Richard Matthews

Owner - PushButtonPodcasts

I just joined the membership less than a week ago. Started implementing hard-core (many overnighters were had) and have in less than one week… gotten our MVC setup on our most important service delivery workflow.

Results so far:

-$250/month in software costs removed from my business ($3,000/year)
-Significant improvement into the visibility of every task in our workflows
-Significant improvement with the communication about tasks (The decision trees mind maps were super helpful for making sure things were in the right place and can make smart use of dependencies and communication features)
-Significant improvement in quality of output because of the above two items.
-About 3 weeks ago I lost my project manager who was overseeing our old workflow in Trello/Zapier. Because of that our service delivery was a week behind. Now our service delivery is 1 week ahead (in less than a week on using the new process in click!). And because of how well structured everything is and how well it works… a project manager is no longer needed to manage the process. That’s a $20K/year minimum in labor cost saved.
-Our clients are super excited about the dramatic speed improvements, as am I… and I am now comfortable scaling up… where I was uncomfortable scaling up before because the process wouldn’t have been easy to manage at scale.

So I guess this is less of an intro about my business and more of a Thank You for Layla and Process Driven for the great material you have put together.

Introduction: I’m Richard Matthews. Father of 4. Wife to 1. Full-Time Traveler (5 years this month). I own one business completely that’s PushButtonPodcasts. And I have partial ownership of two other companies. Firefly Fuels (a candle and fuel e-commerce company that does about 2 mil/year) and Modern Yoga Teacher (a yoga business coaching company that is about the same size). Working on taking my company to 1 Mil/year and the other 2 to 10Mil/year. The other two companies are next on my list for getting them to be more process driven.

[....] The Process Driven methodology just took our machine from being a trusty Toyota to a bad-ass BMW M3. Thanks so much! I look forward to being a part of this community.

BTW – that’s a measurable 76x ROI over this year within a week of implementing what I’ve learned in Process Driven… assuming I change nothing in my business from this point onward.

But you know it’s gonna be even better as I get more processes built and use them to scale our company.


Sonia Roselli

CEO - Sonia Roselli Beauty

Love having this place as a resource as we build our internal processes. Invaluable!


I truly have come to love processdriven membership. It took a while for me to get my footing after signing up last year purely because I was left unknowing in how to relate the learning to my business (which is the primary reason I have signed up). The youtube videos that Layla dishes helped to back on board but I have to say the past seminar has really value filled my confidence and I have been back with a bang.

Bastian Fellenberg

I'm so impressed by the quality you provide and the marketing you are doing... Just top!



It's only taken me 7 months to finally carve out some time in my schedule to watch Layla's teachings. I'm on module 1 and I'm almost in tears, I can't believe how much sense it all makes, just in a few short lessons. Wow! So much value here.... 🤗


[ ProcessDriven Foundations™ ] is one of the more impressive programs I've ever been a part of.

Being an entrepreneur/consultant I have gone through numerous courses and training programs over the last 10+ years and the ProcessDriven [ Foundations™ program ] is one of the best laid out, action-oriented programs I've been though.

Layla and her team have always been able to provide a solution when I needed it for my ClickUp issues, they are extremely active in the community answering questions, and the regular webinars helped me to have a continual understanding of what was happening in the ClickUp world.

I highly recommend this program if you're willing to put in the work to building out your processes using ClickUp with the ProcessDriven foundations they provide.

Happy Member

I love it so far. You have tremendous talent. It's easy to follow your [ProcessDriven Foundations™] course, and it's enjoyable. I cant wait to get my business in clickup cranking.

Dannielle Spencer

....just to share a win for me...

I bought ProcessDriven in January and it was super enlightening on just organizing the "brain" of our business.

I had been working really hard for a long time on detailing out our onboarding process which is intense because as an accounting firm we collect so much documentation and there are so many little things to check in the bookkeeping and in all kinds of different 3rd party software that plugs into the Xero or Quickbooks accounting software that we use.

