Still image out of testimonial from Keith Pelzer
Animated image out of testimonial from Keith Pelzer

Keith Pelzer

I've had the pleasure of working with James over the last 2 years; to say he is nothing short of the consummate professional would be a disservice to the man and his message. The opportunity to speak with James 1x1 was something that is too good to pass up, and I feel like his conversations extend beyond the subject to interconnect all aspects of life and career. Would I go back on the infocast? Absolutely. Should anyone who is extended the opportunity go? Absolutely.

Nick Hrehor

Nick Hrehor Photography

James is the real deal. He's knowledgeable in all things video and content creation, and has a passion for seeing others around him succeed. Thank you so much for all that you do for the amazing folks in your circle. I'd highly recommend anyone looking to grow their business and reach to speak with James!

Rob Balasabas

Head of Partnerships and Community - Uscreen

James Hicks always brings his best while bringing out the best in others. As I've been a guest on a number of podcasts this past year, James stands out as having provided an experience that was second to none. He is a thoughtful, gracious and intuitive host that is as top notch as they come. James is the rare combination of a throwback who is also forward thinking; he's a class act, a pro's pro, and the real deal.

Josh Kramer

Still image out of testimonial from Ethan Summers
Animated image out of testimonial from Ethan Summers

Ethan Summers

CEO - Fledging

Working with James is a joy. He is bright, relaxed, inquisitive, and does his homework. He is there for you - COMPLETELY and TOTALLY ENGAGED. James is also insightful, he makes ME think about what I do in a different way.

Jean M Steel

President - Happy People Win / Resilient People Thrive

James is truly a Content Advocate. He creates online video and live streaming content that is thought-provoking, inspiring, and helps to address the pain points in his viewers' lives. Walter Strong III Online Coach/Host of The Live Stream Show The Huddle With Walter Strong III

Walter Strong III

James is the consummate professional. On point with production, guest selection, and authentic interviews and commentary. Have always admired James’s skill and work ethic. New and veteran podcasters should look to James as a model of doing it right, for the right reasons.

Joshua Strebel

CEO and Co-Founder - Pagely

Still image out of testimonial from Matt Haas
Animated image out of testimonial from Matt Haas

Matt Haas

Geek - All Things YouTube

Still image out of testimonial from Jodey Hogeland
Animated image out of testimonial from Jodey Hogeland

Jodey Hogeland

What a great experience being able to talk about my passion. Montell and James fed my fire and their knowledge of the subjects was definitely instrumental in keeping the conversation moving forward. Montell specifically had some great insight and thoughts that made a man go hmmmm. I always have a great time catching up with my friend James, who's humor and intelligence makes chatting easy, I could of gone on for another hour.

Ron Little

Director of Security - First & Goal Inc., Seattle Seahawks

Whether it has been me alone or with my colleagues within Intel, as well as with fellow travelers outside of Intel, the "video cast" experience with James Hicks has always been top notch. He has calmed the most nervous of guests, affording them with comfort in speaking from their hearts, as well as from expert perspectives harvested over many years of domain specific expertise. This is unique, as no matter the subject, James understands technology trends and the important association with the most compelling societals challenges of our time. If you haven't told your story on HicksNewMedia, I recommend that you consider doing so.

Clifton Roberts

Director, International Trade Group - Intel Corporation

Connecting with James Hicks on his live stream was a fantastic experience! James brings a rare combination of tech-savvy, grounded, with a gift for connecting people to make sure their voice is heard, and sharing great content! Eclectic and interesting. He may possibly be a hybrid version of Sidney Poitier and James Bond. Such a great experience!

Liz Marasco

Live Event Marketing Strategist

I had the pleasure to be interviewed by James Hicks to talk about my career achievements, my work at Lonza and my continuous commitment to saving people’s lives by delivering innovative medicines. I crossed James's path unexpectedly and when we first met to have a quick conversation, I had no idea what to expect but I felt immediately comfortable talking with him and encouraged to participate in his infocast. My experience was awesome, from the platform used to the discussion and questions. James is a talented and outstanding moderator with remarkable inter-personal skills. His communication abilities and the tone of his voice have the power to influence the audience, to drive engagement and build confidence. With a strong tech-focused background he also excels at handling niche content and making it accessible to a wider audience.

Sara Savelli

Global New Product Introduction Lead - MSAT Principal Scientist - Lonza

As a founder of an organization in the charity space one of the biggest challenges for us is to share our story and get our message out. James gave us the perfect space for that. An amazing host that facilitated our story being told along with the opportunity to share the impact our organization is making. It opened up new communities of support and those that could use our services. His relaxed interviewer style makes you feel comfortably immediately and really allows you to open up and share the key parts of your story. Truly grateful for the opportunity he gave us.

Kevin Crowe

Founder - GIVE A MILE

If you're looking for high-quality, informative, and entertaining content, look no further than James Hicks' YouTube channel. Each series on his channel has a specific target and focus - but his primary goals are always to enlighten, entertain and educate his viewers. James is an amazing host who always manages to engage and educate his audience, no matter what the subject matter is. I highly recommend subscribing to his channel if you're looking for top-notch content that will leave you wanting more. Thank you, James, for having me as a guest on your show!

Yvonne Heimann

Business Efficiency & Scalability Consultant - Ask Yvi

I have had the great pleasure and honour of being interviewed by James as well as having enjoyed watching many of the interviews he has conducted with others. The care and attention he puts into his research is matched by his high level of attention to detail when it comes to his production. Adding to this, the fact that James is a generous conversationalist is a recipe for some of the finest, most insightful interviews I have heard.

Alec Johnson

Content Creator - Take One Tech

James is a total pro. He asks thoughtful questions, engages in great discussion, and has a level of preparedness that matches any media company out there. If you're going to be on his show, make sure you bring your A game, because you know he's going to bring his!

Oliver Wellington

Founder/COO - Headliner

James Hicks is the amazing host of the Digital Collective, and is also a subject matter expert when it comes to content creation. James has a fantastic ability to make one feel comfortable and accepted, no matter the topic. He does this by being an incredible listener and always having thoughtful, insightful things to say. His infectious positivity will surely put a smile on anyone's face, no matter what kind of day you're having. I was so honored and privileged to be part of such a professional broadcast - The Digital Collective - he makes it an extraordinary show. Thank you, James!

Dr. Efrain Lopez

President & CEO - Sustainable Management Solutions L.L.C.

I have known James for many years as he is married to one of my best friends from high school. He invited me to be a guest on HicksNewMedia discussing my entrepreneurial journey in the medical aesthetics business. He asked insightful questions that made me dig deep and self-reflect and initiated a discussion on prospective future opportunities I had yet to explore. Any time with James provokes belly-crunching laughter and sincere, authentic conversation.

Shawna Chrisman

CEO - Destination Aesthetics™

Working together with James is always a blast. He is an incredible listener who really understands his guests and his audience.

Gus Passanante

Attorney - The Basile Law Firm, P.C.