My course with Simon Whiteley was very useful in the introduction to STPA and how to apply it. This process and the methods, for me, enabled me to visualise a system and other related systems and how to model them with respect to hazard analysis. It is essential, like lots of other training courses, to work together on a real world example with Simon as part of the training. Thanks Simon.

James Morley

Principal Engineer - JCB Excavators Ltd

Simon Whiteley has been patient and supportive in coaching me and JCB to utilise STPA and get real value out of it from day 1. I believe STPA as a process will be revolutionary for safety over the coming years, and I'm excited to be one of the first in the construction industry to fully embrace it. Simon's approach in particular is very flexible; he is supportive of tailoring the process to better meet out needs, rather than seeing it as a rigid set of rules. This pragmatism and enrichment has added real value to the training and coaching that Simon offers.

Richard Howells

Senior Engineer - JCB