I am getting down to having full training guides completed for each of our major delivery processes, plus walkthroughs and templates of all the different tasks that a client could have. It's SO much more organized and I'm feeling like I can finally, finally grow my business beyond me without having to worry that we'll lose clients or affect our reputation because things get lost in the sauce. So thank you!

Grateful Lawyer

I am learning how to Process Map processes in my business. I'm starting a new law practice, and it turns out that process mapping is the key to being able to offer flat fee services.

I joined to be able to better organize my ClickUp workspace, but having learned to process map in the membership was an unexpected bonus and has put me way ahead of the curve.

I may be back for a brush-up! 😉

Alexis Crabtree

Thank you so much Layla & the ProcessDriven team, this has been such a helpful and fun (yes, I’m a nerd ;) course!!

I started Foundations on the previous version and decided to start over for a refresher when you launched this latest version and I’m glad I did!

It’s been a year since I started implementing some of the lessons Ive learned from the course and my team is operating so much more efficiently now!

So thanks again!


Mitch McCauley

I went through this course previously and am going through it again because of how awesome it is. Reaching step 4 as a business owner is a complete game changer and having this course made is 10X easier. If you're reading this...I promise you it's worth it!


Alisha Harris

Creative Director - Original Account Strategies

My favorite thing about working with ProcessDriven is that everything is designed in a way that encourages you to think while they support you the entire time. Before working with ProcessDriven my ClickUp workspace was bloated with various "swipe file" templates that didn't quite work for my business. Since I've joined ProcessDriven, my ClickUp workspace is tailored for my specific use and is actually helpful. With ProcessDriven not only do you have access to a template gallery and an active community of other ClickUp users, but they also provide continuous resources that help you understand how, when, and where to use templates so that you can make it work for your situation.


Ellen Yoakum

Y'all are the best. I'm getting so much out of the program. The way that you break up the teaching, build in support along the way, and build a BAMF community has not only me, but my entire team feeling empowered and like we GOT THIS.

Layla and the team have done an incredible job of making systematizing our business a task that our whole team is excited to participate in. For the first time, we feel like we have a system and tool that is working for everyone on our very diverse team (even the techno-phobes!). The structure of the Foundations program and the Process Driven framework has taken the task of coordinating and systematizing our practices from something we were dreading and floundering to complete into an actionable, scaleable project. Through the bite-sized and digestible content, the incredible support of the community, and the impressive collection of resources, our team members are feeling empowered to take ownership of processes that are important to them, all while maintaining their boundaries and work-life balance. I cannot recommend Process Driven enough.

For real though, I am so incredibly impressed with your programs, your team, and the community you have built. I am so grateful to have found a team that also stresses sustainability and caring for one another. You're all doing an incredible job.


OMG, my head exploded with the High Support vs Low Support concept for Processes. [....] and thanks for the content, it is making a huge difference in how we think on operations and scalability.


The responsiveness from staff has been invaluable... Thank you all for all of the work, responsiveness and interest in figuring all of this out... I find the interaction with PD staff to be one of the most valuable parts of the membership.

Donald Dione

I am working on getting all the information out of my head and into something that I can share with a team. The program is helping me understand ways to best compile and organize all of this.

Lisa C Alvarez

Owner - Lisa C. Alvarez Attorney at Law

In [ ProcessDriven Foundations™ ] I'm finding it enormously helpful to learn about processes and how to implement them with ClickUp, since process development doesn't come naturally to me.

Ironically, I do my best creative work when working within a process. My ADHD mind is constantly bouncing around, distracting itself with new ideas. Processes, however, give me the guardrails I need to keep my mind on track and moving forward.

What you offer in this [ program ] is of tremendous value. I'm optimistic that it will help me grow a successful online business without the overwhelm I experienced before!

Happy Customer

[ If you're considering ProcessDriven Foundations™ ] join! No Question!

