads for leading me and the world to a happier and healthier life! Best choice I made is sticking to Catherine program! She has made BIG changes in my energy levels and my Body! I'm always looking forward to her awesome workouts, delicious recipes, self care routines and motivational life motivational podcasts. Thank You for changing not just my body but my mind! You are truly a life saver! ( My life is in your hands ) 😇♥️😇