Still image out of testimonial from Kyaw Zaw Hein

Kyaw Zaw Hein

Emma W.

Just bought it yesterday and already have everything pretty much set up. It is super easy to work with. I love that it has a calendar right on the main page and that you can view by cycle. I also didn't realize that it has a list on the right hand side that populates with your upcoming bills, which is something I created in my last excel budget and was happy to see here. Overall I would recommend 👍

Noelle Thies

Owner + Lead Photographer - Noelle Thies Co.

Great template for Notion and budgeting. Def wish there was a specific spot for subscription management but it's not a huge deal. I don't need all the things in the bigger template but if there was just a place for subscriptions specifically that would be amazing. That in my opinion is the only thing missing.

Yara Lugo

Digital Marketing Consultant

Hello! Loved the simplicity of the template, well worth its price. However, I wanted to add a few more columns to narrow down my expenses a bit more. Basically, I added a "Type" column with tags to identify each payment (loan, utilities, subscription, etc.), and am in the process of figuring out how to write a formula for a new column that'll substract the amount paid from the amount owed (another new column I made) of credit cards and loans. love that this can be done within the same basic system of the table you made!