I joined ProcessDriven to learn the how-tos for ClickUp.

In reality, ProcessDriven has reshaped how we run the business in a way that dramatically increased awareness and communication among different (and previously scattered) departments, and greatly increased each member's motivation by making every task in every field related to the overall goal of the business.

There is also a greater sense of belonging to a team because each member now understands how everyone else's tasks, however foreign to them, relate to their own and the overall progress of the business.

As a bonus, we now have a project management system, ClickUp, that truly encompasses almost all aspects of management, greatly reducing the leadership team's headaches.

Happy Client

[ I want to share my ] appreciation for the quality of all of the materials and the interactions with other people at ProcessDriven. I've learned a lot and I feel like over the year I will have gotten my money's worth of knowledge and assistance [by itself ].

I am learning a lot and it is answering some of my questions about ClickUp's capabilities. I've also really gotten the religion from PD about systematizing processes...

[ Additionally, ] I'm so happy I found your videos on YouTube and I've learned SO MUCH from you, about Clickup and beyond. I really can't say enough about how helpful you've been. You've changed the way I work...

The team you've assembled has been great. [They] have been so helpful. I've appreciated their contacts and answers on the forums. [....]

Thank you for EVERYTHING!

Happy Graduate

Our business grew exponentially with the business aspects covered in Foundations.

Shy-but-Happy Customer

I've taken several courses, and none of them really transformed my business for the better.

Although I've been updating things slowly, this [ProcessDriven Foundations™] program has been a total game-changer for our team.

Ashley Brown

[ Previously, ] I hired a consultant and after working on my project for ~10 months she ghosted me without finishing my ClickUp build out. I knew I had to do it myself and didn't want to risk hiring someone else who might not finish or do it properly.

[ If you're considering DIY-ing ] your time is worth more than that. This membership lays out the information you need in the order you need it.

Beyond that, the ability to ask questions and get fantastic answers is invaluable. You WILL have questions about your build-out because everyone's situation is a little different.

The answers will make sure you don't get overwhelmed and keep going until you have the space you want.

[...] I feel good about what I have built and have a vision for what I want to create!


Christina Ge

Enjoy what I am learning so far!

I am in Module 3 and totally enjoy what I've learned so far. Without ProcessDriven, I would never be able to figure out how to manage everything in ClickUp.

Big Shout Out to the whole team. Fantastic job! 👏🏆🚀


Quandry Web Marketing

[Since I joined ProcessDriven Foundations™ I ] signed up to CLickUp, implemented your Capacity Defence system, got 2 of my co-workers all using it and a VA about to join.

Created numerous SOPs and really feel like my goal of becoming a 'ghost in the machine' is achievable.

Yes you can learn tonnes from YouTube but [ProcessDriven Foundations™] gives you access to a highly structured course that walks you through everything you need to know in a step-by-step fashion and doesn't leave it up to you to try and work out what to implement next.

You'll save a tonne and time and hassle becoming a member, and the community is great too.


I've had training, coaching, and support sessions for different aspects of my business (and different businesses) over the years. The common trait is that coaches or trainers are fixated on a method or formula that works for them. Sarah listened to my particular needs and worked around them—this is outstanding!

Kiel Lindsey

I'm still working through the first course, but the content and instruction so far has been great! I love how granular you get in the setup and settings, I can see tremendous value in getting everything setup correctly from the start.

I'm really looking forward to getting into the process setup portion.


Startup Founder

What a true delight for me to have people who can really understand my thoughts and questions about all this!


I tried going down the YouTube rabbit hole, but didn't want to waste my time. [ With ProcessDriven ] I've got a basic framework in ClickUp.

[ If you're considering just DIY-ing with YouTube videos, ] no! Don't do it. You'll spin at your wheels because the information isn't in an order that will teach you in way that you can fully digest, plus you'll miss out on the personal feedback and community that will support your learning.

[ When ProcessDriven asked me what they can improve on I said, ] "I'm literally drawing a blank here, I'm blown away."

