Tiana Nguyen

It has helped me communicate and enjoy working with other people more.

Jan-Michael Lord

I am excited for the florida trip and yoga so far is the best class to get riz everyone up my best memory would be taking all the floaties

Cristian Martinez

UB is fun because I get to see my friends and learn about other things that I didn’t know about and the staff help with your assignments having these people around you is a calm environment


Mason Perry

I’m excited for the group dynamics as its sounds super fun and interactive for everyone.


Lillian Croslin

I am the most excited about being able to make new friends and spend time with the people I'm closest to. My favorite summer class is definitely swimming, or anything art related. My advice for the first time summer students is: don't be scared to be you, no one actually cares about what you do, so be loud and have fun. My best memory is going to be the times I laugh and spend time with my friends

Natalia Frias

I am most exited for the Epic waterpark fieldtrip because I love swimming and I’ve always wanted to go to the biggest indor waterpark. Advice I would give 1st time summer students would be to enjoy yourself and make new friends! My best memory will probably be when I’m laughing with my friends at the waterpark!

Isai Gutierrez

Working together has been valuable because It helps us gather our stuff together for our future and lead us to success

Chayse Reid

The trip I'm most excited for would be the Florida end of the year because I never went there yet.What class is my favorite would be brain food.The advice i would give is have a open mind and then you will have fun.Hanging out and having fun with my friends.

Julian Alvarado

For me I’m most excited for the end of summer field trip, I e never been anywhere in the US other than Texas, so it would be nice to explore.


Yuridia Martinez-Castro

I'm most excited for our trip to Tennessee


Bryce Ryman

I am most excited for Florida. Swimming seems fun I love getting wet. Socialize people are surprisingly nicer than they might seem. Trip to Florida seems to be a memorable thing

Miguel Hernandez

I got to know different people

Danielle Ellison

Upward Bound has helped me have a place after school where I actually do my homework because if I was at home I would never do my homework. They also have helped with homework. The extra things they have like the robotics thing or dulingo is really fun and also helps me learn something I didn't know before. The summer program is always really fun and the fact that we learn during them is really fun and I love it. Being able to hang out with people I know and being able to make new friends is really nice and something I did not do before Upward Bound.


Jaden Dickens

I'm most excited for the swimming and exploring trips. I feel like the best summer classes are courses that you could be taking in the coming years as an insight to what you're going to learn. For 1st time students to UB I would tell you to just find friends, find a friend group and stick with them and you're all set. My best memories have been in the end of the summer trips and they are always fun, so I hope it's that again.


I made some great friends and got me out my comfort zone.

Jenny Nguyen

Even though this is only the beginning of the program, I am very excited for the rest of the summer. Upward Bound has let me experienced new things that I wouldn’t have before such a kayaking and learning new skills! My advice to everyone is to have fun and try new things!

Edward Ramirez

What trip I am most excited for is the epic waters field trip. This is my first time in Upward Bound summer program and I am really excited.