Kos Kliuiev

PO/ PM / AQA Engineer / Dev Ops

I wanted to take a moment to express my appreciation for the opportunity to collaborate with FastCTO on various projects as a QA Engineer and DevOps professional. It was a pleasure to work with a company that values its employees and creates a positive and flexible work environment.

I must say that FastCTO is a best-in-class company when it comes to providing opportunities for part-time workers and freelancers. The company's commitment to work-life balance, flexibility, and creating a positive team culture is truly exceptional.

The open communication channels and dedication to delivering high-quality results made our work together efficient and effective.

Overall, I highly recommend FastCTO as a company for anyone looking for part-time work or freelancing opportunities in the QA and DevOps fields. Thank you again for the opportunity to collaborate and I look forward to potential future collaborations.