Bonnie M.

Utah Valley University

[ ProcessDriven Foundations™ ] has so far been a great experience for me.

After using ClickUp for a few years, I have gotten more out of our business account in the last week with my ProcessDriven membership than I could have imagined.

I cannot thank you enough for what I'm learning and how I'll be able to apply it with my team.

Happy Puppy/Client

Too many "aha moments" to write them all.

A few would be that I didn't know I had a mental habit of believing that every idea I have a is a must do. Once separating them in the capacity defense my brain made a aaaaah of relief.

Also I realized the big majority of everything I do can be templated. What a cool feeling!

I'm currently installing and adjusting ProcessDriven HQ template and there I'm looking forward to building my external brain. That is how it feels what I'm doing.

I'm amazed by how many things I'm keeping in my head or scattered around even though I have been on the road of simplifying for a while now.

The Process Org Chart™ was a story in itself. There the realization was that even though I'm a solopreneur I get done way more than I give myself credit for.

Overall I'm a happy puppy going through the membership material!


Peter Atkinson

I can’t thank you and the PD team enough. [...] The greatest value from the membership – in my view – is the ability to get detailed, consistently good responses and thoughts from the PD team.

I’ve been really impressed with the detail and experience that you and your team bring to my questions and the forum. I now feel that it can be a trusted resource as my team and I move forward with everything.

Really appreciate it!


The big value in [ProcessDriven Foundations™] is being able to ask questions and get answers back. Even with all of the great info in the course ... if I couldn’t ask questions and get answers, I would have gotten stuck and perhaps not been able to set things up the way I wanted.

The awesome support team is the STAR of the membership, in my experience.


Milind G.

As i move forward in the course, I'd like to start calling you Clickup God! @Layla at ProcessDriven

Dean Knight


ProcessDriven goes beyond the tools that Clickup provides with a no b.s. approach to what the best practices are in Clickup. With a crackerjack support staff that offers amazing solutions to even the most daunting problems, a small business may face in trying to systematize their business using a project management tool.


Amber Lyda

Owner - The Online Therapy Accelerator

I have a multi-six figure hot mess express of a business... and this course is LIFE CHANGING!


Kip Boyle

I’m so delighted with what I’m learning from the ProcessDriven team!

As an owner for seven years, I’ve struggled to systematize my business. I’ve written a lot of SOPs and tried many “to do apps” along with training. None of them “stuck”. To be fair, my lack of vision was partly responsible.

The thought leadership at ProcessDriven is inspiring. Since I signed up for the course just a few days ago, I’ve been focused on building out ClickUp with an intensity and
confidence I’m happy to be experiencing.

Stephanie Sipek

Process Driven has been invaluable to me as our agency stands up CU so thank you again for your assistance!


J.R. Rosado Cruz

Joined 2 days ago. You need to raise your prices. 😂


Brenda Soucy

Owner - Truly Yours Custom Framing, inc.

[ ProcessDriven Foundations™ is ] a great value in my opinion!

I watched a bunch of Layla's YouTube videos before I joined, and while I learned a lot, I was confused about how to actually put in into practice.

Her step by step class is helping me find direction and clarity. I

wanted to get up and running and begin actually getting a benefit out of using a project management software without a wasting time going about it the wrong way.


Philipp O. Stracker

CEO - Divimode

Finally, I understand my own business! I've never put any thought into most aspects of what we do/why - with the Process Org Chart I could map out our tasks, routines and processes and started documenting our business

Though, we could learn all those things on our own via YouTube or trial and error, it's not what we should do.

As business owner or team lead you need to focus on other things; going through the PDM took me two weeks, but it produced results that I would literally NEVER have achieved on my own: Simply, because I want to focus on other things and wouldn't spend so much time/thoughts on the topic as Layla did.

[ProcessDriven Foundations™] is worth the money.

