Jimmy Chilimigras

Passed At 15 Years Old - Youngest CPA In History

I’d like to thank Especially, Bryan Kesler for creating the wonderful Kesler CPA Review which makes one of the most challenging professional tests in the world more digestible. Without his hard work, it would have taken me much longer and been many times harder to pass each section.

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Animated image out of testimonial from Benuel Glick

Benuel Glick


Kort Farran

Kesler CPA Mentorship has many great tips to help pass the CPA exam. I found their Facebook group very helpful after failures because everyone tries to be super positive and uplifting. It's nice to know you're not alone in this thing. I would recommend this to anyone struggling with the CPA exam who needs better techniques for every part of the exam from studying to taking, and even what to do after the exam. The UCEG method covers it all!

Bryce W.

After 8 attempts, I passed FAR with a 79! More shocked than anything because it’s hard to envision it happening until it actually does. I used both Becker and Kesler CPA Review, and I went heavy on the Kesler side this time around - constantly reviewing my custom flashcards (I had accumulated around 270 of them), reviewing each questions’ “gem,” and circling back to Becker for more diversification with practice MCQs and sims. To anyone struggling through FAR or any other section, please keep at it. I didn’t think this was possible either… stick to your system and Bryan’s studying method. It WORKS!

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Brandon Jett


Melodie Sanders

Kesler CPA mentorship is a great complement to your CPA review course! The techniques and tips are very well organized and the tools are tailored for your specific review course. In addition, Bryan is extremely hands and checks in regularly on your progress. As an added bonus the member group is great and it's great to have a place to know we are on this journey to CPA licensure together!


Passed AUD with a 79!! 3rd times a charm! Went from 62 to 69 to 79! I truly feel like supplementing with Kesler helped me get over the hump. Thanks Bryan and team!

I felt like reading over the whys and gems helped me to understand the concepts better because the explanations are to the point and easy to understand. Thank you! On to BEC!

Savannah Langston

If anyone is struggling with how to study or needs that extra spark, this is for you!


Brenda Castillo

I've been using this guide throughout my whole CPA exam journey and I can honestly say it has relieved some of my stress. Having someone with knowledge for applying, studying, and next steps after an exam has been helpful. In addition to having a FB group where we can all share our thoughts and tips helps remind me I'm not alone and we're in this together. So far I've taken 2 exams and passed both! I'd definitely recommend this guide if you're looking to start your CPA exam journey!

Emma Jean

I PASSED FAR WITH AN 84!!! You have no idea what an accomplishment this is for me! I have been taking this exam for 5 years and have tested specifically for FAR At least 13 times.....i really lost count after that. It wasn't until I used your study methods that I got the score I am more than thankful. I'm honestly and shock!! Thank you thank you thank you!!!

Jennine Zebroski

An absolute MUST if preparing to take the CPA Exams.

Kathy Kosar

I have always wanted to be a CPA. I tried a few times, passed a few, but, life happens, so I quit. At almost 40, I thought to myself, can I still do this since I've been out of school so long? Then I found Bryan's UCEG video on YouTube and was hooked! Yes, I can do this with a mentor!!

Now, how was I going to do this with my full time job which I practically lived at due to my hours? Well, God works in mysterious ways. I got offered a job without looking the day after I saw Bryan's video. This job would be flexible with my hours and would allow me to study.

With more study time, Bryan's mentorship, his recommendations of accountability partners, and looping, is what sealed the deal to help me pass these exams. I only passed one on the first try, which I was not expecting, and one took me four tries. The videos that Bryan provided when you failed an exam were soooooo helpful. It made me realize that I'm not a failure, and that these tests are hard and it is almost guaranteed that you will fail.

Bryan's U.C.E.G. Mentorship was the foundation upon my completion of passing all 4 exam and I would highly recommend him to all future CPA candidates!!!

Tony Mauro

In my opinion, a must have to get through the CPA exam journey. The support from the group kept me going and Bryan's methods to studying is not covered by the review courses.

Kayla Bradley

I took a 2 year sabbatical from the CPA exam after failing a section from a lack of confidence and direction. Finally, I decided to pursue the CPA once and for all and decided to join Bryan’s program on a whim. I hadn’t personally known anyone who had used his program and was hoping it wasn’t fake lol and the decision to join was a life changer! The support, community, and direction that came with entrusting Bryan and his team was above and beyond what I thought I was signing up. If you are on the fence about this program, go for it!

Julie Purscell

I am a little late posting this message because I’ve been busy catching up on things I put off for 2 1/2 years while studying. I dreamed of this moment several times on my journey. I HAVE PASSED ALL 4 PARTS OF THE CPA EXAM!! WOOHOO. I am beyond excited to be done and on to my next goal.

1. I have to thank God for seeing me through this emotional journey and it is emotional. There were days I didn’t know why I wanted to be a CPA or if I even could pass all the exams. My faith and this community of fellow students kept me going on the hard days. I also kept my UCEG pass tracker on my study desk as a reminder of my whys.

2. Please do not struggle alone. All of us are here to support one another and cheer on each other. Some days I would post a question I needed help on but most days I would post and respond to messages to encourage myself and others. No one understands the ups and downs of this journey like us.

3. Find a study routine that works for you and use the UCEG study method. It works!!!! It took me a year to pass FAR because I spent the 1st 6 months of that not using UCEG. After finding UCEG, I never watched lectures again. I made my own notecards until Kesler CPA Review was launched. I would listen to lectures during work if I had time to reinforce difficult concepts. I read my book and did a lot of mcqs.

4. Try to stick as close to your study schedule as you can but don’t get down if you have to adjust it. I took 6 months to study AUD, BEC, and FAR (after I got UCEG). I took 4 months to study REG because it was my last exam and I just wanted to be done. It’s a lot longer than other students but I work full time, I have 4 children and 7 grandchildren. Juggling life sometimes got difficult. Remember to give yourself and those around you grace and be as flexible as you are comfortable with. Give yourself mental health breaks when you need it. I took Sundays off to focus on God and my family and that helped me get through.

5. Don’t be afraid to supplement material. UCEG helped me study but Kesler CPA Review was a game changer for me. Whenever I could, I would use the App to answer KeslerQs or the Kesler cards. it helped to have different questions to answer. The KeslerQs were more straight forward to me than Becker and the explanations provided in the answers were more real world based to me so it was easier for me to understand. This was especially helpful to me for BEC.
Good luck to each of you future CPAs still studying. You’ve got this. Don’t ever give up!! Remember your why and keep pushing forward.


Doing some Kesler CPA custom practice questions... ...and I just have to say how much I LOVE scrolling to the bottom after answering a question to read the “gem of the question.” Whether I got the question right or wrong, I pretty much always find that information helpful!!