Happy Customer

Each of [ lesson ] set clear expectations at the start [...] I was able to opt into that level of commitment.

You did a wonderful job of splitting the steps down into bite-sized pieces. Things are clearly labeled, so as I'm working through the process of building our ClickUp, I am easily able to say "Ohhhhhhhhh THIS IS WHAT THEY MEANT!" and return to that lesson for a refresher.

Kristian Altuve

Co-Founder - Dance Motion Marketing

Thanks y’all! Big milestone for me.

When I started this community i was the only one doing everything but it’s awesome having a team in place taking care of this and now transitioning into using ClickUp for Managing people vs Doing everything myself 🙂


Christopher Gale

Seriously, I've been active in the membership for just a few days and Team ProcessDriven's customer service has been amazing 😀



I'm so thrilled that I found you guys because I have done probably 80% of the ClickUp tutorials and other YouTube videos for countless house.

Still I wasn’t getting what I wanted on effective strategy and efficient setup, until I finally found the extensive ProcessDriven YouTube channel and website with a ton of freebie resources.

And I said to myself....'this company gets the big picture of systematizing and knowing what's important and what's not'. I also like how they specialize in smaller size businesses and entrepreneurs.

Whew, solution coming for me soon and I'm so thrilled to be part of this program and even after the first week, I’m so much farther ahead and not wasting time and struggling on trial and error. Huge appreciation!!!!


Majdi Y Ataya

President - Onward Engineering

I really enjoy the ProcessDriven membership. Whenever I get stuck on something, I know there is someone there ready and able to help. They are very responsive, they love sharing their knowledge and experiences with us and I like that.

Client & Seat-of-Pants Pilot

Creating systems is NOT my native genius.

I’ve been flying by the seat of my pants for the past five years as I’ve been running my business. But I knew I needed to make the time to figure out processes...

I’m so glad I didn’t wait because then I wouldn’t have created what I have now...

I feel confident for the first time that I’m going to be able to maintain this system which I know will help me grow my business and increase my impact more than I could have done before.

Leon Prather

The membership provides a fuller in depth course that is structured beautifully to take you from beginner to comfortable with not only process but ClickUp as well. Pacing yourself is key, and Layla and team guide you to do that extremely well.


I learned so much about processes and sops that will help to streamline my business.


Abi Paine

Owner - Abi-lities Business Solutions

The personal feedback alone is worth its weight in gold. It's like having direct access to the best parts of everything -- not JUST ClickUp but processes and systems. The depth of knowledge, care and feedback that you get is just unbelievable…

I honestly feel like I have made friends (who aren't Judgy McJudgepants if you're a little OCD)... And that's not even mentioning the course...

This entire course/system/community is the best investment you will ever make. Hands down. It should be twice the price -- and knowing what I do now, I can honestly say I would pay it. Because they/it are worth it


The 14th Factory

[ ProcessDriven Foundations™ ] is not a "how to use the app" course. It is a primer in management thinking and operational organisation / strategy.


If you want to make sure you'll get things done, if you want more ideas about what you *can* do with ClickUp - you should join. Also, if you have a problem or a question, you have the best support from the community and from ProcessDriven.

Happy Customer


Both courses were absolutely eye-opening.

As a manager of a small company, I feel I am able to not only manage everyone's tasks, but also streamline the business process much more effectively and efficiently after having implemented the strategies and ideas presented in the Foundations I am also able to effectively guide all members on how to get on board ClickUp and use it as a group thanks to How to ClickUp.

Startup Founder & Happy Client

In the Foundations, the process org chart part of the Foundations changed how our business works.

What was before just a “start up with no systems and only the 'founders’ knowledge’ ” grew from 6 to 12 full time employees in one year, with systems and processes in place so that we are now able to manage multiple part-timers and volunteers as well as having a plan for major business expansion in the near future.

What this course taught me is not only the how-tos of ClickUp, but the skills in business and human resources management that is realistic, efficient, and effective, because through learning how to apply them on ClickUp, I learned how a “system” works and is felt from the leadership down to the smallest tasks of each staff.

Layla's efficiency and humor in her videos were always an inspiration - they were the source of learning, and encouragement when I needed it because they are so full of positive energy.

Shae Colon

Not all heroes wear capes!

A huge thank you to [my ProcessDriven Coach] for helping me strategize some amazing solutions to our ClickUp workflow problems. These issues were really holding our agency back on the execution of our deliverables.

[My coach ] also walked me through any action item we discussed to ensure I could either implement right there on the call or made certain I'd have the skills necessary to complete it myself, later.

Thank you so much. You're a lifesaver!

Happy Member (Not Customer)

I really appreciate the time and thought you put into your events [for ProcessDriven Foundations™] . It's obvious you care about your members - and I feel like a member, not a customer.


Sarah L Minor

Founder, Brand + Marketing Expert - Sarah L Minor Design, LLC

I have searched for a very long time to find someone to help me with figuring out my processes, figuring out the right tools to use, and who could speak in my language. I'm neurodivergent with ADHD and Autism, so finding someone who speaks my language has been a struggle my whole life. Not anymore! Layla at ProcessDriven speaks my language so effortlessly and has magically transformed my LIFE when it comes to processes! I highly recommend anything ProcessDriven puts out because I'm sure it will change your life, too!


Kat Dingcon

I just want to say, I'm new here and ABSOLUTELY loving the team and the support.

As a small business owner wanting to scale, I realized that there's no way to scale a system that's all in my head. I'm 4 years into my business and finally getting into project management and actually documenting my systems. This is all so new to me.

The process has been so hard for me, but what has made it enjoyable is the support I'm getting from the team here at Process Driven. So THANK YOU!!!

Allison Johnson

The membership will take you deeper than you thought possible...it will be well worth the investment.


I would recommend everyone to join the membership instead of just watching YouTube . The YouTube videos also provide a lot of information. But the whole picture is missing. And the support is really amazing.

Happy Client

The course content is really outstanding and helped me to greatly in defining and improving our workflows! Our workflows are up and running, and also my team members are making good use of ClickUp.



Owner - Local Goods Company

You give the best service I've ever received from any business.

[With ProcessDriven Foundations™ ] I've been able to organise what I see in my head into an actual workflow! Plus it's made opened up new possibilities to how else I can organise myself.

[ If you're considering joining, ] do it now! It will save you so much time and money by simply doing it the correct way the first time.

Deb Wright

"Wow!! Thank you for the [...] exception customer service. It feels so nice to have a business looking out and going above and beyond. Your people rock at ProcessDriven. Stellar content and service.

I hope there are more courses after the current course I am doing. I love working with you all


Ellen Yoakum

I wanted to send some thanks and gratitude to Team ProcessDriven.

We just onboarded a new team member and she was in awe of how organized, clear, and navigatable our ClickUp space is. And I quote, "Of all the ClickUp spaces I've been a part of, this one is the most thought-out, thorough, and clear. You've done a great job."

That would not be possible without the fantastic support and incredible teaching from ProcessDriven.

So, thank you from myself and my team. You've really helped take our workload and workflow to the next level.

Luis Poblete

I’m very excited and happy I found you, you all are doing a great job and I’m very impressed with what you have accomplished. The courses are great and you are all very gifted teachers.


Sara Edwards

Thank-you for Foundations - it has been brilliant! I see the time invested now as time saved in the future.


Rebecca W.

I LOVE being able to learn through other people's questions [in Rapid Review during ProcessDriven Foundations™]. Sometimes I don't even realize I had the same question until someone else asks it.

Also, it's just exciting to go from hearing Layla on YouTube videos to now hearing her chat live and having access to her. It feels like meeting a celebrity :D

Still image out of testimonial from Bosisi Ntshole

Bosisi Ntshole

Consulting Director - Eagle Crown Advisory™